Jack W. McKay – Mary George Meriwether Bible [TMSI #8232]
W. J. McKay and M. G. Meriwether were married Nov. 15th 1895.
Milton Wesley Thomas and Barbara McKay were married November 15, 1923
First Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, Alabama, 7:00 p.m.
J. W. McKay (Sr.) was born Jan. 20th 1872 (Our beloved Father.)
M. G. Meriwether was born April 5th 1874. (Our beloved Mother.)
Baby was born May 28th 1897.
Robert Hill McKay was born Sept. 24th 1898.
Barbara McKay was born Jan. 17th 1901.
Malcolm Meriwether McKay was born Jan. 7, 1903
Baby was born 1905, Mch. 9  [Written above: Jack William McKay, Jr.]
William J. McKay, Jr. was born Mch 1, 1906
Julian Whatley McKay was born Mch. 19th 1908
Emma Jane McKay, Our beloved Auntie, Sister of Jack W. McKay, Sr. was born Jan. 1, 1867
Baby died May 28the 1897
Baby died Mch. 9, 1905
Jack William McKay, Sr., Our precious Father  & Husband died Feb. 20, 1909
Julian McKay died May 2nd 1910
Mary George McKay, Our precious Mother, died June 4th 1933, 8:50 P.M. (Sunday)
Emma Jane McKay, Our beloved Auntie, died Jan. 3, 1947
Malcolm Meriwether McKay, beloved husband and brother died Jan. 12, 1956, at 6:25 P.M.
Robert Hill McKay, beloved brother died Feb. 17, 1961
Barbara McKay Thomas, beloved sister & wife died May 8, 1962
Frances Baggett McKay, beloved wife of Malcolm M. McKay, died Feb. 12, 1969
Milton W. Thomas, beloved husband and brother-in-law, died Dec. 9, 1971
Jack W. McKay died July 8, 1994
(The Lord’s Prayer: Matthew 6, Verse 9)
Jack W. McKay (Jr.)
Notation: July 19, 1976
This bible was given to my mother, Mary George Meriwether McKay by her mother, Mary Barbara Taliaferro Meriwether, second wife of my Grandfather, William Lucius Meriwether (Seventh generation of Nichelas [sic] Meriwether who was born in either Wales or England. (Date of birth not recorded in records, I have.) (He died Dec. 19, 1678.) My Grandfather’s first wife was Tabitha Baldwin, sister of Dr. Morris Baldwin of Montgomery, Ala.
My Grandmother was Mary Baldwin Taliaferro Meriwether, my Grandfather’s second wife. I am the last member of my Beloved family still living.
                                    Jack W. McKay (Jr.)
                                    July 25, 1977
Mrs. W. J. McKay

From my precious Mother. The above was written by my precious mother, Mary George Meriwether McKay. My father, Jack W. McKay, who died Feb. 20, 1909, at which time I was less than three years of age, may have been named William Jack McKay instead of Jack W. McKay. However, he was known as Jack W. McKay in the “business world,” and signed his name Jack W. McKay. He was listed in the telephone book as J.W. McKay. The deed to our home, 814 S. Court St., Mobile, Ala. Was made out to Jack W. McKay and during the time of my life that I can remember (From age three) my mother signed her name as Mrs. Jack W. McKay. I always signed my name Jack W. McKay. I have never used “Junior” on my name as my father died when I was a baby. (See births listed in this bible.)
                                                            Jack W. McKay (Jr.)
                                                            Sept. 5, 1977
I started reading this bible in July 1977.
                                                            Jack W. McKay (Jr.)
Exodus: Chapter XXXIII, Verse 17 through 23.
Numbers: Chapter VI, Verse 22 through 27.

Source: This Bible record was provided by Thomas D. Hawkins, Jr.  The Bible is owned by a friend of his. Copied from a typescript.
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