Alexander Meriwether - Sarah Ann Johnson Family Bible [TMSI #6396]


Alexander Meriwether was born 24th July 1791

Sarah Ann Meriwether was born 27th January 1794

Mary Eliza Meriwether was born 12th November, 1814

James Valentine Meriwether was born 13th September, 1816

Alexander Henry Meriwether was born 23rd June, 1819

Robert Powell Meriwether was born 3rd September, 1821

Clarisa Meriwether was born 25th October, 1823

James Alexander Meriwether was born 26th November, 1825

Mary Eliza Meriwether was born 4th October, 1827

Margaret Robinson Meriwether was born 26th June, 1830

Sarah Brown Meriwether was born 14th February, 1833

Caroline Shepherd Meriwether was born 1st April, 1835

William Jackson Meriwether was born 13 January, 1840

Henry Alexander Meriwether was born 5th November, 1839



Alex Meriwether and Sarah Ann Johnson was married 14th October, 1811

John M. Thornton and Caroline Meriwether were (married) Dec. 4, 1861



James Valentine Meriwether died August 1816 ?

Alexander Henry Meriwether died March 1821

Mary Eliza Meriwether died 10th July, 1827

Margaret Robinson Meriwether died 16th November, 1831

Sarah Brown died 26 June, 1832

Mary Eliza Meriwether died 19th September 1832 (Two persons of the same name.)

Robert Powell Meriwether died 8th January, 1850

James Alex Meriwether died 15th July, 1850 (year hard to read)

William J. Meriwether died 3rd of March, 1863

Sarah A. Meriwether died March 16, 1864

Alexander Meriwether died April 21, 1867 (? or 1864)

Sarah B. Jackson died Sept. 6, 1860


Source:  In 1982, the Bible was owned by Mrs. Morris N. Myrick, 17 Maui Circle, Naples, FL 33942. Current owner unknown.  Copied from Family Puzzlers, Feb. 4, 1982, No. 746, pages 18-19.

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