John Gilmer Bible

Bible Records of the Gilmer Family [TMSI #4086]

          Bible of John and Mildred (Meriwether) Gilmer family.

Mildred Meriwether born the 15th July 1753
John Gilmer born the 17th August 1769 [?]
Harrison Blare Gilmer born 20th February 1772
John Thornton Gilmer born 20th Feburary 1774 Amhurst County, Va.
Nicholas Meriwether Gilmer born 26th May 1776
Harrison Blare Gilmer born 9th August 1778
Elizabeth Thornton Gilmer born 15th October 1780
Sarah Lewis Gilmer born 4th February 1783
Francis Meriwether Gilmer born 27th July 1786
George Gilmer born 27th December 1787
David Gilmer born 2nd May 1790
Jane Meriwether Gilmer born 4th June 1792
Nicholas Meriwether son of Thomas & Elizabeth born Sept. 7th 1730
Francis Meriwether born 31st October 1737
David Meriwether born 2nd September 1739
Mary Meriwether born 4th April 1742
Elizabether Meriwether born 8th March 1744
Sarah Meriwether born 26th November 1740
Ann Meriwether born 1st May 1750
Lucy Meriwether born 4th February 1752

Hallie Taliaferro Gilmer to John Capps
by the Rev. Samuel B. T. Caldwell
March 27th 1837

Charles Meriwether Gilmer to Mary Ann Radcliff
by the Rev. John Piper
Thursday, February 2nd 1806

Daniel Harvie Gilmer to Louisa Mapra Quinty
by the Rev. James Burbrige
Oct.. 9th 1845

John Gilmer to Ann Green

Sarah L. Gilmer to Robert Browder

Mildred M. Gilmer to David Parrish

Micajah W. Gilmer to Elizabeth Parrish

Francis M. Gilmer to Sarah E. Taylor & M. A. Grattan, widowed daughter of P. R. Colman

Meriwether L. Gilmer to Susan W. Taylor

John Glmer died the 11th of August 1793
Mildred Gilmer died the 11th of July 1825
Harrison B. Gilmer died the 18th August 1773
Sarah L. Taliaferro died the 16th December 1803
Martha Harvie Taliaferro died the 11th April 1816
Thomas Meriwether 6th son of Thomas & Elizabeth died the 6th November ____
Thomas M. Johnson 15th September 1822
Martha Gaines Gilmer January 24th 1846, age 62 years, 2 months, 2 days
Nicholas M. Gilmer died the 20th of June 1860
Mildred Meriwether Parrish
Micajah Walker Gilmer
An infant Son -- youngest child, without name.  

In 1955, the bible was owned by Pattie Gilmer Westscott of Montgomery, Alabama. Present owner is unknown.
Transcription on microfilm #0835114, Alabama Bible Records, Alabama State Archives.

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