George Mathews Marks bible
George Mathews Marks Bible [TMSI # 39510]

Holman’s Edition
Published in Philadelphia
No. 1222 Arch Street

“What God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder”

This Certifies
That the Right of
Was Celebrated Between
George Mathews Marks of Montgomery, Ala. and Hettie M. Lockett of Marion, Ala. on Dec. 12th, 1878,
at Knoxville, Tenn. By Rev. Dr. Duncan, Episcopal clergyman.
Witness:   (Fannie Lockett)

Of the children of James & Elizabeth Marks
Mary H. Marks married Nicholas Johnston
John H. Marks married Mary Tompkins

Of the children of Nicholas M. & Ann P. Marks
Elizabeth married W. B. S. Gilmer
Martha married Gen. Thos. B. Scott
Rebecca married Geo. W. Mathews
Ann married Jas. F. Watkins
William married Ann M. Olive, and afterwards, Catherine Crain
Samuel B. married Maria Louisa Crain
Of the children of Sam’l B. and Maria L. Marks
Nicholas married Ellen Farley, and afterwards, Lucy F. Barnett, and 3) ____ Jones
Rebecca married Charles T. Pollard, Jr.
Mary married John T. Cooper
George M. married Hettie M. Lockett, daughter of Napoleon and Mary Clay Lockett,
the city of Knoxville, Tenn., on the 12th Dec. 1878
Hettie married William Bauer June 28th 1910 in the city of Montgomery, Ala.
(Hettie the daughter of Geo. M. & Hettie L. Marks)
Mary Louise, daughter of Geo. M. & Hettie L. Marks married Augustus Keaton
McKennie on the 14th of June 1911 in the city of Montgomery, Ala.
Eugenia (Gene) Lockett Hopkins married Albert Parrish Elebash at St. John’s Church,
Montgomery, Ala. June 9th 1937. Rev. Edgar Neff officiated.
Eugenia Lockett Elebash was born August 15th [Private], Miami, Fla.
William Bauer son of Wm. Bauer & Hettie Marks Bauer married Ruth Anderson
Jan. 10 1937, New York, State.
David Marks Bauer, son of William Bauer & Ruth Anderson Bauer, was born Oct. 1st 
Elizabeth Cary Bauer, daughter of Wm. Bauer & Hettie Marks Bauer, married Joseph
Anthony Bresnan of New London, Conn., Nov. 23, 1939, St. John’s Church,
 Edgar Neff officiating, Montgomery, Ala.
Florence Joy McKennie, daughter of Augustus Keaton McKennie and Mary Louise
Marks McKennie, married Theo. Gunter Glass, Cincinnati, Ohio, June, 1938
Theo. Gunter Glass was son of Mr. Pernell Glass and Willie Elmore Glass, was born in
Montgomery, Ala.
Fannie Lockett Marks married Robert Emmett Seibels on the 26th of Nov. 1912,
in the
city of Montgomery, Ala. (Daughter of George M. & Hettie L. Marks)
Agnes Cary Marks married Charles Allen Hopkins on the 11th of Nov. 1914,
in the city
 of Montgomery, Ala. (Daughter of George M. & Hettie L. Marks)
The family records prior to James Marks were destroyed by fire.
James Marks
 married Elizabeth Harvie Dec. 24th, 1771.
Their children were John, Mary, Nicholas Meriwither, Martha and Sarah.

Nicholas Meriwither Marks married Ann Paul Mathews Feb. 6th, 1806.
Their children
were William, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca, Ann, James, Samuel, and Nicholas.

Samuel Blackburn Marks married Marie Louise Crain April 16th, 1840.
Their children
were Nicholas M., Rebecca M., William, George M., Mary C., and Samuel B., Jr.

George Mathews Marks married Hettie Minor Lockett on Dec. 12th, 1878.
Their children
were George Mathews, born Sept. 15, 1879; Mary Louise, born Feb. 11, 1881;
 Lockett, born Feb. 8, 1884; Hettie, born Aug. 17, 1887; Agnes Cary, born Jan. 29, 1894.

Elizabeth Cary Bauer, daughter of William Bauer and Hettie Marks Bauer, born June 20, 1912.
William Marks Bauer born
William Temple Seibels born
Robert Emmet Seibels born
George Mathews Bauer born
Eugenia (Gene) Lockett Hopkins born 
Florence Joy McKennie born
Edward B. Bauer born
Edith Cary Hopkins born
George Mathews Marks Hopkins  )
Hettie Allen Hopkins                     )  Twins
Edith Cary Hopkins died Aug. 16, 1929
George Mathews Marks, Sr. died March 2, 1923
William Bauer, husband of Hettie Marks, died April 14, 1934 (New London, Conn.)
George Mathews Marks, Jr. died Jan. 31, 1935
Hettie Lockett Marks, wife of George Mathews Marks, died March 17, 1939,  Montgomery, Ala.

Alabama Department of Archives and History
This Bible was copied from ADAH Surname Film Reel 360, Frame 1447. The present owner of the Bible is not known.
The above information was apparently copied from the Bible and typed before submission.

George Mathews Marks was born on June 28, 1833, in Montgomery County, the son of Samuel Blackburn Marks of Georgia and Mary L. Crain Marks. Mr. Marks was educated under Dr. Henry Tutwiler at Green Springs, the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee; the Virginia Military Institute; and received his law degree from the University of Virginia. He was married in 1878 to Hettie Lockett, daughter of Napoleon and Mary Clay Lockett of Perry County. They were the parents of five children. Mr. Marks practiced law in Montgomery for a number of years.

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