Isham Weaver - Mary A. Bradley Bible

Isham Weaver - Mary A. Bradley Bible [TMSI #21789]

[Children of Isham Weaver and wife Mary A. Bradley Weaver]
Frank D. Weaver was born July 20, 1821.
John G. Weaver was born Feb. 2, 1824.
Margaret Ann Weaver was born May 13, 1826.
Mary M. Weaver was born Jan. 4th, 1828.
Nicholas Meriwether Weaver was born May 8, 1830.
James H. Weaver was born July 30, 1832.
R. Thomas Weaver was born Feb. 4, 1835.
Isham D. Weaver was born Apr. 25, 1791. (Father of the above)
Mary A. Bradley, wife of Isham Weaver, was born June 21, 1799. (Mother of the above.)

[Parents of Mary Artis Bradley Weaver]

John A. Bradley and Peggy J. Meriwether were married June 24, 1798.
Isham Weaver and Mary Artis Bradley were married Apr. 5, 1820.

[Isham Weaver's Children's Marriages]
Frank G. Weaver and Harriott Rakestraw were married Feb. 4, 1840.
John G. Weaver and Mary E. Wright were married Jan. 30, 1844.
Thomas married twice.
Margaret A. Weaver and James P. Lyle were married Oct. 3rd, 1844.
Mary M. Weaver and John A. Brown were married Nov. 18, 1845.
James H. Weaver and Mary A. Sams were married Dec. 22, 1857.
Nicholas Meriwether married Anne E. Davidson --

Mary Artis Bradley Weaver died Aug. 22, 1867.
John A. Brown died Feb. 20, 1859.
James P. Lyle died March 29, 1876.

[Note: Isham Weaver and wife, Mary Artis Bradley were raised in Oglethorpe County, Ga. They made their home, after marriage, in Newton County, Ga.]


These records were copied from Volume 25973, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1933.
This Bible was owned by Mary Artis Bradley Weaver.
This is written in the front of the book, "Mrs. Martha J. Meriwether gave me this book in 1816."
Miss Lydie Stanford of Ty Ty, Ga. owns this Bible by right of inheritance.

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