Mary Walton Meriwether Bible Family Bible of Mary Walton Meriwether [TMSI #96]  
wife of Charles Meriwether [TMSI #89]
Published by
Silas Andrews and Son
Charles Meriwether born August 15, 1766
Ann Minor, born April 20, 1781 - died August 19, 1801
Charles Nicholas Minor Meriwether, son of Charles Meriwether and wife Ann Minor was born August 19, 1801.
Mary, daughter of Edward Walton was born February 1786
Charles Meriwether
William Douglas Meriwether, son of Charles Meriwether and wife Mary Walton was born November 27, 1809
Another son of Charles and Mary Meriwether was James Hunter Meriwether born March 28, 1814
William Douglas Meriwether born April 21, 1854
May Walton Barker born July 22, 1862,
they married January 10, 1883 at Livingston, Ala. in St. James Church by the Rev. Stephen Smith.
Their children:
Margaret McClure Meriwether,
daughter of Mary Barker and William Douglas Meriwether was born at Woodstock, Ky.,
Saturday at 8 o’clock a.m. November 30th, 1889.

William Douglas, son of May Barker and William D. Meriwether
was born at Meriville, Ky. at 12 p.m. July 25, 1892.


Copied from original by
Mrs. Margaret (Meriwether) McCuddy
(Mrs. I. Ross) Russellville, Ky.

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