Mathias Deberry Bible Mathias Deberry - Elizabeth Epps Bible [TMSI #25621]


Mathias Deberry, son of Absalom & Susan his wife, was born the 12th Sept. 1788.

[Children of Mathias and Elizabeth Deberry and so stated with each child's birth entry]
Eliza Jane, 1st day of Novr. 1812
Absalom, 20th of April 1814
Emily Susan, 7th day of February 1816
Rebecca F., 2nd of Novr.1817
Joseph, 19th of Novr. 1819
Allen, 8th of Novr. 1821
Susan Allen, 5th of April 1825
Mathias, 21st Day of January 1828
Allen 10th of July 1831

[Children of Elizabeth Epps and her first husband, James Hayley:]
James Hayley, 13th of Feb. 1804
Martha A Hayley., 18 of August 1806
William P. Hayley, 3rd day of Novr. 1808

Mathias Deberry and Elizabeth Epps, 6th of Decr. 1811
David Meriwether and Eliza J. Deberry, 2nd Decr. 1834
Absalom Deberry and Elizabeth F. Meriwether, 24 March 1835
William H. Meriwether and Rebecca F. Deberry, 18th Of Decr. 1838 By Revd. H.S. Peyton
Robert B. Hurt and Susan A. Deberry, 1st June 1843 By Rev. Jno. Finley
Thomas Taylor and Rebecca F. Meriwether, May 1st 1845
James Hayley, son of Holliday Haley and Elizabeth his wife, 19th April 1803
Mathias Deberry and Ann Ingram, 3d November 1847
Allen Deberry Jr. and Ann Tarver, February the 17th 1852


Absalom Deberry son of Peter Deberry the 5th of May 1795
Thomas Deberry son of the 19th of March 1815
Emily Susan Deberrry daughter of Mathias Deberry Elizabeth his wife, the 30th of Sepr. 1819
Allen Deberry son of the above, 25th of June 1822
Susan Murrel, 24th of May 1831
Mathias Deberry son of Absalom Deberry & Susan his wife, 16th of Jan. 1839. 
Funeral on 17th by T. M. Randle from Rev. 14th Chap. & 13th Verse, "And I Heard A Voice From Heaven Saying Unto Me Write &C."
Mathias Deberry Jr., son of Mathias & Elizabeth died April the 25th 1850
Absalom Deberry, son of Mathias And Elizabeth died October the 27th 1853
Elizabeth Deberry wife of Mathias Deberry, May 21st 1847
[The "7" crossed out and "6" written in.]
Joseph Deberry departed this life in Nashville, Ten. Sept. 22nd 1841
Jas. Hayley son of Holliday Hayley the 22nd Day of August 1808
William P. Hayley, son of the above, 28th January 1832
Ann Epps, 25th Oct. 1831
William H. Meriwether, son of James & Mary Meriwether, 30th Septr. 1839.
Funeral on the 27th of
Octr. By Bishop Andrew

Genealogical Data From Family Pages in the Deberry-Hurt Family Bible, published in New York, 1837. 
Courtesy of its present owner, Mrs. Betty Young Hopper of Madison County, Tennessee.

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