Tobias Page - Descendants of Hans Jost Tobe

Tobias Page

The descendants of Hans Jost Tobe


b. 1718 in Zweibrucken, Phine-Pfalz, Germany

d. 1775 in Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

This page is being set up to provide a common place to put research about this Tobias clan.  This is just starting out, so be patient with me. 

I am structuring it to start with Hans Jost Tobe as the first generation.  I will be showing each separate family for each generation then any documents, pictures, etc. associated with that family.  On each page for a family, will be links to the documents associated with it.  Because a document may span multiple families and generations, the link will be a description of it and clicking on it will bring it up.  The same link will be on multiple pages since the people on the document may be in multiple families or even generations.

I am starting this out with data from many sources.  The main starting point is genealogical data provided sometime in my past by Christie Yeager Fink.  the other sources include, but are not limited to:  Bev Tobias Ehrnreiter, Crystal Ritter and of course research of my own.  Of course I could not have very much if it were not for my grandmother, Hazel Myrtle Tobias Turner (1903-2001) who collected and saved everything she could about her family and her husband's.  I still have a lot to go through that she gave me in 1998 when she sold her home in Texas.  The pictures above are her in 1903 and 1999.

Hans Jost Tobe

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