Address Name Age Occupation Born in county
Timbercliffe Calderbrook Ely Fletcher 50 farmer  
  Ellen Fletcher 40    
  Margaret Fletcher 22 cotton weaver  
  William Fletcher 19 calico printer  
  Esther Fletcher 18 calico stretcher  
  Ellen Fletcher 15 cotton weaver  
  Hannah Fletcher 12    
  Frank Fletcher 10    
  Martha Fletcher 5    
Deanhead Calderbrook Edmund Howard   illegible  
  Sally Howard      
  James Howard      
  Hannah Howard 20 dress maker  
  Betty Howard 15 bonnet maker  
  John Howard 12    
  John Shackleton 5    
Deanhead Calderbrook Edmund Howard 20    
  Judy Howard 20    
  James Howard 3    
  Martha Howard 1 month    
Stoneyhead Calderbrook James Law 40 ???dealer  
  Mary Law 45    
  Enoch Law 15 dyer  
  Samuel Law 15 dyer  
  Nancy Law 14 cotton worker  
  John Law 10 dyer  
  Mary Law 8    
Calderbrook James Law 20 cordwainer  
  Elizabeth law 20    
  Emma law 1 month    
Sally St. Blatchinworth John Law 70 labourer  
  Sally Law 70    
  Thomas Kershaw 30 printer  
  Hannah Kershaw 30    
  Thomas Kershaw 10    
  Robert Kershaw 7    
  James Kershaw 3    
  Sarah Kershaw 1    
Littleborough Mill William Law 40 fulling miller  
  Sarah Law 40    
  Alfred Law 16    
  John Law 10    
  Mary Law 8    
  William Law 6    
  Ellen Law 10 month    
  Alice Tomlinson 20 FS  
Littleborough Mill George Law 30 fulling miller  
  Thomas Fletcher 20 fulling miller  
  Henry Fletcher 20 fulling miller  
  Giles Stansfield 14 fulling miller  
Castle Cottage Littleborough Thomas Butterworth 30 stone cutter  
  Maria Butterworth 25    
  William Butterworth 6 month    
Castle Littleborough William Rigg 30 labourer  
  Esther Rigg 35    
  James Rigg 13 labourer  
  Sarah Rigg 11    
  Charles Rigg 8    
  Martha Rigg 7    
  Mary Rigg 5    
Greenhalgh Farm Littleborough James Crossley 55 farmer  
  Edmund Crossley 25 ag.lab  
  Samuel Hawkard 30 ag.lab  
Lower Swaindrod, Littleborough Thomas Butterworth 40 inn keeper  
  Mary Butterworth 40    
  Mary Ann Butterworth 6    
  Isabella Butterworth 5    
  William Butterworth 35 male servant  
  Ann Butterworth 30 female servant  
  John Bowker 60 tailor  
  George Platt 45 sheep dealer  
  George Platt 14 sheep driver  
  William Potts 14 sheep driver  
  James Fawcett 45 herring dealer  
Close, Littleborough Samuel Haigh 60 farmer  
  Susan Haigh 40    
  Reuben Haigh 50 ag. lab.  
  Thomas Haigh 20 stonemason  
  Betty Haigh 20 cotton weaver  
  John Haigh 15 fuller  
  Mary Haigh 15    
  Samuel Haigh 14 fuller  
  James Haigh 9    
Higher Swaindrod Littleborough Thomas Maskew 40 stone cutter  
  William Maskew 30 stone cutter  
  William Haigh 15 stone cutter  
  Sally Taylor 58 housekeeper  
Lane End, Littleborough William Haigh 70 Independent  
  Esther Haigh 45    
  Elizabeth Buckley 25 f.servant  
Will Hill, Littleborough John Haigh 50 male servant Lancs
  Sarah Haigh 50   Lancs
  John Haigh 25 woollen spinner Lancs
  Thomas Haigh 20 plasterer Lancs
  William Haigh 15 woollen spinner Lancs
  Robert Haigh 13 woollen spinner Lancs
  Mary Haigh 11   Lancs
  Betty Ormerod 25 woollen weaver Lancs
  Sarah Ormerod 1   Lancs
Inghams Bridge Littleborough Henry Kershaw 44 blacksmith Lancs
  Mary Kershaw 45   Lancs
  Isiah Kershaw 17 coal miner Lancs
  Jane Kershaw 15 cotton slubber Lancs
  Sarah Kershaw 13   Lancs
  Mary Kershaw 11   Lancs
  Hannah Kershaw 9   Lancs
  Thomas Holden 4   Not Lancs
  James Stott/Holt 30 weaver Not Lancs
Inghams Bridge Littleborough Wm Jackson 34 coal banksman Lancs
  Alice Jackson 34   Lancs
  John Jackson 12 coal miner Lancs
  Sarah Jackson 10   Lancs
  Alice Jackson 8   Lancs
  Elizabeth Jackson 6   Lancs
  Elijah Jackson 4   Lancs
  David Jackson 2   Lancs
  Mary Ann Jackson 1 month   Lancs
Inghams Bridge Littleborough John Harrison 37 coke drawer Not Lancs
  Ann Harrison 33   Not Lancs
  Robert Harrison 13 ? Drawer Lancs
Inghams Bridge Littleborough Mary Shaw 42 housekeeper Lancs
  Wm Shaw 21 ag lab Not Lancs
  John Shaw 20 coal miner Not Lancs
  Mary Ann Shaw 15 cotton factory Lancs
  George Shaw 16 coal drawer Lancs
  Christopher Shaw 13 coal drawer Lancs
  Elizabeth Shaw 8   Lancs
  Rebecca Shaw 5   Lancs
  Eliza Shaw 3   Lancs
  James Shaw 2   Lancs
  Robert Shaw 2 month   Lancs
  James Kershaw 30 ag lab Lancs
Inghams Bridge Littleborough James Butterworth 61   Lancs
  Abigail Butterworth 67   Lancs
Inghams Littleborough Abram Rogers 50 manager Not Lancs
  John Rogers 19   Not Lancs
  Mary Rogers 18   Not Lancs
Inghams Littleborough John Whalley? 37/57 coal banksman Lancs
  Betty Whalley 37/57 cotton spinner Lancs
  Mary Whalley 16   Lancs
  Grace Whalley 13   Lancs
  John Whalley 10   Lancs
  Henry Whalley 8   Lancs
  George Whalley 5   Lancs
  Thos Whalley 9 month   Lancs
Pit Top Littleborough Abraham Rogers 25 engineer Not Lancs
  Ann Rogers 20   Not Lancs
  Hannah Rogers 2   Lancs
  Mary Ann Rogers 1 month   Lancs
Pit Top Littleborough Willm Hurst 45 blacksmith Lancs
  Ann Hurst 50   Lancs
Newbarn Littleborough Thos Nutter 30 ag lab Lancs
  Ann Nutter 25   Not Lancs
  Elizabeth Nutter 5   Lancs
  James Nutter 4   Lancs
Newbarn Littleborough George Harrison 50   Not Lancs
  Sam? Harrison 50   Not Lancs
  Abraham Harrison 18   Lancs
Small Road Littleborough John Hart? 38 engineer Lancs
  Alice Hart 37   Lancs
  Henry Hart 12 coal drawer Lancs
  David Hart 11   Lancs
  Mary Hart 7   Lancs
  Betty Hart 5   Lancs
  Ann Hart 3   Lancs
  Alice Hart 1   Lancs
  James Coates? 35/55 coke drawer Lancs
Small Road Littleborough Thos Greenwood 24 coal miner Lancs
  Sarah Greenwood 24   Lancs
  David Greenwood 1   Lancs
Small Road Littleborough James Bentley 70 coal¸. Not Lancs
  Betty Bentley 67   Lancs
  Original Higgins 15 coal drawer Not Lancs
Bank Top Littleborough Thomas Kershaw 35 ag lab Lancs
  Frances Kershaw 53?   Lancs
  John Kershaw 13 coal drawer Lancs
  James Kershaw 10   Lancs
  Hannah Kershaw 5   Lancs
  Benjamin Kershaw 3   Lancs
Bank Top Littleborough Willm Wild 45 coal miner Lancs
  Jane Wild 43   Lancs
  James Wild 21 coal miner Lancs
  Charles Wild 17 coal miner Lancs
  John Wild 15 coal drawer Lancs
  William Wild 13 coal drawer Lancs
  Thomas Wild 9   Lancs
  Jane Wild 5   Lancs
  Elizabeth Wild 1   Lancs
  John Crowder 21 coal miner Lancs
Bank Top Littleborough Joseph Sykes 26 coal miner Not Lancs
  Lydia Sykes 26   Not Lancs
  John Sykes 6   Not Lancs
  Hannah Sykes 4   Not Lancs
  Thomas Sykes 1   Not Lancs
Fernbed Littleborough Jno Grimshaw 35 labourer Lancs
  Betty Grimshaw 29   Lancs
  Edmd Rigg 8   Lancs
  Willm Rigg 3   Lancs
  Robert Rigg 11 month   Lancs
Calliards Littleborough Jno Lord 55 flannel manufacturer Lancs
  Alice Lord 55   Lancs
  Jane Lord 5   Lancs
  Eliza Lord 4   Lancs
  Mary Lord 1   Lancs
  Fanny Lord 3 month   Lancs
Calliards Littleborough John Emmit 55 farmer Not Lancs
  Martha Calvert 20 FS Not Lancs
  Ellen Wolfenden 15 FS Lancs
  Mary Mathew 15 FS Lancs
  Jane McIntyre 45 Ind? Scotland
Walmsley Lane Littleborough Lawrence Kershaw 64 woollen weaver Lancs
  Alice Kershaw 31   Lancs
Walmsley Lane Littleborough William Dean? 50 mer¸? Lancs
  Susannah Dean 7   Lancs
  Alice Dean 4   Lancs
Walmsley Lane Littleborough Jno Kershaw 70 butcher Lancs
  Robert Kershaw 40 woollen weaver Lancs
  John Kershaw 10   Lancs
  Betty Kershaw 8   Lancs
  James Kershaw 6   Lancs
  Thomas Kershaw 2   Lancs
Walmsley Lane Littleborough Alice Holt 85   Lancs
  Sarah Holt 45 spinner Lancs
Walmsley Lane Littleborough Sally Taylor 55 publican Lancs
  Charles Taylor 25 ag lab Lancs
  Edmund Taylor 20 publican Lancs
  Sally Taylor 20 FS Lancs
  Mary Taylor 15 FS Lancs
  Joseph Taylor 15 nail maker Lancs
  James Thos Taylor 8 month   Lancs
Walmsley Lane Littleborough John Casson 65 plasterer Lancs
  Jane Casson 67   Lancs
  James Platt 24 weaver Lancs
  Betty Holt 25 spinner Lancs
  Samuel Holt 6   Lancs
  Jane Holt 4   Lancs
  John Holt 1   Lancs
Laneside Littleborough George Taylor 42 flannel man Lancs
  Alice Taylor 41 jobber Lancs
  James Taylor 16   Lancs
  Hannah Taylor 4   Lancs