Surname letter 'C'



Surname Name Town Address Age Occupation Born in county
Calvert Ann Stansfield Castle St 65   y
Calvert Jonathan Stansfield Lobb Mill 35 painter and glazier y
Calvert Thomas Stansfield Gt.House Clgh La Sde 27 cotton weaver y
Calvert Thomas Stansfield Castle St 30 cotton twister y
Calvert William Stansfield Castle St 40 cotton twister y
Campbell John Walsden Bottoms 30 outdoor labourer Ireland
Carney (?) Thomas Todmorden Sutcliffe Buildings 25 book keeper y
Carter John Walsden Knowlwood 35 cotton weaver n
Carter Joseph Stansfield Wood Mills 50 cotton ----(?) y
Cartwright Paul Todmorden Lumbfoot 65 coal getter y
Cass John Stansfield Hollinroyd Lane 45 worsted weaver y
Catley Mary Langfield Water Lane 35 draper n
Chadwick Ann Todmorden Blue Ball 30 inn keeper n
Chadwick Elizabeth Walsden Rough Stones 25   y
Chadwick James Todmorden 6 Little Holme St 25 engineer y
Chadwick James Todmorden Waterloo 55 carter y
Chadwick John Walsden Lanebottom 25 quarryman y
Chadwick Sally Walsden Deanroyd 40 independent y
Chadwick Sarah Walsden Lanebottom 45 HLW cotton y
Chadwick William Walsden Lanebottom 50 quarryman y
Chaffer Jane Todmorden Holme 55 wheelwright n
Chaffer John Todmorden Salford 30 wheelwright n
Chambers Charles Todmorden Cheapside 25 cotton manufacturer y
Chambers Richard Todmorden Cheapside 20 printer and book seller y
Chandley Betty Langfield George St. 60 independent y
Chatburn Jonas Stansfield Castle St 70   y
Chatburn William Stansfield Castle St 34 steam engine tenter y
Cheetham James Todmorden Shade 35 silk overlooker n
Child Charles Stansfield Eastwood 30 architect y
Clarke William Stansfield Castle St 40 delpher y
Clarkson Joseph Langfield York St 30 shoemaker y
Clavers (?) Jonas Langfield Brook St 30 stonemason n
Clayton Betty Langfield Woodhouse 75   y
Clayton Henry Stansfield Wood Mills 30 corn miller y
Clayton Henry Langfield Lee 55 labourer y
Clayton Isaac Stansfield Pole Gates 40 cotton weaver y
Clayton James Langfield Croft Carr 35 wool comber n
Clayton John Langfield Rough Top 30 HLW cotton and worsted y
Clegg Abraham Stansfield Pitts 30 cotton weaver y
Clegg Abraham Todmorden Cloughfoot 40 coal getter y
Clegg Betty Langfield Back Brook St 40 worsted winder y
Clegg Isaac Stansfield Canteen 50 shoemaker y
Clegg James Stansfield Cross Lee 50 labourer y
Clegg John Stansfield Millwood 40 farmer y
Clegg John Stansfield Hallroyd 40 rope maker y
Clegg John Langfield Causey Wood 45 whitesmith y
Clegg John Langfield Sandholme 35 sizer y
Clegg John Stansfield Newton Green 40 HLW cotton y
Clegg Jonas Stansfield Blind Lane 30 fustian weaver y
Clegg Mary Stansfield Gatebottom 40   y
Clegg Nathan Langfield Mankinholes 25 HLW cotton y
Clegg Sally Langfield Causey Wood 60 independent y
Clegg Sally Stansfield Eastlee 30 farmer y
Clegg Susan Stansfield Ashenhurst 70 farmer y
Clegg Susan Langfield Back Brook St 45 independent y
Clegg Susan Stansfield Mercerfield 55   y
Clegg Thomas Stansfield Lower Intake 45   n
Clegg William Stansfield Back of Behind 60 farmer y
Clegg William Todmorden Cloughfoot 35 PLW n
Clegg William Stansfield Whorlaw 30 carpenter n
Cliffe Joseph Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 25 PLW cotton y
Cliffe Sally Stansfield Millwood 55   y
Close Susannah Langfield Friths Build. George St 60   y
Close Thomas Todmorden Shade 26 grocer n
Clough Grace Todmorden Bobbin Shop 30   n
Coates John Todmorden Cheapside 30 cotton weaver n
Cockroft Alfred Todmorden 10 Little Holme St 30 watchman n
Cockroft Charles Stansfield Stile or Ibis House 50 labourer y
Cockroft George Todmorden North St 35 butcher y
Cockroft George Todmorden Dobroyd 70 butcher y
Cockroft George Stansfield Royd 25 cotton spinner y
Cockroft Gibson Todmorden Dobroyd 55 warehouseman n
Cockroft Henry Stansfield Castle St 60 wool comber y
Cockroft John Stansfield Millwood 55 cotton factory y
Cockroft John Langfield Stansfield Bridge 50 quarryman y
Cockroft John Todmorden Dobroyd 50 butcher y
Cockroft Mary Stansfield Millwood 60   y
Cockroft Nancy Stansfield Lobb Mill 50 independent y
Cockroft Richard Todmorden Dobroyd 20 clogger y
Cockroft William Langfield George St. 25 PLW cotton y
Cockroft William Stansfield Millwood 25 stonemason y
Cockroft William Stansfield Millwood 50 labourer y
Cockroft William Todmorden Dobroyd 30 butcher y
Collinge Adam Stansfield Bridge Royd 45 farmer y
Collinge Henry Stansfield Vicarage Hall 20 steam engine tenter y
Collinge Ralph Stansfield Pitts 18 Bobbin Turner n
Collinge Ralph Todmorden Bridge End 45 labourer  
Collinge William Stansfield Upper Winsley 35 cotton weaver y
Collinge William Stansfield Castle St 50 labourer y
Collins John Todmorden Waterloo 40 watchman n
Constantine Benjamin Stansfield New Shop 75 joiner y
Constantine Henry Todmorden 22 Shade St 30 mechanic y
Constantine Isaac Stansfield Castle 40 cotton warper y
Cowell Joseph Todmorden Parsonage House 50 Incumbent n
Cowpe John Todmorden Stoneswood Mill 50 cordwainer y
Crabtree Abraham Todmorden Frithswood Bottom 42 cotton mill worker y
Crabtree Abraham Langfield Brook St 25 iron moulder y
Crabtree Abraham Langfield Back Brook St 25 quarryman y
Crabtree Abraham Stansfield Chapel House 45 shop keeper y
Crabtree Abraham Stansfield Greystone 30 worsted weaver y
Crabtree Betty Stansfield Shaws 60 independent y
Crabtree Betty Todmorden Lydgate 50 housekeeper n
Crabtree Betty Langfield Bankside 55   y
Crabtree Charles Todmorden Bearnshaw Tower 35 labourer y
Crabtree Edward Langfield Croft Carr 25 cotton spinner y
Crabtree Eli Stansfield Balling Royd 30 worsted weaver y
Crabtree Elizabeth Stansfield Carr House Fold 30 cotton weaver y
Crabtree George Stansfield Doldrum 45 cotton weaver y
Crabtree George Langfield George St. 30 joiner y
Crabtree Hannah Stansfield Castle St 36 roller coverer y
Crabtree Henry Langfield Middle Stoodley 45 dyer y
Crabtree Henry Stansfield Lane Top 25 worsted weaver y
Crabtree James Todmorden Gauxholme 50   y
Crabtree James Todmorden Pexwood 55 labourer y
Crabtree James Stansfield Priestwell 55 carpenter y
Crabtree James Langfield Shaw Bridge 55 shuttle maker y
Crabtree James Todmorden Hazelgreave 50 farmer and carter n
Crabtree James Stansfield Rodwell End 65 cotton weaver y
Crabtree James Stansfield Gate 25 cotton weaver y
Crabtree John Stansfield Carr House 60 worsted weaver y
Crabtree John Stansfield Four Lane Ends 50 cotton weaver y
Crabtree John Todmorden New Townley 30 cotton weaver y
Crabtree John Stansfield Rodwell End 35 cotton weaver y
Crabtree John Todmorden Gorpley Mill 35 cotton mill worker y
Crabtree John Todmorden Grange 45 ag lab y
Crabtree John Stansfield Pitts 45 cotton weaver n
Crabtree John Stansfield New Houses 35 worsted weaver y
Crabtree John Stansfield Chapel House 35 worsted weaver y
Crabtree John Langfield Friths Bldg Canal St 25 watchman y
Crabtree John Langfield Middle Stoodley 25 dyer y
Crabtree John Stansfield Lane Top 55 worsted weaver y
Crabtree John Stansfield Higher Eastlee 50 farmer y
Crabtree John Stansfield Jumps 55 farmer y
Crabtree John Todmorden New Townley 65 farmer y
Crabtree John Stansfield Pudsey 50 grocer y
Crabtree Jonas Stansfield Rake Hey 75 cotton weaver y
Crabtree Jonathan Stansfield Hawk Stones 40 labourer y
Crabtree Jonathan Stansfield Kitson Wood 30 PLW cotton y
Crabtree Jonathan Stansfield Lower Ashes 40 farmer y
Crabtree Jonathan Stansfield Pitts 35 cotton weaver y
Crabtree Joseph Stansfield Swallowshaw 45 farmer y
Crabtree Joshua Todmorden Gauxholme 55 cotton weaver y
Crabtree Mary Todmorden Shade 30   n
Crabtree Mary Todmorden West End 63 farmer y
Crabtree Mary Stansfield Burnt House 60 farmer n
Crabtree Nancy Stansfield Houghstone 35   n
Crabtree Rachel Stansfield New Houses 45 cotton weaver y
Crabtree Robert Langfield Middle Stoodley 15 dyer y
Crabtree Robert Stansfield Upper Mount 40 farmer y
Crabtree Sally Stansfield Toad Carr 65 lodging house keeper y
Crabtree Samuel Walsden Butcher Hill 35 cotton spinner y
Crabtree Susan Langfield Hanging Ditch 45   y
Crabtree Susannah Todmorden Bobbin Shop 40   y
Crabtree Susannah Stansfield Higher Eastlee 81 independent y
Crabtree Thomas Stansfield Newton Green 45 stonemason n
Crabtree Thomas Stansfield Wood Mills 25 carter y
Crabtree Thomas Stansfield Cross Lee 20 quarryman y
Crabtree Thomas Stansfield Meadowbottom 50 HLW cotton y
Crabtree Thomas Todmorden Todmorden Hall cttgs 35   y
Crabtree William Stansfield Gate Bottom 30   (?) grinder n
Crabtree William Stansfield Lineholme 35 Baptist Minister y
Crabtree William Stansfield Meadowbottom 30 carter y
Crabtree William Walsden Ramsden Wood 30 cotton carder y
Crabtree William Stansfield Fold 50 worsted weaver y
Crabtree William Stansfield Horsfall 35 worsted weaver y
Crabtree William Todmorden Gauxholme 45 unemployed labourer n
Crabtree William Langfield Lumbutts 50 cotton spinner y
Crabtree William Stansfield Lane Top 35 farmer y
Crabtree William Stansfield Swallowshaw 50 cotton weaver y
Crabtree William Langfield George St. 25 cotton weaver y
Crabtree William Langfield Causey 85   y
Cracoth (?) Thomas Stansfield New Shop   wool comber y
Craven Abraham Walsden Newbridge 40 stonemason y
Craven John Todmorden Mount Pleasant 45 mason n
Craven John Walsden Bottoms 40 stonemason y
Craven Samuel Walsden Ramsden Wood 30 straw rug mender  
Crawshaw John Stansfield Duke St 40 grocer y
Crepley (?) Charlotte Langfield Oldroyd 50   y
Cropper Benjamin Stansfield Cockden 60 butcher n
Cropper David Stansfield Meadow Bottom 40 stonemason n
Crossley Abraham Todmorden Watty Hole 45 gardener y
Crossley Abraham Todmorden 6 Bridge End 50 copperas house factory y
Crossley Abraham Walsden Lanebottom 40 quarryman y
Crossley Abraham Langfield Lobb Mill 40 mechanic n
Crossley Abraham Todmorden Lineholme 60 labourer y
Crossley Abraham Todmorden Frithswood Bottom 45 cotton mill worker y
Crossley Abraham Walsden Square 35 journeyman roller turner y
Crossley Anthony Walsden Bottoms 40 labourer y
Crossley Daniel Stansfield Beeton 50 worsted weaver y
Crossley Edmund Walsden Allescholes 60 calico weaver y
Crossley Edmund Stansfield Millwood 40 cotton weaver n
Crossley Edmund Stansfield Toad Carr 85 clogger n
Crossley Eli Stansfield Mark Lane 60 pickermaker n
Crossley Eli Walsden Bottoms 35 butcher and grocer y
Crossley Eli Walsden Lawhey 55 farmer y
Crossley Eli Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 50 cotton mule spinner n
Crossley Elizabeth Walsden Clough 65 independent Ireland
Crossley Grace Langfield Hanging Ditch 70 independent y
Crossley Hannah Langfield York St 55 school mistress y
Crossley James Todmorden Lineholme 40 pickermaker  
Crossley James Walsden Strines 30 cotton weaver y
Crossley Jeremiah Walsden Knowlwood 45 iron moulder y
Crossley John Walsden Square 65 cotton weaver y
Crossley John Walsden Lawhey 60 cotton weaver y
Crossley John Todmorden Scaitcliffe 30 independent y
Crossley John Walsden Bottoms 30 roller (?) y
Crossley John Todmorden Lineholme 40 cotton overlooker y
Crossley John Stansfield Royd 40 PLW worsted y
Crossley John Walsden Bottoms 30 PLW cotton y
Crossley John Walsden Calfholes 30 labourer y
Crossley John Stansfield Pickover Gate 45 grocer y
Crossley John Walsden Square 30 carter y
Crossley John Walsden Inchfield Fold 35 journeyman roller coverer y
Crossley Jonathan Walsden Gauxholme 20 iron moulder y
Crossley Joseph Langfield Shaw 25 wool comber y
Crossley Ned Todmorden Lydgate 25 silk twister y
Crossley Reuben H. Walsden Dean 25 cotton spinner y
Crossley Robert Stansfield Knotts Grove 30 labourer y
Crossley Robert Stansfield Cross Lee 20 labourer y
Crossley Sally Walsden Gauxholme 45 inn keeper y
Crossley Samuel Todmorden Halshaw Clough 35 cotton mill worker n
Crossley Samuel Stansfield Blind Lane 25 shoemaker n
Crossley Samuel Walsden Calflee 20 labourer y
Crossley Sarah Todmorden Wood Cottage 60 independent n
Crossley Sarah Walsden Bottoms 55   y
Crossley Thomas Stansfield Upper Ashes 50 farmer y
Crossley Thomas Stansfield Proud Row 25 pickermaker y
Crossley William Todmorden Mount Pleasant 40 labourer n
Crossley William Stansfield Duke St 45 fustian dresser y
Crossley William Langfield Bank Top 70 HLW cotton y
Crossley William Walsden Knowsley 65 match maker y
Crossley William Walsden Moorhey 35 calico weaver y
Crossley William Walsden Gauxholme Stones 45 cotton weaver y
Crossley William Todmorden Height Top 35 cotton weaver y
Crossley William Langfield York St 40 clogger n
Crossley William Stansfield Fold 35 worsted weaver y
Crossley William Walsden Swineshead 45 wood sawyer n
Crossley William Todmorden Hall Barn 65 bread baker y
Crowther Benjamin Todmorden Todmorden Edge 20 cotton scutcher y
Crowther Betty Stansfield Hallroyd 40 housekeeper y
Crowther Betty Stansfield Burnt House 30 HLW cotton y
Crowther Catherine Walsden Knowlwood 45   Ireland
Crowther Eli Walsden Dyches 35 coal miner y
Crowther Elias Todmorden Midgelden 55 farmer y
Crowther Elijah Langfield Hanging Ditch 25 tenter n
Crowther George Walsden Knowlwood 55 porter y
Crowther George Todmorden Midgelden Clough 65 independent y
Crowther George Langfield Lumbutts 35 cotton spinner y
Crowther George Walsden Bottomley Fold 40 labourer y
Crowther George Todmorden Gorpley 40 cotton mill worker n
Crowther Grace Stansfield Durn 70 pauper y
Crowther James Stansfield Castle Grove 60 millwright n
Crowther James Walsden Knowlwood 40 mason n
Crowther James Stansfield Commons 55 farmer n
Crowther James Walsden Coolham 55 labourer y
Crowther James Stansfield Castle St 30 cotton dresser y
Crowther John Stansfield Knotts Grove 55 jobber y
Crowther John Walsden Nicklety 70 cotton weaver y
Crowther John Todmorden Gibbet 50 farmer y
Crowther John Langfield Back Brook St 35 cattle drover n
Crowther John Walsden Coolham 35 labourer y
Crowther John Stansfield Turn Brink 45 labourer y
Crowther John Langfield Back Brook St 45 plasterer y
Crowther John Langfield Back Brook St 20 PLW cotton y
Crowther John Stansfield Lobb Mill 30 cotton dresser y
Crowther John Stansfield Gt Hse Clough La Side 45 worsted y
Crowther Jonathan Stansfield Gate Bottom 35 cotton tenter in y
Crowther Joseph Stansfield Castle St 45   y
Crowther Joseph Stansfield Millwood 30 butcher y
Crowther Lawrence Todmorden Cloughfoot 30 basket maker y
Crowther Mary Todmorden Shade 50   n
Crowther Mary Langfield Mount Pleasant 50   n
Crowther Mary Walsden Bottomley 50 HLW cotton y
Crowther Philip Stansfield Lower Cross Lee 45 PLW cotton n
Crowther Philip Walsden Wood Bottom 45 cotton weaver y
Crowther Richard Langfield Cock Pit 50 shoemaker n
Crowther Samuel Stansfield Castle St 40 (?) n
Crowther Samuel Stansfield Gate Bottom 40 carter y
Crowther Samuel Stansfield Blue Ball 30 cotton packer  
Crowther Sarah Stansfield Vicary 59 baker y
Crowther Sarah Walsden Bottomley Fold 35 HLW cotton y
Crowther Sarah Stansfield Lobb Mill 60 dressmaker y
Crowther Sarah Stansfield Lobb Mill 60 dressmaker y
Crowther Sarah Stansfield Vicary 59 baker y
Crowther Sarah Walsden Bottomley Fold 35 HLW y
Crowther Susan Stansfield Parrock 25 cotton weaver y
Crowther Thomas Todmorden Hollingreave 50 labourer y
Crowther William Langfield Law Wood 35 cotton spinner y
Crowther William Langfield Stansfield Bridge 55 calico weaver y
Crowther William Langfield Stackhills 40 gatekeeper N
Crowther William Stansfield New Houses 25 worsted weaver y
Crowther William Stansfield Castle 35 cotton twister y
Crowther William Todmorden Todmorden Edge 55 farmer N
Crowther William Walsden Dyches 30 farmer y
Crowther William Walsden Thornsgreece 20 coal miner y
Crowther William Walsden Throstle Hall 55 calico weaver y
Cryer John Walsden Bottoms 25 PLW y
Cryer John Walsden Lower Allescholes 60 cotton weaver y
Cryer Jonathan Todmorden Shade 50 mechanic y
Cryer Samuel Todmorden Dobroyd 65 labourer y
Cryer William Walsden Bottoms 40 labourer y
Cunliffe Ann Langfield Swineshead Clough 40   N
Cunliffe George Stansfield Shaws 25 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe Henry Stansfield Vicarage Hall 45 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe Henry Stansfield Wickenberry Clough 60 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe Henry Stansfield Greenhurst Hey 25 cotton twister y
Cunliffe Henry Stansfield Shaws 45 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe James Stansfield Greenhurst Hey 40 ag. lab y
Cunliffe John Stansfield Gate Bottom 35 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe John Stansfield Frieldhurst Mill 35 jobber y
Cunliffe Mary Stansfield Wickenberry Clough 40   y
Cunliffe Mary Stansfield Shaws 45 farmer y
Cunliffe Richard Stansfield Cockden 75 independent y
Cunliffe Thomas Stansfield Castle Street 45 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe Thomas Stansfield Pudsey 45 cotton weaver y
Cunliffe Thomas Stansfield Stiperden Bank Top 50 farmer y
Cunliffe William Langfield George Street 20 PLW y
Cunliffe William Stansfield Lydgate Mill 40 PLW y
Cunliffe William Todmorden Dobroyd 25 sizer y