Surname letter H


Hacking James Walsden Knowlwood 45 labourer y
Haigh Betty Walsden Lane Bottom 50 independent y
Haigh John Walsden Warland 30 farmer y
Haigh John Todmorden Rock Nook 50 coal getter y
Haigh John Todmorden Stoneswood Bottom 50 overlooker n
Haigh John Walsden Dean 60 farmer y
Haigh Joseph Todmorden Shade Street 30 steam engine tenter y
Haigh Joseph Walsden Pot House 60 shepherd y
Haigh Reuben Todmorden Bridge End 30 hawker y
Haigh Reuben Walsden Pastureside 35 farmer y
Haigh Reuben Walsden Nicklety 45 cotton weaver y
Haigh Reuben Walsden Moorcock 50 farmer y
Haigh Reuben Todmorden 25 Shade St 55 HLW y
Haigh Reuben Walsden Hollow Dean 60 farmer y
Haigh Samuel Todmorden Sourhall 30 stone cutter y
Haigh Samuel Todmorden Gauxholme 60 unemployed labourer y
Haigh Susan Walsden Knowlwood 40   y
Haigh William Langfield Croft Gate 30 worsted weaver y
Haigh William Walsden Knowlwood 50 boatman n
Haigh William Todmorden Dobroyd 55 cotton weaver y
Halliwell Greenwood Stansfield Burgy 35 stone breaker y
Halliwell Henry Stansfield Nell Cote 40 stone mason y
Halliwell John Stansfield Burgy 45 stone mason y
Halliwell Thomas Todmorden Church Steps 50 school master n
Halliwell Thomas Stansfield Nell Cote 50 worsted weaver y
Halliwell William Stansfield Cockden 55 labourer y
Halstead Abraham Walsden Knowlwood 30 stone mason y
Halstead Betty Langfield Croft Carr 45 cotton weaver y
Halstead George Langfield Stoodley Edge 70 HLW cotton & worsted y
Halstead Hannah Walsden Bridge End 45 house keeper n
Halstead James Todmorden Shade 25 overlooker n
Halstead James Walsden Wood Bottom 30 PLW y
Halstead James Walsden Gauxholme 45 picker maker y
Halstead James Langfield Croft Carr Poorhouse 55   y
Halstead John Walsden Swineshead 55 cotton weaver n
Halstead John Walsden Clough Holmes 60 cotton weaver y
Halstead Mary Stansfield Millwood 70 house keeper y
Halstead Richard Todmorden Shade 60 labourer n
Halstead Robert Stansfield Lobb Mill 35 beer seller y
Halstead Sarah Langfield Lumbutts 40 cotton piecer y
Halstead Sutcliffe Langfield Friths Bld. Canal St 20 PLW y
Halstead Thomas Langfield Kilnhurst 20 stone cutter y
Halstead William Stansfield Horsfall 30 school master y
Halstead William Langfield Law Wood 35 overlooker y
Halstead William Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 50 inn keeper n
Hamer James Langfield Rough Top 25 labourer n
Hamilton Thomas Stansfield Blind Lane 55 carrier y
Hammerton Thomas Stansfield West Lodge 40 Attorney at Bar n
Handley David Todmorden 6 Bridge End 30 Primitive Methodist Preacher n
Hanson Samuel Langfield Bank Foot 60 wood dealer n
Hardaker William Langfield York Street 50 clog & pattern maker y
Harding Anthony Langfield Haugh 37 railway contractor n
Hardman Henry Todmorden Pexwood 25 overlooker y
Hardman James Todmorden 34 lock Street 50 engineer y
Hardman James Langfield York Street 50 sawyer n
Hardman Mary Stansfield Rodwell Head 48 spice hawker y
Hardman Richard Langfield Oldroyd 35 cotton weigher n
Hardman Robert Langfield Hanging Ditch 50 delver y
Hardman Robert Stansfield Millwood 50 independent n
Hargreaves Edmund Langfield Roomfield Lane 50 HLW y
Hargreaves James Todmorden Lineholme 60 warehouseman y
Hargreaves John Stansfield Lark Hall 35 beer seller y
Hargreaves John Todmorden Sourhall 35   y
Hargreaves John Stansfield Rodwell End 60 farmer y
Hargreaves Joseph Langfield Back Brook Street 20 PLW y
Hargreaves Robert Langfield Brook Street 25 butcher y
Hargreaves Thomas Stansfield Pudsey Mill 45   n
Hargreaves William Stansfield Heyhead 30 farmer n
Hargreaves William Stansfield Cockden Hill 40 spindle maker y
Harling Leonard Langfield Baltimore 35 sizer y
Harris Mary Stansfield Millwood 50 cotton weaver y
Harrison James Walsden Height Houses 30 wood cutter y
Harrison John Langfield Pavement 35 farrier y
Harrison John Walsden Rake Head Barn 60 wood cutter  
Harrison Robert Langfield Gutroyd 30 stone cutter n
Harrison Robert Walsden Wood Bottom 30 wood cutter y
Harrod Esther Langfield Hanging Ditch 50 washerwoman n
Harrod William Walsden Clough Holmes 40 overlooker y
Hartley Abraham Langfield Longfield 40 stone cutter y
Hartley Ann Stansfield Lobb Mill 50 independent y
Hartley Betty Langfield Bank Side 70 stays maker y
Hartley David Walsden Knowlwood 40 labourer n
Hartley Egerton Stansfield Frieldhurst Mill 25 cotton carder n
Hartley Isaac Stansfield Castle Street 25 mechanic y
Hartley John Stansfield Houghstone 30 bobbin turner y
Hartley Mary Todmorden Spring Gardens 30   y
Hartley Mary Stansfield Castle Street 45 independent y
Hartley Robert Stansfield Meadow Bottom 50 beer seller y
Hartley Samuel Stansfield Chapel House 35 cotton weaver y
Hartley Thomas Stansfield Greystone 25 worsted weaver y
Hartley Thomas Todmorden Spring Gardens 60 gardener y
Hartley William Stansfield Greystone 45 farmer y
Hartley William Stansfield High Cote 55 worsted weaver y
Harwood James Stansfield Meadow Bottom 40 stone mason n
Hastings Thomas Walsden Knowlwood 25 labourer y
Hawksworth William Langfield York Street 40 nail maker y
Haworth George Langfield Lee Side 20 wool comber y
Haworth George Todmorden Shepherds Hall 20 nail cutter y
Haworth Henry Todmorden Spring Well 45 coal getter y
Haworth Henry Langfield Causeway 55 wool comber y
Haworth James Langfield Middle Stoodley 20 wool comber y
Haworth Jeremiah Langfield Mount Pleasant 45 book keeper y
Haworth John Langfield Lee Bottom 25 wool comber y
Haworth John Langfield Causeway Mill 30 overlooker y
Haworth John Langfield Lee 65 weaver y
Haworth Joseph Langfield Kilnhurst 25 malt maker y
Haworth Mary Langfield Roomfield Lane 30 dress maker y
Haworth Robert Todmorden Bridge End 35 cotton carder y
Haworth Sarah Stansfield Cross Lee 65   n
Haworth Thomas Stansfield Spring Side 20 stone mason n
Hayton John Todmorden Mount Pleasant 30 mason y
Healey Michael Walsden Light Bank 35 railway labourer Ireland
Heap James Langfield George Street 30 stone mason y
Heap John Stansfield Proud Row 33 constable y
Heap John Langfield Hanging Ditch 35 post boy y
Heap William Todmorden Patmos 20 school master y
Heap William Langfield Stansfield Bridge 30 grocer y
Heap William Stansfield Sunny Bank 30 farmer y
Heap William Walsden Top of Close 35 stone mason y
Heatson Samuel Stansfield Rodwell Head 40 stone cutter Scotland
Helliwell Betty Stansfield Canteen 70   y
Helliwell Enoch Langfield Shaw Bridge 45 labourer y
Helliwell Hannah Stansfield Castle Street 65   y
Helliwell Harry Stansfield Horsfall 40 delver y
Helliwell Henry Langfield Hanging Ditch 35 silk spinner y
Helliwell James Stansfield Sagar Lane 25 farmer y
Helliwell James Langfield Stoodley 35 HLW worsted y
Helliwell James Stansfield Hallroyd 40 watchman y
Helliwell James Stansfield Bluebell Lane 45 farmer y
Helliwell James Stansfield Vicarage Hall 55 grocer y
Helliwell James Stansfield Castle Street 60 labourer y
Helliwell John Stansfield Kitson Royd 30 horse driver y
Helliwell John Stansfield Pudsey Mill 35 bobbin maker y
Helliwell John Langfield Lee Bottom 45 HLW worsted y
Helliwell John Stansfield Holebottom 45 wool comber y
Helliwell John Stansfield Greenhurst Hey 45 farmer y
Helliwell John Stansfield Meadow Bottom 50 PLW y
Helliwell John Todmorden Dobroyd 50 cotton spinner y
Helliwell John Todmorden Stoneswood Mill 50 warehouseman y
Helliwell John Stansfield Bluebell 60 farmer y
Helliwell John Todmorden Todmorden Edge 75 cotton weaver n
Helliwell Jonas Stansfield Castle Street 25 stone mason y
Helliwell Joseph Todmorden Todmorden Edge 40 labourer y
Helliwell Joseph Stansfield Eastwood 55 labourer y
Helliwell Mary Stansfield Burgy 50 house keeper y
Helliwell Matthew Walsden Foxholes 65 gardener y
Helliwell Samuel Stansfield Castle Clough 50 cotton weaver y
Helliwell Thomas Stansfield Parrock 25 cotton weaver y
Helliwell Thomas Stansfield Eastwood 40 weaver y
Helliwell Thomas Stansfield Green Bottom 55 farmer y
Helliwell William Stansfield Castle Grove 15 cotton spinner y
Helliwell William Todmorden Priest Booth 30 coal getter y
Helliwell William Stansfield Vicarage Hall 35 labourer y
Helliwell William Todmorden Friths Mill 40 cotton manufacturer n
Helliwell William Langfield York Street 45 auctioneer n
Helliwell William Langfield York Street 50 cotton spinner y
Helliwell William Stansfield Cross Stone 55 cotton weaver y
Helliwell William Todmorden Shade 55 carter n
Hepworth Joseph Walsden Gauxholme 45 cotton weaver n
Hey Mary Stansfield Lobb Mill 55 independent y
Hey John Todmorden Copperas House 40 coal getter y
Hey William Stansfield East Lee 35   y
Heywood Hartley Walsden Knowlwood 20 cotton spinner y
Heyworth Abraham Stansfield Castle Street 45 worsted weaver y
Heyworth Betty Langfield Woodhouse 45   y
Heyworth Charles Walsden Henshaw 30 mason y
Heyworth Charles Walsden Henshaw 25 stone cutter y
Heyworth Edmund Stansfield Cross Lee 25 PLW y
Heyworth Heyworth Langfield Water Lane 70 surgeon - retired n
Heyworth Isabella Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 70   n
Heyworth James Langfield Swineshead 45 stone mason n
Heyworth James Stansfield Castle Street 25 overlooker y
Heyworth James Walsden Bottomley Fold 45 stone cutter y
Heyworth James Walsden White Slack 45 farmer y
Heyworth Jeremiah Stansfield Holebottom 50 farmer n
Heyworth John Langfield Woodhouse 85 farmer y
Heyworth John Walsden Gauxholme 50 beer seller y
Heyworth John Walsden Lane Bottom 60 HLW y
Heyworth John Walsden Moverley 45 stone cutter y
Heyworth Mally Walsden Square 55   y
Heyworth William Todmorden Wheatshaw 35 cotton weaver n
Heyworth Zachariah Walsden Lane Bottom 40 butcher & shopkeeper y
Highley James Walsden Knowlwood 55 labourer y
Highley John Langfield Oldroyd 40 cotton spinner y
Highley John Walsden Miller Barn 20 labourer y
Highley John Walsden Ramsden Wood 50 mule spinner y
Highley John Walsden Horse Pasture 35 farmer y
Highley Reuben Walsden Nicklety 30 labourer y
Highley Sally Todmorden Gauxholme 45   y
Highley Samuel Walsden Knowlwood 45 cotton spinner y
Highley Thomas Todmorden Pexwood 25 labourer y
Highley William Walsden Knowlwood 45 warper y
Hill Elizabeth Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 75 independent y
Hill Mary Stansfield Gate Bottom 65 laundress y
Hill Sally Todmorden Shade 45   y
Hinchcliffe George Langfield Stoodley Bridge 25 cotton manufacturer & spinner y
Hindle George Todmorden 3 Bridge End 30 PLW y
Hindle John Stansfield Proud Row 55 stone mason y
Hindle John Stansfield Knotts Grove 25 delver y
Hindle William Stansfield Toad Carr 30 stone cutter y
Hirst Alice Todmorden Stoneswood Bottom 40   y
Hirst Arthur Langfield Friths Bldg George St 30 overlooker y
Hirst George Langfield Lumbutts 35 HLW y
Hirst James Langfield Horsewood 35 weaver y
Hirst James Walsden Ramsden Wood 45 engine tenter y
Hirst John Langfield Lee Side 35 stone cutter y
Hirst John Todmorden 21 Shade St 45 PLW y
Hirst Joseph Todmorden 15 Bridge End 25 overlooker y
Hirst Joseph Walsden Gauxholme 40 labourer y
Hirst Matthew Todmorden Stoneswood Bottom 45 overlooker n
Hirst Thomas Langfield Horsewood 30 weaver y
Hirst William Langfield Greave 30 farmer y
Hirst William Langfield Mankinholes 50 farmer y
Hirst William Langfield Swineshead 30 winder y
Hitchin William Walsden Bottoms 20 steam engine tenter y
Hodgson Abraham Stansfield Parrock 50 stone mason y
Hodgson Ann Stansfield Beeton 70 house keeper y
Hodgson John Stansfield Pudsey 50 joiner  
Hodgson Joseph Stansfield Mutterhole 25 manufacturer y
Hodgson William Stansfield Vicarage Hall 40 cotton weaver y
Holden Ann Stansfield Castle Street 70   y
Holden Gilbert Todmorden Back Cheapside 50   n
Holden James Walsden Back Ramsden 70 farmer y
Holden John Langfield Straight Hey 70 farmer y
Holden John Stansfield Nell Cote 50 mason y
Holden John Stansfield Hallroyd 30 joiner y
Holden John Stansfield Millwood 30 cotton weaver y
Holden John Stansfield Blind Lane 60 HLW y
Holden John Walsden Hollings 40 labourer y
Holden Katherine Walsden Stonehouse 30   n
Holden Richard Stansfield Durn 40 cotton weaver n
Holden Robert Walsden Inchfield Fold 45 picker maker & farmer y
Holden William Langfield School Lane 40 overlooker y
Holden William Walsden Gauxholme 45 cotton weaver y
Holden William Walsden Pot Oven 30 cotton weaver y
Holden Zachariah Langfield Lee 40 joiner y
Holdsworth Sarah Langfield York Street 45 independent y
Holdsworth William Todmorden Copperas House 25 coal getter y
Hollinrake Abraham Todmorden Pexwood 55 road mender y
Hollinrake Betty Stansfield Meadow Bottom 55 grocer y
Hollinrake George Todmorden Todmorden Edge 30 labourer y
Hollinrake Gibson Langfield Croft Carr 25 cotton spinner y
Hollinrake Henry Todmorden Shade 25 book keeper n
Hollinrake Hiram Stansfield Killup 40 worsted weaver y
Hollinrake James Langfield Longfield 50 cotton twiner n
Hollinrake James Todmorden Lumb Foot 30 cotton spinner n
Hollinrake John Langfield Law Wood 35 cotton spinner y
Hollinrake John Langfield Causey 65 HLW y
Hollinrake John Stansfield Stone House Bottoms 36 publican y
Hollinrake John Stansfield Burgy 40 cotton weaver y
Hollinrake John Stansfield New Shop 50 worsted weaver y
Hollinrake John Stansfield New Houses 30 PLW y
Hollinrake John Stansfield Canteen 30 carder y
Hollinrake John Todmorden Gorpley 35 ag.lab. y
Hollinrake Joseph Langfield Rough Top 40 HLW worsted y
Hollinrake Robert Todmorden Clinton 25 labourer y
Hollinrake Samuel Stansfield Hallroyd 60 cotton spinner y
Hollinrake Samuel Stansfield Ferney lee 45 school master y
Hollinrake Samuel Todmorden Edge End 30 farmer y
Hollinrake Sarah Stansfield Hallroyd 50 house keeper y
Hollinrake Sarah Stansfield Millwood 50   y
Hollinrake Thomas Langfield Lumbutts 35 cotton spinner y
Hollinrake William Stansfield Carr House 45 cotton weaver y
Hollows Ellis Todmorden Lumb Foot 25 coal getter y
Hollows Ellis Todmorden Hanging Shaw 60 farmer y
Hollows George Todmorden Mellings 50 HLW & farmer y
Hollows James Todmorden Acre Nook 30 labourer y
Hollows James Todmorden Gauxholme 40 labourer y
Hollows John Walsden Height Houses 35 farmer y
Hollows William Todmorden Clough Foot 30 coal getter y
Holmes Hannah Todmorden Gorpley 60   n
Holmes John Langfield Middle Stoodley 25 dyer y
Holmes Robert Todmorden Stoneswood Bottom 25 engine tenter n
Holroyd see Oldroyd          
Holt Charles Todmorden 9 Bridge End 30 warehouseman n
Holt Edmund Stansfield Garden Row 30 cotton carder y
Holt Edmund Langfield Kiln Cottage 40 overlooker y
Holt Edmund Stansfield Lower Ridgegate 60 cotton weaver y
Holt Edmund Stansfield New Lay 60 cotton weaver n
Holt Francis Todmorden Timber Yard 15 joiner y
Holt Greenwood Stansfield Meadow Bottom 25 overlooker y
Holt Hannah Stansfield Cowhurst 60   y
Holt Henry Walsden Knowlwood 25 cotton winder y
Holt James Stansfield Green End 25 cotton weaver y
Holt James Todmorden Gibbert 25 overlooker y
Holt James Walsden Dean 25 cotton weaver y
Holt James Walsden Steanor Bottom 30 labourer y
Holt James Walsden Birks Hall 35 picker maker y
Holt James Langfield Law Wood 40 cutting grinder y
Holt James Langfield York Street 45 builder & joiner y
Holt James Langfield Longfield 50 farmer n
Holt James Stansfield Fold 55 clock worker y
Holt James Walsden Butcher Hill 60 worsted weaver n
Holt James Stansfield Toad Carr 89 wool comber n
Holt John Stansfield Hartley Royd 20 HLW y
Holt John Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 20 warehouseman n
Holt John Todmorden Lineholme 25 cotton spinner y
Holt John Todmorden Todmorden Edge 30 farmer y
Holt John Langfield Oldroyd Mill 35 overlooker y
Holt John Todmorden New Barn 45 manager cotton works n
Holt John Langfield Meadow Lane 55 wool comber y
Holt John Todmorden Dobroyd 55 cotton weaver y
Holt John Todmorden Todmorden Edge 60 cotton weaver y
Holt Martin Todmorden High Barn 55 picker maker y
Holt Nanny Stansfield Pitts 50   n
Holt Nutter Stansfield Horsfall 25 cotton weaver y
Holt Richard Stansfield Blind Lane 45 lodging house keeper y
Holt Richard Walsden Butcher Hill 45 cotton weaver n
Holt Robert Todmorden Lineholme 20 cotton spinner y
Holt Robert Stansfield Croft House 30 cotton weaver y
Holt Robert Todmorden Lineholme 50 overlooker y
Holt Robert Stansfield Hallroyd 55   y
Holt Sally Todmorden Frithswood Bottom 50   y
Holt Samuel Todmorden Speke Edge 25 picker maker y
Holt Susan Todmorden Timber Yard 40 independent n
Holt Thomas Langfield Hanging Ditch 25 PLW y
Holt Thomas Todmorden 5 Bridge End 25 stripper & grinder y
Holt Thomas Todmorden Todmorden Edge 30 picker maker y
Holt Thomas Walsden Gauxholme Stones 30 cotton manager y
Holt Thomas Todmorden Lumb Foot 35 PLW y
Holt Thomas Langfield Lumbutts 40 labourer y
Holt Thomas Stansfield Carr House Fold 50 wool comber y
Holt Thomas Todmorden Shade 60 cotton weaver y
Holt William Todmorden Frostholme 25 carter n
Holt William Todmorden Lineholme 30 cotton spinner n
Holt William Stansfield Carr House Fold 50 cotton weaver y
Hooson James Langfield Horsewood 40 weaver y
Horsfall Abraham Langfield York Street 45 engineer n
Horsfall Abraham Stansfield Castle Street 45 overlooker y
Horsfall Arabella Todmorden Stoneswood Bottom 45 cotton mill worker n
Horsfall Charles Stansfield Cross Stone 40 farmer y
Horsfall Henry Langfield Canal Street 20 joiner - journeyman y
Horsfall Henry Stansfield Eastwood 50 joiner & carpenter y
Horsfall James Stansfield Upper Ashes 30 farmer y
Horsfall James Langfield Hanging Ditch 35 stone mason y
Horsfall James Stansfield Millwood 40 carrier y
Horsfall James Stansfield Rive Rocks 45 manufacturer y
Horsfall James Langfield York Street 50 joiner & builder y
Horsfall James Stansfield Cross Gap 50 farmer y
Horsfall James Walsden Smithy Holme 55 overlooker n
Horsfall James Walsden Butcher Hill 75 cotton weaver n
Horsfall John Langfield Brook Street 25 ag.lab. y
Horsfall John Stansfield Millwood 30 grocer y
Horsfall John Stansfield Rodwell Head 35 cotton weaver y
Horsfall John Stansfield Staups 50 cotton spinner y
Horsfall Jonas Langfield Shurcrack 45 worsted weaver y
Horsfall Jonathan Stansfield Grove 45 HLW y
Horsfall Jonathan Langfield Swineshead 65 HLW y
Horsfall Luke Todmorden Cheapside 20 tailor n
Horsfall Martha Langfield Cock Pit 45   n
Horsfall Mary Langfield Baltimore 25 PLW n
Horsfall Mary Langfield Bank Top 45   y
Horsfall Nathan Stansfield Cockden 25 miner y
Horsfall Olive Stansfield Bean Hole 40 cotton weaver y
Horsfall Peggy Stansfield Millwood 60 shop keeper n
Horsfall Phillip Stansfield Hill House 60 worsted weaver y
Horsfall Richard Walsden Top of Close 40 stone cutter y
Horsfall Richard Langfield Back Brook Street 45 land carrier y
Horsfall Robert Stansfield Broad Dean 45 cotton weaver y
Horsfall Samuel Todmorden Timber Yard 30 joiner n
Horsfall Thomas Stansfield Keelham 45 farmer y
Horsfall Thomas Stansfield Beeton 50 shoe maker y
Horsfall William Langfield Hanging Ditch 25 joiner y
Horsfall William Stansfield Law End Bottom 30 cotton weaver y
Horsfall William Stansfield Burgy 35 stone mason y
Horsfall William Stansfield Upper Ashes 40 weaver y
Horsfall William Langfield Mount Pleasant 45 HLW y
Horsfall William Langfield Mankinholes 55 cotton spinner y
Horsfall William Stansfield Millwood 65 engine tenter y
Horsfield Betty Stansfield Mark Lane 60 school mistress y
Horsfield Sally Todmorden Portsmouth 30 weaver y
Houghton John Todmorden Gauxholme 55 publican y
Howard Jesse Stansfield Upper House 35 carpenter n
Howard John Walsden Moorhey 80 farmer y
Howard Robert Walsden Steanor Bottom 65 weaver y
Howard Sarah Stansfield Frieldhurst Mill 35   y
Howard Susan Walsden Calfholes 20 beer seller y
Howarth Abraham Todmorden Banks 40 coal getter y
Howarth Ann Walsden General Wood 45   n
Howarth Edmund Langfield Dale Lane 45 stone mason - journeyman n
Howarth Edmund Todmorden Watty Hole 50 labourer y
Howarth George Todmorden Lumb Foot 25 cotton carder n
Howarth George Stansfield Millwood 35 labourer n
Howarth George Langfield Kilnhurst 65 farmer y
Howarth Hannah Todmorden Mount Pleasant 65 house keeper y
Howarth James Langfield Croft 40 farmer y
Howarth James Stansfield Lower Laithe 45 white limer y
Howarth James Walsden Holmes 45 licensed victualler y
Howarth James Stansfield Beeton 50 worsted weaver y
Howarth James Todmorden Church Street 55 licensed victualler y
Howarth James Todmorden 2 Little Holme Street 55 labourer n
Howarth James Walsden Bottoms 55 labourer y
Howarth James Walsden Wood Bottom 60 cotton weaver y
Howarth Jeremiah Stansfield Blind Lane 30 butcher y
Howarth Jeremiah Langfield Kilnhurst Malt Kiln 35 grocer y
Howarth Jeremiah Walsden Knowlwood 35 beer seller y
Howarth Jeremiah Walsden Bottoms 55 labourer y
Howarth John Todmorden Banks 20 toll collector y
Howarth John Walsden Swineshead Clough 30 cotton spinner y
Howarth John Walsden Knowl Top 35 stone cutter y
Howarth John Walsden Bottoms 40 labourer y
Howarth John Walsden Clough 45 cordwainer n
Howarth John Walsden Ragby Clough 45 labourer y
Howarth John Todmorden Salford 50 blacksmith - journeyman n
Howarth John Stansfield Beeton 60 gardener n
Howarth Jonathan Walsden Knowlwood 35 labourer y
Howarth Joseph Todmorden Lumb Foot 40 coal getter y
Howarth Joseph Todmorden Copperas House 75   y
Howarth Nancy Walsden Knowlwood 40   y
Howarth Samuel Walsden Lane Bottom 35 stone cutter y
Howarth Susan Langfield York Street 50 independent y
Howarth Thomas Stansfield Blind Lane 30 labourer n
Howarth Thomas Todmorden Shade Street 30 mule spinner y
Howarth William Todmorden Pexwood 30 overlooker y
Howarth William Walsden Bottoms 30 labourer y
Howarth William Todmorden Hall Barn 40 carrier y
Howarth William Todmorden 10 Bridge End 45 labourer y
Howarth William Langfield Bankfield 50 cotton manufacturer n
Howitt William Stansfield Castle Street 40 mechanic y
Hoyle James Todmorden New Barn 50 watchman n
Hoyle William Stansfield Blind Lane 50 stone mason n
Hudson James Todmorden Bobbin Shop 25 PLW n
Hudson Joseph Stansfield Sandy Green Well 45 weaver y
Hughes John Walsden Winterbutlee 35 railway labourer n
Husworthy Thomas Walsden Newbridge 45 PLW y
Hutchings Joseph Todmorden Pexwood 35 Primitive Methodist Preacher n