Surname Letter S



Born in county
Sagar William Todmorden Church Street 35 grocer y
Sammons Thomas Walsden Clough Holmes 35 railway labourer n
Saville Ann Stansfield Beeton 20 milliner y
Saville Jonas Todmorden Shade 45 overlooker n
Scarr James Todmorden Mount Pleasant 25 mason y
Scarr John Stansfield Castle 35 stone mason y
Scarr Susannah Todmorden North Street 55 lodging house keeper n
Scholfield Abraham Langfield Roomfield Lane 50 joiner n
Scholfield Abraham Todmorden Shade 50 school master y
Scholfield Abraham Walsden Knowl Top 50 farmer y
Scholfield Abraham Walsden Freezland 50 farmer y
Scholfield James Langfield Roomfield Lane 25 joiner n
Scholfield James Todmorden Bobbin Shop 25 overlooker y
Scholfield James Todmorden Frostholme 30 labourer y
Scholfield James Todmorden Church Street 35 ironmonger y
Scholfield James Walsden Scout 40 fence waller y
Scholfield John Walsden Knowlwood 30 cotton weaver y
Scholfield John Walsden Ramsden Wood 30 overlooker y
Scholfield John Todmorden 1 Little Holme St 40 labourer n
Scholfield john Walsden Warland Gate End 40 joiner y
Scholfield John Walsden Clough 40 stone mason y
Scholfield John Walsden Calf Lee 50 farmer y
Scholfield John Stansfield Toad Carr 55 cotton twiner y
Scholfield John Walsden North Hollingworth 65 cotton weaver y
Scholfield Joshua Walsden Gauxholme 35 stone mason y
Scholfield Mary Walsden Gauxholme 50 baker y
Scholfield Mary Stansfield Hallroyd 65 independent n
Scholfield Robert Todmorden Bobbin Shop 25 cotton factory y
Scholfield Robert Walsden Gauxholme 35 boatman y
Scholfield Sally Walsden Calf Lee Cote 60 independent y
Scholfield Samuel Stansfield Hallroyd 30 cotton weaver y
Scholfield Whitaker Todmorden Mount Pleasant 20 whitesmith n
Scholfield William Langfield York Street 35 labourer n
Scholfield William Todmorden Gauxholme 40 toll collector y
Scholfield William Walsden Calf Lee 40 farmer y
Scholfield William Todmorden North Street 60 ironmonger y
Scott John Todmorden Pexwood 30 labourer y
Sellers George Langfield Hanging Ditch 25 plasterer y
Sellers John Langfield Hanging Ditch 80   y
Shackleton Ely Walsden Knowlwood 35 labourer y
Shackleton Greenwood Langfield Bank Top 30 overlooker y
Shackleton Isaac Stansfield Beeton 40 joiner y
Shackleton James Stansfield Cross Stone 30 cotton weaver y
Shackleton James Langfield Heyhead 35 worsted weaver y
Shackleton John Todmorden Dobroyd 20 joiner y
Shackleton John Langfield Rough Top 35   y
Shackleton John Stansfield Durn 35 labourer y
Shackleton John Stansfield Gate Bottom 35 labourer y
Shackleton John Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 35 PLW n
Shackleton John Todmorden Shade 65 labourer n
Shackleton Robert Todmorden Clough Foot 40 HLW n
Shackleton Sarah Stansfield Millwood 55 independent y
Shackleton Sarah Stansfield Millwood 60 washerwoman y
Shackleton Thomas Stansfield Burgy 20 labourer y
Shackleton Thomas Stansfield Pitts 40 grocer n
Shackleton William Stansfield Newton Green 45 cotton weaver y
Sharp George Stansfield West Bar 35 labourer y
Sharp John Stansfield Croft House 50 farmer n
Sharp Jonas Stansfield Frieldhurst Mill 40 labourer n
Sharples George Stansfield Cinder Hill 40 cotton spinner n
Sharples James Stansfield Millwood 55 cotton weaver y
Sheard Joseph Stansfield Canteen 55 corn miller y
Sheard Sally Stansfield Garden Row 30 cotton reeler y
Shepherd Hannah Todmorden 1 Bridge End 50   n
Shuttleworth Richard Todmorden Barewise 40 HLW n
Shuttleworth William Stansfield Moorside 50 worsted weaver y
Silverwood Lawrence Langfield Hanging Ditch 25 excavator y
Simpson Samuel Langfield Hanging Ditch 50 shoe maker y
Simpson Sarah Stansfield Lower Laithe 55 pauper - blind y
Simpson Thomas Stansfield Carr House Fold 40 cotton weaver n
Slater William Stansfield Green End 20 Ag. Lab n
Smith Betty Todmorden Lumb Foot 40 PLW y
Smith Hannah Walsden Birks Hall Bar 40 toll collector n
Smith Henry Walsden Foxholes 25 cotton spinner y
Smith Howorth Todmorden Shade 35 painter y
Smith James Todmorden Friths 30 cotton factory n
Smith James Langfield Causey 60 HLW n
Smith John Walsden Butcher Hill 25 cotton spinner y
Smith John Todmorden Shade 30 cotton twister y
Smith John Langfield Hanging Ditch 35 excavator n
Smith John Langfield York Street 35 painter y
Smith John Langfield Mankinholes 40 butcher y
Smith John Walsden Gauxholme 40 plasterer y
Smith John Langfield York Street 45 painter - journeyman n
Smith John Todmorden North Street 50 roper n
Smith John Todmorden Scaitcliffe Mill 60 corn miller y
Smith Joseph Todmorden Shade 30 overlooker n
Smith Joseph Stansfield Cockden Hill 35 surveyor n
Smith Joseph Todmorden Stoneswood Mill 40 corn miller - journeyman n
Smith Mary Langfield School Lane 60 independent y
Smith Mary Stansfield Castle Street 70 independent y
Smith Mitton Langfield Causey 25 cotton carder y
Smith Richard Stansfield Cross Lee 30 corn dealer n
Smith Robert Walsden Knowlwood 65 labourer n
Smith Roger Walsden Lanebottom 25 railway plate layer y
Smith Susan Stansfield Holme House 65 grocer y
Smith Thomas Walsden Knowlwood 45 labourer n
Smith Thomas Walsden Gauxholme Stones 50 mechanic y
Smith William Stansfield Rodwell Head 30 cotton weaver y
Smith William Walsden Gauxholme 30 cotton carder n
Smith William Todmorden Shade 40 labourer n
Smith William Todmorden Shade 40 mechanic y
Smith William Walsden Knowlwood 50 basket maker n
Smith William Walsden Butcher Hill 55 cotton spinner y
Southwell James Stansfield Wood Mills 55 labourer y
Southwell John Stansfield Ridgegate 25 cotton weaver y
Southwell John Stansfield Chapel House 35   y
Southwell John Walsden Knowlwood 50 labourer y
Southwell John Walsden Knowlwood 60 labourer n
Southwell William Stansfield Lane House 30 labourer y
Southwell William Stansfield Croft House 45 cotton weaver n
Southwell William Langfield Oldroyd 60 labourer y
Spence Thomas Stansfield Toad Carr 35 shoe maker y
Spencer Hannah Langfield Back Brook Street 60 independent y
Spencer James Todmorden Mount Pleasant 25 cotton weaver n
Spencer John Stansfield Cockden 20 cotton spinner y
Spencer Mary Stansfield Shore 65 cotton weaver n
Spencer Widow Stansfield Castle Street 40 independent y
Spencer William Stansfield Newton Green 40 labourer y
Spiers John Langfield Roomfield Lane 25 shoe maker Scotland
Staley John Todmorden 14 Little Holme Street 45 gas fitter n
Stansfield Abraham Stansfield Greenhurst Hey 25 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Abraham Langfield Sandholme 35 carter y
Stansfield Abraham Stansfield Higher Intake 35 farmer y
Stansfield Abraham Stansfield Pitts 35 sawyer y
Stansfield Abraham Todmorden 8 Little Holme Street 35 joiner - journeyman y
Stansfield Abraham Todmorden Platts House 35 gardener n
Stansfield Abraham Todmorden Salford 39 mechanic y
Stansfield Abraham Langfield Heyhead 50 sawyer y
Stansfield Abraham Walsden Knowlwood 55 cotton weaver n
Stansfield Abraham Stansfield Stansfield Cottage 60 auctioneer y
Stansfield Abraham Walsden Warland Gate End 65 HLW y
Stansfield Ann Langfield Shewbroad 50   n
Stansfield Ashton Stansfield Stile House 35 cotton weaver n
Stansfield Betty Walsden Knowlwood 55   n
Stansfield Charles Stansfield Millwood 25 carter y
Stansfield Charles Walsden Reddishore 25 farmer y
Stansfield Charles Todmorden Shade 30 manager PL n
Stansfield Charles Stansfield Blind Lane 35 labourer y
Stansfield David Todmorden Clough Foot 60   y
Stansfield Eli Stansfield Rodwell Head 35 farmer y
Stansfield Eli Stansfield Pitts 65 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Elijah Todmorden Pexwood 30 cotton carder y
Stansfield Esther Stansfield Shore 60    
Stansfield Esther Todmorden Ewood 75 independent n
Stansfield George Walsden Bottoms 35 roller twister y
Stansfield George Stansfield Lydgate Mill 38 cotton twister y
Stansfield George Stansfield Toad Carr 45 cotton spinner y
Stansfield George Walsden Knowlwood 85 independent n
Stansfield Hannah Todmorden Knotts Mill 45   y
Stansfield Hannah Langfield Longfield 50 calico weaver y
Stansfield James Todmorden Shade 25 PLW n
Stansfield James Walsden Steanor Bottom 30 farmer y
Stansfield James Langfield York Street 35 whitesmith y
Stansfield James Stansfield Meadowbottom 35 cotton mule spinner y
Stansfield James Walsden Inchfield Fold Top 35 cotton weaver y
Stansfield James Stansfield Pole Gates 40 cotton weaver y
Stansfield James Todmorden 32 Shade Street 40 whitesmith n
Stansfield James Stansfield Parrock 50 cotton weaver y
Stansfield James Todmorden Shade 50   n
Stansfield James Walsden Knowlwood 55 sawyer y
Stansfield James Stansfield Hartley Royd 65 farmer y
Stansfield John Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 20 overlooker n
Stansfield John Langfield Hanging Ditch 25 labourer n
Stansfield John Langfield Friths Bldg George St 25 engineer y
Stansfield John Stansfield Lower Naze Bottom 25 mechanic y
Stansfield John Stansfield Staups Mill 30 PLW y
Stansfield John Stansfield Layfield 30 worsted weaver y
Stansfield John Walsden Henshaw 30 roller maker y
Stansfield John Langfield Hanging Ditch 35 labourer n
Stansfield John Stansfield Horsfall 35 cotton spinner y
Stansfield John Stansfield Hollins 40 labourer y
Stansfield John Stansfield Holebottom 40 PLW y
Stansfield John Stansfield Nazebottom 40 farmer y
Stansfield John Todmorden Stoneswood Mill 40 carter y
Stansfield John Stansfield Blind Lane 45 cotton dresser y
Stansfield John Stansfield Stones 45 cotton weaver y
Stansfield John Stansfield Millwood 50 whitesmith y
Stansfield John Stansfield Duke Street 55 stone cutter y
Stansfield John Stansfield Millwood 60 cotton weaver y
Stansfield John Todmorden Moorhey 60 farmer y
Stansfield John Stansfield Yoke Hill 75 independent y
Stansfield Jonas Langfield Swineshead 50 farmer y
Stansfield Joseph Stansfield Lower Ashes 20 worsted weaver y
Stansfield Joseph Todmorden Lineholme 30 cotton weaver n
Stansfield Joseph Todmorden Gauxholme 35 porterer y
Stansfield Joseph Stansfield Carr Bottom 45 bobbin turner y
Stansfield Joseph Stansfield Parrock Lower Laithe 60 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Mary Langfield Roomfield House 35   y
Stansfield Mary Todmorden Lydgate 45   y
Stansfield Mary Stansfield Duke Street 60 independent y
Stansfield Mary Todmorden Sutcliffe Buildings 70 bread baker y
Stansfield Reuben Walsden Knowlwood 25 cotton spinner y
Stansfield Richard Todmorden Midgelden Clough 50 labourer y
Stansfield Robert Stansfield Hartley Royd 25 HLW y
Stansfield Robert Stansfield New Delight 30 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Robert Stansfield Canteen 45 cotton spinner y
Stansfield Sally Langfield George Street 55 independent y
Stansfield Sarah Stansfield New Shop 60 school mistress y
Stansfield Thomas Stansfield Staups Mill 25 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Thomas Todmorden Lydgate 25 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Thomas Langfield Hanging Ditch 30 cotton spinner y
Stansfield Thomas Stansfield Sandy Gate 30 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Thomas Walsden Knowlwood 30 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Thomas Walsden Knowlwood 30 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Thomas Walsden Gauxholme 45 stone mason y
Stansfield Thomas Walsden Inchfield Fold Top 45 cotton weaver y
Stansfield Thomas Walsden Miller barn 45 beerseller & farmer y
Stansfield Thomas Langfield Swineshead 50 HLW y
Stansfield Thomas Stansfield Eastwood 55 fence waller y
Stansfield Thomas Todmorden Woodfield Top 55 HLW y
Stansfield Thomas Stansfield Staups Mill 60 manufacturer y
Stansfield William Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 25 engineer n
Stansfield William Langfield Baltimore 30 cotton twister n
Stansfield William Todmorden Salford 30 iron founder y
Stansfield William Stansfield Houghstone 40 farmer y
Stansfield William Walsden Inchfield Fold 50 labourer y
Stansfield William Langfield Black Dyke 55 cotton spinner y
Stansfield William Stansfield Croft Top 55 cotton weaver y
Stansfield William Stansfield Four Lane Ends 65 cotton weaver y
Stansfield William Todmorden Bridge End 65 whitesmith n
Stell Ben Stansfield Meadowbottom 30 cotton mule spinner y
Stell Edmund Stansfield Meadowbottom 25 cotton carder y
Stell James Stansfield Blind Lane 50 HLW y
Stell John Stansfield Garden Row 25 labourer y
Stell Joseph Todmorden Lock Street 25 mechanic y
Stell Joseph Todmorden Barewise 30 carter n
Stell Moses Stansfield Meadowbottom 35 clogger y
Stell Samuel Todmorden Shade 50 mechanic n
Stephenson Ellis Stansfield Houghstone 30 cotton & worsted tenter in y
Stephenson James Walsden Clough Holmes 25 PLW n
Stephenson James Stansfield Cross Stone 45 parish clerk y
Stephenson John Stansfield Houghstone 40 labourer y
Stephenson Joseph Todmorden Lineholme 50 cotton weaver n
Stephenson Mally Stansfield Hollins Hall 65    
Stephenson Mary Walsden Butcher Hill 30 cotton warper y
Stephenson Mary Stansfield Cross Stone 70   y
Stephenson Susy Stansfield Houghstone 40   y
Stephenson Tabatha Stansfield Houghstone 35 cotton frame tenter y
Stephenson Thomas Walsden Knowlwood 45 grocer n
Stephenson William Stansfield Carr House Fold 35 stone mason y
Stevenson Abraham Langfield Mount Pleasant 45 HLW y
Stevenson James Walsden Stonehouse 40 HLW n
Stevenson John Stansfield Burnt House 40 cotton weaver y
Stevenson John Langfield Hanging Ditch 60 cotton weaver y
Stevenson Lawrence Stansfield Holebottom 40 cotton twister y
Stevenson Richard Stansfield Blind Lane 30 blacksmith y
Stevenson Thomas Walsden Gauxholme 20 cotton weaver n
Stewart Ann Stansfield Millwood 20   Scotland
Stocks Francis Stansfield Gate Bottom 45 cotton weaver y
Stocks John Stansfield Millwood 40 millwright y
Stockwell Sally Stansfield Gate Bottom 45   y
Storey Henry Langfield Brook Street 15 tailor - apprentice y
Stott Ann Stansfield Nell Cote 35 cotton weaver y
Stott Ann Walsden Butcher Hill 70   y
Stott Charles Todmorden 20 Shade Street 25 overlooker n
Stott Charles Todmorden Acre Nook 30 HLW y
Stott Hannah Walsden Lanebottom 45 HLW y
Stott Henry Todmorden High Cote 20 worsted weaver y
Stott James Stansfield Duke Street 50 cotton weaver y
Stott John Stansfield Rodwell End 35 worsted weaver n
Stott John Stansfield Gate Bottom 40 quarryman n
Stott John Walsden Wood Bottom 50 cotton weaver y
Stott Mary Langfield Oldroyd 40   y
Stott Robert Stansfield Scaitcliffe Bridge 55 cotton weaver y
Stott Samson Walsden Coolham 35 coal miner y
Stott Sarah Stansfield Mutterhole 55 HLW y
Stott Thomas Langfield Woodhouse 20 labourer y
Stott Thomas Langfield Shaw Bridge 40 mixture weaver y
Stott William Stansfield Rodwell End 20 worsted weaver n
Stott William Walsden Knowlwood 30 cotton warper n
Stott William Langfield Oldroyd 40 labourer y
Sunderland Henry Langfield Mankinholes 35 cotton spinner y
Sunderland Henry Langfield Swineshead 55 HLW y
Sunderland John Langfield Brook Street 25 PLW y
Sunderland John Walsden Butcher Hill 35 labourer y
Sunderland John Langfield Cross 45 worsted weaver y
Sunderland John Stansfield Horsfall 55 worsted weaver y
Sunderland Jonathan Todmorden Gauxholme 45 labourer n
Sunderland Joseph Walsden Butcher Hill 25 labourer n
Sunderland Josh Stansfield Cumberland Gate 45 labourer y
Sunderland Thomas Stansfield Pin Hall 25 cotton factory y
Sunderland Thomas Langfield Roomfield Lane 55   y
Sunderland William Stansfield Burgy 35 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe Abraham Todmorden Gorpley 25 PLW y
Sutcliffe Abraham Langfield Mount Pleasant 55 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe Abraham Stansfield Whorlaw 55 farmer y
Sutcliffe Abraham Stansfield New Delight 70 carter y
Sutcliffe Alice Walsden Butcher Hill 50   y
Sutcliffe Barker Langfield Shaw 25 cotton manufacturer y
Sutcliffe Betty Todmorden Cheapside 70   y
Sutcliffe Charles Langfield Greave 20 HLW worsted y
Sutcliffe Charley Todmorden North Street 25 carter y
Sutcliffe Christopher Todmorden Cheapside 20 tailor y
Sutcliffe Daniel Walsden Stoney Brink 40 stone mason y
Sutcliffe Daniel Langfield Oldroyd 50 farmer y
Sutcliffe Daniel Walsden Light Bank 50 outdoor labourer y
Sutcliffe Daniel Langfield Oldroyd 55 hawker y
Sutcliffe Daniel Stansfield Royd 55 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe Edmund Langfield Stansfield Bridge 35   y
Sutcliffe Eli Stansfield Beeton 50 sweeper y
Sutcliffe Eli Stansfield Millwood 50 cotton weaver n
Sutcliffe Ellis Stansfield Carr House 25 farmer y
Sutcliffe Gibson Todmorden Lineholme 45 PLW n
Sutcliffe Hannah Stansfield Stansfield Hall 35 independent y
Sutcliffe Hannah Langfield Roomfield Lane 50 baker y
Sutcliffe Hannah Todmorden Ridge Foot 55 house keeper n
Sutcliffe Henry Walsden Gauxholme 25 publican y
Sutcliffe Henry Langfield Causey Wood 35 overlooker y
Sutcliffe Henry Walsden Ramsden Wood 35 cotton carder n
Sutcliffe Henry Walsden General Wood 50 farmer n
Sutcliffe Henry Stansfield Meadowbottom 55 HLW worsted y
Sutcliffe James Stansfield Canteen 25 cotton carder y
Sutcliffe James Walsden Knowl 25 labourer n
Sutcliffe James Stansfield Toad Carr 30 book keeper y
Sutcliffe James Langfield New Croft 35 stone cutter y
Sutcliffe James Todmorden Watty Hole 45 cotton factory y
Sutcliffe James Langfield York Street 50 engine tenter y
Sutcliffe James Stansfield Cross Stone 50 inn keeper y
Sutcliffe James Stansfield Gate Bottom 50 labourer y
Sutcliffe Jeremiah Langfield Lumbutts 55 cotton spinner y
Sutcliffe Jerry Todmorden Dobroyd 26 roper y
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Shade Street 20 PLW y
Sutcliffe John Langfield Shaw 25 carter y
Sutcliffe John Walsden Butcher Hill 25 labourer n
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Hollinroyd 30 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Holme 30 carter y
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Lineholme 30 independent n
Sutcliffe John Walsden Gauxholme 30 carter n
Sutcliffe John Langfield Mankinholes 35 farmer y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Cockhill Cote 35 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe John Walsden Butcher Hill 35 grocer y
Sutcliffe John Langfield New Houses 40 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Holme House 40 carrier y
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Stoneswood Mill 40 carter y
Sutcliffe John Walsden Wood Bottom 40 stone mason y
Sutcliffe John Langfield Mankinholes 45 labourer y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Horsfall 45 cotton & worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 45 grocer n
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Frithswood Bottom 45 warehouseman y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Meadowbottom 50 cotton mule spinner y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Rawson Fold 50 independent n
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Bluebell Lane 50 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe John Walsden Knowlwood 50 basket maker y
Sutcliffe John Langfield Kilnhurst 55 farmer y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Millwood 55 sawyer y
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Dobroyd 55 cotton weaver n
Sutcliffe John Todmorden Halshaw Clough 55 cotton factory y
Sutcliffe John Langfield Lee Bottom 60 grocer y
Sutcliffe John Walsden Swineshead Clough 65   y
Sutcliffe John Stansfield Horsfall 75 independent y
Sutcliffe Joseph Todmorden 7 Little Holme Street 25 mechanic y
Sutcliffe Joseph Langfield Mankinholes 30 farmer y
Sutcliffe Joseph Stansfield Millwood 40 foundry labourer y
Sutcliffe Joseph Todmorden High Barn 45 labourer y
Sutcliffe Joseph Todmorden Stones 50 Ag. Lab n
Sutcliffe Joshua Walsden Inchfield Mill 35 waggoner n
Sutcliffe Josiah Todmorden Clough Foot 20 basket maker y
Sutcliffe Luke Stansfield Holme 30 Ag. Lab y
Sutcliffe Maria Todmorden Cheapside 30 inn keeper y
Sutcliffe Martha Stansfield Castle Grove 60 independent n
Sutcliffe Mary Langfield Mankinholes 30 HLW y
Sutcliffe Mary Todmorden Ewood Mill 35 cotton manufacturer n
Sutcliffe Mary Langfield Oldroyd 40 house keeper y
Sutcliffe Mary Todmorden Cheapside 40 dress maker n
Sutcliffe Mary Langfield Mankinholes 45   y
Sutcliffe Mary Stansfield Windy Harbour 55   y
Sutcliffe Mary Stansfield Toad Carr 55 school mistress n
Sutcliffe Mary Stansfield Lobb Mill 60 independent y
Sutcliffe Mary Langfield Broad Carr 65   y
Sutcliffe Meshack Stansfield Matthew Laithe 50 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe Rachel Stansfield Lobb Mill 40 independent y
Sutcliffe Richard Walsden Butcher Hill 30 labourer y
Sutcliffe Richard Langfield Oldroyd 35 farmer y
Sutcliffe Richard Stansfield Whiteley Royd 35 farmer y
Sutcliffe Richard Stansfield Lane End 40    
Sutcliffe Robert Stansfield Parrock Lower Laithe 25 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe Robert Walsden Scout Top 30 cotton spinner y
Sutcliffe Robert Todmorden Shade 33 carrier y
Sutcliffe Robert Stansfield Castle Street 35 delver y
Sutcliffe Robert Stansfield Cockhill Cote 35 stone cutter y
Sutcliffe Robert Langfield Greave 45 HLW worsted y
Sutcliffe Robert Stansfield Fold 50 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe Robert Todmorden Waterloo 50 warehouseman n
Sutcliffe Robert Walsden Knowlwood 50 sizer y
Sutcliffe Robert Stansfield Canteen 60 grocer n
Sutcliffe Sally Todmorden Waterloo 40   n
Sutcliffe Sally Langfield Hanging Ditch 53   y
Sutcliffe Sally Walsden Gauxholme 60 bread baker y
Sutcliffe Samuel Walsden Calf Lee Cote 20 stone mason y
Sutcliffe Samuel Stansfield Holebottom 30 labourer n
Sutcliffe Sarah Langfield York Street 30 independent y
Sutcliffe Sarah Langfield Hanging Ditch 35   y
Sutcliffe Shadrack Todmorden North Street 50 lodging house keeper y
Sutcliffe Squire Walsden Knowlwood 45 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe Stott Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 30 grocer n
Sutcliffe Susan Stansfield Blind Lane 45   n
Sutcliffe Susan Stansfield Copy Bottom 55   y
Sutcliffe Susan Stansfield Pin Hall 55   y
Sutcliffe Susan Todmorden Mount Pleasant 65 bread baker y
Sutcliffe Thomas Stansfield Copley Holmes 30 labourer y
Sutcliffe Thomas Stansfield Hill House 30 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe Thomas Walsden Butcher Hill 30 mechanic y
Sutcliffe Thomas Walsden Bottomley 30 PLW n
Sutcliffe Thomas Langfield Shaw 35 cotton manufacturer y
Sutcliffe Thomas Langfield Mankinholes 40 HLW y
Sutcliffe Thomas Stansfield Nell Cote 45 stone getter y
Sutcliffe Thomas Stansfield Meadowbottom 45 labourer y
Sutcliffe Thomas Langfield Higher Stoodley 50 HLW cotton & worsted y
Sutcliffe Thomas Stansfield Castle Street 50 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe Thomas Todmorden 37 Lock Street 50 confectioner - journeyman y
Sutcliffe Thomas Todmorden Midgelden 55 farmer y
Sutcliffe William Langfield York Street 25 cotton manufacturer y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Lower Laithe 25 independent y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Killup 25 worsted weaver y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Fold 30 mechanic y
Sutcliffe William Todmorden Pexwood 30 PLW n
Sutcliffe William Todmorden Clough Foot 30 clogger y
Sutcliffe William Walsden Knowlwood 30 cotton spinner n
Sutcliffe William Langfield Causey Wood 35 cotton spinner y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Rodwell End 35 cotton weaver y
Sutcliffe William Walsden Knowlwood 35 warehouseman y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Lydgate Mill 40   y
Sutcliffe William Todmorden Gauxholme 40 waterman y
Sutcliffe William Langfield Sandholme 45 sizer y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield New Shop 45 grocer y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Castle Street 45   y
Sutcliffe William Langfield Thorn Kiln 50 stone cutter y
Sutcliffe William Langfield Causey Wood 50 mechanic y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Holebottom Cote 50 farmer y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Nell Cote 55 grocer y
Sutcliffe William Stansfield Ballinroyd 60 cotton weaver n
Sutcliffe William Langfield Mankinholes 70 HLW y
Sutcliffe Young Stansfield Castle Street 20 delver y
Suthers Ann Langfield York Street 65 grocer n
Suthers Edmund Stansfield Mawkin Bottom 55 cotton weaver n
Suthers Ezra Stansfield Parrock Lower Laithe 65 labourer y
Suthers Grace Langfield York Street 40   y
Suthers James Stansfield Blind Lane 45 shop keeper n
Suthers James Todmorden Wheatshaw 45 weaver n
Suthers Jeremiah Langfield York Street 40 beer seller y
Suthers John Stansfield Mawkin Bottom 30 cotton weaver y
Suthers John Stansfield Cross Stone 40 cotton dresser y
Suthers Robert Stansfield Proud Row 35 HLW n
Suthers William Langfield York Street 45 grocer y
Suthers William Stansfield Millwood 55 labourer y
Swain Francis Walsden Bottoms 35 clogger y
Swales William Langfield Mankinholes 50 farmer y
Sweeney William Stansfield Priestwell 35 labourer Ireland
Swift John Langfield George Street 30 stone mason y
Swithenbank Martha Stansfield Harley House 30 worsted twiner n
Sykes George Stansfield Stansfield Hall 45 tailor y