Surname Letter W



Born in county
Waddington John Todmorden Pexwood 25 silk twiner n
Wadsworth Martha Walsden Hollins Bottom 60   n
Wadsworth William Langfield Oldroyd Mill 40 cotton spinner y
Walmsley Robert Todmorden Pavement 30 grocer y
Walters William Stansfield Wood Mills 25 labourer n
Walton Hannah Walsden Hollings 40   y
Walton James Walsden New Bridge 30 cotton weaver y
Walton James Walsden Hollingworth 30 farmer y
Walton James Stansfield Cinder Hill 35 worsted weaver y
Walton James Langfield King Street 45 printer & book binder y
Walton James Stansfield Carr House Fold 45 cotton weaver  
Walton Jane Walsden Bottoms 70 independent y
Walton John Langfield Lee 30 labourer y
Walton John Todmorden Lumb Foot 35 PLW y
Walton John Stansfield Clough Hole 40 worsted weaver y
Walton John Stansfield Broad Dean 50 fustian cutter y
Walton John Stansfield Millwood 65 cotton weaver y
Walton John Todmorden Sourhall 65 cotton weaver y
Walton Joseph Langfield Croft Carr 20 cotton carder y
Walton Mary Langfield Croft Gate 50   y
Walton Sally Stansfield Mutterhole 45 independent y
Walton Thomas Todmorden Dobroyd 40 labourer y
Walton Thomas Langfield Oldroyd 50 HLW y
Walton William Walsden Bottoms 55 cotton weaver y
Watson Benjamin Walsden Bottoms 35 overlooker y
Watson James Stansfield Canteen 25 cotton carder y
Watson Nelly Langfield King Street 60 bread baker y
Watts Thomas Stansfield Millwood 50 draper y
Weatherall James Langfield York Street 55 stone mason y
Weatherall Richard Langfield Union Street 20 stone mason y
Webster Abraham Stansfield Cockden 30 joiner y
Webster John Stansfield Under Knowl 40 labourer y
Webster John Todmorden High Barn 75 farmer n
Webster Marvel Stansfield Copy Bottom 70 independent y
Webster Mary Todmorden Dobroyd 45   y
Webster Thomas Stansfield Common Top 35 worsted weaver y
Webster Thomas Stansfield Knowl End 40 carpenter y
Webster William Stansfield Knowl End 30 cotton weaver y
Webster William Stansfield Lower Birks 30 weaver y
Webster William Stansfield Wood Mills 35 labourer y
Webster William Stansfield Lane Top 70 cotton weaver y
West Joshua Walsden Butcher Hill 65 cotton weaver n
White Betty Langfield Causey 40   n
Whitehead Abraham Langfield King Street 35 book keeper y
Whitehead James Stansfield Beeton 45 pensioner y
Whitehead James Stansfield Brow Brink 45 cotton weaver y
Whitehead John Todmorden Sutcliffe Buildings 45 tinner y
Whitehead John Stansfield Springs 65 independent y
Whitehead Mary Langfield Hanging Ditch 75   y
Whitehead Phineas Todmorden Frithswood Bottom 70 warehouseman y
Whitehead Robert Stansfield Cowhurst 45 joiner - journeyman y
Whitehead Thomas Stansfield Lobb Mill 45 worsted weaver y
Whitehead Thomas Stansfield Royd 75 farmer n
Whitehead William Walsden Knowlwood 40 cotton weaver n
Whitham John Stansfield Cockden 60 worsted weaver y
Whitham Margaret Stansfield Millwood 45   y
Whitham Richard Stansfield Matthew Laithe 50 worsted weaver y
Whittaker Betty Langfield Mount Pleasant 70   y
Whittaker Edmund Langfield Sandholme 40 warp sizer y
Whittaker Ely Todmorden Gauxholme 30 canal lock keeper n
Whittaker Grace Todmorden Salford 40 beer seller y
Whittaker Hannah Todmorden Gorpley Mill 50   n
Whittaker James Langfield George Street 45 painter n
Whittaker James Langfield School Lane 45 blacksmith - journeyman y
Whittaker James Walsden Gauxholme 45 cotton spinner y
Whittaker John Langfield George Street 40 sizer - journeyman n
Whittaker John Langfield George Street 45 blacksmith n
Whittaker Robert Todmorden Portsmouth 55 independent y
Whittaker William Walsden General Wood 55 labourer y
Widdup Grace Stansfield Workhouse 35 laundress y
Widdup John Stansfield Ferney Lee 25 stone cutter y
Widdup John Stansfield Toad Carr 50 lodging house keeper y
Widdup John Todmorden Hall Barn 50 carter n
Widdup John Stansfield Hallroyd 55 cotton weaver y
Widdup Robert Stansfield Kitson Wood 48 shoe maker y
Widdup Susan Stansfield East Lee 50   y
Wild Edmund Walsden Lanebottom 25 lock keeper y
Wild Grace Langfield Oldroyd 70 lodging house keeper y
Wild John Langfield Mankinholes 45 worsted weaver y
Wild Joseph Langfield Oldroyd 40 carpenter y
Wild Peter Langfield Longfield 40   n
Wild Thomas Langfield Friths Bldg George St 30 overlooker y
Wild William Langfield Mankinholes 40 labourer y
Wilkinson Grace Stansfield Staups 25 weaver y
Wilkinson John Stansfield Law End 35 cotton weaver y
Wilkinson John Stansfield Stones 60 cotton weaver y
Willan John Stansfield Toad Carr 30 cotton warper n
Williams Edward Stansfield Lower Hartley 35 lead miner n
Williamson John Langfield Brook Street 25 railway porter n
Williamson P.G. Todmorden Pavement 25 draper n
Wilshaw William Walsden Knowlwood 30 iron founder n
Wilson Hannah Stansfield Tantum Hall 50 HLW y
Wilson Isaac Langfield Horsewood 35 worsted weaver y
Wilson John Stansfield Millwood 25 butcher y
Wilson John Langfield Water Lane 30 carrier y
Wilson Joseph Stansfield Yokehill 50 stone mason y
Wilson Matthew Todmorden Sutcliffe Buildings 45 grocer y
Wilson Thomas Todmorden Pexwood 30 silk waste spinner n
Wilson Thomas Langfield Higher Stoodley 45 farmer y
Wilson William Langfield Mankinholes 35 worsted weaver y
Winnard Thomas Langfield Mount Pleasant 45 joiner y
Winsby John Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 35 cordwainer y
Wolfenden Richard Stansfield New Chapel 30 shoe maker y
Wood Betty Todmorden North Street 50   y
Wood james Stansfield Style 45 labourer y
Wood John Langfield Hanging Ditch 40 shoe maker y
Wood Joseph Walsden Stonehouse 60 independent y
Wood Thomas Walsden Ramsden Wood 40 cotton mule spinner y
Wood William Walsden Hollins Lock House 40 cotton carder n
Wood William Todmorden Patmos 70 methodist minister n
Woodcock Charles Walsden Gauxholme 40 cotton spinner n
Woodcock David Todmorden Gauxholme 60 rag dealer n
Woodcock James Walsden Clough 45 independent y
Woodcock John Walsden Calf Hey 50 cotton weaver y
Woodcock Samuel Stansfield Canteen 50 whitesmith n
Woodcock Thomas Stansfield Canteen 30 whitesmith n
Woodhead Ann Walsden Lanebottom 30 HLW y
Woodhead Charles Stansfield Vicarage Hall 25 clogger n
Woodhead Edmund Walsden Clough 50 cotton weaver y
Woodhead Ellen Walsden New Bridge 35 PLW y
Woodhead James Walsden Knowlwood 80 independent y
Woodhead John Todmorden Wadsworth Mill 30 clogger y
Woodhead John Walsden Moverley 30 PLW y
Woodhead John Walsden Knowlwood 35 whitesmith y
Woodhead Joseph Walsden Clough 30 grocer y
Woodhead Mary Walsden New Bridge 45 dress maker y
Woodhead Richard Walsden Butcher Hill 25 engineer n
Woodhead Samuel Todmorden Clough Foot 35 PLW y
Woodhead Samuel Walsden Calf Hey 45 labourer y
Woodhead William Walsden Lanebottom 45 HLW y
Wright Mary Todmorden Bridge End 25 greengrocer n
Wrigley Edmund Walsden Waterstall Mill 35 cotton spinner y