Surname Letter C

All surnames shown are complete


Birth place
Cadwell Thirston Millwood m 70 rag collector Ormskirk
Calbert Elizabeth Fidlers Well w 26   Swaledale
Calvert Jonathan Thistle Hall m 45 glazier Halifax
Calvert Ralph New Shop m 38 glazier Stansfield
Calvert Thomas Castle Street m 42 twister Stansfield
Calvert William Castle Street w 51 formerly twister-in Stansfield
Cannon Joseph Hanging Ditch m 38 Whitesmith Halifax
Cap John Lane m 55 gingham weaver Stansfield
Capstick Henry Portsmouth m 32 blacksmith Burnley
Carley William North Street m 26 draper 1 apprentice Todmorden
Carter John Style Lane m 23   Sowerby
Carter John Style Lane m 46 overlooker Sowerby
Casey John Sutcliffe Buildings m 40 Lodging House Keeper Ireland
Catley John Knowlwood m 32 carter Todmorden
Cester John Eastwood m 31 farm servant Todmorden
Chadwick John Dale Street m 26 overlooker Walsden
Chadwick John Top o ' Close m 36 stone quarryman Walsden
Chadwick Robert 12, Bobbin Shop m 33 warehouseman Halifax
Chadwick Sally Waterloo w 71   Rochdale
Chadwick Sarah Bottoms w 53 washerwoman Walsden
Chadwick Thomas Swineshead m 24 beamer Spotland
Chadwick Thomas Cockden m 40 beer seller, lime & coal dealer Elland
Chaffer John Salford m 52 master wheelwright Todmorden
Chaffer Mary Hanging Ditch u 29 washerwoman Todmorden
Chaffer Richard Pavement m 34 Wheelwright Todmorden
Chaffer Robert Calder Street m 29 chemist & druggist Todmorden
Chambers Charles Salford m 38 cotton manufacturer 50 men 25 boys 35 women 21 girls Todmorden
Chambers Richard Cheapside u 34 master printer & book binder 1 journeyman 2 apprentices Todmorden
Charnley Betty George Street w 75 pauper Hebden Bridge
Charnley Hiram 3 Littleholme St m 30 boot & shoe maker Hebden Bridge
Chatburn Betty Castle Street w 52 housekeeper Heptonstall
Chatburn William Castle Street m 43 engine man Heptonstall
Cheetham James Calder Street m 49 silk & waste preparer Sowerby
Cheetham Joseph Shade m 41 silk twiner Sowerby
Clarke James Broad Stone m 26 confectioner Ireland
Clarkson Joseph York Street m 40 earthenware dealer Rothwell
Clayton James Shade m 50 wool comber Bacup
Clayton John Clough m 28 railway station master Manchester
Clayton William Union Street m 33 joiner Midgley
Clegg Abraham Gutteroyd m 28 overlooker Sowerby
Clegg Grace King Street   43   Wadsworth
Clegg Henry George Street m 25 PLW Stansfield
Clegg Isaac Hawk Stones m 32 farmer 20 acres Stansfield
Clegg Isaac Canteen w 58 shoe maker Halifax
Clegg James Cross Lee w 61 labourer Stansfield
Clegg John Springside m 32 bobbin turner Stansfield
Clegg John Hanging Ditch m 33 self acting minder Stansfield
Clegg John Dundee m 37 weaver Stansfield
Clegg John Wherlaw w 45 joiner Stansfield
Clegg John Old Royd m 48 sizer Langfield
Clegg John Millwood m 50 labourer Lancs
Clegg John Newton Green m 50 PLW Stansfield
Clegg John Causey Wood m 57 Whitesmith Heptonstall
Clegg Martha York Street w 52   Halifax
Clegg Mary Gate Bottom w 54 bobbin winder Stansfield
Clegg Nathan George Street m 39 PLW Langfield
Clegg Reuben Brook Street m 46 Chelsea Pensioner Langfield
Clegg Robert Roomfield Lane m 37 greengrocer Stansfield
Clegg Susan Ashenhurst w 83 farmer 12 acres Stansfield
Clegg William New Delight m 26 bobbin turner Whalley
Clegg William Lower Intake u 28 farmer 11 acres Whalley
Clegg William Old Royd m 32 Whitesmith Langfield
Clegg William Peel Street m 43 shuttle maker Stansfield
Clegg William Clough Foot m 43 PLW Stansfield
Clegg William Back of Behind m 71 farmer 12 acres of moorland Halifax
Clewer William Cheapside m 22 watch maker Whitby
Cliff Joseph Oddfellows Back Brook St m 36 PLW Stansfield
Close Henry Queen Street m 26 PLW Todmorden
Close Susannah Oddfellows Back Brook St w 73 housekeeper Mytholmroyd
Coates John York Street w 55 greengrocer Yorkshire


Birth place
Crossley Abraham Meadowbottom M 30 PLW Heptonstall
Crossley Abraham Clough M 33 dealer in dye wares Walsden
Crossley Abraham Spring Mill M 39 mechanic Walsden
Crossley Abraham Square M 45 Iron turner Walsden
Crossley Abraham Lob Mill M 54 Millwright Walsden
Crossley Abraham Watty Hole M 55 watchman cotton Walsden
Crossley Abraham Knowlwood M 62 copperas maker Walsden
Crossley Abraham Milking Green M 62 scutcher Stansfield
Crossley Alice Newton Green W 75   Stansfield
Crossley David Beeton W 63 HLW cotton and worsted Erringden
Crossley Edward Lob Mill W 62 Timber merchant Stansfield
Crossley Eli Wadsworth Mill M 26 PLW cotton Todmorden
Crossley Eli Bow Row M 27 picker maker Stansfield
Crossley Eli Bottoms M 45 beerseller, butcher, grocer Walsden
Crossley Eli Law Hey M 66 farmer 11 acres Langfield
Crossley Grace Swineshead W 60 washerwoman Ovenden
Crossley Hamer Law Hey M 39 dealer in dye wares Walsden
Crossley Henry Inchfield Fold M 31 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley Hezikiah Salford M 39 iron moulder journeyman Walsden
Crossley James Royd M 23 machine grinder Stansfield
Crossley James North Ramsden M 31    
Crossley James Strines M 38 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley James Lineholme M 53 picker & shuttle maker emp.7 men & 3 boys Todmorden
Crossley Jerry 5 Littleholme St. M 24 iron moulder Walsden
Crossley John Goshen Terrace M 25 labourer Halifax
Crossley John Bottoms M 28 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley John Goshen Terrace M 28 iron moulder Hebden
Crossley John Meadowbottom M 29 cotton twister Stansfield
Crossley John Butcher Hill M 34 tea dealer and draper Todmorden
Crossley John Inchfield Fold M 36 iron roller turner Walsden
Crossley John Bottoms M 39 Roller turner Walsden
Crossley John Scaitcliffe M 44 County Magistrate esq. Todmorden
Crossley John Owler Carr M 45 blacksmith Todmorden
Crossley John Pickover Gate M 61 grocer Stansfield
Crossley John Newbridge M 71 HLW Walsden
Crossley John Square M 75 HLW cotton Square
Crossley Joseph Old Royd M 29 mechanic Stansfield
Crossley Joseph Castle St M 35 beerseller Soyland
Crossley Martha Top o'Close S 48 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley Martha Stoneswood Mill W 55   Walsden
Crossley Mary Watty W 60   Walsden
Crossley Mary Bottoms W 75 pauper Walsden
Crossley Ned 5, Market St. M 52 HLW Todmorden
Crossley Reuben Milking Green M 36 cotton overlooker Walsden
Crossley Robert Canteen M 32 shuttle maker Halifax
Crossley Robert St. Peters Gate M 38 Commission Agent and Traveller Walsden
Crossley Robert Knotts Grove M 42 beerseller Stansfield
Crossley Sally Gauxholme W 58 innkeeper Walsden
Crossley Sally Strines Barn W 63   Walsden
Crossley Samuel Patmos M 25 Boot and shoe maker employs one man Rochdale
Crossley Samuel Eastwood M 26 cotton weaver Stansfield
Crossley Samuel Canal St M 29 Turner and fitter Todmorden
Crossley Samuel Railway Cuttings M 33 Railway Plate Layer Walsden
Crossley Samuel Halshaw Clough M 46 mule spinner Stansfield
Crossley Sarah Wood Cottage W 72 Gentlewoman Halifax
Crossley Susan Bank Top S 54   Stansfield
Crossley Susan Butcher Hill W 56 housework Halifax
Crossley Thomas Duke St M 21 cotton spinner Stansfield
Crossley Thomas Shade M 23 manufacturing Chemist Walsden
Crossley Thomas Bottoms M 32 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley Thomas Canteen M 35 picker maker Stansfield
Crossley Thomas Upper Ashes M 62 farmer and carter Stansfield
Crossley William Square M 25 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley William Swineshead M 26 PLW cotton Walsden
Crossley William Top o'Field M 29 cotton weaver Stansfield
Crossley William Hipperholme M 36 silk weaver Stansfield
Crossley William Railway Watch Hse. M 44 Railway Watchman Walsden
Crossley William Height Top S 47 HLW cotton Rochdale
Crossley William Union St. M 47 clogger Todmorden
Crossley William Mt. Pleasant M 49 quarryman Stansfield
Crossley William Thistle Hall M 56 PLW cotton Rochdale
Crossley William Lob Mill W 62 formerly weaver Stansfield
Crossley William Knowsley M 74 gardener and small annuity from brother Walsden
Crossley William Hanging Ditch M 77 stone labourer-quarry Walsden


Crowther Abraham Pudsey m 45 weaver Stansfield
Crowther Benjamin Peel Street m 34 twister Cliviger
Crowther Betty Woodhouse w 41 PLW Rossendale
Crowther Betty Hallroyd w 56 laundress Stansfield
Crowther Betty Knowlwood w 59 housework Stansfield
Crowther Betty Fidlers Well w 61 charwoman Todmorden
Crowther Crossley Hollingreen m 26 PLW Stansfield
Crowther Eli Nicklety m 40 coal miner Walsden
Crowther Elias Midgelden u 66 farmer small farm Todmorden
Crowther George Lane Side m 30 gingham weaver Stansfield
Crowther George Wood Bottom m 32 PLW Walsden
Crowther George Patmos m 46 waste dealer Halifax
Crowther George Bottomley m 50 pauper canal labourer Walsden
Crowther George Cockden m 53 cotton spinner Heptonstall
Crowther James Ballingroyd m 22 cotton weaver Stansfield
Crowther James Hanging Ditch m 22 iron foundry labourer Lancs
Crowther James Heyes m 37 picker maker Walsden
Crowther James Strines Barn m 39 grocer Walsden
Crowther James Cross Street m 46 overlooker Stansfield
Crowther James Castle Grove m 74 millwright Millwood
Crowther John Bellingroyd m 23 worsted weaver Stansfield
Crowther John Stoodley House m 28 cotton spinner Stansfield
Crowther John Fidlers Well m 28 mason Todmorden
Crowther John Hollingreen m 31 PLW Todmorden
Crowther John Goshen Terrace m 36 PLW Stansfield
Crowther John Pexwood m 37 mechanic Todmorden
Crowther John Lane Bottom m 37 masons labourer Todmorden
Crowther John Gibbet m 39 PLW Todmorden
Crowther John Castle Street w 42 overlooker Stansfield
Crowther John Back Brook Street m 47 cattle driver Stansfield
Crowther John Lane Side w 50 worsted weaver Stansfield
Crowther John Pexwood m 53 Railway Plate Layer Stansfield
Crowther John Back Brook Street m 58 plasterer Skircote
Crowther John Gibbet   60 farmer 60 acres Todmorden
Crowther John Hollin Royd m 66 worsted weaver Stansfield
Crowther Jonathan Todmorden Edge m 48 twister Halifax
Crowther Joseph Strines Barn m 25 PLW Walsden
Crowther Joseph Nicklety m 31 picker maker Walsden
Crowther Joseph Hollings m 42 HLW Stansfield
Crowther Joseph George Street m 42 cattle driver Langfield
Crowther Joseph Castle Street m 55 man servant Stansfield
Crowther Mary Hanging Ditch m 62   Bacup
Crowther Phillip Wood Bottom m 54 PLW Walsden
Crowther Phillip Fidlers Well w 55 warehouseman Whalley
Crowther Richard Cheapside w 60 boot and shoe maker Cliviger
Crowther Ruth Dobroyd w 37 dealer in fruit and sweets Todmorden
Crowther Samuel Castle Street m 51 shoe maker Rochdale
Crowther Sarah Strines Barn w 33 housekeeper Walsden
Crowther Sarah Bottomley w 73 pauper HLW Walsden
Crowther Sarah Lob Mill m 74 dress and stay maker Stansfield
Crowther Susan` Bottomley u 58 chair bottomer Walsden
Crowther Susannah Stansfield Bridge End w 55 bread baker Haworth
Crowther Thomas Back Union Street m 28 greengrocer Langfield
Crowther Thomas Todmorden Edge m 28 twister Whalley
Crowther Thomas Bank Side m 51 farmer & woolcomber Stansfield
Crowther Thomas Hollingreen w 63 farmer small farm Todmorden
Crowther Whipp Millwood m 32 tailor Stansfield
Crowther William Gibbet m 25 PLW Todmorden
Crowther William Old Royd m 28 twister Stansfield
Crowther William Lower Dyches m 29 farmer 20 acres Walsden
Crowther William Carrfield Cottages m 31 engine tenter Cliviger
Crowther William Thornsgreece m 35 coal miner Walsden
Crowther William Greystones m 36 cotton weaver  
Crowther William Dobroyd m 43 gate keeper Todmorden
Crowther William Mount Pleasant m 49 mule spinner Stansfield
Crowther William Peel Street   52 weaver Stansfield
Crowther William Sutcliffe Buildings m 54 greengrocer Cliviger
Crowther William Throstle Hall m 64 cotton weaver Walsden
Crowther William Todmorden Edge m 69 farmer 17 acres Halifax