1851 otherareas





Address Name Status Cond Age Occupation Born County
Lawclough Heyhead Spotland Sarah Fielden head W 60   Walsden Lancs
  Abraham Fielden son U 21   Spotland Lancs
  Samuel Fielden son U 18   Spotland Lancs
Bridge Mill, Spotland John Haigh head M 48 carter Spotland Lancs
  Grace Haigh wife M 50   Spotland Lancs
  Mally Haigh dtr U 26 cotton throstle spinner Spotland Lancs
  William Haigh son U 24 PL weaver Spotland Lancs
  John Haigh son U 20 coal miner Spotland Lancs
  Grace Haigh dtr   15 cotton PL weaver Spotland Lancs
  Mary Ann Haigh dtr   14 cotton PL weaver Spotland Lancs
  James Haigh son   12 coal miner Spotland Lancs
  Reuben Haigh son   8 scholar Spotland Lancs
Freeholds Bottoms Whitworth William Lord head M 27 cotton PL weaver Todmorden Yks
  Hannah Lord wife M 30   Hebden Bridge Yks
  Sally Lord dtr   4   Todmorden Yks
  James Lord son   1   Todmorden Yks
  Betty Haigh dtr-in-law   11   Todmorden Yks
Whitworth Samuel Haigh head M 65 Chelsea pensioner Todmorden Yks
  Ann Haigh wife M 66   Rochdale Lancs
Millgate, Whitworth James Ingham head U 49 stone quarryman Spotland Lancs
  Hannah Ingham sister U 46 housekeper Spotland Lancs
  Priscilla Haigh niece U 26 cot. winding frame tenter Midgeley Yks
Retley Cote? Whitworth John Haigh head M 31 cotton PL weaver Todmorden Yks
  Ann Haigh wife M 30   Rochdale Lancs
  Esther Haigh dtr   11 scholar Rochdale Lancs
  Samuel Haigh son   9 scholar Rochdale Lancs
  Joseph Haigh son   4   Rochdale Lancs
4 Else Court Castleton Charles Haigh head M 33 nail maker Hoyland Lancs
  Elizabeth Haigh wife M 30   Manchester Lancs
Hamer Place Wuerdle Charles Haigh head M 25 cotton twist maker up Todmorden Yks
  Elizabeth Haigh wife M 25   Rochdale Lancs
  Mary A Haigh dtr   5   Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah J Haigh dtr   3   Rochdale Lancs
  Susannah Haigh dtr   1   Rochdale Lancs
2, George St. Wardleworth John Haigh head M 67 gardener Todmorden Yks
  Sarah Haigh wife M 65   Halifax Yks
  Susan Haigh dtr U 33 cotton reeler Todmorden Yks
  Sarah Haigh dtr U 31 cotton winder Todmorden Yks
Gigg, Bury Reuben Haigh head M 34 cotton spinner Todmorden Yks
  Ann Haigh wife M 33   Bury Lancs
  Mary Haigh dtr   13 cotton tenter Bury Lancs
  Elizabeth Haigh dtr   11   Bury Lancs
  Alice Haigh dtr   8   Bury Lancs
  James Haigh son   4   Bury Lancs
Pike House, Littleborough John Haigh head M 59 coachman Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Haigh wife M 61   Rochdale Lancs
  Robert Haigh son U 23 fulling miller Caldermoor Lancs
  Sarah Ormerod gr'dtr   11   Rochdale Lancs
6, Featherstall Littleborough John Haigh head M 37 woollen spinner Rochdale Lancs
  Mally haigh wife M 30   Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Ann Haigh dtr   7   Rochdale Lancs
  John Thomas Haigh son   4   Rochdale Lancs
  James Henry Haigh son   1   Rochdale Lancs
Featherstall Littleborough Thomas Haigh head M 31 woollen slubber Littleborough Lancs
  Alice Haigh wife M 30 cotton weaver Littleborough Lancs
Littleborough John Healey head M 72   Littleborough Lancs
  Betty Healey wife M 61   Littleborough Lancs
  Jane Healey dtr   22   Littleborough Lancs
Bent House Littleborough Elizabeth Newall head W 56 annuitant Rochdale Lancs
  Esther Haigh lodger U 58 annuitant Rochdale Lancs
Ealees Littleborough Benjamin Haigh head M 30 Groom Rochdale Lancs
  Ann Haigh wife M 25   Rochdale Lancs
  John T Haigh son U 3   Rochdale Lancs
Durn Littleborough William Haigh head M 27 woollen spinner Rochdale Lancs
  Betty Haigh wife M 25   Rochdale Lancs
  Mary Haigh sister W 20 woollen weaver Rochdale Lancs
Blatchinworth & Calderbrook Elizabeth Haigh wife M 26   Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Haigh dtr   1   Rochdale Lancs
Swindrod Littleborough Thomas Maskew head U 51 farmer 14 acres Rochdale Lancs
  William Haigh son U 21 quarry stone lab. Rochdale Lancs
  William Maskew brother U 45 quarry stone lab. Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Taylor serv U 66 servant Halifax Yks
Cloyse Littleborough Samuel Haigh head M 70 farmer 17 acres Rochdale Lancs
  Susan Haigh wife M 56   Rochdale Lancs
  John Haigh son U 26   Rochdale Lancs
  Samuel Haigh son U 23 fuller Rochdale Lancs
  James Haigh son U 19 fuller Rochdale Lancs
  Reuben Haigh brother U 64 cotton weaver Rochdale Lancs
Moorhouse Milnrow Alice Mitchell head U 30 power loom weaver Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Mitchell dtr   11 scholar Rochdale Lancs
  Mary Mitchell dtr   9   Rochdale Lancs
  Jane Mitchell dtr   1   Rochdale Lancs
  Lydia Gartside sister M 38 colliers wife Rochdale Lancs
Moorhouse Milnrow William Kershaw head M 46 carter Milnrow Lancs
  Alice Kershaw wife M 48   Milnrow Lancs
  James Kershaw son U 18 dresser woollen Milnrow Lancs
  Sarah A Kershaw dtr   15 piecer woollen Milnrow Lancs
Moorhouse Milnrow John Scholfield head M 48 flannel manufacturer Milnrow Lancs
  Ann Scholfield wife M 46 woollen spinner Milnrow Lancs
  Charles Scholfield son U 26 woollen weaver Milnrow Lancs
  Margaret Scholfield dtr U 23 woollen spinner Milnrow Lancs
  Emma Scholfield dtr   15 woollen weaver Milnrow Lancs
  Alice Scholfield dtr   12 woollen twiner Milnrow Lancs
  Sally Scholfield dtr   9 scholar Milnrow Lancs
  Mary Scholfield dtr   7 scholar Milnrow Lancs
  Naomi Scholfield dtr   4   Milnrow Lancs
Newhey Joseph Jones head M 52 HLW cotton Rochdale Lancs
  Alice Jones wife M 51   Rochdale Lancs
  Edmund Jones son U 27 HLW wool Rochdale Lancs
  William Jones son U 18 PLW wool Rochdale Lancs
  William Whitworth s in law M 30 engineer steam Rochdale Lancs
  Betty Whitworth dtr M 28   Rochdale Lancs
  Edmund Whitworth g/son   5 scholar Rochdale Lancs
Newhey Edward Dearden head M 63 slubber wool Rochdale Lancs
  Mary Dearden wife M 63   Rochdale Lancs
  John Dearden son M 26 slubber wool Rochdale Lancs
  Elizabeth Dearden d/law M 22   Rochdale Lancs
  James Ths Dearden g/son   4   Rochdale Lancs
  Mary Dearden g/dtr   2   Huddersfield Yks
Newhey Thomas Mills head M 29 PLW wool Milnrow Lancs
  Alice Mills wife M 27 PLW wool Milnrow Lancs
Newhey John Kershaw head M 27 fuller Rochdale Lancs
  Maria Kershaw wife M 24   Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Ann Kershaw dtr   1   Rochdale Lancs
Newhey John Brearley head M 25 PLW wool Rochdale Lancs
  Mary Brearley wife M 26   Rochdale Lancs
  Thomas Brearley son   5 mth   Rochdale Lancs
Newhey Robert Whitehead head M 31 coal miner Milnrow Lancs
  Sarah Whitehead wife M 30 spinner wool Milnrow Lancs
  Mary Whitehead dtr   1   Milnrow Lancs
Newhey James Wild head M 42 white limer Rochdale Lancs
  Sarah Wild wife M 42   Rochdale Lancs
  Mary Wild dtr U 21 PLW weaver wool Rochdale Lancs
  James Wild son U 18 fuller Rochdale Lancs
  John Wild son   16 PLW weaver wool Rochdale Lancs
  Elizabeth Wild dtr   13 piecer wool Rochdale Lancs
  Jonathon Wild son   10 scholar Rochdale Lancs
  Thomas Wild son   8 scholar Rochdale Lancs
  Robert Wild son   6   Rochdale Lancs
  Abraham Wild son   4   Rochdale Lancs