Address Name Status Cond Age Occupation Born
Blue Pits Castleton Thomas Law head M 36 cotton overlooker Walsden
  Mally Law wife M 34 factory worker Walsden
Blue Pits Castleton Samuel Law head M 38 engine feeder (railway) Walsden
  Betty Law wife M 39   Thornham
  Mary Law dtr   9 scholar Castleton
  Dinah Law dtr   7 scholar Castleton
  Fanny Law dtr   4 scholar Castleton
  Sarah Law dtr   2   Castleton
  Samuel Law son   3mth   Castleton
Blue Pits Castleton William Law head M 27 factory worker Walsden
  Sarah Law wife M 24 factory worker Walsden
  Elizabeth Law dtr   2   Castleton
Blue Pits Castleton Peter Ingham head M 38 railway engine driver Walsden
  Sarah Ingham wife M 31   Rochdale
  Albion Ingham son   7 scholar Rochdale
  Thomas Ingham son   5 scholar Castleton
  George Ingham son   3mth   Castleton
Blue Pits Castleton Mary Ann Heyworth head S 36 factory worker Walsden
  Betty Heyworth sister S 31 factory worker Walsden
  Sally Heyworth niece S 17 factory worker Walsden
Blue Pits Castleton Thomas Halstead head S 24 cotton spinner Todmorden
  Hannah Halstead sister S 22 cotton drawer Castleton
  Maria Halstead sister S 20 cotton winder Castleton
Cabbage Hall Castleton Joseph Marsh head M 35 railway platelayer Middleton
  Sarah Marsh wife M 46   Castleton
  Joseph Milnes stepson   11   Thornham
  Abraham Crossley lodger M 22 railway platelayer Walsden
  Betty Crossley wife M 23   Walsden
  Martha Ann Crossley dtr   1   Castleton
Wham's Farm, Bacup Reuben Haigh brother S 31 farmer & carter Todmorden
  Thomas David Haigh brother S 28 coal miner Todmorden
  Hannah Haigh sister S 22 servant Todmorden
11, Earnshaw Rd., Bacup Samuel Haigh head M 57 labourer Sourhall, Lancs
  Betty Haigh wife M 55   Yks
  Alfred Haigh son   16 coal miner Sourhall, Lancs
  John Haigh son   11 coal miner Bacup
Lower Clough House Sharneyford Dame School James Haigh head M 41 coal miner Todmorden
  Grace Haigh wife M 42 schoolmistress Stansfield
  William G Haigh son   9 scholar Bacup
  Ann Ingham mo-in-law W 68   Stansfield
Carr Terrace, Rawtenstall John Haigh head M 28 cotton weaver Halifax Yks
  Mary Haigh wife M 28   Halifax Yks
Carr Terrace, Rawtenstall William Haigh head M 51 barber Langfield Yks
  Alice Haigh wife M 49   Bolton
  Betty Haigh dtr S 25 cotton weaver Langfield Yks
  Sarah Haigh dtr S 20 cotton weaver Langfield Yks
  Samuel Haigh son S 17 cotton weaver Langfield Yks
  Mary Ann Helliwell dtr in law S 19 cotton spinner Langfield Yks
  Sarah Helliwell dtr in law S 17 cotton spinner Langfield Yks
  Greenwood Haigh son   9 scholar Langfield Yks
  Mary Haigh dtr   5 scholar Langfield Yks
Whitworth Lower End Bridge Mill John Haigh head M 57 carter Walsden
  Sarah Haigh wife M 55   Crompton?
  Robert Haigh son S 16 cotton weaver Spotland
Whitworth Lower End Bridge Mill William Haigh head W 34 cotton weaver Bridge Mill
  Mally Haigh sister S 36 cotton throstle piecer Bridge Mill
  Hannah Haigh half sister S 39 cotton drawer Bridge Mill
  James Haigh brother S 21 cotton weaver  
Whitworth Lower End Bridge Mill John Haigh head M 28 coal miner Spotland
  Sarah Haigh wife M 27   Spotland
  Grace Haigh dtr   7 scholar Spotland
  Elizabeth Ann Haigh dtr   5 scholar Spotland
  Charles Haigh son   1   Spotland
Whitworth Lower End Bridge Mill Rue Haigh head M 28 coal miner Spotland
  Betty Haigh wife M 28   Wardle
  Ellen Haigh dtr   5   Spring Cottages
  William Haigh son   3   Longacre
  William Hardman boarder S 41 coal miner Longacre
Facit, Whitworth Susan Hays/Hage head W 48 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Grace hays/Hage dtr   13 cotton throstle piecer Facit
Knott Hill Terrace, Shawforth William Lord head M 36 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Hannah Lord wife M 40 cotton weaver Hebden Bridge
  Betty Haigh dtr S 20 cotton weaver Todmorden
  James Lord son   11 factory worker Todmorden
  Geo. Wm. Lord son   5 scholar Spotland
  Alice Ann Lord dtr   3   Spotland
  John Lord son   1   Spotland
New Barn, Whitworth George Lord and family          
  Greenwood Haigh boarder S 18 coal miner Hebden Bridge
Wardle Fold, Wardle Abr Haigh head M 24 mule spinner Todmorden
  Mally Haigh wife M 24 house work Rochdale
  Mary A Haigh dtr   10m.   Rochdale
38, North St Wardleworth Haigh Highley head M 50 carter & beerseller Walsden
  Eliza Highley wife M 45   Rochdale
  James Highley son S 23 carter Rochdale
  Frank Highley son S 19 machine maker Rochdale
  Richard Hartley boarder W 43 boilerman in cotton mill Todmorden
  Nancy Marsden visitor S 22 woollen weaver Rochdale
  James Marsden visitor S 22 woollen carder Rochdale
Lower Dunnishbooth Spotland Frances Clough head S 49 farmer 15 acres empl 2 men Spotland
  Abel Dearden lodger W 52 shepherd Spotland
  John Haigh lodger   15 shepherd Walsden
9, Moss Row, Spotland Hannah Haigh head W 51 housekeeper Yks
  Betty Haigh dtr S 31 frame tenter, cotton Yks
  Thomas Haigh son S 27 mule spinner Yks
  Samuel Haigh son S 25 clogger Yks
  Hannah? Haigh dtr S 23 cotton weaver Yks
  Sarah Haigh dtr   16 cotton weaver Yks
  Matilda Haigh dtr   14 cotton winder Yks
  Edward Haigh son   7 scholar Yks
40, Spotland Road, Spotland Thomas Hill head M 49 woollen weaver Rochdale
  Mary Hill wife M 49   Rochdale
  Jane Hill dtr S 26 CPLW Rochdale
  Ann Hill dtr S 20 CPLW Rochdale
  Betty Haigh dtr M 23 CPLW Rochdale
  John Haigh son in law M 23 whitesmith Cullingworth Yks
  Mary H Hill grdtr   10mth   Rochdale
Shaw Rd, Crompton Sarah Hague head S 49 home duties Crompton
5, Sandy Lane, Royton William Haigh head M 45 clogger Royton
  Betty Haigh wife M 46 frame tenter Royton
  Mary Haigh dtr   18 frame tenter Royton
  Joseph Haigh son   16 cotton piecer Royton
  Ellen Barlow lodger S 24 cotton speed tenter Royton
20, Radcliffe St., Royton James Hague head M 25 cotton spinner Lees Lancs
  Ann Hague wife M 31   Ouley Yks
  Alice A Hague dtr   6 scholar Lees Lancs
  Sarah Hague dtr   4 scholar Crompton
  Reuben Hague son   2   Royton
  Emily Hague dtr   3mth   Royton
Chapel Lane, Royton Hannah Haigh head W 64 cotton reeler Shaw
  Sarah A Bardsley gr'dtr S 25 cotton reeler Oldham
St. Pauls Street, Royton William Haigh head M 42 cotton fustian Todmorden
  Mary Haigh wife M 40   Radcliffe
  Mary E Haigh dtr S 15 cotton weaver Royton
  Susannah Haigh dtr   9 scholar Royton
  Robert Chadwick lodger S 73? sale of beer Royton
Sand Hole, Royton Henry Haigh head M 48 cotton spinner Ashton
  Nancy Haigh wife M 37 cotton weaver Royton
  Mary A Haigh dtr S 18 speed tenter Ashton
  Betty Whittaker step dtr   14 cotton weaver Royton
  Lucy Whittaker step dtr   6 scholar Royton
High Street, Middleton Mary Haigh head W 47 proprietor of houses Middleton
  Joseph L Haigh son S 22 engraver for calico printers Middleton
  William Haigh son S 19 clerk at silk mill Middleton
  Ann Haigh dtr S 17 dressmaker Middleton
  James Haigh son   14   Oldham
  Mary Haigh dau   10 scholar Rochdale
Radcliffe Cottage Rochdale Rd Middleton James Haigh head M 50 proprietor of coal mines Chadderton
  Ann Haigh wife M 46   Thornham
  Jane Ann Haigh dtr S 18   Thornham
  Elinor Owens servant S 33   Wales Denbigh
9, Pew Nook, Chadderton John Hague head M 28 self acting minder, cotton Chadderton
  Hannah Hague wife M 28   Chadderton
Drury Lane, Chadderton Mary Hague head W 51 housekeeper Chs. WK
  Thomas Hague son S 24 coal miner Chadderton
  Joseph Hague son S 22 overlooker, cotton mill Chadderton
  Henry Hague son S 20 cotton piecer Chadderton
  Ellen Hague dtr   17 cotton weaver Chadderton
  Samuel Hague son   15 cotton piecer Chadderton
  Nancy Hague dtr   11 scholar Chadderton
Drury Lane, Chadderton Sarah Hibbert head M 34? cotton weaver Chadderton
  Elizabeth Hibbert dtr   5 scholar Chadderton
  Mary Hague boarder S 36? cotton reeler Oldham
Wyrsham Place Chadderton John S Hague head S 43 magistrate Town councillor master cotton spinner Oldham
  Hannah Hague mother W 66   Oldham
  Jonathon Hague brother S 35 master cotton spinner Oldham
  Edward Hague brother S 31 master cotton spinner Oldham
  Harriet Thornham servant S 39 cook, dom servant Halifax
  Ann Barcroft servant S 21 housemaid Scarborough
Milnrow William Haigh head M 33 woollen weaver Rochdale
  Mary Haigh wife M 30 woollen weaver Rochdale
  John Haigh son   4 scholar Rochdale
1, Crossgates, Milnrow James Haigh head M 81 wool HLW Milnrow
  Jane Haigh wife M 71 wool spinner Spotland
  Mary Haigh dtr S 28 wool spinner Milnrow
  Sarah Schofield servant S 15 general servant Newton Heath
  James Haigh son/lodger S 38 grocer Butterworth
8, Laneside, Milnrow Jonathon Whitworth head M 36 w. hlw Milnrow
  Mary Whitworth wife M 40 dressmaker Milnrow
  Thomas Whitworth son   10 w. factory worker Milnrow
  William Whitworth son   7 scholar Holywell, Flintshire
  Robert Whitworth son   5 scholar Milnrow
  Jonathon Whitworth son   3 scholar Milnrow
  Sarah Haigh mo-in-law W 70 dom. Ser. Milnrow
Milnrow James Fielding head M 33 linen draper Rochdale
  Sarah Fielden wife M 29 milliner Rochdale
  Edward Fielden son   5 scholar Rochdale
  Adam Fielden son   2   Rochdale
  Mary Ann Fielden dtr   1mth   Rochdale
  John Haigh boarder W 75 w. weaver Rochdale
Bilson Bridge, Milnrow Joseph Haigh head M 55 registrar births and deaths Rochdale
  Lydia Haigh wife M 51   Rochdale
  Ann Haigh dtr S 27 w.weaver Rochdale
  William Haigh son S 24 jobber in woollen mill Rochdale
  David Haigh son S 22 w.weaver Rochdale
  Elizabeth Haigh dtr   16 pupil teacher Rochdale
Cloise Cottages Butterworth Hall Milnrow Ann Butterworth head W 55 wool manfctr employing 18 Rochdale
  Sarah Butterworth dtr S 30 milliner Rochdale
  John Butterworth son S 27 commercial clerk wool Rochdale
  Jane Butterworth dtr S 21 manufacturers daughter Rochdale
  Priscilla Butterworth dtr S 18 manufacturers daughter Rochdale
  Elizabeth Butterworth dtr   15 scholar Rochdale
  Sarah Haigh boarder S 25 w. weaver Rochdale
Butterworth Hall, Milnrow Charles Haigh head M 65 w. jobber Rochdale
  Nancy Haigh wife M 59   Rochdale
  James Haigh son S 34 w. feeder Rochdale
  Sarah Haigh dtr S 23 w. weaver Rochdale
  Ann Haigh dtr S 17 w. weaver Rochdale
Higher Whiteley Dean Milnrow John Highley head W 59 farmer 50 acres emp. 1 man Walsden
  Reuben Highley son S 14 farmers son Littleborough
  Hugh Dawson servant S 34 ag. Lab. Crownest Rochdale