Todmorden and Walsden people living in the Township of Wuerdle & Wardle in 1861



RG9/3046 Folio 5 Page 3 Wuerdle with Wardle    
Hamer Mill Lane          
William Sugden head M 37 cordwainer Todmorden
Ann Sugden wife M 36   Rochdale
Mary Sugden dau   8 scholar Rochdale
Elizabeth Sugden dau   6 scholar Rochdale
Joseph Sugden son   4 scholar Rochdale
Alice Sugden dau   2   Rochdale
Sarah E Sugden dau   1   Rochdale
RG9/3046 Folio 5 Page 4 Wuerdle with Wardle    
Hamer Mill Lane          
William Lord head M 27 cotton weaver Todmorden
Betty Lord wife M 25 cotton slubber Todmorden
James W Lord son   2   Rochdale
John Lord son   1mth   Rochdale
RG9/3046 Folio 6 Page 6 Wuerdle with Wardle    
Hamer Mill Lane          
William Smith head M 42 mechanic at c. mill Todmorden
Elizabeth Smith wife M 38   Mirfield Yks
James Smith son Un 17 app. mechanic in c.mill Todmorden
Emma Smith dau   15 cotton piecer Accrington
Thomas Smith son   12 cotton doffer Newchurch
William Smith son   10 cotton doffer Newchurch
RG9/3046 Folio 15 Page24 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Hamer Bottoms          
William Cunliffe head M 51 cotton beamer Todmorden
Betty Cunliffe wife M 48   Todmorden
John Cunliffe son   16 clogger journeyman Todmorden
James Cunliffe son   14 twister in cotton Todmorden
Emma Cunliffe dau   11 cotton wonder Todmorden
Patience Cunliffe dau   8 cotton weaver Todmorden
RG9/3046 Folio 23 Page39 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Gorse field          
Edmund Bamforth haed M 45 stone mason Todmorden
Sophia Bamforth wife M 45   Todmorden
Mary A Bamforth day Un 18 c. piecer Manchester
Greenwood Bamforth son   15 c. doffer Todmorden
Jane Bamforth dau   11 c. spinner Todmorden
RG9/3046 Folio 42 Page15 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Red Lane          
James Taylor head M 41 calico weaver Todmorden
Mary Taylor wife M 47   Rochdale
Sarah Mellow Taylor dau Un 23 c. winder Rochdale
James Taylor son   16 taker in (wool) Rochdale
Thos Taylor son   14 w. piecer Rochdale
Mary Taylor dau   9 scholar Rochdale
Sarah Jane Taylor dau   7 scholar Rochdale
RG9/3046 Folio 65 Page10 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Johnsons Yard          
Samuel Hoyle head M 44 warehouseman Todmorden
Elizabeth A Hoyle wife M 37 c. weaver Todmorden
RG9/3047 Folio 11 Page18 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Hollows spell          
Betty Stott head W 57   Todmorden
William Stott son   16 cotton doffer Rochdale
Samuel Stott son   11 cotton scavenger Rochdale
RG9/3047 Folio 15 Page25 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Lower Birches head          
James Stansfield head W 53 farmer of 23 acres Todmorden
Sarah Stansfield dau Un 27   Todmorden
John Stansfield son Un 23 stonemason Todmorden
RG9/3047 Folio 26 Page 5 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Hurstead Lane End          
James Mills head M 62 labourer ag. Rochdale
Martha Mills wife M 66   Rochdale
Alice Mills dau Un 31 cotton reeler Rochdale
Mary Sutcliffe boarder Un 35 picker maker cotton Todmorden
RG9/3047 Folio 31 Page 16 Wuerdle with Wardle  
John Uttley head M 26 butcher Todmorden
Susan Uttley wife M 21   Todmorden
Hannah Uttley dau   3   Todmorden
RG9/3047 Folio 37 Page 28 Wuerdle with Wardle  
George Boocock head M 53 c. weaver Todmorden
Susana Boocock wife M 40   Accrington
Emma Boocock dau   4   Rochdale
Mary Butterworth dau Un 21 c. weaver Rochdale
Margaret Butterworth dau Un 18 c. weaver Rochdale
RG9/3047 Folio 53 Page 11 Wuerdle with Wardle  
William Ashworth head M 39 labourer bricksetter Todmorden
Eliz Ashworth wife M 34 sally winder cotton Todmorden
RG9/3047 Folio 53 Page 12 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Mary Barker head W 74 winder cotton Todmorden
Mary Barker dau Un 52 dressmaker Todmorden
RG9/3047 Folio 56 Page 17 Wuerdle with Wardle  
James Trippier? head M 43 overlooker power loom Todmorden
Alice Trippier wife M 41   Rossendale
Alice Ann Trippier dau Un 17 weaver p. looms Rochdale
Joseph Trippier son   11 scafinger Rochdale
Mary Trippier dau   9 scholar Rochdale
Sarah Trippier dau   6 scholar Rochdale
Emma Trippier dau   3 scholar Rochdale
James Trippier? son   1 infant Rochdale
RG9/3047 Folio 56 Page 17 Wuerdle with Wardle  
William Crabtree head M 30 c. warp beamer Todmorden
Elizabeth Crabtree wife M 29 c. warp twister Bacup
Sarah Crabtree dau   9 c. piecer Bacup
John Crabtree son   6 Scholar Bacup
Emma Crabtree dau   3   Bacup
RG9/3047 Folio 75 Page 21 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Whittow Stile          
John Stell head M 49 ag lab Todmorden
Susan Stell wife M 49 housekeeper Rochdale
Jas Wild Stell son Un 18 plw Rochdale
Suh Wild Stell dau   8 scholar Rochdale
RG9/3047 Folio 76 Page 22 Wuerdle with Wardle  
Bank Hey          
Edward Fairburn head M 27 farmer of 20 acres Todmorden
Mary Fairburn wife M 25 house servant Rochdale
William Buraford? son   7 scholar Rochdale
Sarah Alice Buraford? dau   2   Rochdale
Jas Fairburn son   2mth   Rochdale
RG9/3047 Folio 81 Page 3 Wuerdle with Wardle  
The Orchard          
William Kershaw head M 38 fulling miller Todmorden
Mary Kershaw wife M 38   Rochdale
Richard Kershaw son   14 fulling miller Rochdale
Mary A Kershaw dau   12 plw Rochdale
Betty Kershaw dau   10 w. piecer Rochdale
Martha Kershaw dau   8 w. piecer Rochdale
George Kershaw son   6 scholar Rochdale
James Kershaw son   4 scholar Rochdale
Elizabeth Kershaw dau   2 scholar Rochdale