Address Name Status Cond Age Occupation Born
Castleton Richard Hartley head M 30 cotton overlooker Marland
  Susannah Hartley wife M 34   Todmorden
  Joseph Hartley son   5   Blue Pits
  Mary Alice Hartley dtr   2   Blue Pits
  Ruth Fielden lodger   31 cotton reeler Todmorden
Emma Street Castleton Sarah Law head M 34 cotton drawer Marland
  Elizabeth Ann Law dtr   12 cotton spinner Blue Pits
  Robert Law son   8 cotton scavenger Blue Pits
  John Thomas Law son   4   Blue Pits
  Richard Law son   2   Blue Pits
  Betty Hartley mother W 57 housekeeper Marland
  Ann Hartley dtr S 35 cotton spinner Marland
  Elizabeth Hartley dtr S 27 cotton rover Marland
  Mary Payne friend S 24 cotton drawer Scotland
Henry Street Castleton Peter Law head M 39 labourer Walsden
  Sarah Law wife M 41 housekeeper Rochdale
  Albion Law son S 17 mule piecer Rochdale
  Thomas Law son   15 doffer Blue Pits
  George Law son   10 backtenter Blue Pits
  Emma Law dtr   6   Blue Pits
  Sarah Law dtr   6 mths   Blue Pits
Church Street Castleton Samuel Law head M 48 engineer print works Walsden
  Elizabeth Law wife M 47   Rochdale
  Mary Law dtr   19 cotton weaver Blue Pits
  Dinah Law dtr   17 throstle spinner Blue Pits
  Fanny Law dtr   14 throstle spinner Blue Pits
  Sarah Law dtr   12 scholar Blue Pits
  Samuel Law son   10 scholar Blue Pits
Vale Cottage Castleton Thomas Stevenson head M 34 stonemason Rochdale
  Alice Stevenson wife M 35   Walsden
  Fred Stevenson son   12 mason Rochdale
  Ernest Stevenson son   11 mason Rochdale
  Emma Stevenson dtr   7 scholar Heywood
Eastwood Terr. Castleton Jonathan Crabtree head M 33 engine driver Todmorden
  Mary Crabtree wife M 33   Todmorden
  William Crabtree son   10 scholar Todmorden
  Annie Crabtree dtr   8 scholar Manchester
  Alma Crabtree dtr   4   Blue Pits
  John Crabtree son   4   Blue Pits
  Alfred Crabtree son   1   Blue Pits
  Lte Crabtree dtr   1 mth   Blue Pits
Eastwood Terr. Castleton Abraham Crossley head M 33 railway servant Walsden
  Betty Crossley wife M 33   Walsden
  Martha Ann Crossley dtr   11 scholar Blue Pits
  Emily Crossley dtr   8 scholar Blue Pits
  Elizabeth Crossley dtr   6 scholar Blue Pits
Manchester Rd Castleton Howarth   W 47 cotton operative Walsden
  Betty Howarth   S 41 cotton operative Walsden
  Mary Howarth dtr   5   Blue Pits
  James Webb lodger S 27 carrier Hanley Staffs
  Thomas Beresford lodger S 22 railway servant Bakewell DBY
Manchester Rd Castleton James Howarth head M 38 railway ? Castle St. Todmorden
  Eliza Howarth wife M 40   Trubsmithy, Lancs
  Robert Howarth son   12?? scholar Whitworth
Manchester Rd Castleton Susey Howarth head W 48 housekeeper Longfield Yorks
  William Henry Howarth son S 16 joiners apprentice Rochdale
  Esther Marshall grandmthr W 81   Wadsworth Yks
Stonepitfield Milnrow James H Haigh head M 21 w. worker Blatchinworth
  Sarah Ann Haigh wife M 20   Milnrow
  John W. Haigh son   1   Milnrow
Stonepitfield Milnrow Robert Wild head M 46 woollen weaver Milnrow
  Ann Wild wife M 43 woollen spinner Milnrow
Stonepitfield Milnrow Edmund Scholfield head M 70 woollen weaver Milnrow
  Betty Scholfield wife M 66 woollen spinner Milnrow
  Mary A Scholfield g/dau   16 woollen weaver Pennsylvania USA
Stonepitfield Milnrow John Kershaw head M 47 fulling miller Milnrow
  Maria Kershaw wife M 44   Milnrow
  William Kershaw son U 20 woollen weaver Milnrow
  Alice Kershaw dtr U 18 woollen weaver Milnrow
  James T Kershaw son   14 woollen piecer Milnrow
  Martha Kershaw dtr   13 woollen piecer Milnrow
  Mary Anne Kershaw dtr   9 woollen piecer part time Milnrow
  Eliza Kershaw dtr   7 scholar Milnrow
  Lydia Kershaw dtr   4 scholar Milnrow
  Melinda Kershaw dtr   2   Milnrow
Stonepitfield Milnrow James Kershaw head M 30 warehouseman Rochdale
  Hannah Kershaw wife M 30 woollen weaver Milnrow
  Alfred Kershaw son   4 scholar Milnrow
  Travis Kershaw son   1   Milnrow
Stonepitfield Milnrow William Taylor head M 58 woollen weaver Milnrow
  Mary Taylor wife M 52   Milnrow
  Eliza Taylor dtr U 30 woollen weaver Milnrow
  William Taylor son U 27 woollen weaver Milnrow
  Anne Taylor dtr U 22 woollen weaver Milnrow
Crossgates Milnrow James Haigh head S 49 grocer Rochdale
  Mary Haigh sister S 38   Rochdale
  Elizabeth Haigh niece   5   Rochdale
Ashes, Milnrow William Haigh head M 43 w. weaver Rochdale
  Mary Haigh wife M 40   Rochdale
  John Haigh son   14 w. weaver Rochdale
  Charlotte Haigh dtr   5 scholar Rochdale
Ladyhouse, Milnrow William Haigh head M 34 warehouseman Milnrow
  Sarah Haigh wife M 40   Milnrow
  Younger Haigh son   1   Milnrow
  Lydia Haigh dtr   5mth   Milnrow
Claylandshead Milnrow John Haigh head M 32 farmer 19 acres Oldham
  Hannah Haigh wife M 32   Oldham
  Joseph Haigh son   12 farmers son Oldham
  Fred Haigh son   1   Oldham
  Daniel Taylor bro in law S 26 farm lab. Oldham

Butterworth Hall


Charles Haigh head M 75 former w. slubber Milnrow
  Nancy Haigh wife M 69   Milnrow
  James Haigh son S 42 w. feeder Milnrow
  Ann Haigh dtr S 27 w. weaver Milnrow
Bilson Bridge Milnrow Joseph Haigh head W 64 registrar Milnrow
  Sarah Haigh dtr S 35 w. weaver Milnrow
Milnrow John Highley head W 71 farmer of 118 acres Walsden
  Reuben Highley son S 24 farmers son Calderbrook