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1871 RG10/4129 Folio? Page 1 Blatchinworth          
Bridge End Littleborough          
William Astin head m 31 engineer empl. 5 men 3 boys Todmorden
Sarah Astin wife m 29   Todmorden
Ann Astin dau   5 scholar Todmorden
Samuel Astin son   4 scholar Manchester
Tom Astin son   2   L'boro
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 7 Blatchinworth          
James Hill, Littleborough          
Joseph Pilling head m 38 tin plate worker Todmorden
Sarah Pilling wife m 38   Littleborough
William Pilling son   11 scholar Littleborough
Joseph Pilling son   6 scholar Littleborough
Mary Pilling dau   4 scholar Littleborough
William Lee lodger un 33 carter Littleborough
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 7 Blatchinworth          
James Hill, Littleborough          
Moses Alletson head m 23 wheelwright Todmorden
Ann Alletson wife m 23   ?-moore
John Thomas Alletson son   5mth   Littleborough
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 9 Page 11 Blatchinworth          
Flash Meadow, Littleborough          
James Crowther Crossley head m 49 baker Walsden
Jane Crossley wife m 49   Walsden
Sarah Jane Crossley dau un 21   Calderbrook
Betsy Crossley dau un 18   Calderbrook
Fielding Crossley son   14   Calderbrook
Hannah Crossley dau   12 scholar Calderbrook
Clara Crossley dau   9 scholar Calderbrook
James Crossley son   5 scholar Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 12 Blatchinworth          
Spring Gardens Littleborough          
Betty Crossley head w 63   Todmorden
Crossley Crossley son un 25 c. weaver Todmorden
Schofield Crossley son un 23 c. weaver Littleborough
William Crossley son w 35 c. weaver Halifax
Samuel Crossley gr/son   8 scholar Littleborough
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 19 Page 31 Blatchinworth          
Featherstall, Littleborough          
John Fielding head m 45 mill engineer Rochdale
Rachel Fielding wife m 50   Walsden
Abraham Fielding son un 21 warehouseman Rochdale
Mary Jackson mother in law w 81 lodger Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 34 Page 21 Blatchinworth          
Higher Windy Bank Littleborough          
John Holt head m 48 pottery labourer Frithswood
Martha Ann Holt wife m 23 housekeeper Essex
William Holt son   14 fulling miller Shade Todmorden
John Holt son   12 cotton doffer Rochdale
Jane Holt dau   8 scholar Shade Todmorden
Alice Ann Holt dau   6 scholar Shade Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 23 Blatchinworth          
Sladen Littleborough          
Abraham Fielding head m 48 farmer Walsden
Betty Fielding wife m 44   Walsden
Samuel Fielding son un 18 assistant Walsden
Thomas Fielding son   16 weaver Walsden
John Fielding son   14   Walsden
Alice Fielding dau   12   Walsden
Betty Fielding dau   10   Walsden
Mary Ann Fielding dau   8 scholar Calderbrook
Abraham Fielding son   6 scholar Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 24 Blatchinworth          
Sladen Littleborough          
Samuel Dawson head m 31 fulling miller Walsden
Sarah Dawson wife m 27   Walsden
Mary Ann Dawson dau   2   Sladen
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 28? Page 29 Blatchinworth          
Gale, Littleborough          
Joseph Howarth head m 58 farmer of 15 acres Todmorden
Betty Howarth wife m 57   Todmorden
Mary Howarth dau un 25 farmer's dau Todmorden
Joseph Howarth son un 22 carter Todmorden
Crossley Howarth son un 19 carter Todmorden
John Howarth son un 17 carter Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 59 Page 35 Blatchinworth          
Centre Vale Littleborough          
Thomas Mitchell head m 36 cotton maker up Walsden
Hannah Mitchell wife m 38   Walsden
Edgar Mitchell son   13 cotton maker up Walsden
Bertha Mitchell dau   8   Walsden
John F Mitchell son   6 scholar Walsden
Frank S Mitchell son   5mth   Littleborough
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 67 Page 3 Blatchinworth          
Prospect View, Littleborough          
Robert Stansfield head m 37 overlooker of looms Walsden
Mary Stansfield wife m 36   Calderbrook
Ellen Stansfield dau   3   Calderbrook
Angelina Stansfield dau   1   Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 67 Page 4 Blatchinworth          
Sladen Wood, Littleborough          
Thomas Rodgers head m 63 quarryman retired Walsden
Elizabeth Rodgers wife m 62   Blatchinworth
Nancy Rodgers dau un 37 cotton weaver Walsden
Emmanuel Rodgers son un 21 joiner Blatchinworth
James Dewhurst nephew   16 calico weaver Darcy Lever Lancs
Alice Dewhurst niece   10 scholar Wigan Lancs
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 68 Page 5 Blatchinworth          
2, Holme Terrace, Littleborough          
Robert Earnshaw head m 32 blacksmith Walsden
Susan Earnshaw wife m 31   Walsden
Sam Law Earnshaw son   11 scholar Walsden
Fred Earnshaw son   6 scholar Calderbrook
Emily Earnshaw dau   4   Calderbrook
James Earnshaw son   1   Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 68 Page 5/6 Blatchinworth          
3, Holme Terrace, Littleborough          
Samuel Dyson head m 42 loom overlooker Walsden
Mary Dyson wife m 41   Walsden
Alice A Dyson dau   15 c. weaver Calderbrook
Heyworth Dyson son   11 scholar Calderbrook
Betsy Dyson dau   9 scholar Calderbrook
Mary Ellen Dyson dau   6 scholar Heywood Lancs
Bertha Dyson dau   1   Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 69 Page 7 Blatchinworth          
6, Holme Cottages, Littleborough          
William Dearden head m 59 stone mason Walsden
Hannah Dearden wife m 55   Walsden
Grace Dearden dau un 20 c. weaver Walsden
Betty Dearden dau un 19 c. weaver Calderbrook
Sarah A Dearden dau   12 c. weaver half time Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 69 Page 8 Blatchinworth          
14, Holme Cottages, Littleborough          
James Dearden head m 36 stone mason Walsden
Emmeline Dearden wife m 31   Calderbrook
James W Dearden son   9 doffer half time Calderbrook
Thos E Dearden son   8 doffer half time Calderbrook
George H Dearden son   6 scholar Calderbrook
Alice A Dearden dau   4 scholar Calderbrook
Herbert Dearden son   2   Calderbrook
Sidney Dearden son   10mth   Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 70 Page 9 Blatchinworth          
2, Holme House, Littleborough          
Rodger Dawson head m 40 coal miner Walsden
Mary Dawson wife m 38 c. weaver Manchester
William Dawson son   5 scholar Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 70 Page 9 Blatchinworth          
3, Holme House, Littleborough          
John Rodger head m 66 labourer out of work Walsden
Susan Rodger wife m 63   Walsden
John Rodger son un 29 c. weaver Blatchinworth
Susan Rodger dau un 23 warper Blatchinworth
William Rodger son un 21 labourer Blatchinworth
Henry Rodger gr/son   15 labourer Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 70 Page 10 Blatchinworth          
1, Wilderness, Littleborough          
John Mitchell head m 40 sanitary tube maker Walsden
Betty Mitchell wife m 32   Walsden
James Mitchell son   16 calico warehouseboy Blatchinworth
Mary Mitchell dau   14 c. weaver half time Blatchinworth
betty K Mitchell dau   11 c. weaver half time Blatchinworth
John Mitchell son   8 scholar Blatchinworth
Martha A Mitchell dau   3   Blatchinworth
Lavinia Mitchell dau   1   Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 70 Page 10 Blatchinworth          
5, Wilderness, Littleborough          
James Scarr head m 24 c. warp beamer Todmorden
Alice Scarr wife m 23 c. weaver Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 70/71 Page 10/11 Blatchinworth          
6, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Richard Stansfield head m 37 loom jobber Walsden
Sarah Stansfield wife m 37   Walsden
James W Stansfield son   13 c. weaver half time Walsden
Sarah C Stansfield dau   10 c. weaver half time Walsden
Frances Stansfield dau   4   Stalybridge
Alice Stansfield dau   1   Calderbrook
Elizabeth Butterworth sister m 30 c. weaver Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 71 Page 11 Blatchinworth          
7, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Edward Uttley head m 22 fulling miller Walsden
Sarah A Uttley wife m 20 flannel weaver Butterworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 71 Page 11 Blatchinworth          
9, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Betty Scarr head w 54   Bacup
Mary Scarr dau un 21 c. weaver Todmorden
Frances Scarr dau un 18 c. weaver Todmorden
Sydney Scarr son   15 c. weaver Todmorden
Sarah A Scarr dau   13 scholar Todmorden
William H Scarr son   13 scholar Todmorden
Lord Dawson boarder un 20 c. spinner Todmorden
Joseph Carter lodger un 27 Weslyan & day school teacher Oldbury Worc