Approximately 280 entries



Address Name Status Cond Age Occupation Born
38, Bare Hill Rd.Littleborough Alfred Haigh head M 36 Grocer L'boro
  Mary Haigh wife M 31 Assistant L'boro
  Albert Haigh son   9 Scholar L'boro
  Fred C Haigh son   8 Scholar L'boro
  Stanley Haigh son   5 Scholar L'boro
  Jesse Haigh son   2   L'boro
  Ann Cockroft m-in-law W 60?   YKS Richmond
4, Devon Street, Rochdale Alfred Haigh head M 48 Slater Yorkshire
  Annie Haigh wife M 50   Rochdale
  Robert Haigh son S 25 Slater Rochdale
2, Mere Lane, Rochdale Benjamin Haigh head M 70 Railway porter L'boro
  Ann Haigh wife M 66   L'boro
6, Pleasant View St Rochdale Benjamin G. Haigh head M 2? Carter Rochdale
  Julia Haigh wife M 22   Milnrow
59, Laneside, Littleborough Betty Haigh head W 63?   L'boro
  James Haigh son S 37? W. spinner L'boro
  Henry Haigh son S 34? C. weaver L'boro
88, Moss Row, Norden Betty Haigh head S 61   Yorkshire
  Thomas Haigh brother S 59 C. spinner Yorkshire
  Samuel Haigh brother S 55 C. twister Yorkshire
  Sarah Haigh sister S 45 C. weaver Yorkshire
479, Edenfield Rd., Norden William Haigh head M 35? C. operative Norden
  Amelia Haigh wife M 31 C. weaver Norden
  John Haigh son   5 Scholar Norden
  James Haigh son   3   Norden
  Maria Clough M-in-law W 60 Living on own means Norden
Slack Farm, Littleborough Henry Haigh head M 49 Farmer L'boro
  Hannah Haigh wife M 49   L'boro
  John Haigh son   23 on farm L'boro
  Robert Haigh son   19 Carter-horse L'boro
  William Haigh son   16 son L'boro
  Alistar ?? servant   22 Farm Lab L'boro
Higher Swaindrod Littleborough James Haigh head M 58 Farmer L'boro
  Sarah Haigh wife M 48   L'boro
  Mary Haigh dau S 17 W. weaver L'boro
2, East Street, Littleborough Jane Haigh head W 28   L'boro
  Oscar Haigh son S 2   L'boro
  Robert Haigh b-in -law S 26 C. mule piecer L'boro
  Samuel Haigh b-in -law S 20 Fulling miller L'boro
  James Bamford boarder S 19 Fulling miller L'boro
  J?? Miller nephew S 9 Scholar L'boro
  Clara Miller niece   7 Scholar L'boro
104, Ramsay Street, Rochdale John Haigh head M 48 Pithead colliery manager LAN Todmorden
  Alice Haigh wife M 46   LAN Todmorden
  Annie Haigh dau S 24 C. weaver LAN Todmorden
  Sarah Haigh dau S 22 C. weaver LAN Todmorden
  Joseph Haigh son S 20 C. weaver LAN Todmorden
  Ernest Haigh son S 18 C. weaver LAN Todmorden
7, Sykes Court, Rochdale John B Haigh head M 38? Carpenter Rochdale
  Clementine Haigh wife M 37?   Rochdale
  Carolee Haigh dau   2?   Rochdale
89, Halifax Rd., Littleborough John T Haigh head S 44 Gen. Lab. L'boro
  Arthur Haigh brother S 29 W. spinner L'boro
21, Halifax Road, Littleborough John Haigh head M 40 C. weaver L'boro
  Elizabeth Haigh wife M 46   L'boro
  Emily Haigh dau   10   L'boro
4, Hume Street, Rochdale Joseph Haigh head M 43 Boiler C. Todmorden
  Hannah Haigh wife M 44   YKS Southwram
  Emily Haigh dau   15 Shirt maker Rochdale
  James Wm Haigh son   13 W. piecer Walsden
  Frank Haigh son   12 Scholar Rochdale
2, Fletcher St, Littleborough Thomas Haigh head M 39 C. weaver L'boro
  Mary A Haigh wife M 32   L'boro
  John W Haigh son   15 Clerk of dyeworks CC L'boro
  Walter Haigh son   13 W. piecer L'boro
  Clara Haigh dau   11 Cardroom hand L'boro
  Ernest Haigh son   9 Scholar L'boro
  Albert Haigh son   5   L'boro
  Fred Haigh son   2   L'boro
4, Shaw Street, Hamer William G Haigh head M 39 Joiner Bacup
  Elizabeth Haigh wife M 45   Rochdale
  Grace Haigh mother W 71   Hebden Bridge
Sladen Mill, Littleborough ? Haigh head S 60 wool ? L'boro
  Susannah Haigh sister S 58 wool ? L'boro
1891 RG12/3351 Folio 55 Page 28 Greenwood Haigh head M 39 Cotton Weaver Todmorden
19, Carr Terrace Sarah Haigh wife M 40   Leicestershire
  Ada Haigh dau   15 Cotton Weaver Rawtenstall
  William Haigh son   12 Cotton Weaver Rawtenstall
  Joseph Haigh son   10 Cotton Weaver Rawtenstall
  Sarah Alice Haigh dau   7 Cotton Weaver Rawtenstall
  Mary Jane Haigh dau   5 Cotton Weaver Rawtenstall
157 Halifax Rd., Wuerdle Samuel Haigh head M 60 ag. farm lab. L'boro
  Elizabeth wife M 57   Todmorden
11, Lees Rd., Wadsworth William Spencer head M 46 Tailor Elland YKS
  Ruth Spencer wife M 42   Clayton West YKS
  Rachel Spencer dau   13 fustian tailoress Colne LAN
  Erineal Haigh stepson   13 fustian tailor Hebden Bridge YKS
  John Spencer son   10 scholar Weal Vale YKS
  Mary A Spencer dau   8 scholar Halifax YKS
  Stephen Spencer son   6 scholar Halifax YKS
4, Commercial Street, Wadsworth James Haigh head M 54 joiner and builder Hebden Bridge YKS
  Maria Haigh wife M 52   Hebden Bridge YKS
  Annie Haigh dau   20   Hebden Bridge YKS
  Thomas Haigh son   16 auxillary postman Hebden Bridge YKS
16, Stephen St., Wadsworth Abraham Haigh head M 38 joiner Worley YKS
  Betty Haigh wife M 28   Sowerby YKS
  Annie Haigh dau   12 fustian tailoress Sowerby YKS
  Harvey Haigh son   11 fustian tailor Sowerby YKS
  Tom Haigh son   6 scholar Wadsworth
  Esther Haigh dau   3   Wadsworth
  Fred son   1   Wadsworth
41, Burnley Rd., Bacup Thomas Haigh head M 65 shippon minder Todmorden
  Mary Haigh wife M 48   Whitworth
  Ormerod Haigh son U 25 cotton piecer Burnley
  Martha A dau U ? cotton rover Burnley
  William Haigh son U 19 cotton weaver Bacup
  Francis Taylor son U 17 cotton weaver Whitworth
  Sarah E Taylor dau   15 cotton weaver Whitworth
  Amelia Farrow lodger U ? cotton weaver Bacup
RG12/3342 Foilio 11 Page 11 (Tong) Ashworth family          
72, Dale St, Bacup Thomas Haigh lodger U 27 cotton ? Bacup
RG12/3342 Folio 44 Page 2 Tong) Robt Greenwood head Widwr 69 cotton weaver Burnley
26, Rochdale Rd., Bacup Jas Haigh lodger U 31? sawmill (miller) Bacup
RG12/3342 Folio 48 Page 9 Ellen Coates/ Couper head W 76 living on own means Leeds
100ct. Rochdale Rd., Bacup (Tong) ??? Haigh son M 28 ?? Spin ???
  Sarah Jane wife   2?   Bacup
  Ellen Ann dau   5 scholar Bacup
  Alice Jane dau   3   Bacup
  Bertha dau   1   Bacup
RG12/3343 Folio 20 Page 33 Thomas H Haigh head M 32 Quarry Yks ...worth
1, Holme St., Bacup (Brandwood) Sarah J wife M 42 cotton weaver Bacup
  Robinson Barker stepson   16 cotton weaver ShÉ Lancs
  Elizabeth A Haigh dau   8   ShÉ Lancs
  BÉ. Haigh dau   6   ShÉ Lancs
RG12/3343 Folio 127 Page 20 Robert Haigh head M 28 collier Whitworth
4, Thomas Court, Whitworth Alice wife M 24   Whitworth
  Mally dau   7   Whitworth
  Mary J? dau   ?   Whitworth
  John boarder U ? W. spinner Whitworth
  Hannah DÉ. blank ?   Whitworth
RG12/3343 Folio 129 Page 24 John Haigh head M 60 ??? Whitworth
1, Longacres, Whitworth Sarah wife M 59   Burnley
  Elizabeth A dau U 30 cotton worker Whitworth
  William son U 28? boiler stoker Whitworth
  John H son U 21 ?? Whitworth
  Joseph son U 19 Tailor Whitworth
  Mary J Mitchell dau M 24?   Whitworth
  John H Mitchell grandson   3   Whitworth
  Harry Haigh grandson   1   Whitworth
RG12/3344 Folio 3 Page 14 Mary Ann Haigh head W 5?   Bakewell, Dby
581, Market St., Whitworth John W Turner son U 24 cotton weaver Blue Pits Lancs
  Elias H Turner son U 20 quarryman Blue Pits Lancs
  Henry H Haigh son U 22 cotton op Whitworth
RG12/3344 Folio 40 Page 20 Rue Haigh head W 58 quarryman Whitworth
15, Water St., Whitworth            
RG12/3344 Folio 50 Page 9/10 Ann Horsefield? wife M 52 dom ser. Spotland
17, Milner St., Whitworth Mary Annie Haigh boarder U 17 cotton op Rochdale
  Mary Ann Wilcock boarder U 27 cotton op Salford
Rg12/3344 Folio 91 Page 28 Priscilla Haigh head Un 65 charwoman Midgeley
125, Market St., Shawforth            
RG12/3344 Folio 106 Page 38 Alice Haigh head Un 27 cotton weaver Shawforth
11, Cowm St, Shawforth James? brother Un 21 cotton weaver Shawforth
  William brother Un 19 railwayman Shawforth
Cliviger RG12/3372 Folio 55 Page 8/9 John Wm. Haigh head M 42 collier Bacup
11, Lower Darnfield, Cliviger Martha wife M 38   Bacup
  Thomas son Un 17 coal drawer Bacup
  Ellen dau   15 cotton weaver Bacup
  Mary Alice dau   9 scholar Bacup
  John Wm. son   5 scholar Burnley
  Hannah Maria dau   3   Burnley
Butterworth RG12/3326 Folio 91 Page 14 Sarah Haigh head W 49   Newhey
6, Mill Rd., Milnrow Younger son Un 21 w. spinner Milnrow
  Walter son Un 18 c. warehouse Milnrow
  Rachel A dau   15 c. reeler Milnrow
  James A son   12 w. piecer Milnrow
Butterworth RG12/3326 Folio 99 Page 20 Sarah Haigh head W 56 w. weaver Newhey
127, Newhey Rd.            
New Bridge, Heptonstall John Haigh head m 51 fustian finisher Wadsworth Yks
  Mary Haigh wife m 52 housekeeper Wadsworth Yks
  Joseph Haigh son s 22 fustian cutter Heptonstall Yks
  John W Haigh son s 19 fustian cutter Heptonstall Yks
  George Haigh son s 15 fustian cutter Heptonstall Yks
Moorcock Farm, Wadsworth Joseph Hague head m 25 farm labourer Heptonstall Yks
  Ann Hague wife m 24 cotton weaver Wadsworth Yks
4, Commercial St. Wadsworth James Haigh head m 54 joiner & builder Hebden Bridge Yks
  Maria Haigh wife m 52   Hebden Bridge Yks
  Annie Haigh dau s 20   Hebden Bridge Yks
  Thomas Haigh son s 16 auxiliary postman Hebden Bridge Yks
16, Stephen St Wadsworth. Abraham Haigh head m 38 joiner Worley Yks
  Betty Haigh wife m 28   Sowerby Yks
  Annie Haigh dau   12 fustian tailoress Sowerby Yks
  Harvey Haigh son   11 fustian tailor Sowerby Yks
  Tom Haigh son   6 scholar Wadsworth Yks
  Esther Haigh dau   3   Wadsworth Yks
  Fred Haigh son   1   Wadsworth Yks
7, Calder Terrace, Wadsworth John Haigh head m 29 teacher of music violin & piano Todmorden Yks
  Sarah Haigh wife m 28 fustian tailoress Sowerby Yks
  Mary Haigh dau s 4 scholar Wadsworth Yks
Birchcliffe, Wadsworth John A Haigh head m 25 joiner Wadsworth Yks
  Mary Haigh wife m 24 fustian tailoress Wadsworth Yks
Chiserley Field Side, Wadsworth Nimrod Haigh head w 59 cotton warper Wadsworth Yks
  Thomas Haigh son s 32 joiner Wadsworth Yks
  Mary E Haigh dau s 27 cotton weaver Wadsworth Yks
  Henry Haigh son s 24 stripper & grinder Wadsworth Yks
Old Town, Wadsworth John Haigh head m 44 wool sorter Luddenden Foot Yks
  Hannah Haigh wife m 42   Sowerby Yks
  Hanson Haigh son s 10 scholar Sowerby Yks
  Olwin /Olivia Haigh dau   8 scholar Sowerby Yks
11, Hebble End, Wadsworth George Haigh head m 33 engineer (stationary) Luddenden Foot Yks
  Mary A Haigh wife m 32   Midgley Yks
  Mary Haigh dau   12 scholar Sowerby Yks
  Lilly Haigh dau   9 scholar Sowerby Yks
  Sammy Haigh son   7 scholar Sowerby Yks