Year Date Name Spouse Comments
1706 28-May James Ann Cholfield  
1714 12-Aug John Izabel Dearden  
1716 22-Jan Nicholas Ann Howard  
1716 14-Feb James Mary Stot  
1717 20-Feb John Patience Midgely  
1726 10-May William Mary Fielden  
1727 03-Apr John Mary Soothill  
1733 17-Jun Luke Alice Scholfield  
1733 25-Feb John Judith Ormerod  
1734 15-Apr Henry Ann Turner  
1734 12-Nov John Mary Butterworth  
1740 30-Dec Edmund Betty Butterworth  
1743 april John Ann Wood   Of Todmorden
1748 16-Jun John Martha Butterworth  
1749 27-Feb Luke Ann Crossley Of Walsden 
1755 19-May John Dorothy Fielden Of Walsden John and Ely Fielden witnessed
1757 20-Jun John Sarah Wild John Crossley Luke Law witnessed
1758 28-Nov Edmund Betty Shore   Betty from Littleborough
1760 24-Jan John Betty Crossley Edmund Crossley William Sutcliffe witnessed
1763 15-Feb Abraham Sarah Crossley John Crossley John Crossley witnessed
1765 03-Oct Ely Grace Crowther Grace from Heptonstall 
1765 26-Dec John Matty Stot John Crossley John Crossley witnessed
1766 04-Dec James Sarah Holt Ely Crossley Charles Nuttall witnessed
1772 20-May John Sarah Crabtree  
1773 11-Jan William Betty Crabtree   Of Heptonstall
1773 28-Sep Thomas Ann Greenwood  
1773 01-Aug John Alice Kershaw  
1776 04-Jan Edmund Mary Dawson Of Heptonstall 
1776 30-Oct Edmund Martha Eastwood Of Heptonstall 
1778 10-Feb William Mary Mashow Mary from Littleborough 
1783 22-Apr John Mary Law Ely Sutcliffe John Jackson witnessed
1784 27-Sep Elizabeth William Crabtree Abraham Fielden Abraham Fielden witnessed
1785 27-Sep Thomas Ellin Driver  
1787 18-Feb Abraham Susan Fielden Ely Fielden Thomas Dawson witnessed
1788 30-Dec William Hannah Crowther Of Heptonstall William Jackson John Butterworth witnessed
1788 04-Sep Mary William Fielden James Greenwood Abraham Fielden witnessed
1791 06-Mar Mary John Hollas  
1791 26-Apr John Mary Wild  
1793 18-Jul Samuel Mary Barker  
1797 28-Dec Abraham Martha Rigg John Crossley James Greenwood witnessed
1797 28-Dec Ann Sampson Butterworth John Crossley James Greenwood witnessed
1797 27-Sep Ely Sally Farrah Abraham Jackson James Pilling witnessed
1797 28-Dec James Sally Law John Crossley, James Greenwood John Crossley witnessed
1801 16-Nov John Mary Firth James Dawson John Atkinson witnessed
1803 22-Feb John Mary Mitchell John Ratcliffe John Stansfield witnessed
1809 06-Aug Charles Margaret Hurst James Stott John Shackleton witnessed
1809 22-Aug James Betty Gibson John Crossley James Holliday witnessed
1809 28-Dec Grace James Walton John Crowther Abraham Fielden witnessed
1810 12-Jul William Hannah Sutcliffe John Crowther John Fielden witnessed
1810 25-Oct Abraham Sally Howarth Robert Barker Samuel Jackson witnessed
1810 05-Apr Ely Alice Mitchell Abraham Scholfield John Crossley witnessed
1810 13-Apr Fanny Thomas Kershaw  
1810 23-Apr Ely Mary Walton William Walton James Stansfield witnessed
1810 12-Jul Samuel Sally Fielden John Crowther James Fielden witnessed
1810 27-Dec Betty James Crowther John Stansfield Thomas Sutcliffe witnessed
1811 18-Aug Ann David Dyson Edmund Crossley Robert Scholfield witnessed
1811 01-Sep Alice Robert Lord Thomas Bromley Mary Midgeley witnessed
1811 12-May Sarah James Hargreaves John Crowther Luke Horsfall witnessed
1811 29-Sep Nancy William Kershaw Edmund Kershaw John Shackleton witnessed
1811 06-Oct Elizabeth William Mills John Bentley John Shackleton witnessed
1812 11-May William Ellen Hill Jacob Wade John Shackleton witnessed
1813 12-Sep Mary Henry Bamford  
1814 12-Aug Jeremiah Susan Ambler  
1815 28-Mar Edmund Ann Law  
1816 11-Apr Sally Samuel Howarth  
1818 29-Sep Ann John Mitchel   John from Burnley Parish
1820 24-Sep Martha James Jackson  
1821 22-Mar Abraham Susan Crowther  
1822 28-Sep Henry Martha Lord  
1823 13-Feb Sarah John Fielden Sarah from Henshaw, John from Square 
1824 28-Nov Edmund Sarah Crossley Known as Ned
1825 25-Apr John Sarah Garth John from Calderbrook 
1826 25-Dec Mally John Jackson  
1827 08-Mar Abraham Sarah Crowther  
1827 29-Jan Mary John Smith  
1828 27-Jan Samuel Francis Pearson  
1830 19-Aug Mary Henry Wood Mary of York Street. Henry from Halifax Parish by licence
1831 10-Jul Mary John Taylor  
1832 19-May Matilda Christopher Dampier Christopher Edward Dampier from St. Andrews Parish, Holborn, by licence
1834 23 Feb Edmund Elizabeth Rawson George Rawson & John Shackleton witnessed
1834 27 Sep John Mary Ramsbottom John of Scaitcliffe. Mary of Centre Vale.
1836 05-Apr William Ann Crossley Farmer. Ann from Burnley Parish by licence
1836 09-Oct David Emma Cockerill  
1839 31-Mar Edmund Margaret Whitehead From Hollingworth. A labourer. Edmund-widower, Margaret-Widow. Her father was James Milnes a farmer. His father was Edmund, a labourer, bride was a servant
1841 23-May Abraham Martha Jackson Of Ramsden Wood, a weaver. Abraham - widower, - His father was Abraham, a weaver. Bride was a spinster. Her father was Thomas Jackson of Stony Barn. She was a weaver.