complete to 1901




1696 17-May Mary Robert Todmorden born 10 April 1696
1711 13-Mar Sarah William Hazelgreaves  
1714 07-Aug William William Hazelgreaves  
1715 25-Feb Martha Robert Mellings  
1716 07-Oct Mary Robert Todmorden  
1718 06-Jan Mary William Dean House  
1722 21-Jan Thomas William and Susan Todmorden  
1723 08-Feb John William and Susan Hazelgreaves  
1724 24-Jun James   Howroyd adult
1725 26-Jun John James and Mary Priestbooth  
1726 24-May Thomas William and Susan    
1729 25-May Betty Robert and Betty    
1730 24-May Betty James and Mary    
1730 25-Oct John Samuel and Betty    
1731 15-Apr Mary John and Susannah    
1731 15-Aug Mary James and Mary    
1731 03-Oct Thomas Samuel and Elizabeth    
1732 12-Nov William John and Susannah    
1733 22-Jan Betty Samuel and Betty    
1733 05-Feb Susan James and Mary    
1734 20-Jul Alice William and Susan    
1735 07-Mar Susan James and Mary    
1735 14-Mar Mary Samuel and Betty    
1735 05-Apr Mary Samuel and Sarah    
1736 23-Feb John Thomas and Sarah    
1736 05-Mar Sarah Luke and Mary    
1736 25-Dec Sarah John and Mary    
1737 08-Apr Ellen James and Mary    
1737 04-Dec Ann John and Susannah    
1738 08-Jul Thomas Robert and Betty    
1739 02-Mar James James and Mary    
1739 28-Apr William Thomas and Sarah    
1740 20-May James Samuel and Isabel    
1740 20-May Jeremiah Samuel and Isabel    
1740 20-Sep Male Samuel and Betty    
1741 29-Aug Robert Robert and Betty    
1742 15-Feb Robert Samuel Walsden  
1743 10-Jul Robert Samuel Todmorden  
1744 09-Feb Sarah Samuel Walsden  
1744 24-Feb Violet Luke Stansfield  
1744 18-Aug Mary Samuel junior Todmorden  
1744 01-Sep Samuel Robert Todmorden  
1745 16-Apr Nelly Thomas Todmorden  
1746 01-May Mary James Walsden  
1746 01-Nov Ellen Samuel junior Todmorden  
1747 11-Apr John Thomas Todmorden bs Mary Woodhead
1747 05-Nov Alice Samuel Walsden  
1747 15-Nov Mary John Todmorden  
1748 26-Feb Sarah Thomas Todmorden  
1748 09-Apr Joseph Joseph Mid Hundersfield  
1748 26-Aug Samuel Samuel junior Walsden  
1748 27-Aug Susan John Todmorden  
1749 17-Aug Samuel Samuel junior Walsden  
1750 03-Jun Ellen Samuel Walsden  
1750 27-Sep James John Walsden  
1751 13-Oct John John Wattyhole  
1752 25-Apr John John and Ann Walsden  
1752 22-Aug Elizabeth Samuel and Elizabeth Walsden  
1754 06-Jul Nelly John and Anna Walsden  
1755 11-Feb Susan Thomas and Sarah Todmorden  
1756 08-May Susan Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1756 18-Jul Robert Thomas and Sarah Walsden  
1756 29 feb Samuel John and Elizabeth Todmorden  
1757 14-Aug Betty Thomas and Sarah Walsden  
1757 21-Aug Robert John and Sarah Todmorden  
1758 02-May William John and Ann Todmorden  
1759 29-Jan James or John Thomas and Sarah Walsden  
1759 18-Mar Robert John and Ann Todmorden  
1759 30-May Susan John and Sarah Todmorden  
1759 26-Sep Hannah Samuel and Elizabeth Walsden  
1760 27-Jan John John and Rosamund Todmorden  
1760 14-Mar Samuel Mary Walsden bs Samuel Uttley
1760 22-Sep Sarah Thomas and Sarah Walsden  
1760 16-Nov Susannah John and Sarah Todmorden  
1760 29-Dec Betty Richard and Olive Cliviger  
1761 21-Aug Samuel John and Ann Todmorden  
1762 02-Apr Mary William and Betty Todmorden  
1762 22-Apr Thomas Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1762 01-May Betty Samuel and Mary Walsden  
1762 16-May Betty John and Sarah Todmorden  
1762 03-Sep Thomas Thomas and Sarah Walsden  
1763 12-May Thomas John and Ann Todmorden  
1763 08-Aug Thomas John and Betty Todmorden  
1763 11-Sep John William and Betty Todmorden  
1764 08-Jan Samuel Thomas and Sarah Walsden  
1764 13-Jan Grace Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1764 20-Jan John Samuel and Mary Walsden  
1764 02-Nov Mary John and Ann Todmorden  
1764 01-Dec Joseph Thomas Walsden bs Mary Law
1764 27-Dec Samuel John and Betty Todmorden  
1765 03-Mar Job William and Betty Todmorden  
1765 03-Mar Samuel John and Sarah Todmorden  
1765 15-Dec Mally Robert and mary Todmorden  
1766 05-Jul Betty Mary Walsden bd William Fielden
1766 05-Jul Grace Mary Walsden bd William Fielden


1767 07-Mar Betty John and Elizabeth Todmorden  
1767 29-Sep Susan Richard and Olive Todmorden  
1767 10-Oct Samuel James and Mary Todmorden  
1767 01-Nov Robert Samuel and Mary Walsden  
1768 13-Mar Susan Jeremiah Walsden  
1768 13-Nov Thomas James Height Top  
1769 05-Feb Hannah William and Betty Todmorden  
1769 23-Apr William James and Martha Todmorden  
1770 13-Apr John Jeremiah and Ann Todmorden  
1770 10-Nov John Robert and mary Todmorden  
1771 12-Feb Mally James and Martha Todmorden  
1771 29-Mar John Thomas and Mary Todmorden  
1771 04-Jul Samuel Samuel and Mary Walsden  
1771 09-Nov Martha Thomas and Sarah Todmorden  
1771 30-Nov Thomas William and Betty Todmorden  
1772 22-Nov Sarah Robert and Mally Todmorden  
1773 28-Feb William Jeremiah and Ann Todmorden  
1773 16-May Betty Thomas and Mary Todmorden  
1773 30-May Judeth James and Martha Todmorden  
1773 21-Oct Sarah William and Betty Todmorden  
1773 28-Nov Alice Thomas and Sarah Todmorden  
1774 27-Feb Alice Samuel and Mally Walsden  
1774 02-Apr Alice James and Mary Walsden  
1774 08-May Sally Samuel and Susan Walsden  
1774 21-Aug Martha John and Mary Walsden  
1774 27-Sep Thomas Robert and Mally Todmorden  
1775 02-Jul Isabelle Jeremiah and Ann Todmorden  
1776 10-Mar John William and Mary Stansfield  
1776 08-Apr Elizabeth James and Martha Langfield  
1776 10-Aug Luke James and Mary Walsden  
1776 19-Oct Charles John and Mary Walsden  
1776 24-Nov Abraham Robert and Mally Todmorden  
1777 28-Mar Job Samuel and Mally Walsden  
1777 07-Sep Sarah Jeremiah and Ann Todmorden  
1778 17-Apr William William and Mary Stansfield  
1778 13-Jun Mary William and Betty Walsden  
1778 27-Jun William William and Betty Walsden  
1778 04-Jul James John and Mary Walsden  
1779 28-Feb Susan John and Betty Todmorden  
1779 19-Jul Samuel Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1780 04-Mar Thomas John and Mary Walsden  
1780 03-Jun Grace Samuel and Mally Walsden  
1780 19-Nov Betty Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1781 06-Jan Enoch William and Betty Todmorden  
1781 03-Nov John John and Mary Walsden  
1782 28-Feb Hannah John and Esther Todmorden Aged about 2
1782 28-Feb Mally John and Esther Todmorden Aged about 4
1782 29-Mar Abraham Thomas and Mary Todmorden  
1782 20-Oct John Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1783 26-Jul William John and Mary Gauxholme  
1783 04-Dec Martha Joshua and Mally Top o'th'Hight  
1784 22-May Jimmy John and Esther Todmorden  
1784 17-Oct William Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1785 16-Jan Jimmy William and Susannah Walsden  
1785 01-May Robert Thomas and Mary Todmorden  
1785 11-Jun John Thomas and Martha Cliviger  
1785 11-Jun Robert John and Mary Todmorden  
1786 13-Aug Betty Enoch and Nancy Walsden  
1786 27-Sep Susan Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1787 10-Feb Nancy Samuel and Sally Gauxholme  
1787 15-Nov Betty William and Susannah Walsden  
1788 20-Nov Sally Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1788 25-Dec John Enoch and Nancy Walsden  
1789 05-Jan Susan Robert and Nelly Walsden Known as Suse
1789 14-Apr Alice Robert and Betty Stansfield  
1789 26-Apr Mary Thomas and Martha Cliviger  
1789 25-Jul Thomas Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1789 15-Nov Sally William and Susannah Walsden  
1790 11-Mar Mary Samuel and Susan Todmorden  
1790 13-Jun Sally Robert and Mally Walsden  
1790 27-Jun Susan John and Sally Deanhead  
1790 24-Aug John Robert and Betty Todmorden  
1791 15-Jan Samuel Robert and Nelly Walsden  
1791 13-Mar Betty Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1791 26-Jun Betty Robert and Alice Square  
1791 02-Jul Hannah Enoch and Nancy Square  
1791 27-Sep Ann William and Susannah Gauxholme  
1791 23-Oct Mary Samuel and Susan Todmorden  
1792 21-Apr John Robert and Mally Walsden  
1792 06-Aug Grace Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1792 28-Sep John Robert and Ruth High Crompton  
1792 29-Sep Jimmy Robert and Nelly Swineshead Clough  
1793 27-Jan John Robert and Alice Walsden  
1793 28-Jan Thomas Robert and Betty Todmorden Known as Tommy
1793 03-Feb John William and Mary Langfield  
1793 28-Mar Samuel Thomas and Nancy Lighthazels  
1793 21-May John John and Sally Stansfield  
1793 10-Dec Hannah Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1794 02-Mar John Enoch and Nancy Walsden  
1794 13-Mar James Samuel and Susan Todmorden  
1794 18-Apr John William and Susannah Gauxholme  
1794 16-May Jimmy Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1794 13-Sep Mally Samuel and Susan Gauxholme  
1794 05-Oct Mally Robert and Mally Walsden  
1795 15-Feb Samuel Robert and Alice Square  
1795 14-Jun Thomas Thomas and Nancy Lighthazels  
1796 09-Jun Sally Samuel and Sarah Walsden b.2 Nov 1779
1796 18-Dec Mally Samuel and Sarah   b. 21 June 1785  
1796 18-Jan Mary John and Sally Stansfield  
1796 27-Mar Alice William and Susannah Walsden  
1796 15-May Sarah Samuel and Sally Walsden  


1796 09-Jun Abraham Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1796 26-Jun Sally William and Mary Langfield  
1796 03-Jul Thomas Samuel and Susan Todmorden  
1796 10-Jul William Ann Gauxholme bs Thomas Stansfield
1796 01-Oct John Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1796 18-Nov Sally Robert and Alice Walsden  
1797 12-Feb Nancy Enoch and Nancy Square  
1797 16-Jul Betty Samuel and Betty Luggingding  
1797 12-Nov Robert Thomas and Betty Todmorden  
1798 08-Apr Sarah Robert and Betty Walsden  
1798 08-Apr Susan William and Susannah Walsden Aged nearly 16
1798 22-Apr Sally John and Sally Stansfield  
1798 24-May Sally Betty Walsden bd James Fielden
1798 30-Sep Mally Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1799 04-Jan Susan Samuel and Susan Todmorden  
1799 09-Jun William Thomas and Betty Todmorden  
1799 12-Jun Mally Robert and Alice Square  
1799 08-Dec John Samuel and Nancy Walsden  
1799 22-Dec Mally Robert and Betty Walsden  
1800 09-Mar Samuel Enoch and Nancy Square  
1800 20-Jul William Samuel and Betty Bottoms  
1801 24-May Betty Samuel and Nancy Square  
1801 29-Sep Robert Robert and Ann Gauxholme  
1802 15-Mar Samuel William and Susannah Todmorden  
1802 09-May John Robert and Betty Walsden  
1802 29-Jun Grace Samuel and Sally Walsden  
1802 15-Jul Samuel Robert and Alice Walsden  
1802 18-Jul Robert Job and Ann Walsden  
1803 22-Feb Nancy Enoch and Nancy Square  
1804 01-Apr Ann Thomas and Alice Henshaw  
1804 26-Apr Samuel Robert and Betty Smithyholme  
1804 20-May Sally Job and Ann Clough Hole  
1804 22-May Betty Samuel and Susan Dych  
1804 22-May Sally Samuel and Susan Dych born 30 May 1801
1804 10-Jun Samuel Samuel and Nancy Square  
1804 10-Jul Robert Robert and Alice Square  
1804 29-Sep John John and Susan High Barn  
1804 27-Dec Sally William and Betty Hollingsbottom  
1805 29-Aug Robert Samuel and Sally Hollingsbottom  
1805 17-Sep Mary John and Mary Dyckgreen b. 23 Nov 1804
1805 17-Sep Robert John and Mary Dyckgreen b. 27 Nov 1802
1805 18-Dec Sally Samuel and Betty Swineshead Clough  
1806 02-May Betty Thomas and Alice Knowlwood  
1806 07-May Mary Samuel and Nancy Square  
1806 18-Aug Thomas John and Susan High Barn  
1807 01-Jan Betty Robert and Betty SmithyHolme  
1807 18-Mar Mary William and Betty Hollingsbottom  
1807 28-Mar Samuel Samuel and Susan Dych  
1807 20-Sep Mally Samuel and Betty Knowlwood  
1808 03-Feb William   Square adult
1808 15-Apr Robert John and Susan High Barn  
1808 07-Jun Betty William and Sarah Deanroyd  
1809 20-Feb John Samuel and Betty Moverley  
1809 21-May Robert William and Sally Stoneswood  
1809 23-May Nancy Samuel and Nancy Lawhey  
1809 16-Dec Robert Robert and Betty Smithyholme Bridge  
1810 06-Mar Robert William and Betty Scout Top  
1810 20-Apr John Samuel and Susan Dych  
1810 20-Apr Samuel John and Susan High Barn  
1810 21-Apr Thomas Thomas and Alice Sourhall  
1810 20-Sep Thomas Abraham and Betty Sourhall  
1810 29-Sep Sarah Samuel and Betty Stoneybottom  
1810 22-Nov Samuel William and Sarah Lane Bottom  
1811 31-Mar Mary William and Sally Stoneswood  
1811 07-Jul Job Job and Ann Gauxholme  
1811 07-Jul Samuel Job and Ann Gauxholme  
1811 07-Jul Thomas Job and Ann Gauxholme  
1812 12-Apr William John and Susan High Barn  
1812 20-Apr Sally Thomas and Mary Square  
1812 23-Apr Mary Abraham and Betty Sourhall  
1812 18-Oct James Samuel and Betty Stennerbottom  
1812 22-Oct Susan Robert and Betty Smithyholme Mill  


Year Date Name Parents Address Occ Notes
1813 24-Jan Sally Ann Temple weaver by John Lord
1813 08-Feb Thomas John & Betty Highgate carter  
1813 20-Jun Esther William & Betty Walsden joiner  
1813 09-Aug James Sally Todmorden tailor by Simon Whip
1813 15-Aug Hannah William & Betty Newgate Bottom weaver born 1 Nov 1806
1813 19-Dec Reuben Haigh Betty Pastureside shepherd by Joseph Haigh
1813 30-Dec Hannah Thomas & Mary Square weaver  
1814 07-Jan Samuel William & Betty Hollins Bottom joiner  
1814 22-Mar Sarah William & Sarah Swineshead weaver  
1814 08-Apr Sarah James & Mary Lawhey overlooker  
1814 23-Jul Mary John & Susan Highbarn weaver  
1814 11-Nov Martha John & Betty Chatham carter  
1814 06-Dec John James & Mary London life guard  
1815 07-Jan Jimmy Mally Redlees weaver by Samuel Law
1815 10-Sep Sally Abraham & Susan Winterbutlee weaver  
1815 17-Sep Thomas Robert & Betty Smithyholme manufacturer  
1815 01-Oct Ely Samuel & Aggy Lineholme weaver  
1816 09-Jan Robert Abraham & Betty Sourhall weaver  
1816 20-Jan Samuel Samuel & Betty Stoney Bottom weaver  
1816 21-Feb Thomas Samuel & Betty Steanorbottom weaver  
1816 21-Feb Betty William & Betty Hollins Bottom millwright  
1816 17-Mar Betty William & Sarah Millwood weaver  
1816 17-May John James & Mary Lawhey overlooker  
1816 04-Jun Nancy John Potoven weaver by Grace Holden
1816 05-Sep Zachariah Thomas & Alice Deanroyd weaver born 27 Sep 1814
1816 05-Sep Martha Thomas & Alice Deanroyd weaver  
1817 16-Jan Samuel Betty Scout Top weaver by John Fielden
1817 02-Feb John John & Betty Greeves carter  
1817 20-May Mary James & Alice Knowlwood weaver  
1817 21-Jun Samuel Abraham & Susan Deanroyd clogger  
1817 21-Jul Alice Sally Bottomley weaver by Thomas Dawson
1817 12-Aug Samuel John & Betty Ramsden Clough weaver  
1818 22-Jan Robert Abraham & Betty Sourhall weaver  
1818 05-Jul Ann William & Betty Hollins Bottom joiner  
1818 01-Nov Hannah John & Grace Stones weaver  
1819 28-Mar Sally James & Mary Knowl weaver  
1819 09-Apr Samuel James & Mally Lawhey overlooker  
1820 29-Oct Robert Sally Waterstalls weaver by Joseph Crowther
1820 26-Dec Betty Thomas Steanorbottom weaver by Susan Howarth
1820 31-Dec John James & Mary Swineshead weaver  
1821 14-Jan James John & Betty Nabhouse labourer  
1821 20-Apr John John & Grace Stones weaver  
1821 12-Jun Robert James & Mary Knowl weaver  
1821 25-Jul Mally Abraham & Susan Winterbutlee clogger  
1822 30-Jan Robert John & Betty Close weaver  
1822 07-Apr Alice James & Susy Knowlwood sizer  
1822 26-Apr Sally James & Mary Square weaver  
1822 28-Jul John Thomas & Ann Dulesgate weaver  
1822 01-Sep Susannah Thomas Bottomley weaver by Susan Howarth
1822 01-Nov Robert James & Mary Swineshead weaver  
1823 26-Jan Charles John Ramsden Wood mechanic by Susan Greenwood
1823 23-Feb Hannah Susan Swineshead weaver by Joshua Schofield of Calflee
1823 04-May Samuel John & Mally Scout weaver  
1823 08-Jun Mary John & Grace Stones weaver  
1823 05-Oct Samuel John & Grace Butcher Hill spinner  
1823 16-Nov Sarah John & Elizabeth Wales carder  
1823 07-Dec Mary John & Susan Smales weaver  
1824 08-Jun John John & Betty Top of Close weaver  
1824 11-Jun John Samuel & Sally Deanroyd spinner  
1824 15-Aug William John & Betty Nabhouse carter  
1824 14-Nov Betty John & Grace Ramsden Wood spinner  
1824 17-Nov John Samuel & Betty Winterbottom blacksmith  
1825 16-Jan Susan John & Mally Winterbutlee whitesmith  
1825 16-Jan William John & Martha Gauxholme weaver  
1825 28-Mar William James & Mary Dobroyd weaver  
1825 18-Jul William John & Susan Smales weaver  
1825 27-Jul Susan Abraham & Nancy Square clogger  
1825 21-Oct Elizabeth James & Alice Knowlwood weaver  
1825 30-Oct Mary Ann Thomas & Ann Frithswood Bottom weaver  
1825 20-Nov James John & Elizabeth Piper, Rossendale carder  
1826 14-May Thomas Samuel & Sally Ramsden spinner  
1826 16-Jul Stansfield John & Grace Ramsden Wood spinner  
1826 22-Nov Mary Samuel & Betty Newbridge smith  
1827 04-Mar Robert Samuel & Betty Square weaver  
1827 09-Apr Alice James & Alice Knowlwood weaver  
1827 13-Apr Elizabeth John & Grace Stones carter  
1827 24-Jun Thomas Hannah Sally Street printer by Thomas Kershaw
1827 08-Jul James John & Betty Whitworth stretcher  
1827 05-Aug Abraham James & Mary Lawhey weaver  
1827 21-Oct Sarah Abraham & Nancy Square clogger  
1828 27-Jan Peter John & Sally Bottoms whitesmith  
1828 04-Apr James James & Mary Rossendale weaver  
1828 05-May Robert John & Grace Ramsden Clough spinner  
1828 27-May Robert John & Betty Lanebottom weaver  
1828 27-May Enoch John & Betty Ramsden Bridge weaver  
1828 27-Jun Betty Samuel & Sally Ramsden Wood spinner  
1828 29-Jun Alice John & Elizabeth Tunstead Mill, Rossendale carder  
1828 27-Jul Thomas Thomas & Ann Frithswood Bottom weaver  
1828 16-Nov Sally Betty Ramsden Wood carter by William Hollinrake
1828 30-Nov Job Robert & Susan Friths Mill carder  
1828 24-Dec Samuel John & Martha Gauxholme weaver  
1829 21-Jul Susannah Samuel & Ann Frithswood Bottom spinner born 29 Dec 1825
1829 15-Sep Robert John & Rosey Castle Clough   an adult
1829 25-Dec Sarah Samuel & Betty Square weaver  
1830 09-Mar Peter Abraham & Nancy Square clogger  
1830 09-Mar Christopher John & Sally Gauxholme whitesmith  
1830 21-Mar Amos Samuel Gauxholme blacksmith by Betty Crossley of Newbridge
1830 04-Jul James Mary Swineshead weaver by John Howarth
1830 25-Jul Sarah Robert & Susan Friths Mill carder  


1831 25-Feb William Samuel & Ann Frithswood Bottom spinner born 3 May 1830
1831 01-Apr Thomas John & Hannah Sourhall weaver  
1831 03-Apr William John & Grace Ramsden Wood spinner  
1831 14-Apr James Susan Stansfield printer by John Rigg
1831 22-May Robert John & Sally Gauxholme whitesmith  
1831 06-Jul Susan James & Alice Knowlwood weaver  
1831 06-Jul Nicholas Fielden James & Alice Knowlwood weaver  
1831 06-Jul Jane James & Alice Knowlwood weaver  
1831 31-Jul Samuel Thomas & Ann Frithswood Bottom weaver  
1831 07-Aug Sally John & Betty Ragby weaver  
1831 14-Aug Elizabeth John & Elizabeth Tunstead Mill, Rossendale carder  
1831 04-Sep Samuel John & Lydia Toadcarr maltster  
1831 30-Sep Samuel John & Susan Smales weaver  
1831 30-Sep Betty William & Mary Smales weaver  
1831 23-Oct John Thomas Doghills weaver by Susan Howarth
1831 07-Nov John John & Mally Scout Top weaver  
1832 08-Apr Mary Bottomley Robert & Mary Newbridge spinner  
1832 20-May Henry John & Hannah Sourhall labourer born 9 June 1831
1832 10-Jun Ellen Robert & Susan Friths Mill overlooker  
1832 11-Nov Alice Robert & Betty Calfhey weaver  
1832 18-Dec Alice Abraham & Nancy Square clogger  
1832 25-Dec Alice Samuel & Betty Square weaver  
1833 28-Feb Nancy Samuel & Esther Butcher Hill blacksmith  
1833 13-May James Samuel & Ann Frithswood spinner born 13 April
1833 09-Jun Thomas John & Grace Ramsden Clough spinner  
1833 16-Jul Elizabeth Samuel & Sally Ramsden Wood spinner  
1833 10-Nov Samuel John & Sally Square whitesmith  
1833 30-Dec Sally William & Sally Newbridge spinner  
1834 16-Feb Betty James & Sally Lydgate labourer  
1834 19-Feb John Hannah Shade clogger by Abel Woodhead
1834 09-Mar Samuel Thomas Doghills weaver by Susan Howarth
1834 11-Mar William John & Mally Scout weaver  
1834 19-May Mary Samuel & Hannah Gorpley Mill carter  
1834 27-Jul Alice Robert & Susan Friths Mill overlooker  
1834 24-Aug Peter John & Hannah Sourhall farmer born 2 May
1834 30-Sep Thomas William & Mally Smales weaver  
1834 26-Oct Thomas Thomas & Sally Naze Bottom spinner  
1835 20-Apr Mary Ann Abraham & Nancy Square clogger  
1835 17-May John John & Grace Ramsden Clough spinner  
1835 25-Jun Thomas Robert & Betty Dyke Green farmer born 19 Aug 1828
1835 14-Jul Mary John & Sally Square whitesmith  
1835 29-Sep Robert Hannah Bridge End clogger by Abel Woodhead of Ashton
1835 30-Sep Peter John & Mally Scout Top weaver  
1835 11-Oct James Samuel & Betty Square weaver  
1836 03-Jan Alice John & Lydia Holme maltster  
1836 25-Apr Alice Thomas Deanroyd spinner by Ann Howarth
1836 20-May Hannah John & Betty Hollingworth weaver  
1836 09-Sep Betty John & Mary Top Brink weaver born 1835
1836 16-Oct Susan Zaccary & Mary Deanroyd carter  
1836 16-Oct Sally Zaccary & Mary Deanroyd carter  
1836 23-Oct Mary John & Grace Ramsden Clough spinner  
1837 05-Feb Hannah John & Sally Square roller maker  
1837 26-Feb Sarah Ann Mary Gauxholme weaver by Thomas Stevenson
1837 26-Feb James Robert & Sally ??? grocer  
1837 27-Feb Samuel Samuel & Esther Heighthouses blacksmith  
1837 27-Feb Esther Samuel & Esther Heighthouses blacksmith  
1837 28-Feb Alice Samuel & Ann Gorpley Mill carter  
1837 28-Feb Robert William & Mary Scaitcliffe farmer  
1837 28-Feb Mary William & Mary Scaitcliffe farmer  
1837 01-Mar Sarah James & Alice Knowlwood butcher  
1837 02-Mar Hannah William & Mary Scaitcliffe labourer  
1837 02-Mar Betty William & Mary Scaitcliffe labourer  
1837 20-Jun Sarah Samuel & Ann Frithswood Bottom spinner  
1837 17-Jul William Thomas & Betty Shade Street weaver  
1837 19-Jul Susannah John & Betty Lanebottom boatman  
1837 27-Jul John Maria Woodcote mason by William Mitchell
1837 07-Aug Susannah Abraham & Nancy Square clogger born 22 May
1837 07-Sep Sarah John & Mary Top Brink weaver born 28 July
1837 18-Sep Sarah Thomas & Susan Coal Pit House potter  
1837 05-Oct Thomas Robert & Mary Newbridge grocer  
1837 20-Oct Mally William & Mally Smales stone cutter  
1838 11-May Hannah Samuel & Hannah Bottomley mason  
1838 31-Jul Thomas William Longlees boatman by Maria Woodhead
1838 09-Sep Crossley John & Grace Ramsden Wood spinner  
1838 21-Oct Mally John & Sally Square roller turner  
1839 28-Apr Mary Thomas Bottoms labourer by Susan Howarth
1839 23-Jun Susan Grace Ramsden weaver by Abraham Jackson
1839 27-Jul William Robert & Elizabeth Style Gate Bottom labourer  
1839 05-Aug Alice Samuel & Ann Frithswood Bottom weaver born 31 Jul 1838
1839 30-Sep Grace Samuel & Betty Square twister  
1840 22-Apr Betty John & Hannah Sourhall farmer born 18 Aug 1839
1840 14-Jul Sarah Ann Abraham & Nancy Square clogger born 7 Dec 1839
1840 08-Nov Betty Robert & Elizabeth Blind Lane labourer  
1841 11-Apr Nancy Thomas Higher Bottoms weaver by Susan Howarth
1841 12-Apr Ingham Enoch & Sarah Square clogger  
1841 22-Aug Ann Samuel & Ann Milking Green spinner born 3 April
1842 20-Apr James John & Martha Gauxholme weaver  
1842 20-Apr John John & Martha Gauxholme weaver  
1842 20-Apr Robert John & Martha Gauxholme weaver  
1842 04-May Nancy John & Betty Hollingworth weaver  
1842 04-May Betty John & Betty Hollingworth weaver  
1842 04-May Abraham John & Susan Smales weaver  
1842 17-May John John & Hannah Bottoms weaver  
1842 16-Jun Thomas Robert & Elizabeth Blind Lane labourer  
1842 09-Oct Matty John & Susan Smales weaver born 13 April
1842 07-Nov Miriam Samuel & Esther Heighthouses smith  
1842 13-Dec Grace John & Grace Ramsden Clough spinner  
1843 01-Feb Tom Abraham & Nancy Square inn keeper born 29 Nov 1842
1843 01-Feb Peter Samuel & Elizabeth Square   born 11 May 1842
1843 09-Apr James John & Ann Wadsworth Mill scutcher could be Lord
1843 16-Jun Mary Emma Waterloo butcher by David Cockcroft
1843 21-Jun John Samuel & Dorothy Bottoms weaver  
1843 25-Jun James Sally Thistle Hall spinner by William Sutcliffe, overlooker of Knowlwood
1843 03-Sep Mary Robert & Sally Langfield grocer  
1843 25-Oct Emma Mary Bottoms labourer by William Fitzpatrick
1844 23-Jun Mary Robert & Elizabeth Newton Green servant born 27 April
1844 10-Nov Alice Betty Lanebottom miner by Thomas Hilton
1845 21-Mar Jimmy William & Betty Gauxholme spinner  
1845 25-Mar Samuel Samuel & Betty Hall Royd twister  
1845 10-Apr Stansfield John & Ann Shade overlooker  
1847 14-Mar Sarah Robert & Elizabeth Scaitcliffe carter  
1848 03-Jun Agnes Hannah John & Ann Shade overlooker  
1848 25-Nov Robert Robert & Elizabeth Scaitcliffe labourer  
1850 06-Oct Young James & Ann Pexwood weaver  
1851 04-May Emma John & Ann Shade overlooker  
1853 02-Jan Mary Ann John & Ann Shade overlooker  
1854 14-Apr Mary Ann William & Mary Gauxholme engineer  
1856 04-May Betsy John & Ann Market St. Shade scutcher  
1856 01-Jun James John & Ann Gauxholme weaver  
1856 01-Jun Samuel William & Mary Gauxholme stoker  


year date name parents address occupation notes
1858 05-Sep Barker? John & Ann Shade overlooker  
1859 09-Jan Gilberta Robert & Martha Scaitcliffe coachman  
1860 02-Dec William Henry Thomas & Hannah Todmorden silk dresser born 26 Feb 1845
1860 02-Dec Fred Thomas & Hannah Todmorden silk dresser  
1862 05-Jan Sam John & Ann Wadsworth Mill overlooker  
1865 16-May Nathan John & Grace Toad Carr labourer  
1865 20-Jun Martha Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 2 years
1865 20-Jun Mary Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 5 years
1865 20-Jun Alice Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 6 years
1865 20-Jun Emily Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 9 years
1865 20-Jun Fanny Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 11 years
1865 20-Jun Charles Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 14 years
1865 20-Jun Amanda Abraham & Elizabeth Shade Street machine grinder 17 years
1865 08-Nov Samuel Samuel & Betty Roomfield Lane malster 2 years
1865 08-Nov Frank Samuel & Betty Roomfield Lane malster 3 years
1865 08-Nov Ellen Samuel & Betty Roomfield Lane malster  
1868 06-Jun Anita William & Helen? Longfield mechanic  
1872 10-Aug Mary Ellen Fielden & Sally 1 School St Shade dyer 9 months
1874 28-Jun Mary Ann John Thomas & Julia Hannah Butcher Hill gardener  
1875 23-May Emily Robert & Betty Sandholme clogger  
1875 04-Sep James John & Mary Patmos butcher 6 years
1875 21-Sep John John & Mary Patmos butcher adult
1885 03-Jun Annie Mary Robert & Betsy Farnworth clogger born 4 Sept 1876
1885 03-Jun Caroline Robert & Betsy Farnworth clogger born 22 Jan 1882
1885 03-Jun John Robert Robert & Betsy Farnworth clogger born 27 Oct 1883
1887 14-Mar Sam John & Sarah Ellen 11, Princes Street cut-looker private
1888 08-Jul Marion Robert & Betsy Farnworth clogger born 19 Nov 1886
1890 27-May Betsy Alice Robert & Betsy Farnworth clogger born 5 May 1890
1892 30-Jan Betsy Ellen William & Sarah Ann 4 Patmos weaver  
1892 02-Apr Daisy May Josiah Fielden & Margaret 46, Wellington Road master painter  
1892 14-May Mary Elizabeth John & Emma 6, Mount Street butcher born 8 Aug 1887
1892 14-May Bertha John & Emma 6, Mount Street butcher born 25 Nov 1889
1893 22-Jul Hannah John & Alice 1 Albert Terrace weaver  
1893 04-Nov Florence Robert & Mary Church Hill St., Lydgate farmer  
1894 24-Feb Allan Barker John Arthur & Mary Hannah 7 Dobroyd carter born 20 Dec 1893
1896 07-Dec James John & Alice 1 Albert Terrace weaver  
1900 22-Dec Horace Arthur John Arthur & Mary Hannah 19 Stansfield Road coal dealer