complete for the years 1594 to 1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden




year date name address spouse comments
1594 Apr-11 Margaret   William Bordall  
1600/01 Feb-23 William   Susan Sutcliffe  
1602 May-25 Elizabeth   Robert Ferrer  
1603 Dec-27 Ellin   James Town  
1607 Aug-10 John   Grace Barker  
1612 Dec-07 Susan   Edmund Robertshaye  
1617/18 Feb-16 Grace   John Stell  
1619 Dec-20 Tobie   Elizabeth Horsfall  
1627 Jun-07 John   Mary Heworthe  
1643/4 Mar-04 Samuel   Elizabeth Sutcliffe  
1653/4 Jan/Feb Simeon Height, Heptonstall Mary dtr of Thomas Greenwood, yeoman of Wadsworth clothier
1659 April John Stansfield Elizabeth Lord of Stansfield banns only
1671 Dec-14 John   Martha Sugden  
1672 Dec-30 Elizabeth   Mr. John Sunderland  
1677 Nov-08 William   Susan Uttley  
1678 Jul-01 Samuel   Sarah Sutcliffe  
1678 Oct-03 John   Susan Smith  
1679 May-22 Robert   Mary Kay  
1679 Dec-04 William   Esther Crowther  
1682 Oct-26 Robert   Susan Smith  
1682/3 Jan-25 John   Susan Uttley  
1683 Nov-27 Martha   Michael Hindle  
1692/3 Feb-09 Susan   Thomas Crabtree  
1693 Apr-20 William   Sarah Widdop married at Todmorden
1695 Apr-09 John   Elizabeth Fielden  
1695 Nov-21 Mary   Jeremiah Howarth  
1695/6 Feb-23 Mary   John Smith  
1699/00 Jan-14 Robert   Grace Townend  
1700/01 Feb-04 Samuel   Sarah Widdop  
1702 May-03 William Stansfield Sarah Kay  
1703 Mar-29 Elizabeth Stansfield Matthew Greenwood  
1703 Sep-28 Mary Stansfield Abraham Marshall  
1703/4 Feb-01 Elizabeth Stansfield John Earnshaw  
1707/8 Feb-05 Mary Stansfield David Taylor  
1717 Sep-26 John Stansfield Mary Midgley  
1719 Apr-30 Sarah Stansfield Gregory Mitchell  
1721/2 Feb-01 John Langfield Mary Lord  
1723 Oct-13 Elizabeth Heptonstall Edward Taylor of Wadsworth webster
1724 Jun-02 Luke Langfield Judith Law of Langfield webster
1724 Jun-02 Judith Langfield Luke Law of Langfield webster
1724 Aug-04 Elizabeth Stansfield Robert Lowther cordwainer
1724 Aug-15 George Wadsworth Susannah Coats of Wadsworth poor
1725 Aug-24 Mary Stansfield William Greenwood webster
1730 Nov-29 Mary Heptonstall Henry Webster of Stansfield webster
1734/5 Feb-06 Sarah Wadsworth Josias Hoyle  
1735 Jun-12 James Wadsworth Grace Sunderland otherwise Sugden webster
1743 Oct-13 Mary Stansfield John Marshall of Stansfield  
1747 Apr-20 Susan Erringden Thomas Cleaton of Erringden webster
1751/2 Mar-12 Mary Stansfield John Crabtree of Stansfield webster
1753/4 Feb-26 Mary Langfield Mark Hiley of Stansfield married at Cross Stone
1754 Oct-10 Martha Stansfield John Sutcliffe of Stansfield webster
1756 Feb-22 Thomas Todmorden Sarah Sutcliffe of Heptonstall  
1757 Feb-21 Richard Stansfield Olive Crowther of Stansfield webster
1757 Jun-09 Thomas Heptonstall Sarah Greenwood of Wadsworth gentleman, by licence
1758 May-11 Levi Stansfield Martha Crabtree of Stansfield webster
1758 Nov-16 Nellie Erringden Thomas Bentley of Erringden webster
1759 Feb-25 Sarah Langfield Isaac Nichol of Langfield wool comber
1761 May-11 Luke Langfield Grace Crossley of Langfield webster
1764 May-27 James Wadsworth Mary Simpson of Wadsworth webster
1764 May-27 John Stansfield Susan Sutcliffe of Stansfield webster
1764 Jun-25 Ellis Langfield Mary Naylor of Stansfield webster
1764 Dec-02 Ann Heptonstall Jonathan Uttley of Wadsworth stuff weaver, by licence
1766 Feb-13 Sarah widow of this parish Gilbert Woosey of this parish excise officer, by licence
1767 Jul-15 William Langfield Betty Lord of Langfield stuff maker
1769 Aug-28 Susan Stansfield Thomas Fielding, widower of Stansfield banns Sept/Oct 1768
1770 Sep-20 Ann Wadsworth George Greenwood of Wadsworth webster
1772 Mar-09 Luke Sowerby Grace Horsfall of Erringden webster
1772 Apr-21 Betty Stansfield Charles Rawson of Stansfield webster
1775 Feb-12 Luke widower of Langfield Mary Barrit of Langfield  
1775 Mar-02 William Langfield Mary Barker of Stansfield webster
1775 Dec-26 Betty Erringden Thomas Crossley of Erringden webster
1776 Oct-06 Bessey Erringden Richard Cockcroft widower of Stansfield  
1777 Nov-27 Mary Langfield Benjamin Windle of Colne, Whalley Parish webster
1778 Oct-22 Mary Erringden William Varley of Erringden webster
1779 Apr-22 John of this parish Mary Crabtree of this parish webster by licence
1779 Sep-02 John of this parish Mary Knowles of this parish shop keeper, by licence
1779 Sep-26 Thomas widower of Todmorden Peggy Hacking widow of Todmorden  
1780 Jul-04 Sarah Wadsworth Solomon Ackroyd widower of Heptonstall  


1781 Apr-29 James Stansfield Sally Crossley of Wadsworth webster
1781 Jun-10 Ann Stansfield John Greenwood widower of Stansfield webster
1781 Nov-29 Sally Sowerby John Meadowcroft of Langfield wool comber
1782 Nov-05 Sarah Todmorden Robert Mitchell of Erringden stuff manufacturer, tradesman
1782 Dec-26 William Langfield Mary Crabtree of Stansfield webster
1783 Aug-12 Sally Langfield John Sutcliffe of Langfield webster
1783 Sep-28 John widower of Langfield Susan Barrit widow of Erringden  
1784 Nov-28 Mary Stansfield John Sutcliffe of Stansfield webster
1784 Dec-30 John Stansfield Sally Sutcliffe of Stansfield webster
1785 Feb-08 Mary Erringden Richard Horsfall of Erringden webster
1785 Nov-10 Esther Stansfield James Snowden of Stansfield mason
1785 Dec-27 Nellie Erringden John Stansfield of Erringden webster
1786 Jul-27 John Erringden Betty Uttley of Erringden webster
1786 Oct-05 Mark Erringden Sarah Stansfield of Erringden webster
1786 Dec-26 Sally Wadsworth William Smith of Wadsworth webster
1787 Feb-20 Emmanuel Erringden Sarah Ashworth of Erringden webster
1787 aug 9 or nov 29 Sarah widow of Stansfield James Townend widower of Stansfield  
1787 Nov-01 Zachariah Langfield Anna Sutcliffe of Stansfield webster
1788 Jan-20 Mally Hundersfield William Sutcliffe of Stansfield webster
1788 Aug-05 Betty Stansfield John Townend widower of Stansfield  
1790 Oct-19 Mary Erringden Abraham Dewhirst of Erringden webster
1791 Feb-01 James Hogside, Oldham Mary Ingham of Langfield webster
1791 Feb-03 Thomas Langfield Betty Sutcliffe of Erringden webster
1791 Jul-17 Mary Stansfield Edmund Barker of Stansfield webster
1791 Dec-06 James widower of Stansfield Susan Stansfield widow of Stansfield  
1792 Feb-21 William Stansfield Mary Thomas of Langfield webster
1792 May-24 Betty Stansfield Aaron Baron (Barton) of Langfield webster
1793 Aug-26 Sarah Stansfield Henry Hayes of Erringden webster
1795 Jan-25 Betty Stansfield Charles Nuttall of Stansfield webster
1796 Sep-06 James Erringden Grace Clayton of Erringden webster
1796 Dec-05 Jonas Stansfield Sally Rigg of Stansfield webster
1797 Jan-19 Samuel Stansfield Mally Feber of Stansfield  
1797 Feb-19 Mary Stansfield John Rawson of Stansfield webster
1797 Aug-24 John Stansfield Sally Marshall of Stansfield webster
1797 Nov-02 Betty Heptonstall Jonathan Uttley of Heptonstall webster
1799 Feb-15 Sarah Erringden George Taylor of Erringden manufacturer, webster
1799 Nov-18 Judith Stansfield Nicholas Ogden of Hundersfield  
1800 Dec-30 Jeptha Stansfield Betty Dewhirst of Stansfield weaver
1801 Jan-25 William Heptonstall Sally Ingham of Wadsworth cotton manufacturer
1801 Jun-21 Sally Stansfield John Dawson of Hundersfield webster
1801 Sep-29 Charles Stansfield Mary Fielden of Stansfield webster
1802 Mar-11 Levi Stansfield Betty Holt of Langfield webster
1802 Apr-11 James Stansfield Sally Marshall of Stansfield  
1802 Apr-29 Betty Stansfield James Pickles of Stansfield webster
1803 Dec-29 Thomas Stansfield Betty Ormroyd of Stansfield webster
1805 Sep-22 Samuel Todmorden Mary Barker of Langfield webster
1806 Apr-27 John Stansfield Hannah Cunliffe of Stansfield webster
1806 Jun-29 John Erringden Mary Barnes of Erringden webster
1808 May-22 Robert widower of Stansfield Ann Barker widow of Stansfield  
1808 Jun-29 Paul Langfield Mary Sutcliffe of Stansfield weaver
1809 Dec-26 Violet Todmorden John Farrow of Stansfield weaver


1810 Mar-06 Susey Wadsworth John Hayhirst of Erringden weaver
1810 Sep-23 Hannah Stansfield James Judson of Heptonstall weaver
1811 Aug-01 John Langfield Betty Helliwell of Stansfield weaver
1812 Jan-26 George Stansfield Betty Marshall of Stansfield weaver
1812 Dec-24 William Stansfield Sarah Helliwell of Stansfield soldier
1814 May-22 Grace Stansfield John Robertshaw of Stansfield weaver
1814 Jul-17 Thomas Stansfield Sally Ingham of Stansfield stone mason
1814 Nov-03 William Stansfield Hannah Hartley of Stansfield weaver
1814 Dec-26 Betty Erringden John Horsfall of Wadsworth weaver
1815 Aug-20 John widower of Wadsworth Hannah Sunderland of Wadsworth  
1816 Apr-23 James widower of Stansfield Susan Marshall widow of Stansfield  
1817 Sep-04 Hannah Stansfield John Whittaker of Todmorden blacksmith
1818 Mar-15 Hannah Stansfield Thomas Sutcliffe of Stansfield weaver
1818 Apr-19 Mary Stansfield John Wilkinson of Stansfield weaver
1819 Oct-12 Susey Midgley William Sutcliffe of Heptonstall weaver
1820 Sep-27 Richard Langfield Margaret Sutcliffe of Langfield carriage man
1820 Sep-28 William Stansfield Susan Marshall of Stansfield weaver
1821 Jul-24 William Stansfield Olive Crabtree of Stansfield weaver
1821 Oct-03 Sally Langfield William Marshall of Langfield weaver
1821 Dec-04 Mary Stansfield James Dawson of Stansfield weaver
1822 Feb-11 Jonas Stansfield Sarah Townend of Stansfield weaver
1822 Apr-03 Susan Stansfield Samuel Horsfall of Stansfield weaver
1822 Apr-21 Hannah Erringden John Crowther of Erringden weaver
1822 Nov-03 John Newchurch, Rossendale Elizabeth Greenwood of Stansfield wool comber
1822 Dec-26 Mary Stansfield William Sunderland of Stansfield weaver
1824 Sep-05 Richard Stansfield Sally Crowther of Stansfield cordwainer
1825 Apr-01 Mary Stansfield John Crossley of Stansfield blacksmith
1825 Aug-15 Robert widower of Stansfield Mary Crabtree widow of Stansfield  
1825 Sep-01 Martha Stansfield John Sutcliffe of Stansfield weaver
1825 Oct-02 Sarah widow of Stansfield James Greenwood of Stansfield weaver or labourer
1826 Nov-06 Mary Ann Heptonstall John Colling of Heptonstall weaver
1826 Dec-11 Mary Stansfield John Greenwood of Stansfield weaver
1827 Feb-27 William Langfield Betty Cockcroft of Langfield cotton spinner
1827 Apr-08 John Stansfield Betty Marshall of Stansfield weaver
1828 Jan-12 Mary Stansfield Abraham Nowel of Stansfield weaver
1828 Feb-17 Esther Stansfield John Law of Stansfield weaver
1828 Feb-17 John Stansfield Esther Law of Stansfield weaver
1828 May-01 Betty Stansfield William Howarth of Stansfield weaver
1828 Sep-07 Zachariah Stansfield Susan Stansfield of Stansfield weaver
1828 Sep-07 Grace Stansfield Abraham Marshall of Stansfield weaver
1828 Dec-07 Betty Langfield John Greenwood of Langfield weaver
1828 Dec-29 Isaac Erringden Sarah Pilling of Erringden weaver
1829 Apr-30 Susan Todmorden Thomas Wadsworth widower of Heptonstall by licence
1831 Aug-14 William Langfield Sarah Greenwood of Langfield cotton spinner
1832 Apr-23 Betty Langfield Barker Olinthus Sutcliffe of Langfield weaver
1832 Aug-19 Eliza Heptonstall Thomas Robertshaw of Heptonstall stone mason
1832 Nov-04 James Stansfield Mary Crabtree of Stansfield weaver
1833 Sep-26 Olive Stansfield James Grindrod of Stansfield blacksmith
1833 Sep-26 Thomas Stansfield Sarah Colling of Cliviger weaver
1834 Feb-14 Sally Stansfield James Sutcliffe of Stansfield weaver
1834 Apr-13 Mary Stansfield Charles Crabtree of Stansfield labourer
1834 Jun-08 Robert Langfield Sarah Ogden of Langfield slater
1834 Aug-11 Betty Stansfield John Hudson of Stansfield weaver
1834 Sep-02 Thomas Wadsworth Mary Sunderland of Wadsworth wool comber
1834 Nov-09 Eunice Stansfield James Varley of Stansfield weaver
1834 Dec-27 Ann Stansfield Robert Barker of Stansfield weaver
1834 Dec-27 William Erringden Hannah Broadbent of Erringden weaver
1835 Feb-01 John Stansfield Mary Earnshaw of Stansfield weaver
1835 Mar-01 Ann Langfield Thomas Sugden of Langfield weaver
1835 Mar-01 James Langfield Mary Helliwell of Stansfield weaver
1835 Apr-04 Lydia Stansfield Edward Crossley of Stansfield weaver
1835 Aug-02 John Langfield Sarah Lord of Langfield cotton spinner
1835 Aug-06 Moses Stansfield Mally Bentley of Stansfield weaver
1835 Oct-25 Hannah Stansfield Thomas Astin of Stansfield cotton carder