Year Date Name Spouse Residence Comments/Witnesses
1698 07-Mar Samuel Elizabeth Wattmough Heptonstall  
1709 25-Oct William Ann Clegg Todmorden  
1715 15-Jun Robert Susan Knowls    
1724 25-Apr James Mary Smith Todmorden Weaver
1730 01-Sep John Susannah Snigsworth    
1730 19-Sep Samuel Betty Unsworth    
1734 12-Dec Thomas Sarah Stansfield    
1743 April Samuel Elisabeth Haigh Walsden  
1747 20-Apr John Rosamund Eastwood    
1747 24-May John Ann Crossley    
1750 21-Jul John Ann Law    
1756 24-Aug William Susannah Spencer   John Crowther, Luke Law witnessed
1756 25-Dec John Sarah Greenwood   John Crossley, Anthony Crossley witnessed
1759 25-Sep Samuel Martha Greenwood   John Beaumont, William Law witnessed
1761 10-May Jeremiah Law Ann Dawson   Samuel Law, Philip Dawson witnessed
1761 28-Dec Samuel Mally Hewerth    
1764 27-Dec Robert Mary Crabtree Mary from Heptonstall  
1765 03-Sep Thomas Mary Stansfield Mary from Heptonstall  
1765 07-Nov Robert Mary Greenwood    
1766 27-Nov James Mary Lingard Mary from Cliviger  
1767 05-Nov James Martha Astin James from Heptonstall  
1770 14-Jan Samuel Sarah Crossley   Samuel signed his name. Edward Mitchell, Charles Lord witnessed
1772 13-Dec Samuel Susan Hoyle   witnesses Eli Sutcliffe, Luke Law
1773 12-Oct John Susan Newall    
1773 19-Oct James Mary Wild    
1777 29-Dec William Betty Fielden Betty from Heptonstall Banns read at Heptonstall
1778 03-Mar John Ester Ingham    
1778 30-Oct Samuel Sarah Carter   witnesses Abram Jackson, Samuel Jackson
1781 07-Oct Mary Joseph Crowther   John Crowther, John Shackleton
1782 24-Oct William Susannah Law   Thomas Dawson, John Highley. William did not sign
1782 Oct-24 Betty Thomas Barker   Thomas Dawson and John Hiley
1783 03-Mar Hannah James Fielden   Thomas Dawson and John Lord
1783 22-Apr Mary John Crossley   Eli Sutcliffe, John Jackson
1783 Feb-20 Mary Abraham Mitchell   John Sutcliffe, John Shackleton
1783 Oct-23 Betty James Howarth   George Barker and John Lord
1784 28-Dec Thomas Martha Clegg   Richard Naylor, Thomas Roberts. Thomas signed his name
1785 24-Mar Grace James Kershaw   John Witam and James Scholfield
1786 18-Jul Sally John Stansfield   James Wild, John Haigh
1786 29-Aug Mary William Crowther   John Mitchell, William Greenwood
1787 29-May Samuel Susan Haigh   Thomas Dawson, John Hiley. Samuel signed his name
1788 03-Jul Mary James Woodhead   James Earnshaw, William Jackson
1788 13-May Robert Betty Fielden   William Fielden, James Greenwood. Robert signed his name
1788 May-30 Robert Nelly Law   George Howarth, John Crowther. Robert signed his name
1789 Aug-19 Betty James Greenwood   John Fielden and Abraham Fielden
1790 Aug-24 Betty John Brook   Abraham Fielden and James Greenwood
1791 25-Jan Samuel Susan Bentley Susan from Heptonstall Robert Law, John Hamer. Samuel signed his name
1796 27-Dec Samuel Betty Carter   Abraham Fielden, James Ogden. Samuel did not sign his name
1797 May-28 Thomas Betty Sutcliffe   Thomas Law, John Shackleton
1798 20-Feb John Sally Fielden   Samuel Law, Thomas Law. John signed his name
1799 04-Feb Abraham Mary Nowel First Regiment of the Life Guards R.Midgley, Lieut. John Crossley Jnr. Anthony Crossley.
1800 21-Jul Betty James Fielden    
1801 20-Oct John Mary Law   John Law, Samuel Law. Did not sign his name
1802 03-Sep John Mary Bentley   Isaac Nuttall, Robert Holt. Did not sign his name
1802 30-Dec Samuel Aggy Haigh   James Ratcliffe John Ratcliffe. Did not sign his name.
1803 30-Oct William Betty Dawson   James Nuttall Isaac Nuttall. Did not sign his name
1804 26-Dec William Betty Woodhead   John Barker, Abraham Barker. Signed his name
1804 26-Jun John Susan Butterworth   Thomas Law John Shackleton. Signed his name
1805 14-Nov James Ann Bentley James from Halifax Isaac Nuttall, Isaac Heywood. Did not sign his name
1805 17-Sep Thomas Hannah Fielden   John Law, Thomas Dawson. Did not sign his name
1807 10-Feb Susan James Greenwood Susan from Halifax William Jackson John Shackleton. Did sign her name
1807 31-Oct Betty John Ingham   John Stansfield John Howorth
1808 04-Feb William Sarah Crabtree   James Greenwood, John Morrow. Did not sign his name
1808 24-Oct Thomas Sally Crabtree   James Barker, John Shackleton. Did not sign his name
1809 06-Jul Ann James Farrah   Samuel Forrester Henry Sutcliffe
1810 29-Mar Sally Henry Sutcliffe   John Greenwood William Sutcliffe
1811 07-Jul Edmund Sarah Stott   William Ashton John Taylor. Did sign his name
1811 07-Nov Thomas Mary Sutcliffe   John Jackson William Mason. Did not sign his name
1813 28-Feb Sally Edmund Lord    
1815 24-Sep Hannah John Fielden    
1815 28-Mar Ann Edmund Crossley    
1816 17-Dec Betty John Mills Betty from Halifax  
1816 26-Dec James Grace Stott Grace from Halifax  
1816 27-Feb James Mary Law    
1817 17-Dec John Betty Mitchell   married at Rochdale 
1818 11-May Alice Abraham Stansfield    
1818 25-Jun Sally William Priestley   married at Rochdale 
1820 25-Nov Sarah John Stansfield    
1822 04-Apr Samuel Mary Ann Beckett    
1822 31-Aug William Sarah Woolfenden    
1823 25-Dec John Martha Crowther Friths Wood married at Rochdale
1823 29-Sep Samuel Ann Marshall Friths Wood  married at Rochdale
1826 6 Nov Samuel Betty Fielden Knowl Bottom Betty of Square
1828 19-Feb Hannah Thomas Crabtree    
1831 28-Sep Samuel Hannah Holt   married at Rochdale 
1832 30-Sep Sarah Jonathan Turner    
1833 18-Feb Thomas Sally Greenwood    
1833 18-Feb John Ann Aspinall    
1834 25-Dec John Hannah Tempest    
1835 7 Nov Zachariah Mary Dawson Deanroyd  
1836 05-May Robert Betty Fielden    
1836 10-Mar Elizabeth John Shepherd    
1836 29-May Edmund Mary Sladen    
1837 26-Jan John Mary Crummack    
1838 02-Sep Robert son of William Mary Ann Meadowcroft aged 19 Ramsden Clough Brides father James, spinner from Coldwell. Robert was a woollen weaver, father a weaver.
1840 19-Jan James son of Samuel Elizabeth Butterworth aged 19 Spring Mill Brides father Thomas Butterworth of Mount Gilead,stonegetter. James was a shoemaker aged 19, Samuel a manufacturer
1841 27 Sep John Hannah Fielden Hollingworth Hannah of Bottoms
1841 9 Aug Samuel Dorothy Crossley Hollingworth

Dorothy of Bottoms

married at Rochdale

1843 16 Feb Thomas Susan Howarth   Susan of Newbridge. Married after living together for 20 years