1666 To 1857




Year Date Name Parents Residence Comments
1670 18-May Ezra John Todmorden  
1672 12-Jan John John Walsden  
1675 22-Aug Thomas John and Jin    
1677 02-Feb Mary Thomas    
1679 06-Jul John John Inchfield  
1680 28-Mar John Thomas   b. near 5pm. 19th. Mar 1679
1685 24-Jan Susan Thomas Inchfield b. near noon 18th. Jan.
1686 11-Apr Samuel John Walsden b. near 5pm. 3rd. April
1707 12-Oct John John Inchfield  
1708 07-Nov Elizabeth John Inchfield  
1710 23-Apr James John    
1711 16-Dec George John    
1714 03-Apr John Samuel Walsden weaver
1714 29-Aug Judith John Inchfield Pasture  
1716 02-Apr Sarah John Walsden  
1716 16-Dec Thomas Samuel    
1719 23-Jan Betty Samuel    
1720 17-Jul Betty John    
1722 12-Jan Susan John and Martha Inchfield weaver
1722 16-Feb Martha Samuel and Mary Walsden weaver
1724 30-May Samuel John and Martha    
1725 15-Jan Susan Samuel and Mary Calf Hey weaver
1730 07-Feb Samuel Samuel and Mary    
1732 04-Mar James Samuel and Mary    
1734 22-Jun Sarah Samuel and Mary    
1736 06-Nov James Samuel and Mary    
1738 02-Dec William Samuel and Mary    
1740 21-Mar male Samuel and Mary    
1740 26-Jul male John and Mary    
1743 10-Aug Ely Samuel Walsden  
1748 25-Dec John Samuel Langfield  
1750 09-Jun Edmund John Walsden  
1751 01-Sep Mary John Clough  
1751 01-Sep Sarah Samuel Walsden  
1753 18-Mar Samuel Thomas and Mary Todmorden  
1753 17-Nov Sarah John and Sarah Walsden  
1756 10-Jan Esther John and Sarah Walsden  
1758 29-Jan Samuel James and Ellen Walsden  
1759 04-Aug James John and Sarah Walsden  
1759 12-Aug William James and Ellen Walsden  
1760 30-Nov James Luke and Betty Walsden  
1761 20-Jan John William and Rachel Walsden  
1761 22-Feb Ann James and Ellen Walsden  
1762 02-May Benjamin William and Rachel Walsden  
1763 06-Aug Joseph James and Ellen Walsden  
1765 14-Jul Samuel William and Rachel Walsden  
1765 25-Dec John James and Ellen Walsden  
1768 20-Jun James James and Ellen WALSDEN  
1768 04-Sep Mary William and Rachel Walsden  
1770 22-May Thomas James and Ellen Walsden  
1771 19-May Thomas William and Rachel Walsden  
1771 10-Nov Susan Samuel and Mary Todmorden  
1773 28-Sep Thomas William and Rachel Walsden  
1774 27-Feb Mary James and Ellen Walsden  
1774 12-Jun Sarah Samuel and Mary Todmorden  
1774 06-Nov Ann William and Rachel Walsden  
1776 31-Jan Samuel John Todmorden  
1776 16-Apr Joshua James and Ellen Walsden  


1777 23-Mar Abraham William and Rachel Walsden  
1777 28-Mar Edmund James and Mally Walsden  
1777 19-May Betty Samuel and Mary Todmorden  
1778 08-Mar Henry John and Sarah Walsden  
1779 10-Jan John Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1779 12-Dec John William and Rachel Walsden  
1780 06-Jan Grace Edmund and Betty Walsden  
1780 03-Jun Luke James and Mally Walsden  
1781 31-Mar John Edmund and Betty Walsden  
1782 31-Aug Abraham James and Mally Walsden  
1782 07-Dec Esther John and Ellen Todmorden  
1784 20-May Joseph William and Rachel Walsden  
1784 22-Sep Sally Benjamin and Hannah Walsden  
1784 28-Sep Sally John and Ellen Todmorden  
1785 25-Mar Hannah Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1785 11-Jun Betty James and Mally Hades  
1786 20-Mar James Edmund and Mary Walsden  
1786 06-Jun Abraham Benjamin and Hannah Walsden  
1786 10-Aug Thomas John and Ellen Todmorden  
1787 27-May Edmund Edmund and Mary Walsden  
1788 03-Feb Ann Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1788 16-Jul William James Walsden bs Sally Fielden
1788 29-Sep William Benjamin and Hannah Walsden  
1789 26-Sep David John and Ellen Todmorden  
1789 12-Oct James Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1790 17-Jan Sally Edmund and Mary Walsden  
1791 24-Nov William Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1793 27-Jan Samuel Edmund and Mary Walsden  
1793 27-Jun Samuel Benjamin and Hannah Walsden  
1793 13-Dec Mary James and Margaret Wattyhole  
1794 04-Jan Mary Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1795 20-Jun Susan Sarah Todmorden bd Abraham Holden
1795 06-Sep James Edmund and Mary Clough  
1795 26-Nov Sarah James Walsden bd Sally Fielden
1796 09-Feb Betty Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1797 13-Feb John Benjamin and Hannah Bottoms  
1797 19-Feb William Mary Marldearth bs Samuel Dearden
1797 08-Jun James John and Ann Sherneyford  
1798 04-May William Edmund and Mary Clough  
1798 16-Nov William John and Sally Walsden  
1801 27-Jun Thomas Edmund and Mary Clough  
1802 04-Jan Sally Samuel and Sarah Walsden  
1802 16-Apr Samuel Ann Walsden bs John Mitchell
1802 29-Dec Samuel John and Sally Walsden  
1803 27-Feb Sally John and Betty Walsden  
1803 09-Oct George Edmund and Mary Clough  
1805 23-Jun William Ann Bottoms bs James Howarth
1806 26-Jan Hannah James and Mary Swineshead  
1807 20-May Betty Abraham and Alice Moverley  
1808 06-Mar John James and Mary Swineshead  
1809 23-Apr Joseph Edmund and Mary Clough  
1809 02-Jul James Abraham and Alice Moverley  
1810 13-Jan Abraham Ann Walsden bs James Howarth
1810 25-Nov Esther James and Mary Swineshead  
1811 11-Aug John James and Sally Ramsden  
1811 24-Dec Jeremy Edmund and Mary Clough  
1812 30-Aug Sarah Samuel and Mary Inchfield  


Year Date Name Parents Address Occ. Notes
1813 16-Apr Hannah William & Mally Bottoms weaver  
1813 18-Apr Abel James & Mary Swineshead spinner  
1813 30-Nov Mary William & Betty Knowl Top weaver  
1814 19-Jun Betty Samuel & Mary Calfhey weaver  
1815 25-Mar William William & Mally Bottoms weaver  
1815 10-Jun Hannah William & Betty Knowl Top weaver  
1816 13-Oct Charles James & Mary Swineshead weaver  
1817 11-Apr William Samuel & Mary Calfhey carter  
1818 30-Oct William Joseph & Ann Knowlwood weaver  
1819 05-May Maria John Calflee weaver by Mary Crowther
1819 09-May Martha William & Betty Knowl Top weaver  
1819 20-Jun Maria William & Mally Bottoms weaver  
1820 18-Jun Abraham Ann Whiteslack weaver by Thomas Newell
1820 18-Jun Mary Samuel & Mary Calfhey weaver  
1821 28-Sep Benjamin John & Betty Walsden weaver  
1822 22 Mar Edmund James & Mary Knowlwood weaver  
1823 20-May Mary Samuel & Mary Calfhey brewer  
1823 08-Jul Betty Ellen Hollings   spinster
1823 06-Nov Samuel Joseph & Ann Knowlwood labourer  
1824 06-Jun John William & Betty Allescholes carter  
1824 28-Sep Alice John & Betty Crook weaver  
1826 05-Feb James Joseph & Ann Knowlwood labourer  
1826 06-Mar George Samuel & Mary Calfhey brewer  
1827 14-Oct Ann Joseph & Ann Loom Shop labourer  
1828 07-May John William & Mally Lanebottom weaver  
1830 14-Mar James John & Hannah Bridge End clogger  
1830 01-Aug John Samuel & Mary Walsden carter  
1831 10-Jul Betty William & Betty Bottoms carter  
1831 10-Jul Sarah William & Betty Bottoms carter  
1832 02-Sep Edmund Joseph & Mary Clough weaver  
1833 17-Nov Esther Samuel & Mary Calfhey weaver  
1833 02-Dec Betty Samuel & Betty Lanebottom weaver  
1834 19-Feb John Abel Shade clogger by Hannah Law
1835 15-Mar Thomas Joseph & Mary Inchfield weaver  
1835 29-Sep Robert Abel Ashton clogger by Hannah Law of Bridge End
1836 01-Apr Mary Ann Richard & Sally Gauxholme carder  
1836 25-Sep Benjamin Charles & Mary Sandhole clogger  
1837 24-Mar Robert Richard & Sally Gauxholme carder  
1838 13-Apr Mary Joseph & Mary Inchfield confectioner  
1838 31-Jul Thomas Maria Longlees boatman by William Law
1839 02-Jun James Charles & Mary Oldham clogger  
1840 05-Jan Joseph John & Betty Moverley weaver  
1840 24-Aug Thomas Edward Charles & Mary Knowlwood clogger  
1840 06-Dec James Richard & Sally Butcher Hill engineer  
1841 13-Jun Amos Hannah Walsden miner by James Smith
1842 04-May Sarah John & Betty Moverley weaver  
1842 04-May Edmund John & Betty Moverley weaver  
1843 07-Jun Mary John & Betty Moverley weaver  
1844 05-Apr Rebecca Richard & Sally Knowlwood engineer  
1845 29-Jan Nancy Edmund & Hannah Shade basket maker born 9 Dec 1842
1846 13-Sep Christopher Edmund & Sarah Bridge End millwright