complete from 1594 to 1812


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden


year date name parents occ. address township notes
1599 26-Dec George Grace       by Henry Crabtree
1600 10-Feb Susan Anthony     Stansfield  
1600 24-Mar Daniel John     Stansfield  
1600 13-Apr Daniel John     Stansfield  
1600 05-Jul John Robert     Erringden  
1600 19-Oct Martha Michael     Stansfield  
1600 21-Dec Grace Mary       by John Thomas
1601 27-Sep Adam Adam     Heptonstall  
1602 03-Oct Susan George     Heptonstall  
1603 23-Feb Thomas Michael     Stansfield  
1603 30-Jul Mary Edmund     Heptonstall  
1603 Mar Samuel Abraham        
1604 05-Jan Robert Andrew     Erringden  
1604 16-Dec James Elizabeth       by Edward Smith
1605 01-Sep Gabriel John     Stansfield  
1606 08-Jun Grace Simeon     Wadsworth  
1606 25-Oct Grace Elizabeth       by Edward Smith
1606 13-Nov Mary Andrew       by Ann Jackson
1607 15-Feb Grace Edmund     Heptonstall  
1607 27-Sep Simeon Leavy     Stansfield  
1607 15-Nov Thomas Robert     Stansfield  
1607 29-Nov Isaac Isaac     Langfield  
1607 20-Dec Susan Adam     Heptonstall  
1608 28-Feb Christabell John     Stansfield  
1608 05-Jun Anthony Richard     Langfield  
1608 05-Jun Mary Thomas        
1609 08-Jan Simeon Robert     Heptonstall  
1609 01-Mar Agnes Thomas       by Elizabeth Barnes
1609 12-Mar Grace James     Stansfield  
1609 02-Oct Elizabeth Simeon       by Grace Whitaker
1610 18-Feb Mary John     Stansfield  
1610 10-Jun John John     Stansfield  
1610 10-Jun John Robert        
1610 30-Sep Martha Abraham     Heptonstall  
1610 14-Oct Mary James     Stansfield  
1611 31-Mar Grace Anthony       by Ann Avyson
1611 31-Mar Mary Simeon     Heptonstall  
1611 23-Jun Jonas John       alias Dobson
1612 19-Aug Martha John     Stansfield  
1612 06-Dec Mary Elizabeth       by Roger Forest
1613 21-Mar John James     Stansfield  
1613 16-May Mary Simeon     Stansfield  
1613 18-Jul Mary John     Stansfield  
1613 22-Aug John William     Stansfield  
1614 26-Jun Grace John     Heptonstall  
1614 23-Oct John John     Stansfield  
1615 01-Apr Samuel Abraham     Heptonstall by Mary Midgley
1615 02-Jul Timothy William     Stansfield  
1615 15-Nov Abraham Robert     Stansfield  
1616 07-Jan Michael James     Stansfield  
1616 08-Feb John Simeon     Wadsworth  
1616 10-Mar John Richard     Stansfield  
1616 21-Jul Mary Michael     Heptonstall  
1617 01-Jun John Anthony     Wadsworth  
1617 27-Jul Chilion Simeon     Stansfield  
1618 11-Jan Timothy John     Heptonstall  
1618 22-Mar Edward John     Stansfield  
1618 03-May William William     Stansfield  
1618 04-Oct Luke Peter     Erringden by Isabell Crowther
1618 15-Nov Sarah John     Stansfield  
1619 07-Feb John Abraham     Stansfield  
1619 21-Feb Mary William     Heptonstall  
1619 28-Feb James James     Stansfield  
1619 28-Mar Grace Michael     Heptonstall  
1620 09-Jan Rebecca Simeon     Stansfield  
1620 02-Apr Simeon Abraham     Langfield  
1620 23-Apr Sarah John     Stansfield  
1620 23-Jul Andrew Anthony     Wadsworth  
1620 03-Dec Grace William     Stansfield baptised at Todmorden
1621 07-Jan Joseph John     Stansfield  
1621 01-Apr Martha William     Heptonstall  
1621 06-May Sarah John     Heptonstall  
1621 06-May Sarah William     Heptonstall  
1621 06-May Thomas Abraham     Stansfield  
1621 30-Sep Sarah Michael     Heptonstall  
1622 03-Mar Abraham James     Stansfield  
1622 31-Mar Martha Abraham     Langfield  
1622 03-Nov Jeremy Richard     Stansfield  
1623 08-Jan Levy Simeon     Stansfield  
1623 08-Jun Mary Abraham     Langfield  
1624 25-Jan Martha William     Heptonstall  
1624 25-Jan Mary William     Stansfield  
1624 09-May Jonas John     Stansfield  
1624 21-Nov James Robert     Stansfield  
1625 19-Jun William John     Stansfield  
1625 02-Oct Martha Abraham     Langfield  
1625 20-Nov William Richard     Wadsworth  
1625 18-Dec Sarah James     Stansfield  
1625 April Ann Abraham     Langfield  
1626 15-Jan James Anthony     Wadsworth  
1626 24-Dec William William     Heptonstall  
1627 28-Jan Abraham John     Stansfield  
1627 22-Apr Abraham Robert     Stansfield  
1627 27-May John John     Stansfield  
1627 22-Aug Sarah James       by Mary Towne
1627 06-Nov Elizabeth William     Stansfield  
1627 27-Dec John Luke       by Sarah Hopkinson
1628 16-Mar John Richard     Wadsworth  
1628 11-May Gabriel Daniel     Stansfield  
1628 23-Nov Alice Abraham     Langfield  
1628 28-Dec Abraham Abraham     Langfield  
1629 16-Aug John Luke       by Grace Jackson
1630 17-Jan Mary Thomas     Stansfield  
1630 24-Jan Martha William     Stansfield  
1630 12-Sep John Robert     Stansfield  
1631 06-Mar Simeon John   Ashes    
1631 11-Apr Daniel Isabell     Stansfield by William Sladen
1632 18-Mar Mary Samuel     Stansfield  
1632 02-Dec Mary Alice     Stansfield by Richard Clegg
1633 07-Apr John Richard     Wadsworth  
1633 17-Nov John John   Lee    
1634 03-Jul Grace Joseph     Stansfield  
1635 17-May David William     Heptonstall  
1635 05-Jul Anna Daniel     Stansfield  
1635 25-Oct Grace John     Stansfield  
1635 25-Oct Mary John     Stansfield  
1636 09-Jul Susan Simeon     Heptonstall  
1636 28-Aug John John     Stansfield  
1638 08-Apr John Mary     Erringden by Daniel Earnshaw
1638 20-May Mary Joseph     Stansfield  
1638 20-May Susan William     Heptonstall  
1638 24-Jun James John     Stansfield  
1638 05-Aug Esther Samuel     Stansfield  
1638 09-Dec Timothy John     Stansfield  
1638 31-Dec Jeremy Jeremy     Stansfield base son


year date name parents occ. address township notes
1639 07-Jul Richard Richard     Wadsworth  
1639 08-Sep James Samuel     Langfield  
1639 08-Sep Mary Joseph     Stansfield  
1640 April Susan John        
1642 10-Jul Grace Joseph     Stansfield  
1642 14-Aug David Samuel     Stansfield  
1642 27-Nov John John     Wadsworth  
1643 08-Jan William James     Stansfield  
1643 19-Mar Simeon John     Stansfield  
1643 21-May Henry Richard     Wadsworth  
1644 17-Nov John Joseph     Stansfield  
1645 09-May Joseph Richard     Stansfield by Elizabeth Clegg
1645 03-Aug Martha John     Wadsworth  
1646 19-Apr Elizabeth Joseph     Langfield  
1646 31-May Martha James     Wadsworth  
1647 31-Jan Sarah Joseph     Stansfield  
1647 23-May Martha John     Stansfield  
1647 11-Jul Mary John     Wadsworth  
1647 22-Sep Mary John     Heptonstall  
1647 16-Dec Grace John   Cross Stone   baptised at Cross Stone
1648 02-Apr John James     Wadsworth  
1648 28-May Mary Abraham       by Martha Hardy
1649 23-Dec Mary James     Wadsworth  
1650 10-Feb Timothy John     Wadsworth  
1651 04-Mar Elizabeth John   Cross Stone   baptised at Cross Stone
1651 12-Oct James Sarah       by Lawrence Phishirke
1651 07-Dec Martha Edward       by Susan Fletcher
1651 14-Dec Susannah James     Wadsworth  
1652 17-Oct Grace Richard   Harleywood   baptised at Cross Stone
1652 17-Oct Martha Cheleen       baptised at Cross Stone
1653 22-Nov Susan John   Cross Stone Stansfield baptised at Cross Stone, born 19 Nov 1653
1653 05-Dec son James   Highhurst Wadsworth birth, no baptism
1654 10-Apr Mary Rebecca     Stansfield birth, no baptism, by John Roberts
1654 26-Jul Dorothy Joseph   Eastwood Stansfield birth, no baptism
1654 10-Sep Mary Richard   Steel in Harleywood   birth, no baptism
1654 25-Sep son John   Bank in Harleywood Stansfield birth, no baptism
1654 08-Oct Susan Charles   Ashenhurst Stansfield birth, no baptism
1655 10-Aug John Samuel     Langfield birth, no baptism
1655 12-Aug James James   Highhurst Wadsworth born 29 July 1655
1655 06-Nov Martha John   Bank in Harleywood   birth, no baptism
1656 09-Oct   Cheleen   Harleywood Stansfield birth, no baptism
1656 12-Oct Richard Richard   Harleywood Stansfield birth, no baptism
1656 14-Dec Martha Joseph   Eastwood Stansfield birth, no baptism
1656 Mar Samuel John   Horsfall Stansfield birth, no baptism
1657 09-Sep James John   Shore Stansfield birth, no baptism
1657 08-Nov John James   Highhurst   born 28 Oct 1657
1657 07-Dec James Samuel     Langfield birth, no baptism
1659 22-Dec William Richard     Stansfield birth, no baptism
1660 11-Sep Mary Samuel   Shore Stansfield  
1660 Jan Charles James   Highhurst Wadsworth birth, no baptism
1661 02-Jul Susannah Simeon     Stansfield  
1661 24-Nov Susannah Richard     Stansfield  
1664 31-Jan John Abraham     Stansfield  
1664 14-Aug Sarah Abraham     Stansfield  
1665 04-Mar John John   Shore    
1665 19-Mar John Simeon     Stansfield  
1665 16-Jul John Joseph       by Mary Eastwood
1665 16-Jul Mary Richard     Stansfield  
1666 27-May Martha Samuel     Langfield  
1666 25-Nov John Abraham     Stansfield  
1667 23-Mar William Elizabeth       by William Law
1667 07-Apr Simeon Simeon     Stansfield  
1667 10-Nov Samuel David     Heptonstall  
1667 24-Nov Mary Abraham   Marsh    
1668 05-Jan Jonas Mary       by by Jonas Ingham
1669 08-Jan David David     Heptonstall  
1669 14-Mar Eliner John     Stansfield  
1670 25-Oct Susan John        
1674 08-Feb Sarah John     Sowerby  
1674 26-Aug Deborah Joseph     Stansfield  
1677 23-Apr Judith Joseph     Stansfield  
1679 06-Jul Mary Joseph     Stansfield  
1680 11-Jul Mary James     Stansfield  
1681 01-Mar Sarah John     Sowerby  
1681 04-Sep Sarah John     Langfield  
1683 25-Feb Fleetwood James     Stansfield  
1683 24-Oct Luke Anthony   Scaitcliffe    
1683 28-Oct John John     Stansfield  
1683 16-Nov John John     Sowerby  
1684 10-Feb Anthony John     Stansfield  
1684 12-Oct Martha Joseph     Stansfield  
1685 28-Jun Mary Nathan     Wadsworth  
1686 01-Jan Abraham John     Stansfield  
1688 09-Sep Martha John     Stansfield  
1688 20-Sep John John     Stansfield  
1688 30-Sep Susan James     Stansfield  
1689 27-Jan John John     Wadsworth  
1689 16-Jun John John     Stansfield  
1689 25-Aug Eliza Joseph     Langfield  
1690 16-Mar Susannah Nathan     Wadsworth  
1690 27-Apr James John     Stansfield  
1691 05-Jul John John     Stansfield  
1691 11-Aug Martha John     Stansfield  
1691 25-Oct John Charles     Stansfield  
1691 01-Nov David James     Stansfield  
1691 27-Dec Nathan John     Stansfield  
1693 11-Jun William John     Stansfield  
1693 11-Sep Mary Abraham     Stansfield  
1694 22-Apr Mary John     Stansfield  
1695 17-Feb Daniel John     Stansfield  
1695 17-Feb Mary John   Lancs    
1695 16-Jun Anthony Joseph     Stansfield  
1695 28-Jul Sarah John     Stansfield  
1695 03-Sep   Samuel     Wadsworth  
1696 19-Jan   James     Stansfield  
1696 01-Feb Martha Abraham     Stansfield  
1696 15-Jun Robert Anthony     Erringden  
1696 22-Nov Deborah Nathan     Wadsworth  
1697 06-Jan Martha John     Stansfield  
1697 21-Mar Sarah Thomas     Heptonstall  
1697 06-Jun Luke John     Stansfield  
1697 25-Aug William John     Wadsworth  
1698 03-Apr John Anthony     Erringden  
1698 11-Jun John Samuel     Wadsworth  
1698 23-Oct Hannah Abraham     Stansfield  
1698 27-Nov William John     Stansfield  
1699 15-Nov Elizabeth Thomas     Heptonstall  


year date name parents occ. address township notes
1701 08-Mar Luke John     Erringden  
1701 12-Oct James John     Stansfield  
1702 08-Mar Mary Charles     Stansfield twin
1702 08-Mar Susan Charles     Stansfield twin
1702 13-Mar William Samuel     Wadsworth  
1702 12-Apr Mary James     Stansfield  
1702 20-Nov Thomas Thomas     Heptonstall  
1703 04-Apr Ann Joseph     Stansfield by Mary Hardman
1703 05-May Sarah John     Erringden  
1703 15-Aug Elizabeth Abraham     Stansfield pauper
1704 12-Jan Abraham John     Stansfield  
1705 20-Apr Sarah James     Stansfield pauper
1706 01-Apr Sarah Abraham     Stansfield  
1707 05-Jan John Joseph     Stansfield  
1710 15-Jun Ely Abraham     Stansfield by Elizabeth Pilling
1710 20-Sep John Anthony     Todmorden  
1711 29-Jul Elizabeth Joseph     Stansfield  
1712 31-Aug John John     Erringden  
1713 04-Jan Elizabeth John     Stansfield  
1713 15-Sep Joseph Joseph     Stansfield  
1714 05-Sep Sarah Anthony     Erringden  
1715 26-Jan John John     Erringden  
1715 25-Dec William Joseph     Stansfield  
1716 20-Jun Abraham Nathan     Erringden  
1717 29-Jul Martha John     Stansfield  
1717 04-Aug James Nathan     Stansfield  
1718 09-Feb Mary John     Erringden  
1718 08-Jun Mary Anthony     Erringden by Sarah Walker
1718 15-Jun Luke Joseph     Stansfield  
1719 08-Mar Jonathan Nathan     Stansfield  
1720 05-Mar Ely Daniel     Stansfield  
1720 05-Mar William Anthony     Erringden  
1721 05-Mar John Nathan     Stansfield  
1721 30-Jul Martha Joseph     Stansfield  
1721 30-Oct John Anthony     Erringden  
1723 22-Jan Martha John     Erringden pauper
1723 01-May Anthony Anthony     Erringden  
1724 12-Jan Elizabeth Joseph     Stansfield  
1724 20-Sep Mary Abraham     Stansfield  
1724 27-Sep John Martha     Stansfield base son
1725 09-May William John     Stansfield  
1725 08-Jul Mary John     Stansfield  
1725 20-Aug Thomas Anthony     Erringden  
1726 05-Jun Judith Joseph     Stansfield  
1727 14-May Susannah John     Stansfield  
1727 22-Oct Sarah Anthony     Erringden  
1729 17-Feb Sarah Joseph     Stansfield  
1729 25-Sep Mary William     Stansfield  
1730 01-Feb John James     Stansfield  
1730 22-Aug John David     Stansfield  
1731 21-Feb Jonathan Anthony     Erringden  
1731 10-Oct Ellis James     Stansfield  
1731 10-Nov John William     Wadsworth  
1732 08-Apr John William     Stansfield  
1732 05-Jul Mary William     Heptonstall  
1733 29-Apr Sarah William     Stansfield  
1733 21-Oct Ely Anthony     Erringden  
1734 20-Jan William John     Wadsworth  
1734 17-Mar Mary John     Stansfield  
1734 21-Apr Mary James     Stansfield  
1734 03-Nov John William     Heptonstall  
1735 25-May Peggy Daniel     Stansfield  
1736 04-Apr William William     Wadsworth  
1736 10-May Susan William     Stansfield  
1736 20-Jun Sarah James     Stansfield  
1736 20-Sep Mary John     Wadsworth  
1738 22-Jan Susan Anthony     Erringden  
1738 11-Jun Mary John     Stansfield  
1739 30-Aug Robert John     Erringden  
1739 18-Dec Sarah William     Erringden  
1739 23-Dec Susannah John     Erringden  
1740 20-Jan John Ely     Wadsworth  
1740 02-Mar William William     Wadsworth  
1740 06-Apr William James     Stansfield  
1740 27-Jul William William     Stansfield  
1741 05-Mar Betty Ely     Wadsworth  
1742 11-Apr Richard John     Heptonstall  
1742 02-May Ely William     Erringden  
1742 22-Aug Mary Martha     Heptonstall by Henry Sotherd of Stansfield
1743 02-Jan Abraham James     Stansfield  
1743 27-Feb William Ely     Stansfield  
1743 24-Jul Mary Sarah     Wadsworth by John Greenwood of Stansfield
1744 22-Jul Sarah John     Erringden  
1744 12-Aug John John     Stansfield  
1745 17-Feb Paul Ely     Erringden  
1745 02-Jun Sarah John     Wadsworth  
1745 07-Jul Grace James     Stansfield  
1745 11-Aug Ann John     Langfield  
1746 04-Jul Robert John     Langfield  
1747 11-Oct Hannah John     Erringden  
1748 18-Mar Mary Ely     Erringden  
1748 31-Jul John John     Wadsworth  
1751 20-Feb Tommy Mary spinster   Heptonstall by Thomas Greenwood, webster of Wadsworth
1751 10-Jun Ely Ely webster   Erringden  
1751 13-Aug John Ann (alias Halstead)     Erringden by Abraham Sunderland, yeoman of Erringden
1752 16-Feb William William webster   Erringden  
1752 05-Jul Richard John webster   Wadsworth  
1752 21-Jul John Thomas webster   Wadsworth  
1753 03-Jun Sarah Ely webster   Erringden  
1754 05-May William Thomas webster   Wadsworth  
1754 08-Sep John Joshua tailor   Erringden  
1755 31-Aug Tommy John webster   Erringden  
1757 12-Jun Mary William webster   Wadsworth  
1757 07-Aug John John     Erringden  
1759 19-Jul John John     Langfield  
1760 04-May John John webster   Wadsworth  
1760 28-May Sally John yeoman   Wadsworth  
1761 26-Dec Betty Samuel tailor   Wadsworth  
1762 01-Jan Sally John webster   Erringden  
1762 11-May Anthony John yeoman   Wadsworth  
1763 13-Mar John John webster   Stansfield by Mary Uttley of Langfield
1764 21-Jan Sally Samuel webster   Wadsworth  
1764 27-May Elizabeth John yeoman   Wadsworth  
1765 29-Apr John John yeoman   Wadsworth  
1766 30-Mar John Samuel webster   Wadsworth  
1766 06-Apr John William webster   Wadsworth  
1766 29-May Grace John gentleman   Wadsworth  
1767 26-May John John webster   Heptonstall  
1767 01-Nov Grace William inn keeper   Heptonstall  
1767 20-Dec David Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1767 25-Dec Betty John webster   Warley  
1768 06-Mar Hannah Samuel webster   Wadsworth  
1768 04-Apr William John webster   Stansfield  
1768 03-Jul James John webster   Stansfield  
1769 15-Feb Mary John gentleman   Hundersfield baptised at Todmorden
1769 26-Jul Susan John webster   Erringden  
1769 10-Sep William William webster   Wadsworth  
1770 18-Mar Luke Luke soldier   Wadsworth  
1770 17-Jun Samuel Samuel webster   Wadsworth  
1770 18-Jun John Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1771 05-May John Grace spinster   Stansfield by Thomas Horsfall, woolcomber of Stansfield
1771 16-Jun Jacob Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1771 25-Dec Betty John gentleman   Hundersfield baptised at Todmorden
1772 08-Mar William Susannah spinster   Wadsworth by William Eastwood, webster of Wadsworth
1772 21-Apr Henry William webster   Wadsworth  
1772 29-Dec Jonathan John webster   Langfield  
1773 02-Jun Hannah Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1774 05-Jan Hannah William wool comber   Wadsworth  
1775 26-Mar Jinny Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1776 18-Feb Henry William webster   Wadsworth  
1776 09-Apr Abraham Abraham webster   Stansfield  
1776 22-May William Samuel webster   Wadsworth  
1776 04-Aug Elizabeth Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1776 11-Aug John William webster   Stansfield  
1776 18-Aug John Thomas webster   Erringden  
1777 17-Apr Grace Grace spinster   Stansfield by Thomas Barker, labourer of Stansfield
1777 12-Oct Betty William webster   Wadsworth  
1777 18-Oct William John webster   Wadsworth  
1777 16-Nov Grace Susannah spinster   Wadsworth by John Uttley, soldier of Wadsworth
1778 18-Aug   John webster   Stansfield  
1778 20-Sep Sally James webster   Sowerby  
1779 16-Feb Isaac Joshua tailor   Sowerby  
1779 04-Apr John John webster   Wadsworth  
1779 23-May Susan Thomas webster   Erringden  
1779 29-Aug Tommy William webster   Heptonstall  
1779 12-Oct William Abraham webster   Stansfield  
1780 20-Mar Aquila Ely webster   Erringden  


year date name parents occ. address township notes
1781 21-Apr Henry John webster   Heptonstall  
1781 13-May Susannah William webster   Wadsworth  
1781 01-Jul Mary William webster   Stansfield  
1782 27-Jan David Thomas     Erringden  
1782 15-Apr Tommy Abraham webster   Stansfield  
1783 02-Feb Mary William webster   Wadsworth  
1783 13-Apr Betty John webster   Heptonstall  
1783 15-Apr Hephzebah Ely webster   Erringden  
1783 22-Apr Susan John webster   Stansfield  
1783 22-Jun Joseph Hannah spinster   Sowerby by John Rishworth, tailor of Sowerby
1784 23-May William William webster   Stansfield  
1784 04-Sep Anthony Thomas webster   Erringden  
1785 20-Jan Sutcliffe William webster   Wadsworth  
1785 29-Mar Mary Abraham yeoman   Stansfield  
1785 05-Jun Betty Robert butcher   Wadsworth by Mary Greenwood, spinster of Heptonstall
1786 18-Apr Tommy John webster   Erringden  
1786 29-Dec Mally John webster   Wadsworth  
1787 21-Jan Betty Robert & Mally butcher Hebden Bridge Heptonstall  
1787 01-Feb Sarah William & Sally webster Highgate Stansfield  
1787 08-Apr Mally William & Mary webster Whitelee Midgley  
1787 27-Dec Betty Abraham & Betty yeoman Heath Stansfield  
1788 27-Apr William John & Ann webster Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1788 15-Jun David John & Sally webster Hill Top Erringden  
1788 20-Jul John Joshua & Susannah webster Redacre Wadsworth  
1788 12-Nov Robert Robert & Mary butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth twin
1788 12-Nov Mary Robert & Mary butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth twin
1789 07-May John Samuel & Susannah webster Lane Ends Wadsworth  
1790 03-Jan Susan William & Sally webster Highgate Stansfield  
1790 15-Mar John James & Sally webster Blackshawhead Stansfield  
1790 18-Apr David Joshua & Susannah webster Daisybank Erringden  
1790 01-Jun George John & Sarah webster Hill Top Erringden  
1790 20-Jun Thomas John & Ann webster Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1790 28-Dec Sally Abraham webster Heath Stansfield  
1791 24-Apr William Robert & Mally butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1791 22-May Betty John & Grace webster Shackleton Wadsworth  
1791 06-Jun Reuben James & Sally webster Highgate Heptonstall  
1791 19-Jun Joshua Joshua webster Daisybank Erringden  
1792 29-Jan Betty John & Ann webster Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1792 16-Mar Anthony John & Sarah webster Hill Top Erringden  
1792 30-Mar John John & Sally   Rawtenstall Wood End Stansfield aged 1 year
1792 03-Jun John Anthony webster Rough Head Erringden by Mary Nowell, spinster of Heptonstall
1792 11-Oct William John & Grace webster Greenhurst Wadsworth  
1792 11-Oct William Samuel & Susannah webster Lane Ends Wadsworth  
1792 25-Oct Mary William & Mary webster Lane Head Blackshaw Stansfield  
1793 17-Feb John Robert & Mally butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1793 19-May Thomas David & Grace tailor Stocks Erringden  
1793 02-Jun William James & Sally webster Highgate Heptonstall  
1793 18-Jul Mary Moreton John & Sally webster Rawtenstall Wood End Stansfield  
1794 12-Apr Mary John & Sally webster Cragg Erringden  
1794 22-Apr William William & Mary webster Lane Head Blackshaw Stansfield  
1794 03-Jun John John & Nancy webster Buld Edge, Slack Stansfield  
1794 07-Sep John John & Ann webster Green End Wadsworth  
1794 11-Sep James John & Grace webster Greenhurst Wadsworth  
1795 01-Jan John David & Grace tailor Nest Erringden  
1795 04-Jan Sally Robert & Mally butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1795 12-Oct George Abraham & Betty webster Heath Stansfield  
1795 12-Oct Jimmy Luke & Nancy webster Heath Stansfield  
1796 29-May Hannah Samuel & Susannah webster Shawcroft Hill Wadsworth  
1796 02-Jun John William & Mary webster Blackshaw Stansfield  
1796 22-Jul Betty Abraham & Mary webster Rough Hey Heptonstall  
1796 14-Aug Henry John & Ann webster Green Wadsworth  
1796 09-Oct Sally John & Sally webster Cuddy Wood Erringden  
1797 01-Jan Hannah David & Grace tailor Little Whitelee Midgley  
1797 05-Jun John James & Betty webster Hotstones Heptonstall  
1797 11-Oct John John webster   Wadsworth by Grace Crossley, spinster of Wadsworth
1797 12-Nov William Luke & Nancy        
1798 29-Apr Anthony Robert & Mally butcher Hebden Bridge    
1798 17-Jun Thomas Betty   Hole Top Sowerby by John Holefield of Wadsworth
1798 01-Jul Hannah John & Ann   Chisley Stile Wadsworth  
1798 12-Nov William Samuel & Mary baker   Heptonstall  
1798 27-Dec James William & Mary webster Blackshaw    
1798 27-Dec Betty Abraham & Mary mason   Wadsworth  
1799 28-Apr Sally Anthony webster   Erringden by Betty Marsland, spinster of Erringden
1799 16-Jun Grace Anthony webster   Erringden by Ann Barker, spinster of Erringden
1799 01-Sep Grace David & Grace tailor Mytholmroyd Wadsworth  
1799 12-Sep John Abraham & Mary   Rough Hey Heptonstall  
1799 27-Oct Sally Samuel & Susannah   Shawcroft    
1800 30-Mar Jimmy John & Ann   Chisley Stile Wadsworth  
1800 30-Mar Sally Thomas & Ann   Thorps Erringden  
1800 11-Oct Abraham Luke & Nancy webster Heath Stansfield  
1802 02-Mar William Anthony webster   Erringden by Grace Greenwood, spinster of Charlestown
1802 11-Apr Jimmy Robert & Mally butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1802 26-May William Abraham & Mary   Hevillshaw Heptonstall  
1802 01-Aug Richard John & Ann cotton mfr Chisley Stile Wadsworth  
1802 29-Aug Mally David & Grace tailor Mytholmroyd Sowerby  
1803 07-May James Turner John & Hannah   Hawkesclough Bridge End    
1803 14-Aug Tommy Luke & Nancy webster Heath Stansfield  
1803 24-Sep Hannah John & Sally   Cuddy Wood, Cragg Erringden aged 5 years 8 months
1803 24-Sep Grace John & Sally   Cuddy Wood, Cragg Erringden aged 3 years 6 months
1803 24-Sep Fanny John & Sally   Cuddy Wood, Cragg Erringden aged 43 weeks
1803 16-Oct Grace Robert & Mary butcher Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1804 03-Apr Sally John & Ann cotton mfr Chisley Stile Wadsworth  
1804 05-Aug David David & Grace tailor Mytholmroyd Sowerby  
1806 29-Aug Henry Benjamin labourer Howlton Tower Houlton by Susan Dawson of Wadsworth Lanes
1806 06-Oct Mary Luke & Nancy webster Heath Stansfield  
1807 29-Aug John David & Betty webster Hebden Bridge Wadsworth  
1807 25-Oct Grace John & Ann cotton mfr Chisley Stile Wadsworth aged 1 year 4 months
1807 25-Oct Robert John & Ann cotton mfr Chisley Stile Wadsworth  
1807 22-Dec William Betty   Heath Stansfield by John Shackleton, webster of Rodmerclough Stansfield
1810 20-Jul James David & Betty webster Hebden Bridge    
1811 04-Apr Hannah Anthony & Susan   Mytholmroyd Sowerby  
1811 15-Jul Mally Robert & Mary cordwainer Hebden Bridge Heptonstall  
1812 30-Sep John David & Sally webster Goosegate Erringden  
1812 13-Oct Betty Thomas & Olive webster Hollocklee Erringden  
1812 18-Oct Elizabeth Anthony & Sarah webster Mytholmroyd Bridge Wadsworth