extracts from 1706 to 1859





Year Date Name Spouse Residence
1706 26-Mar Luke Margaret Wholey  
1723 22 Aug Elizabeth Joshua Fielden


by licence

1733 06-Nov Ely Mary Fielden  
1741 29-Dec Ely Betty Wood  
1745 31-Dec Luke Alice Taylor  
1755 12-Oct Patience John Fielden  
1796 25 Sep Sarah Samuel Jackson Walsden
1797 04-May John Mary Midgeley Walsden
1798 16 Sep Sally John Woodhead Walsden
1798 08-Jul William Betty Haigh Gauxholme
1798 29-Jul Edmund Elizabeth Fielden Walsden
1799 14-Apr Betty Ely Sutcliffe Walsden
1801 23 Aug Ann John Bolton Walsden


Year Date Names Age Status Occ Address Witnesses
1822 30-Sep John Law     weaver Smells Walsden Abraham Dawson
  banns Susan Crossley x   sp   Hollowscholes  
1826 28 Sep James Sagar x full bach mason Walsden Parish Clerk
    Ann Crossley x full sp   Walsden banns


Year Date Names Age Status Occ Address Father Occ Witnesses
1837 28-Aug Samuel Crossley full bach shoemaker Stansfield John Crossley labourer

Barker Brooks

John Grindrod

    Sally Heyworth full sp   Todmorden John Heyworth weaver  
1837 17-Sep William Crossley full wdwr dyer Todmorden William Crossley dresser James Firth John Grindrod
    Mary Firth full sp   Todmorden John Firth joiner  
1837 09-Dec William Crossley full wdwr copperas boiler Walsden Thomas Crossley weaver John Stansfield John Grindrod
    Sally Marshall full sp   Walsden John Marshall wool comber banns both X 
1837 25-Dec John Crossley full bach farmer / turner? Todmorden John Crossley weaver Joseph Ratcliffe John Grindrod
    Susan Jackson full sp   Todmorden James Jackson labourer  banns both X
1837 25 Jun Ned Crossley     spinner Todmorden     Samuel Mitchell Sally Stott
    Mary Stansfield   sp   Todmorden    


Mary x

1837 13 Jul John Lomax full bach yeoman Healy Cottage Charles yeoman

Nathaniel Lomax

William Taylor

    Hannah Crossley minor sp   Yorkshire St. Thomas inn keeper by licence
1837 21 Aug John Crossley x full bach weaver Syke John weaver James Crossley x
    Ann Rhodes x full sp   Hollows Spell Timothy weaver banns
1837 12 Nov William Crossley x full bach joiner Rochdale Thomas joiner Joseph Entwistle
    Margaret Preston full sp   Rochdale John cattle dealer banns
1838 04-Jun Samuel Crossley full bach labourer Todmorden Edmund Crossley weaver Zachary Jackson JG
    Martha Scholfield full sp   Todmorden John Scholfield farmer banns both x
1838 4 Jun Hannah Crossley x minor sp   Summit Edmund weaver Robert Harrison x
    Thomas Nuttall x minor bach printer Summit Lawrence finisher banns
1839 29 Mar James Crossley x full bach weaver Walsden Abraham labourer John Crossley x
    Charlotte Dawson x full sp   Walsden William book keeper banns
1840 8 Jun Reuben H. Crossley full bach   Todmorden Abraham spinner Eli Crossley, J Grindrod 
    Sarah Haigh full sp   Castleton John farmer banns 
1840 18 Apr Robert Holt full bach spinner Todmorden Robert manager Samuel Mitchell Sally Stott x
    Betty Crossley full sp   Todmorden Abraham spinner


Betty X

1840 5 jul Joseph Taylor full bach labourer Walsden John spinner James Law x
    Sarah Crossley full sp   Walsden Abraham labourer


both X

1841 9 Aug Samuel Law full bach weaver Walsden John weaver John Law x Edmund Cryer
    Dorothy Crossley full sp   Walsden Abraham butcher


both x

1841 11 Nov John Suthers full bach joiner Langfield William butcher John Kenworthy Jno Schofiled
    Margaret Crossley minor sp   Gauxholme Samuel inn keeper


Margaret x

1842 6 Jun James Crossley full bach weaver Todmorden James weaver James Howarth Betty Fielden 
    Maria Crossley full sp   Todmorden William farmer  
1842 6 Jun James Crossley full bach weaver Walsden James farmer Zachariah Jackson Mary Crossley
    Mary Crowther full sp   Walsden Joseph farmer  
1842 20 Nov Mary Crossley full sp   Todmorden James weaver John and Mary Scholfield
    Zachariah Jackson full bach spinner Todmorden John banksman  


1843 24-Sep John Butterworth full wid



Todmorden Thomas Butterworth weaver Susan Crossley x John Grindrod
    Esther Crossley full sp   Todmorden Eli Crossley spinner banns both x
1843 29-Sep Thomas Crossley full bach weaver Walsden Abraham Crossley labourer Charles Highley x Betty Harrison x
    Elizabeth Halliwell full sp   Walsden John Halliwell weaver banns both x
1843 05-Nov Hezekiah Crossley full bach moulder Todmorden Jeremiah Crossley moulder James Hollows x Sarah Kershaw x
    Ann Shackleton full sp   Todmorden John Shackleton labourer banns both x
1843 11-Dec Thomas Crossley full bach book keeper Gauxholme William Crossley overlooker William Nuttall John Grindrod
    Mary Crossley full sp  



Abraham Crossley c. spinner licence Mary x
1844 19 May John Sutcliffe full bach weaver Walsden - - James and Sally Foulds
    Susey Crossley minor sp   Walsden Jeremiah Crossley moulder


both x

1845 21 May Hamer Crossley full bach printer Todmorden Eli Crossley farmer J. White
    Sarah Fielden full sp - Todmorden William Fielden cotton manufacturer


Sarah x

1845 13 Jul Henry Crossley full bach weaver Walsden William Crossley weaver Joseph & Susan Crowther
    Betty Howarth full sp - Walsden Samuel Howarth labourer


both x


Year Date Names Age Status Occ Address Father Occ Witnesses
1848 18-Apr James Greenwood x full bach weaver Todmorden John carpenter Ann Mitchell x
    Alice Crossley x full sp   Todmorden James shuttle maker banns
1849 15-Jul John Crossley x 21 bach weaver Smallbridge William weaver Isaac Lee Sarah Crossley x
    Betty Woodhead x 21 sp   Smallbridge none named   banns


Year Date Names Age Status Occ Address Father Occ Witnesses
1849 11-Mar James Pearson x 27 wid collier Walsden Richard labourer William Serjeant x Elizabeth Stott x
    Betty Crossley x 21 sp   Crook James joiner banns


Year Date Names Age Status Occ Address Father Occ Witnesses
1850 21-Apr Thomas Crossley 22 bach manuf chemist Walsden Abraham manuf chemist Sarah Henthorne x JG
    Susan Barker 30 sp   Todmorden Robert grocer banns
1851 21 Jul Richard Wilkinson x 51 wid labourer Calderbrook Nicholas labourer

James Hartley

Jane Crossley

    Martha Crossley x 43 sp   Walsden Edmund weaver banns


1853 21-May Benjamin Scholfield x 44 wid stone mason Todmorden John joiner Martha Ann Rowston George Fletcher
    Ann Crossley x 39 sp   Todmorden John hatter banns
1854 10 Feb Samuel Crossley 21 bach cabinet maker Walsden Samuel inn keeper Wm Dennett Susy Taylor
    Sarah Scholfield 22 sp   Todmorden Robert carrier banns
1855 10-Mar Luke Greenwood 19 bach weaver Bridge End John carpenter P. clerks
    Mary Crossley x 30 sp   Lineholme James shuttle maker banns


Year Date Name Age Status Address Occ Father Occ Witnesses
1856 19-Feb Abraham Crossley 23 bach Todmorden confectioner Abraham gentleman Jonas Clegg Esther Crossley
    Margaret Hudson 20 sp Stansfield   John sizer banns both signed
1856 01-Mar Thomas Crossley 27 bach Todmorden twister Joseph weaver Nicholas Fielden Hannah Sutcliffe
    Ann Pilling 22 sp Todmorden   Edward watchman


Ann x

1856 20-Sep Robert Crossley 20 bach Littleborough weaver Joseph weaver banns Susannah x
    Susannah Law 19 sp Walsden   John waterman Edward Butterworth Sarah Dawson


1856 24-Apr
  ...Thomas ..Crossley   
22 bach minder Mill Gate James weaver James Dearden Alice Stott x
Nancy Stott x
23 sp   Shawforth Samson coal miner banns


1857 21-Mar
John Greenwood x
24 wid spinner Todmorden William coal miner Paul Greenwood x Jane Sutcliffe x
Martha Crossley
20 sp   Todmorden Robert butcher banns


1859 25 Jun William Scholfield 19 bach engineer Thornham Thomas overlooker

James Ashton,

Sarah Howarth

    Hannah Crossley 18 sp   Blue Pits James farmer


both x