complete to 1812


Year Date Name Parents Address Comments
1696 03-May Henry Ann    
1714 09-May Sarah Luke Naze  
1715 26-Feb James Luke Lowcoat weaver
1716 10-Feb Elizabeth John Todmorden  
1718 14-Apr John John Todmorden Edge  
1720 14-Aug John Henry Carrhouse  
1722 03-Jun Luke John and Mary Todmorden weaver
1722 13-Oct Henry Henry and Mary Inchfield weaver
1724 15-Nov Henry Henry and Mary    
1727 02-Apr Edmund Henry and Mary    
1729 25-May Mary John and Mary    
1730 31-Jan Betty Henry and Mary    
1731 25-Sep Sarah John and Mary    
1733 11-Nov John John and Mary    
1736 21-Nov James John and Mary    
1737 08-Jan Ann Henry and Mary    
1739 04-Feb Betty John and Mary    
1740 07-Dec daughter James and Ann    
1742 10-Jan Martha John and Mary    
1742 05-Mar Ellen James Todmorden  
1744 08-Apr Robert John Lightazzles  
1746 20-May John James Walsden  
1746 21-Dec Sarah John Stenorbottom  
1748 22-Jun William John Walsden  
1749 02-Apr William James Walsden  
1750 26-May Alice John Walsden  
1757 21-Aug Thomas John and Hannah Todmorden  
1759 01-Jan James John and Hannah Todmorden  
1763 05-May William John and Hannah Todmorden  
1764 07-Oct Samuel James and Mary Walsden  
1765 30-Jun Mary John and Hannah Todmorden  
1766 05-Apr William Abraham and Ginney Todmorden  
1766 25-Dec Hannah James and Mary Todmorden  
1769 25-Apr James James and Mary Todmorden  
1771 05-Sep Mally James and Mary Todmorden  
1771 16-Nov Sally John and Sarah Todmorden  
1774 24-Mar Susan James and Mary Todmorden  
1776 21-Sep Sally James and Sally Todmorden  
1779 10-May Edmund John and Susan Todmorden  
1779 27-Jun John James and Mary Todmorden  
1780 18-Jun John John and Susan Todmorden  
1781 25-Dec Jimey James and Mary Todmorden  
1782 29-Mar Edmund James and Susan Todmorden  
1782 14-Jul Mary Henry and Sally Todmorden  
1784 15-Jul John Henry and Sally Todmorden  
1784 07-Aug Jimmy James and Susan Todmorden  
1784 28-Aug Ann John and Susan Walsden  
1785 25-Jan Martha James and Mary Todmorden  
1786 23-Jul Edmund Henry and Sally Todmorden  
1787 04-Jun Mary James and Susan Todmorden  
1788 05-May John John and Mary Dundee  
1788 05-May William John and Mary Dundee  
1789 10-May Sally Henry and Sally Todmorden  
1789 18-May Jimmy William and Betty Todmorden  
1789 04-Jun Samuel James and Susan Todmorden  
1789 29-Sep Sally John and Hannah Gauksholme  
1791 22-Apr George John and Mary Dundee  
1791 27-Aug Henry Henry and Sally Gorpley  
1792 11-Mar Hannah William and Betty Wattyhole  
1792 07-Jun Abraham James and Susan Hopwood  
1792 26-Jul Robert William Chelburn bs by Sally Harrison
1792 28-Nov Mary George and Mary Dundee  
1793 15-May Mally William and Betty Wattyhole  
1793 18-Oct Alice John and Mary Dundee  
1793 19-Nov William John and Hannah Gauksholme  
1794 04-Dec James John and Sarah Todmorden  
1795 21-May John William and Mary Walsden  
1795 18-Jul John Sally Walsden bs by Ely Crossley
1796 24-Mar Henry Henry and Sally Todmorden  
1796 28-Sep Sally John and Mary Dundee  
1797 08-Apr Matty William and Mary Gauksholme  
1797 08-Apr Hannah John and Hannah Swineshead Clough  
1797 04-Jul Martha William and Mary Walsden  
1797 31-Aug Sally James and Susan Todmorden  
1797 31-Aug Susan James and Susan Todmorden  
1799 14-May Abraham James and Susan Todmorden  
1799 14-May Mally John and Hannah Walsden  
1799 28-Sep Sally William and Mary Walsden  
1800 18-Mar William William and Mary Midgelden Clough  
1801 13-Jun William James and Susan Howroyd  
1802 14-Feb Hannah Sally   bd by Jessey Horsfall
1802 05-Aug Ruth William and Mary Walsden  
1802 19-Dec Betty William and Mary Todmorden  
1802 29-Dec James John and Crissey Todmorden  
1803 21-Mar Betty James and Susan Howroyd  
1803 27-Sep John Edmund and Mary Gower Fold  
1803 02-Oct Thomas John and Margaret Loghey  
1804 27-Nov John James and Susan Stoneswoodbottom  
1805 04-Mar Susan John and Hannah Swineshead Clough  
1805 12-Apr Sally John and Cressey Howroyd  
1805 12-Apr Henry John and Mary Dundee  
1805 28-Apr John John and Margaret Lowhey  
1805 03-Nov Ann Edmund and Sally Howroyd  
1806 09-Nov Edward John and Margaret Howroyd  
1807 10-Feb Hannah James and Susan Howroyd  
1807 03-Aug Samuel John and Crissey Lightbank  
1807 31-Dec Abraham Edmund and Mally Cloughfoot  
1808 28-Feb Ruth James and Mary Gauksholme  
1808 20-Mar Grace Edmund and Sally Howroyd  
1808 07-Jun John William and Mary Midgelden  
1808 24-Jun William William and Mary Nowsley (sic) born 21 June 1805
1808 24-Jun James William and Mary Nowsley (sic)  
1810 06-Mar Susan John and Crissey Knowlwood  
1810 14-Jun James Edmund and Mally Cloughfoot  
1810 02-Sep Sarah Edmund and Sally Howroyd  
1810 14-Oct John Samuel and Martha Clinton  
1811 16-Jun Ann John and Margaret Littleborough  
1811 15-Sep Thomas William and Mary Knowlwood  
1812 30-Apr Abraham William and Mary Knowlwood  
1812 07-Sep James Samuel and Martha Height Top  
1812 25-Oct Mary Edward and Sally Howroyd