General Wood Ann Howarth 45   n
  Jno Howarth 20 weaver y
  Mary Howarth 15 cotton spinner y
  Betty Howarth 15 cotton spinner y
  Saml Howarth 15 ap mason y
  Charles Howarth 12   y
  Jeremiah Howarth 10   y
  Abr Howarth 7   y
  Jno Midgley 60 cotton weaver y
General Wood Thos Dewhurst 25 blacksmith n
  Elizabeth Dewhurst 25   n
  Hannah Dewhurst 1   n
General Wood James Bolton 35 stonemason y
  Mary Bolton 35   n
  James Bolton 8   n
  Jno Bolton 6   n
  James Ogden 65 cotton weaver y
  Mary Ogden 60   y
  Henry Ogden 20 picker m y
General Wood Wm Whitaker 55 labourer y
  James Taylor 35 cotton waver y
  Martha Taylor 35   y
  Betty Taylor 4   y
  Thos Lacy 20 labourer y


General Wood Ann Heyworth head w 57   Walsden
  John Heyworth son un 32 cotton hlw Bacup
  Betty Heyworth dau un 27 cotton winder Walsden
  Mary Ann Heyworth grandaughter   3   Walsden
  Charles Heyworth son un 22 stone mason Walsden
  Jeremiah Heyworth son un 20 cotton plw Walsden
  Abm Heyworth son un 17 picker maker Walsden
General Wood uninhabited          
General Wood John Scholfield head m 43 cotton plw Walsden
  Mary Scholfield wife m 43   Walsden
  William Scholfield son   16 cotton plw Walsden
  Mary Ogden lodger w 78 pauper Walsden
General Wood Abm Fielden head m 30 cotton plw Walsden
  Mary Fielden wife m 26 cotton plw Walsden
  John Fielden son   6   Walsden
  Ann Fielden dau   1   Walsden
  Saml Heyworth lodger m 24 stone mason Langfied
  Betty Heyworth lodger's wife m 29   Langfied
General Wood Thos Fielden head m 37 outdoor labourer Walsden
  Betty Fielden wife m 36   Walsden
  Mary Ann Fielden dau   11 throstle spinner Walsden
  Grace Fielden dau   9   Walsden
  John Fielden son   7   Walsden
  James Fielden son   6   Walsden
  William Fielden son   3   Walsden
  Sarah Greenwood dau   15 throstle spinner Walsden


General Wood Farmhouse Joseph Lobley head m 69 farm labourer Twiston Lancs
  Grace Lobley wife m 61 housekeeper Walshaw Lancs
  Seth Lobley son un 43 carter Twiston Lancs
  Susannah Lobley dau un 31 weaver Twiston Lancs
  Martha Lobley dau un 26 weaver Twiston Lancs
  Joseph Lobley son m 34 carder Twiston Lancs
  Mary Lobley his wife m 23 weaver Walsden
General Wood Farmhouse James Highley head m 22 scutcher Stansfield
  Ellen Highley wife m 24 winder Walsden
General Wood Farmhouse John Scholfield head m 53 weaver Todmorden
  Mary Scholfield wife m 46 warper Todmorden
General Wood Farmhouse Thomas Mitchell head m 27 warper Walsden
  Hannah Mitchell wife m 28 housekeeper Walsden
  Edgar? Mitchell son   3   Walsden
  Betty Mitchell dau   3 mths   Walsden
  Thomas Pickles boarder un 20 school master Stansfield
General Wood Farmhouse Edward Clegg head m 48 labourer in cotton mill Heptonstall
  Barbera (sic) Clegg wife m 47 housekeeper Heptonstall
  Greenwood Clegg son un 22 labourer Wadsworth
  John Clegg son un 20 scutcher Wadsworth
  Joseph Clegg son un 18 spinner Wadsworth
  Ellen Clegg dau   13 spinner Heptonstall
  Mary Clegg dau   10 throstle doffer Heptonstall
  Elizabeth Clegg dau   7 scholar Heptonstall
  Martha Ann Clegg dau   4 scholar Heptonstall


General Wood Farm Charles Brewer head m 30 stripper & grinder Stansfield
  Sarah Brewer wife m 33 housekeeper Stansfield
  Elizabeth Brewer dau   9 throstle doffer Walsden
  Betty Brewer dau   7 scholar Walsden
  Sally Brewer dau   4   Walsden
  James Brewer son   2   Walsden
  Joseph Brewer son   2mths   Walsden
General Wood Farm John Coates head m 50 farmer Kirk?? Yks
  Margaret Coates wife m 49   Kirby Malham Yks
  James Coates son   15 chemist Allescholes Walsden
  Jane Ann Coates dau   13 cotton spinner Allescholes Walsden
  Amy Coates dau   6 scholar Flailcroft Todmorden
  Jane Hel?? visitor un 19 cotton weaver Nelson
General Wood Farm Gibson Southwell head m 26 cotton weaver Walsden
  Mary Ann Southwell wife m 26   Langfield
  Emily Southwell dau   9 mths   Walsden
  Hannah Barker mother in law w 57 former domestic serv Langfield
General Wood Farm James Greenwood head m 27 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Mary Greenwood wife m 23   Wadsworth
  Fred Greenwood son   1 mth   Walsden
General Wood Farm Joseph Lobley head m 79 unemployed Clitheroe
  Grace Lobley wife m 81 housekeeper Walshaw Lancs
  Martha Lobley dau un 36 cotton weaver Twiston
  Thomas Lobley grandson   9 cotton weaver half timer Walsden
  Grace Lobley granddtr   10 days   Walsden


General Wood Hezekiah Southwell head m 32 cotton weaver Walsden
  Mary Southwell wife m 26 cotton weaver Hebden Bridge
  Walter Southwell son   4 scholar Walsden
  Fielden Southwell son   3   Walsden
  John Southwell son   1   Walsden
General Wood James Heyhurst head m 50 farmer of 24 acres Stansfield
  Mary Heyhurst wife m 46   Stansfield
  Emma Heyhurst dau un 24 cotton weaver Todmorden
  James W Heyhurst son un 22 cotton twister Todmorden
General Wood Gibson Southwell head m 36 cotton weaver Walsden
  Mary A Southwell wife m 35 cotton weaver Stansfield
  James Southwell son   5 scholar Walsden
  Joseph Southwell son   3   Walsden
  John Crossley Southwell son   1   Walsden
General Wood William Astin head m 31 railway porter Walsden
  Sarah J Astin wife m 33   Todmorden
  Hannah Astin dau   7   Todmorden
  Emily Astin dau   3    
  Fred Astin son   12 days   Walsden
General Wood Sarah Clifford head w 61   Hebden Bridge
  Hannah Clifford dau un 23 cotton weaver Hebden Bridge
  Thomas F Clifford son un 19 spinner Lob Mill
  Sarah J Clifford dau   12 scholar Todmorden
  Hannah Chaffer granddtr   4   Oldham


General Wood James Heyhurst head m 60 farmer Todmorden
  Mary Heyhurst wife m 56   Todmorden
  Emma Heyhurst dau un 34 cotton weaver Todmorden
General Wood Jas Wm Bottomley head m 25 lurry driver & general carrier Charlestown
  Elizabeth Bottomley wife m 35   Rusholme
  May Louisa Bottomley dau   2   Todmorden
  Edith Bottomley dau   1   Todmorden
General Wood Sam C Butterworth head m 23 cotton weaver Walsden
  Martha Butterworth wife m 24   Walsden
  Annie butterworth dau   2   Walsden
  Wilbert Butterworth son   1   Walsden
General Wood 1 uninhabited          


General Wood 4 rooms Nancy Hopkins head w 69 cotton winder worker Preston
    Betsy Hopkins dtr u 30 cotton winder worker Sowerby Bridge
    George Hopkins



  10     Walsden
General Wood 4 rooms Mary Heyhirst head w 67     Todmorden
    Emma Heyhirst dtr u 44 cotton weaver worker Todmorden