Complete 1594 to 1837

Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden


Year Date Name Address Occ Spouse Address Occ Comments
1594 Jun-25 Isabel     Richard Sutclyff      
1598/9 Feb-15 Mr Richard     Tomisyn Grenwod      
1608/9 Jan-03 Johne     Ann Mychell      
1608/9 Feb-06 Richard     Mary Ingham      
1635/6 Mar-01 Samuel     Mary Grenwode      
1641/2 Feb-17 James     Grace Sunderland      
1654 Nov Johne Shaw Langfield yeoman Elizabeth Traves Inchfield Hund   banns only, widow
1677 Aug-14 Mary     Juhn Uttley      
1678 Jun-10 Elizabeth     William Lockson      
1678 Dec-31 Abraham     Elizabeth Halstead      
1679/80 Jan-27 Grace     John Horsfall      
1684 Oct-05 Joshua     Martha Clegg      
1700 Aug-21 Grace     William Sutcliffe      
1709 Nov-01 Elizabeth     Luke Horsfall Stansfield    
1717/8 Feb-24 Sarah     Jonathon Greenwood Stansfield    
1726 Jun-23 Abram Wadsworth   Grace Bannister Erringden    
1737 Aug-18 Abraham Wadsworth comer Sara Parker Heptonstall    
1738/9 Jan-28 Susannah Wadsworth   Thomas Cockcroft Wadsworth yeoman by licence
1741 Nov-17 Jonathan Wadsworth webster Susan Widdup Wadsworth    
1741/2 Mar-01 Abraham Stansfield yeoman Susannah Mitchell Heptonstall    
1742/3 Feb-03 Anne Stansfield   Henry Cockcroft Wadsworth tradesman by licence
1752 Apr-01 Mary Stansfield   William Cockcroft Wadsworth yeoman  
1755 Jul-13 Johne Stansfield tanner Hannah Nowell Langfield   by licence
1756 Oct-11 Mary otp   John Mitchell Rochdale    
1757 Jun-07 Grace Heptonstall   John Grimshaw Midgley gentleman by licence
1759 Apr-08 Betty Stansfield   Jonathan Jowet Langfield woolcomber  
1759 May-27 James Langfield webster Mary Ashworth Stansfield    
1759 Sep-04 Joshua Langfield webster Betty Marshall Langfield    
1761 Sep-17 Thomas Langfield webster Mary Sutcliffe Langfield    
1762 Jan-19 Sally Erringden   Robert Wade Erringden webster  
1762 Feb-22 Robert Langfield webster Susan Barker Langfield    
1762 Oct-16 Abraham otp yeoman Mary Varley Colne   by licence
1763 Jun-01 James otp yeoman Betty Smith otp    
1763 Jun-16 Anne Langfield   Zachary Holden Langfield webster  
1763 Sep-01 Abraham Langfield stuffmaker Mary Greenwood Langfield    
1763 Dec-01 Sarah otp   Thomas Foster otp shallon maker by licence
1764 Oct-01 James Langfield   Betty Greenwood Stansfield   James widowed
1765 Oct-10 Levi Heptonstall   Ruth Webster Heptonstall   Levi widowed
1766 Jul-31 Abraham Langfield webster Ann Parkinson Stansfield    
1766 Dec-02 Johne otp worstedman Susannah Cockcroft otp   by licence
1767 Apr-20 Sarah otp   John Stansfield otp   by licence
1769 Sep-07 Abraham Langfield   Ann Holt Stansfield   Abraham widowed
1770 Dec-25 Mary Heptonstall   John Greenwood Stansfield webster  
1771 Jan-01 Elizabeth otp   John Welsh   curate of Sowerby by licence
1772 Jan-02 John Wadsworth webster Hannah Naylor Stansfield    
1773 Jul-13 Susannah Heptonstall   Galamiel Sutcliffe Heptonstall webster  
1773 Dec-16 Elizabeth Wadsworth   Robert Halstead Erringden yeoman  
1775 Mar-05 Mary     Abraham Pickles     both widowed no banns
1777 Aug-07 Susan Heptonstall   William Ackroyd Heptonstall webster  
1777 Sep-04 Sarah otp   Thomas Barker otp webster by licence
1778 Sep-17 Abraham otp gentleman Grace Cockcroft otp   by licence
1779 Sep-26 James Wadsworth webster Ann Windle Wadsworth    


1780 Feb-01 Richard otp weaver Mally Senior otp   by licence
1781 Mar-13 Mary otp   Ely Sutcliffe otp tradesman by licence
1782 Jan-00 Mally     John Howarth Langfield militiaman  
1782 Dec-26 Anne Heptonstall   William Varley Stansfield webster  
1784 Apr-13 Betty Heptonstall   Thomas Greenwood Heptonstall webster  
1784 Jun-08 John Langfield yeoman Sarah Uttley Stansfield    
1784 Jul-13 Sally Langfield   John Ingham Langfield webster  
1784 Jul-22 Sarah Heptonstall   John Walton Heptonstall webster  
1786 Feb-26 Betty Langfield   John Cockcroft Stansfield webster  
1786 Jun-06 Robert Wadsworth webster Grace Driver Wadsworth    
1795 Aug-23 Abraham Erringden webster Mary Kershaw Erringden    
1795 Nov-12 Anne Langfield   John Walton Langfield webster  
1795 Dec-29 Betty Langfield   William Pickles Stansfield webster  
1796 Sep-25 Richard Heptonstall   Sally Walton Heptonstall   Richard widowed
1796 Dec-20 Mary Langfield   Thomas Sutcliffe Erringden webster  
1798 Feb-08 James Langfield webster Sara Crowther Langfield    
1798 Jun-19 John   webster Sara Crabtree     no banns
1798 Jul-05 James   webster Annah Clayton     no banns
1800 Oct-26 Hannah Langfield   John Hollinrake Stansfield webster  
1801 Nov-19 Abram Heptonstall ctn mnfr Hannah Ogden Heptonstall   by licence
1803 Oct-31 John Stansfield webster Mary Dawson Stansfield   Mary widowed
1805 Sep-22 Sally Heptonstall   Thomas Lord Langfield webster  
1806 Sep-28 Robert Erringden webster Hannah Oldfild Erringden    
1807 Mar-28 Mally Langfield   William Eastwood Stansfield labourer  
1811 Aug-15 Betty Heptonstall   William Sutcliffe Wadsworth weaver  
1815 Feb-13 James Heptonstall weaver Grace Greenwood Heptonstall    
1815 Aug-24 Thomas Heptonstall weaver Grace Thomas Heptonstall    
1820 Jan-23 Mary Heptonstall   Thomas Ramsden Stansfield c spinner by licence
1820 May-28 Betty Langfield   Thomas Spencer Stansfield c spinner  
1820 Sep-17 Abraham Stansfield carpenter Betty Pickles Stansfield    
1821 Aug-20 Susan Stansfield   Robert Barker Stansfield weaver  
1821 Sep-16 Abraham Heptonstall weaver Mary Colling Heptonstall    
1821 Nov-04 Robert Heptonstall weaver Sally Naylor Wadsworth    
1824 Mar-02 Joshua Heptonstall butcher Sally Stansfield Heptonstall    
1825 Jun-12 James Heptonstall carriageman Mary Pallison Heptonstall    
1825 Oct-13 William Heptonstall weaver Betty Wilson Stansfield    
1826 Mar-02 Hannah Langfield   Robert Sutcliffe Stansfield weaver  
1826 Aug-20 James Stansfield weaver Ann Stansfield Stansfield    
1826 Nov-27 James Heptonstall   Sally Horth Heptonstall   James widowed
1826 Dec-24 Mary Langfield   William Horsfall Stansfield stonemason  
1829 Apr-19 Abraham Stansfield weaver Susan Fielding Stansfield    
1829 Apr-27 Henry Heptonstall weaver Sally Colling Heptonstall    
1829 Dec-27 Sally Erringden   Richard Barns Erringden weaver  
1830 May-13 Mary Heptonstall   Richard Greenwood Heptonstall weaver  
1830 Dec-31 Anne Stansfield   Abraham Crabtree Stansfield weaver  
1832 Mar-06 Sally Stansfield   John Barker Stansfield weaver  
1833 Feb-17 Enoch Stansfield weaver Sally Fielding Stansfield    
1833 Sep-01 Mally Erringden   Thomas Field Erringden weaver  
1833 Sep-11 Mary Heptonstall   Henry Crossley Wadsworth worsted spnr &mnfr by licence
1833 Oct-01 William Erringden weaver Sally Wild Langfield    
1834 May-19 Martha Heptonstall   Henry Burn Wadsworth tailor  
1834 Jul-31 George Heptonstall weaver Hannah Hoult Heptonstall    
1836 May-15 Anne Langfield   John Ashworth Langfield c spinner