Complete to 1901




Year Date Name Parents Residence
1696 6-Jul Reuben Reuben    
1701 1-Jun James Reuben    
1703 14-Nov John Reuben Inchfield  
1706 9-Jun Thomas Reuben Inchfield  
1708 16-Feb Elizabeth Reuben Inchfield  
1720 3-Sep John Reuben   base son of Sarah Ingham
1723 8-Jun Betty Reuben and Sarah Nase   Reuben a weaver
1737 26-Jun John Thomas and Ellen    
1741 2-May Thomas Thomas and Ellen    
1743 16-Apr John John Walsden  
1743 17-Apr Mary Thomas Walsden  
1744 3-Mar James Thomas Walsden  
1744 2-Sep Mary John Todmorden  
1745 11-Jan Thomas John Todmorden  
1747 4-Jul Ellen Thomas Walsden  
1747 26-Dec James James Walsden  
1748 13-Aug Elizabeth John Todmorden  
1748 25-Sep John John Walsden  
1749 4-Feb James John Todmorden  
1750 13-May Reuben John Walsden  
1750 25-Aug Thomas James Walsden  
1750 25-Mar William Thomas Walsden  
1751 30-Jun Martha John Todmorden  
1753 8-Jul Samuel Thomas and Ellen Walsden  
1753 11-Mar William John and Martha Todmorden  
1754 3-Jun John James and Martha Walsden  
1756 27-Aug Edmund John and Martha Todmorden  
1757 30-May Abraham James and Martha Walsden  
1758 28-Mar Betty John and Susan Walsden  
1758 12-Mar Susan John and Martha Todmorden  
1759 29-Jul Samuel John and Martha Todmorden  
1760 1-Feb Edmund John and Susan Walsden  
1761 21-Feb Samuel John and Susan Walsden  
1762 1-May Betty John and Susan Walsden  
1763 11-Dec Susannah John and Martha Todmorden  
1764 7-Jan Mary John and Susan Walsden  
1765 22-Sep Ellen John and Susan Walsden  
1767 5-Jul Susan John and Susan Walsden  
1769 7-Oct Grace John and Susan Walsden  
1770 7-Apr John Thomas and Ellen Todmorden  
1772 14-Mar Esther John and Susan Walsden  
1772 21-Jul John John and Ann Walsden  
1772 14-Jun Thomas Thomas and Nelly Swineshead  
1773 28-Sep Ann Reuben and Mally Walsden  
1773 28-May Esther William and Grace Langfield  
1774 8-May Betty John and Ann Walsden  
1774 26-Sep Sarah John and Martha Langfield  
1774 6-Feb Sarah John and Susan Walsden  
1775 18-Jun John Reuben and Mally Walsden  
1775 28-Feb Mary Samuel Walsden b.d. of Ellen Taylor
1776 31-Mar Elizabeth Thomas Walsden b.d. of Mary Crossley
1776 13-Dec Hannah John and Ann Walsden  
1776 13-Dec Mary James and Martha Walsden  
1776 5-Apr Mary William and Agnes Todmorden  
1776 8-Jun Sally Thomas and Ellen Walsden  
1776 5-Apr William John and Martha Walsden (L)  
1777 17-Nov Grace William and Hannah Todmorden  
1777 21-Sep John Thomas and Susan Walsden  
1777 15-Jun Reuben Reuben and Mally Walsden  
1778 18-Jan John William and Annias Todmorden  
1778 31-Jan Reuben John and Susan Walsden  
1779 10-Jan Alice Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1779 10-Jan Betty Thomas and Ellen Walsden  
1779 21-Feb Joseph Reuben and Mally Walsden  
1779 30-Dec Martha William and Agnes Walsden  
1779 2-Apr Mary John and Ann Walsden  
1779 20-Sep Reuben James and Martha Walsden  
1779 7-Mar Thomas William and Hannah Todmorden  
1780 16-Feb Aggy Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1780 17-Sep Samuel Thomas and Ellen Walsden  
1780 6-Aug Susan Thomas and Susan Walsden  
1781 6-Jan John John and Martha Langfield  
1781 28-Oct Mary Reuben and Mary Walsden  
1781 11-Feb Reuben Edmund and Fanny Langfield  
1781 28-Sep Sally John and Ann Walsden  
1781 22-Nov Sarah Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1782 4-Jun Alice William and Agnes Walsden  
1782 27-Sep Hannah Edmund and Fanny Langfield  
1782 7-Apr James Abraham and Martha Walsden  
1782 16-Apr Nancy William and Hannah Todmorden  
1782 10-Feb Sally James and Susan Todmorden  
1782 21-Jul Susan Thomas and Susan Walsden  
1783 18-May William Thomas and Ellen Stansfield  
1784 17-Jan Betty Mary Walsden father - Elias Greenwood  
1784 9-Apr Hannah Edmund and Fanny Langfield  
1784 2-Sep Jenny John and Ann Walsden  
1784 9-Apr John James and Susan Todmorden  
1784 25-Mar John William and Hannah Todmorden  
1784 7-Mar Martha Abraham and Martha Walsden  
1784 22-Feb Reuben Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1784 4-Nov Reuben William and Agnes Todmorden  
1784 9-Apr Ruth Reuben and Mary Todmorden  
1785 20-Mar John Benjamin and Betty Hogsher  
1785 10-Nov Samuel Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1786 29-Oct Ann Abraham and Matty Walsden  
1786 28-Dec Jimmy James and Susan Todmorden  
1786 27-Sep John Edmund and Fanny Langfield  
1786 28-Sep Martha Edmund and Fanny Langfield  
1786 9-May Sally Reuben and Mary Todmorden  
1787 30-Jun Martha William and Agnes Todmorden  
1787 1-Dec Reuben John and Ann Walsden  
1788 7-Oct Hannah Reuben and Mary Todmorden  
1788 21-Mar John Mary Walsden b.s. of James Jackson
1788 1-May Tommy Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1789 21-Jun Edmund Edmund and Fanny Langfield  
1789 4-Jun Grace William and Agnes Todmorden  
1789 6-Dec James Thomas and Betty Close  
1789 24-Feb Reuben Abraham and Martha Walsden  
1789 18-Jul Susan James and Susan Todmorden  
1790 24-Apr Mally Samuel and Betty Walsden  
1791 4-Sep Abraham Abraham and Martha Walsden  
1791 27-Feb Esther Reuben and Mary Howroyd  
1791 15-Apr Susan Grace Todmorden b.d. of Ely Crowther
1792 5-May Duke John and Ann Walsden  
1792 6-Apr John Thomas and Betty Walsden  
1793 27-Jun Abraham Abraham and Martha Walsden  
1793 7-Apr Ely Samuel and Betty Todmorden  
1793 23-Jun Susan Thomas and Betty Close  
1794 1-Jan Alice Reuben and Mary Dean  
1794 4-May John Mary   b.s. of William Crossley
1794 1-Jan Susan Reuben and Mary Dean  
1794 29-Sep William Mary Todmorden b.s. of William Harrison
1795 3-May Eleanor Reuben and Mary Dean  
1796 17-Apr Ann Thomas and Betty Close  
1796 28-Sep Jimmy Mary Walsden b.s. of Robert Dawson
1796 17-May Martha Abraham and Martha Walsden  
1797 20-Nov John Reuben and Mary Todmorden  
1797 27-Sep John Samuel and Betty Sharneyford  
1798 20-Nov John John and Betty Walsden  
1798 23-Dec Martha Thomas and Betty Close  
1799 17-Apr John Dawson Thomas Todmorden b.s.of Nelly Dawson


1800 1-Jun Ann John and Betty Top of All  
1800 7-Jun John Abraham and Matty Calfhey  
1800 10-Oct Sally Thomas and Betty Tankerd Hall  
1800 2-Mar Sally Reuben and Mary Pexroyd  
1802 20-Sep Benjamin Thomas and Mary Walsden  
1802 1-Aug John Reuben and Hannah Walsden  
1802 4-Jul Mary John and Betty Walsden  
1802 1-Aug Susan Joseph and Sarah Walsden  
1802 16-Apr Thomas Mary Todmorden by James (no surname given)
1803 12-Mar James Hannah Millwood b.s.of Michael Howroyd
1803 23-Nov John Samuel Walsden b.s.of Mary Fielden
1803 31-Jan John Thomas and Betty Sourhall  
1803 31-May Susan Reuben and Mary Pexroyd  
1804 8-Jul Mary Reuben and Hannah Dean  
1804 24-Oct Samuel Thomas and Betty Sourhall  
1804 1-Apr Thomas Thomas and Mary Bottoms  
1804 25-Dec William John and Betty Friths  
1804 21-Aug William Samuel and Mary Square  
1805 12-Apr John William and Alice Watty  
1805 20-Oct Reuben Reuben and Hannah Dean  
1806 4-Apr Abraham Thomas and Mary Bottoms  
1806 5-Nov John Samuel and Mary Coldermoor Lane  
1806 5-Sep William John and Betty Top of All  
1807 8-Mar Betty John and Sarah Bottoms  
1807 30-Jul Grace John and Betty Howroyd  
1807 10 Feb Susan Mary Saunders Clough b.d. of John Kershaw
1808 20-Mar Ann Reuben and Grace Friths  
1808 13-Nov Betsy John and Betty Top o' Hill  
1808 7-Jun Hannah Thomas and Betty Tankerd Hall  
1808 17-Feb Joseph Reuben and Hannah Dean  
1808 16-Apr Sally Thomas and Sally Todmorden Edge  
1808 4-Sep Susan Alice Gauxholme b.d.of Thomas Sutcliffe
1808 27-Nov Thomas Samuel and Mary Coldermoor  
1809 28-May Jimmy Reuben and Grace Howroyd  
1810 10-Aug Betty Thomas and Betty Todmorden Edge  
1810 14-Nov James John and Betty Chadderton  
1810 13-Jan James Thomas and Mary Moverley  
1810 16-Sep Mary John and Betty Watty Hole  
1810 26-Jul Reuben John and Sarah Knowlwood  
1810 23-Aug Sally John Langfield b.d. of Sally Eastwood
1811 11-Apr Elizabeth Samuel and Mary Coldermoor Lane  
1811 4-Jun John Reuben and Grace Top of All  
1811 9-Apr Mary Mary  

bd. John Kershaw

born 1 May 1809

1811 27-Jul Mary Thomas and Betty Sourhall  
1811 1-May Mary William and Ann Rawdon Mill  
1811 16-Apr Reuben Reuben and Mary Pexroyd  
1811 10-Jun Sally Edmund and Mary Roomfield Lane  
1812 27-Sep Hannah Reuben and Betty Pexroyd  
1814 22-Mar James John and Sarah Knowlwood  
1814 13-Feb Martha John and Margaret Trough weaver 
1814 12-Jul Mary Reuben and Betty Wattyhole  
1814 16-Oct Reuben John and Isabel Todmorden spinner 
1815 7-Jul Hannah Edmund and Mary Todmorden

Born 17 July 1812

fustian cutter

1815 8-Jul Mary Edmund and Mary Todmorden fustian cutter  
1815 30-Dec Sally John and Betty Chadderton farmer 
1816 13-Apr Elizabeth John and Isabella Todmorden spinner 
1816 23-Feb Elizabeth John and Sarah Inghams labourer 
1816 6-Oct Hannah Samuel and Esther Sourhall  
1816 7-Oct Mary Samuel and Esther Sourhall weaver 
1816 5-Sep Mary Ann John and Sarah Knowlwood weaver 
1816 5-Dec Sally Samuel and Mary Heptonstall weaver 
1816 1-Apr Thomas Thomas and Betty Tankerd Hall   weaver
1817 26-Jan Ann Samuel and Susan Close   weaver
1817 1-Aug John William and Grace Knowlwood navigator 
1817 10-Aug Reuben Samuel Ogden Friths spinner 
1818 27-Dec Reuben Reuben and Betty Watty Hole  weaver
1818 19-May Susanna John and Betty Watty Hole weaver
1818 8-Mar Thomas Samuel and Susan Close weaver 
1819 9-Apr Sally John and Betty Howroyd weaver 
1821 17-Jun John John and Jane Knowlwood weaver 
1821 27-May Joseph Reuben and Grace Moorcock inn keeper  
1821 18-Jun Mary Ann John and Jane Knowlwood weaver 
1822 12-May Sarah John and Sarah Knowlwood weaver 
1822 13-May Susan John and Sarah Knowlwood weaver 
1823 27-Oct John John and Sarah Knowlwood weaver 
1823 26-Oct Robert James and Susan Knowlwood weaver
1823 3-Mar Samuel Reuben and Grace Moorcock  inn keeper
1825 2-Jan John Reuben and Betty Watty Hole weaver 
1825 6-Mar Mally John and Grace Potoven carter 
1826 14-May Mary Reuben and Betty Forward Hey farmer 
1826 9-Jul Reuben John and Grace Whitworth labourer 
1827 16-Mar Charles John and Sarah Knowlwood spinner 
1827 15-Sep Luke Hamer Reuben and Grace Moorcock inn keeper 
1828 13-Oct Mary Ann James Dawson Knowlwood carter 
1828 3-Feb Sally James and Susan Knowlwood tenter 
1828 30-Sep William John and Grace Black Coln stone mason  
1828 22-Jun William Reuben and Betty Watty Hole weaver 
1830 17-Oct Jane Charles Stansfield Shade overlooker 
1831 21 Jun Grace Susey Watty Hole by Thomas Barrowclough, collier
1831 28- Sep John John and Grace Bridge Mill carter 
1831 28-Sep Reuben Joseph and Susan Gauxholme labourer 
1831 7-Aug Samuel John and Betty Dobroyd weaver 
1831 7-Aug Sarah John and Betty Dobroyd weaver 
1832 30-Sep Elizabeth John and Grace Bridge Mill carter 
1832 30-Sep Esther John and Grace Bridge Mill carter 
1832 16-Dec John Grace Todmorden bs. George Mallinson (grocer) 
1832 15-Apr Mary Ann John and Maria Knowlwood weaver 
1832 20-Apr Priscilla John Greenwood Gauxholme spinner 
1832 2-Dec Robert John and Mary Moorcock carter 
1832 19-May Sarah Reuben and Betty Watty Hole weaver 
1832 1-Apr Young Reuben and Betty Moorcock

inn keeper  


1832 02-Dec Robert John Moorcock carter by Mary Jackson
1833 19-Jan Sarah Reuben Clough book keeper by Mary Bramley
1833 17-Jun Esther John & Maria Knowlwood twister  
1833 28-Jul Abraham Reuben & Betty Moorcock inn keeper  
1834 29-Mar Ru John & Grace Bridge Mills weaver  
1834 29-Mar Ruth Joseph & Susey Gauxholme steam tenter  
1835 09-Aug Ann William & Grace Nicklety carter  
1835 27-Sep Grace John & Grace Bridge Mills carter  
1835 17-Dec Agnes Reuben & Betty Shade weaver  
1836 21-Feb William Joseph & Susan Shade steam tenter  
1836 08-May Abraham Mary Gauxholme   by John Greenwood, spinner
1836 24-Sep Thomas James & Ann Ramsden carter  
1836 23-Oct Grace William & Mary Read publican  
1837 27-Feb John John & Betty Dean weaver  
1837 27-Feb Betty John & Betty Dean weaver  
1837 27-Feb Alice John & Betty Dean weaver  
1837 27-Feb Ann John & Betty Dean weaver  
1837 02-Jul Mary Ann John & Grace Bridge Mills carter  
1837 05-Oct Jane John & Mary Reddishore farmer  
1837 13-Nov Elizabeth Reuben & Susannah Pastureside farmer born 16 October 1837


Year Date Name Parents Residence Comments
1840 22-Oct Henry William and Mary Pexwood farmer
1841 14-Feb Betty Hannah Gauxholme father John Fox a delver
1841 21-Aug Grace John and Mary Warland farmer
1842 04-May Mary James and Ann Bottoms labourer
1842 11-May sarah Reuben and Mary Shade shopkeeper
1842 11-May Grace Reuben and Mary Shade shopkeeper
1842 18-May John Thomas Gauxholme by Martha Marshall
1842 24-Sep William William and Mary Marshaw Bridge publican
1842 20-May Agnes Reuben and Ann Shade weaver
1842 11-Jun Eleanor Reuben and Sarah General Wood picker maker
1843 14 Aug John Joseph Pot Oven farmer. Mother Sarah Pearson
1843 17 Sep Young James Hannah Walsden by Joseph Newell, weaver
1843 25 Oct Grace John & Mary Warland farmer
1844 7 Jul Reuben John & Grace Bridge End carter
1845 21-Mar Sarah Ann Reuben and Ann Centre Rock weaver
1845 31-Aug John Reuben and Sarah Halifax picker maker


1847 5 Sep Maria James & Hannah Todmorden scutcher  
1847 07-Dec Edward Priscilla Dulesgate weaver by John Lord of George St. a mechanic
1848 23-Jul James William Reuben & Ann Dulesgate overlooker  
1850 08-Sep Esther Ann Reuben & Sarah Halifax picker maker  
1850 08-Sep James Frederick Reuben & Sarah Halifax picker maker  
1851 15-Sep Reuben Reuben & Ann Centre Rock overlooker  


Year Date Name Parents Address Occ. Notes
1861 17-Jan Gertrude Mary Clough Walsden   at Shepherds Haugh
1861 01-Sep John William Robinson William and Frances Victoria Brook Street mechanic  
1863 01-Feb Alfred William and Frances Victoria Shade shopkeeper at parent's house
1864 18-Oct Priscilla James and Ann Union Street plate layer St. Luke's Day
1864 18-Oct James Herbert James and Ann Union Street plate layer St. Luke's Day
1864 18-Oct Mary James and Ann Union Street plate layer St. Luke's Day
1864 18-Oct Jane James and Ann Union Street plate layer St. Luke's Day
1864 18-Oct Betsy James and Ann Union Street plate layer St. Luke's Day
1873 25-Dec Thomas James and Ann Union Street joiner  
1881 18-Sep Ernest John and Ann Industrial Street corn miller Hague
1885 06-Sep Walter John and Ann 47, Industrial St corn miller Hague
1889 28-Sep Florence John and Ann 19, Osbourne Place corn miller Hague
1894 13-May Clarice James and Annie Sun Inn, Featherstall inn keeper