complete from 1848 to 1935

transcribed and kindly sent to us by Pam Mulley



Date Name Age Cond Occupation Address Father's Name Father's Occ
19 Aug 1850 Robert Haigh 26 B Millwright Knowlwood James Haigh Warper
  Maria Gill 27 S   Foxholes John Gill Weaver
  RH, MG x     Wit: William Gill x, Betty Gill x    
28 Jul 1855 William Taylor 22 B Weaver Square Ralph Taylor Labourer
  Grace Haigh 19 S     --- Square Reuben Haigh Manufacturer
  WT x, GH     Wit:Edmund Lord, Betty Dyson x    
23 Nov 1857 Samuel Haigh Full B Banksman Coolham Reuben Haigh Calico Merchant
  Susey Jackson Full S   Coolham John Jackson Wood..ker
  SH, SJ x     Wit: John Collins, Mary Fielden    
13 Jul 1860 William Ogden 25 B Self-acting Minder Bottoms John Ogden Weaver
  Mary Haigh 20 S Frame Tenter Bottoms James Haigh Labourer
  WO x, MH x     Wit: John Crossley, Hannah Eastwood x    
4 Aug 1866 James Leek 23 B Millhand Garibaldi Street James Leek Millhand
  Alice Haigh 21 S Weaver Garibaldi Street Thomas Smith Schoolmaster
  JL, AH     Wit:James Lord, Susan Cowpe x    
[-] 1868 Joseph Haigh 21 B Iron Moulder Bacup Joseph Haigh Farmer
(Oct-Dec) Hannah Dennison 22 S Weaver Walsden James Dennison Black Smith
  HJH, HD     Wit: James Fielden, James Lord    
14 Apr 1869 Reuben Haigh 18 B Winder Bottoms Reuben Haigh Manufacturer
  Susanna Dawson 18 S Weaver Bottoms William Dawson Picker Maker
  RH, SD     Wit: John Dawson, Jane Haigh    
26 Mar 1870 John Haigh 24 B Farmer Brown Roads John Haigh Farmer
  Mary Crowther 19 S Mill Hand Ditches William Crowther Farmer
  JH, MC x     Wit: James Harrison, Hannah Harrison x    
10 Oct 1871 Thomas Barwick 36 B Professer of Music Keighley James Barwick Farmer
  Elizabeth Haigh 33 S --- Walsden Reuben Haigh Gentleman
  TB, EH     Wit: John Kays Barwick, Hannah Fielden, William Scarden, Margaret Crabtree    
24 Aug 1875 Charles Lord 26 B Coal Dr. Clough James Lord Coal Dealer
  Alice Ann Haigh 24 S      --- Clough Joseph Haigh Banksman
  CL, AAH     Wit: Hannah Lord, Joseph Lord    
24 Feb 1876 Luke Haigh 21 B Weaver Clough Joseph Haigh Engineer
  Martha Ann Barker 19 S    --- Back Street      ---      ---
  LH, MAB     Wit: Robert Crossley, Peter More    
21 Feb 1877 John Howorth 29 B Publican Knowlwood Jeremy Howorth Butcher
  Sally Haigh 31 S   Railway Cottage James Haigh Labourer
  JH, SH x     Wit: John Helliwell Clegg, Hannah C/E Clegg    
8 --- 1887 Abraham Jackson 30 B Weaver Walsden Abraham Jackson Broker
(Oct-Dec) Emma Haigh 24 S   Walsden Thomas Haigh Drysalter
  AJ, EH     Wit: William Jackson, Sarah Ellen Greenwood x    
24 Dec 1887 George Curl 40 W Labour Walsden Robert Curl Wheelwright
  Eliza Jane Haigh 30 W    --- Todmorden John Anderson Blacksmith
  GC x, EJH     Wit: James Hargreaves, Emma Jackson    
14 Feb 1888 Samuel Haigh 24 B Clogger   Samuel Haigh Coal Proprietor
  Sarah Barnes 20 S     Alfred Barnes Mechanic
  SH, SB     Wit: Fielden Jackson, Mary Haigh    
31 Jan 1889 Young William Newell 25 B Booking Clerk Walsden William Newell Joiner
  Agnes Haigh 28 S        --- Walsden Samuel Haigh Banksman
  YWN, AH     Wit: John Wm Woodhead, Agnes Howorth    
12 Apr 1893 Amos Haigh 34 B Carter Melbourne Rd Walsden Joseph Haigh (dec) Farmer
  Mary Law 32 S   --- Dusty Miller Walsden Abraham Law (dec) Grinder
  AH, ML     Wit: Frank Suthers, Jane Suthers    
28 Sep 1898 Willie Marshall 31 B Farm Servant Holigworth Henry Marshall Weaver
  Mary Haigh 30 S        --- 658 Rochdale Rd Walsden Samuel Haigh illegible
  WM, MH     Wit: William Newell, Mary Ann Dawson    
21 Feb 1903 Arthur Holden 20 B B layer Paradise St Walsden Walton Holden Carter
  Clara Ellen Haigh 21 S   Knowlswood Rd Walsden James Haigh Weaver
  AH, CEH     Wit: Fred Fielden Holden, Susy Jane Holden    
16 Aug 1904 Herbert Haigh 38 B Picker Maker 658 Rochdale Rd Walsden Samuel Haigh (dec) Coal Owner
  Ellen Tamblin 30 S Dress Maker 18 Crawford St Walsden John Tamblin (dec) Coachman
  HH, ET     Wit: John George Tamblin, W Newell, Annie Stead, Betsy Barker    
21 Dec 1905 Sam Haigh 29 B Labourer Howroyd Walsden Joseph Haigh Farmer
  Matilda Kershaw 22 S   Cloughpots Todmorden Joseph Kershaw Publican
  SH, MK     Wit: James William Barker, Hannah Haigh    
09 Jun 1908 Albert Greenwood 23 B Book Keeper 118 Rochdale Road Tod Thomas Greenwood Book Keeper
  Betsy Haigh 23 S Artificial Florist 17 Calfhey Terrace Walsden John Fielden Haigh Deceased
  AG, BH     Wit: Samuel Haigh, Mary Ellen Crossley    
08 Jul 1908 Samuel Haigh 28 B Picker-Maker 17 Calfhey Terrace Walsden John Fielden Haigh Deceased
  Mary Ellen Crossley 23 S Cardroom Hand 475 Rochdale Rd Walsden John Haigh Crossley illegible
  SH, MEC     Wit: Albert Crossley, Ada Crossley    
09 Sep 1912 John William Haigh 37 B Laborer 17 Calf Hey Terrace Walsden John Fielden Haigh Deceased
  Edith Mary Monk 25 S Domestic Servant The Vicarage Walsden Alfred Monk Labourer
  JWH, EMM     Wit: Mary Stansfield, Arthur Wood?    
20 Jun 1935 Frank Whitham 22 B Butcher 12 Campden Rd Mytholm Jane Alice Whitham         ---
  Hilda Haigh 25 S Machinist 17 Henshaw Rd Walsden Herbert Haigh Picker-Maker
  FW, HH     Wit: Henry Schofield, Edith Haigh, Herbert Haigh