complete 1678-1851

Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden

Year Date Name Parents Address Age Comments
1691 Aug-26 Mary John Stansfield    
1691/2 Mar-11 Elizabeth Paul      
1704/5 Jan-03 Elizabeth   Stansfield   wife of Paul
1709 Mar-28 Elizabeth John Stansfield    
1711 May-14 Mary Mary Stansfield   base d of Thomas Widope
1711 Nov-27 John   Stansfield    
1718/9 Feb-16 Mary Paul Stansfield   householder
1724 Apr-09 Elizabeth   Stansfield   wife of Paul
1725 Apr-07 John Paul Stansfield   both borders
1726 Jun-09 Joseph Paul Stansfield   householder
1726/7 Jan-14 Job   Stansfield   infant. border
1728/9 Feb-25 Mary   Stansfield   infant
1730 Aug-01 Paul   Stansfield   yeoman householder
1730 Aug-08 Paul Joshua Stansfield   householder
1733/4 Mar-14 Mary Joshua Stansfield   also states wife of Joshua
1734 Oct-13 John   Stansfield    
1737 Aug-25 Michale   Stansfield    
1737/8 Mar-10 Sarah   Stansfield    
1755 Jul-22 William   Lumbutts Langfield    
1763 Dec-16 Susan Michael and Lydia Greenhursthey Stansfield    
1764 Jun-27 Joshua   Turn Pike Stansfield    
1765 Jun-25 Thomas   Jump Cottage Stansfield    
1767 Oct-21 Betty   Greenhursthey Stansfield   wife of Job
1772 Mar-23 Abraham John and Betty Croft House Stansfield    
1775 Apr-15 Widow   Shore Stansfield    
1776 Feb-27 Susan   Shore Stansfield   wife of John
1776 Dec-13 Widow   Shore Stansfield    
1778 May-08 Joseph Joseph and Betty Rive Rocks Stansfield    
1778 Dec-12 Betty   Rive Rocks Stansfield   wife of Joseph
1784 Apr-01 James   Lumbutts Green Langfield    
1784 Jul-02 William John and Ann Langfield    
1784 Dec-29 John   Stansfield    
1787 Dec-25 Job   New Townley Hundersfield    
1788 Feb-19 William   Blewbell Stansfield    
1788 Dec-04 Thomas   Ashes Stansfield    
1790 Nov-15 Betty   Hill House Stansfield   wife of John yeoman
1790 Dec-04 Grace   Millwood Stansfield    
1791 Nov-08 Bannister   Rodwell End Stansfield    
1794 Jun-23 Henry   Millwood Stansfield   pauper
1795 May-18 Joshua   Greenhursthey Stansfield    
1796 Mar-03 Susan   Lower Ashes Stansfiel   senior
1797 Apr-30 Peggy   King Street Stansfield    
1798 Sep-01 Mary   Haughstones Stansfield    
1798 Nov-30 Betty   Blewbell Shore Stansfield    
1798 Dec-17 Hannah   Greenhursthey Clough Stansfield    
1798 Dec-30 John   Lumbutts Stansfield   also Lumbutts Langfield
1799 Apr-23 Lydia   Greenhurst Hey Clough Stansfield    
1799 Nov-28 Michael   Holebottom Stansfield    
1800 Jun-04 Martha   Winsley    
1801 Nov-29 Nathaniel   King St Stansfield    
1802 Jan-24 John   Scaitcliffe Hundersfield    
1802 Feb-16 Mary   Greenhurst Hey Stansfield    
1802 Mar-13 Hannah   Oldroyd Langfield    
1802 Mar-31 Michael   Greenhurst Hey Stansfield    
1803 Jun-19 Sarah   King St Stansfield    
1805 Sep-05 Susan John & Anne Bluebell Stansfield    
1805 Oct-05 Sally John Burgylieuhall   also Carr House Fold
1807 Jan-14 Joseph William & Susan Guttroyd Langfield    
1807 Feb-16 Mary   Longfield Langfield   wife of Samuel
1809 Mar-30 Esther Thomas & Betty Nellcote Hundersfield    
1810 May-31 Thomas Thomas & Sally Gaulksholme Hundersfield    
1810 Dec-04 Charlotte Samuel & Ruth Millwood Stansfield    
1811 May-31 John   Houghstone Stansfield    
1811 Oct-31 John Henry & Mally King St Stansfield    
1812 Mar-05 Betty Thomas & Peggy Shore Stansfield    
1812 Sep-08 Sally William & Sally Swineshead Clough Langfield    
1812 Sep-16 Betty   Todmorden Langfield   wife of Cockcroft
1812 Nov-23 John   Greenhurst Hey Stansfield    
1814 May-19 William   King St Stansfield 3yrs  
1814 Oct-15 Mitchell   Dulesgate 4yrs  
1814 Dec-13 Charlotte   Carrhousefold 41weeks  
1815 Aug-23 William   Horsfall 6weeks  
1816 Mar-10 William   Burgyhall 53yrs  
1816 Oct-18 William   Bluebell Stansfield 1yr  
1816 Oct-31 Hannah   Heyhead 35yrs  
1816 Nov-05 William   Carrhousefold 62yrs  
1816 Dec-27 Alfred   Carrhousefold 1yr  
1817 Jul-17 Betty   Steel 78yrs  
1817 Sep-14 William   Shade 4yrs  
1818 Feb-05 Betty   Eastwood 23yrs  
1818 Feb-07 Mary   Cross Stone 4yrs  
1818 May-12 Betty   Horsfall 1yr  
1821 Jan-26 William   Cross Stone 40yrs  
1821 Jul-04 John   Stoodley 1yr  
1821 Nov-10 John   Lumbutts 40yrs  
1822 May-09 Henry   King St 47yrs  
1822 Jun-09 John   Burgy 59yrs  
1823 Jan-06 Thomas   Dulesgate 69yrs  
1823 Feb-05 Sarah   Greenhirst Hey 73yrs  
1823 Feb-09 Mary   Croft Top 2yrs  
1823 Nov-05 Mary   Millwood 74yrs  
1824 Apr-11 Rhoda   Nell Cote 2yrs  
1824 Jun-30 William   Horsfall 3yrs  
1825 May-03 Joseph   Millwood 79yrs  
1825 Jun-23 Sarah   Dulesgate 58yrs  
1826 Feb-02 Anne   Burgey 63yrs  
1826 Apr-22 Sarah   Burgey 60yrs  
1826 May-22 Mary   Cockden 28yrs  
1826 Jun-06 William   Cockden 7weeks  
1827 Jul-26 Susan   Shore 1yr  
1827 Sep-14 Mary   Horsfall 9yrs  
1828 Mar-10 Betty   Castle St 18yrs  
1828 Apr-08 Hannah   Burgey 5yrs  
1828 Apr-12 John   Shade 18yrs  
1828 Jun-05 Thomas   Shore 7yrs  
1828 Nov-12 Elizabeth   Firths Mill 27yrs  
1828 Dec-04 Sutcliffe   Nell Cote 2yrs  
1829 Jan-11 Sarah Ann   Dobroyd 31weeks  
1829 May-31 Betty   Nell Cote 66yrs  
1831 Apr-06 Mary   Hall Royd 79yrs  
1831 May-08 Sam   Dobroyd 84yrs  
1831 Jul-03 John   Chapel House 75yrs  
1832 Jan-05 Susannah   Hole Bottom 11yrs  
1832 Oct-28 Sally   King St 26yrs  
1833 Feb-13 John   Stoodley Bridge 50yrs  
1833 Mar-07 Susan   Blue Bell 80yrs  
1834 May-08 Thomas   Nell Cote 65yrs  
1834 May-12 Sarah   New Bridge 15yrs  
1835 May-10 Anne   Horsfall 30yrs  
1835 May-24 Grace   Newgate Bottom 47yrs  
1835 Jul-02 John   Blue Bell 87yrs  
1836 Jan-30 Greenwood   Hallroyd 30yrs  
1836 Mar-15 Michael   Green Hirst Hey 9mth  
1837 Apr-06 Thomas   Shade 7yrs  
1838 Jan-23 Hannah   Lee Mill 26yrs  
1838 Mar-01 James   Shade 24yrs  
1838 Apr-17 Jane   Shade 1yr  
1838 Oct-04 Susan   Castle St 63yrs  
1839 Sep-30 Susanna   Holebottom 7mth  
1839 Dec-30 Grace   Horsfall 7yrs  
1840 Jan-23 Hannah   Nell Cote 40yrs  
1840 Feb-07 Hannah   Horsfall 14yrs  
1840 Sep-21 John   Horsfall 17yrs  
1841 Jan-27 Hannah   Knowlwood 9mth  
1841 Jul-03 James   Shade Todmorden 21yrs  
1842 Nov-05 John Jonas Castle St 7yrs  
1844 Jan-11 James Susan Castle St 7mth  
1844 Nov-17 John Joseph Bradford 8mth  
1844 Nov-20 Thomas   Eastwood 43yrs  
1845 Jan-22 Martha   Castle St 32yrs  
1845 Nov-23 Sarah Ann   Castle St 15weeks  
1846 Feb-01 Henry   Woodbottom Walsden 19mth  
1846 Dec-25 John   Burgy 52yrs  
1847 Jun-16 Susannah   Woodhouse Langfield 23yrs  
1847 Sep-26 Maria   Castle Clough 1yr  
1848 Jun-23 Ann   Dobroyd Todmorden 32yrs  
1849 Jun-23 Joseph   East Lee Stansfield 64yrs  
1849 Jul-14 Joseph   Burnley 71yrs  
1849 Oct-08 Mary   Burnley 64yrs  
1849 Oct-20 Ruth   Castle Clough 61yrs  
1849 Oct-21 Sarah   Cross Stone 72yrs  
1850 Sep-28 Ann   Roomfield Lane 25yrs  
1851 Mar-16 Mary   Vicarage 5yrs