complete from 1594 to 1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden


1595 Jun-04 Gilbert     Susan Crabtry    
1596 May-09 Mathew     Joana Wright    
1596/7 Feb-07 Francis     Ellin Fielden    
1597 May-24 Beniamyn     Ellin Wilson    
1599 Ap29 Mary     Peter Wood    
1601 Jun-16 Grace     William Wilcocke    
1603/4 Jan-19 Thomas     Agnes Shakleton    
1603/4 Feb-21 Joanna     William Greav    
1606 May-29 Sara     Charles Ratclyf    
1609 Sep-26 Michaell     Brigitt Eastwod    
1610 Jul-08 Mychaell     Christabell Ingham    
1610 Aug-29 Mathew     Marye Horsfall    
1611/2 Feb-24 Johne     Christabell Stansfield    
1612 Oct-06 Henry     Mary Holland    
1613 Dec-23 Richard     Jane Helewell    
1615 Jun-13 Bridgit     Robert Ledgarde    
1615 Nov-02 Josephe     Jenett Hargreaves    
1616 Apr-04 Agnes     Michael Turner    
1616/7 Feb-18 John     Sara Robertshaie    
1618 May-19 Michaell     Martha Midgley    
1619 May-04 Richard     Iden Marser    
1619 Nov-08 John     Rosamund Shutleworth    
1620/1 Feb-12 Luke     Christabell Sutcliffe    
1621 Jul-13 Thomas     Bridget Hanson    
1621 Jul-29 Sara     Thomas Nayler    
1621 Oct-30 Bridget     Richard Wadsworth    
1621/2 Jan-29 Christabell     Edward Scolfeild    
1621/2 Feb-03 John     Elizabeth Shepheard    
1622 Dec-23 Mary     John Earnshaw    
1624 Nov-02 William     Susan Bentley    
1625 Apr-25 Mary     Abraham Robertshay    
1626 May-23 Abraham     Ellin Midgley    
1626/7 Feb-04 Mary     John Jawitt    
1627 Oct-23 Martha     Richard Smith    
1628/9 Jan-01 Simeon     Mary Barret    
1628/9 Feb-16 Susan     Thomas Foster    
1629 May-17 Joseph     Mary Kay    
1629 Aug-03 Mary     Thomas Gaukeroger   entry crossed out
1630 Apr-12 Michaell     Grace Draper    
1633 Aug-05 John     Hester Lume    
1633 Dec-23 Susan     Symeon Buckley    
1635 Dec-03 Martha     Josua Bentley    
1635 Dec-26 John     Mary Pickles    
1637 May-09 Symeon     Sara Godley    
1637 Nov-05 Daniell     Mary Pickles    
1637/8 Jan-23 Martha     Ambrose Widdopp    
1639 Sep-20 Mary     Michaell Bentley    
1641 Oct-07 Mary     John Shackton    
1641 Dec-07 John     Sara Sutcliff    
1642 Aug-28 Abraham     Mary Barraclough    
1644 May-12 Luke     Margaret Smith    
1644 Jul-02 Danyell     Mary Riley    
1644 Aug-19 Elizabeth     John Horsfall    
1644 Aug-20 Mary     James Brigge    
1644/5 Jan-20 Elizabeth     Samuell Eastwood    
1644/5 Feb-18 John     Mary Reediehough    
1645 Oct-28 Prudence     John Taylor   married at Rochdale
1648 May-13 Nathan     Mary Hellywell    
1648 Aug-24 Mary     Henry Cockcroft    
1651 Aug-17 Martha     John Greenewood   married at Tod
1654 Oct-10 Martha Stansfield   John Clegg Hartley Stansfield clothier, dau of John (late) Wit. John Naylor & John Robert
1655/6 Feb-17 Jonas Eastwood Stansfield clothier Margaret Midgley Stansfield d of Richard Midgley yeoman Wit.Henry Pickles&John Clayton
1656/7 Jan-12 William Wadsworth yeoman Sara Sutcliff Colden Heptonstall d of John yeoman
1657 Nov-26 William Oxenhope Haworth P feltmaker Mary Greenwood Heptonstall d of Ambrose
1657/8 Jan-14 Margaret Wadsworth   William Shackleton Heptonstall clothier, d. of Joseph
1659 May-23 William Wadsworth   Martha Greenewood    
1659 Jan-19 John Wadsworth   Judith Browne Wadsworth  
1662 May-13 Henry     Mary Shackleton    
1662 May-13 Sara     Thomas Watson    
1663 Apr-20 Sara     Caleb Widdop    
1663/4 Feb-14 Mary     William Varley    
1664 Apr-10 Hester     Jonas Wood    
1664 May-10 Mary     Abraham Wood    
1664 Jul-24 Mary     William Thomas    
1665 Aug-15 Henry     Ann Greenwood    
1666/7 Jan-01 Hester     Abraham Bentley    
1669 Apr-13 Abraham     Martha Peel    
1671 Oct-15 Mary     Nicholas Brewer    
1672/3 Jan-07 John     Mary Shackleton    
1673 Dec-18 Thomas     Hester Jennings    
1673 Dec-18 John     Jane Sootell    
1674 Nov-09 Martha     Abraham Pighells    
1674/5 Feb-15 John     Mary Wilson    
1676 Oct-14 Margaret     Henry Horsfall    
1677 Jul-19 Mary     John Barker    
1678 Aug-12 Henry     Elizabeth Smith    
1681 Jul-17 Mary     Jonathan Dobson    
1682 Apr-17 Joseph     Grace Horsfall    
1682 Jun-06 Thomas     Mary Crabtree    
1682 Aug-01 Henry     Grace Wade    
1683 Apr-30 Henry     Jane Barrett    
1683 Oct-22 Abraham     Rosamund Barrett    
1684 Apr-08 William     Mary Greenwood    
1685 May-12 John     Susan Greenwood    
1685 May-21 Bridget     Jonas Whitaker    
1688 Apr-26 Mary     John Whitaker    
1688 Jul-24 Martha     Joseph Sutcliffe    
1689 Jul-02 John     Grace Sunderland    
1690 May-01 Prudence     Symeon Horsfall    


1690 May-11 Jonas     Abigail Greenwood    
1690 Oct-03 Joseph     Mary Horsfall    
1691 Jul-25 John     Sara Ingham    
1692 May-01 Mary     Abraham Tetlaw    
1692 Jun-09 David     Elizabeth Widdope    
1692 Jun-23 Martha     John Horsfall    
1693 Jul-04 Mary     Richard Sagar    
1693/4 Feb-15 Henry     Mary Sutcliffe    
1694 May-01 Sarah     Anthony Sutcliffe    
1694 Jun-14 William     Margaret Haworth    
1694 Oct-25 William     Martha Haworth    
1695 May-20 Susan     James Stansfield    
1695 Oct-30 Thomas     Susan Sutcliffe    
1698 Nov-02 John     Susan Horsfall    
1700 Aug-13 John     Sarah Cockcroft    
1700 Oct-24 Grace     John Taylor    
1701 Aug-16 Elizabeth     William Greenwood Heptonstall  
1702 Apr-07 John     Mary Hartley Wadsworth  
1702 May-21 Mary     Edward Crowther Wadsworth  
1703 May-17 Mary     John Parker Wadsworth  
1703 Sep-22 Elizabeth     William Mitchell Sowerby  
1703/4 Feb-28 Susan     Lawrence Butterworth Burnley  
1704 Jul-23 Mary     Martin Townend Heptonstall  
1705 Apr-09 Paul     Martha Smith Erringden  
1705 Nov-01 Henry     Elizabeth Wiggan Erringden  
1705/6 Feb-04 Sarah     Christopher Wadsworth Wadsworth  
1706 Nov-07 John     Susan Wilkinson Stansfield  
1707/8 Feb-10 Paul     Elizabeth Hoyle Stansfield  
1708 Nov-18 John     Sarah Roades Erringden  
1709 Jun-23 Grace     Jonas Crowther Stansfield  
1709 Jul-29 Joseph     Jane Bates Heptonstall  
1709 Oct-06 Daniel     Elizabeth Hoyle Sowerby  
1709 Nov-10 Sarah     Thomas Pilling Stansfield  
1709/10 Feb-19 Susan     James Hosting Heptonstall  
1710 May-04 Daniell     Susan Plats Stansfield  
1711 Jun-28 John     Martha Benn Erringden  
1711/2 Mar-04 Sarah     John Walton Stansfield  
1712 Dep30 Abraham     Mary Hargreaves Erringden  
1712/3 Jan-22 Mary     William Rigg Warley  
1713 Apr-07 John     Martha Horsfall Wadsworth  
1714 Mar-29 John     Susan Thomas Wadsworth  
1714 Nov-11 Michael     Sarah Widdup Heptonstall  
1714/5 Jan-25 John     Judith Dawson Wadsworth  
1716 Aug-13 Martha     William Pighles Wadsworth  
1717 Apr-22 Sarah     John Ramsbottom Erringden  
1718 Apr-14 Nathan     Mary Plats Erringden  
1718 Jul-02 Martha     John Townend Wadsworth  
1720 Nov-25 Elizabeth Erringden   Joseph Watson Wadsworth webster
1722 Aug-23 Thomas Wadsworth   Susan Clayton Erringden  
1722 Nov-01 Mary Wadsworth   Simeon Greenwood Stansfield webster
1722/3 Jan-17 Daniel Heptonstall   Martha Banister Heptonstall  
1723 Aug-22 James Erringden webster Margaret Gregory Erringden  
1723 Nov-24 Martha Stansfield   William Greenwood   webster
1723/4 Jan-14 Judith Erringden   Abraham Chapman Erringden webster
1724 Apr-06 Joseph Erringden webster Sarah Heworth Erringden  
1724 Oct-19 John   webster Grace Dawson Wadsworth Grace widowed
1724 Nov-12 Joseph   webster Mary Clark Heptonstall  
1728 May-23 William     Tamar Harwood Erringden  
1730 Jun-02 Martha Wadsworth   Edmund Shackleton   webster
1730 Jun-30 Sarah Wadsworth   Abram Rigg Heptonstall webster
1730/1 Feb-02 Martha Wadsworth   Thomas Greenwood Wadsworth glazier
1731 Aug-28 James   webster Mary Feber Stansfield  
1731 Sep-14 John   webster Mary Hellewell Erringden  
1734 Oct-10 Paul Sowerby   Mary Hanson Erringden  
1735 Oct-02 Sara Erringden   George Bentley Erringden  
1735 Nov-19 John Stansfield   Phebe Eastwood Stansfield  
1736/7 Jan-13 Abraham Wadsworth webster Mary Sutcliffe Wadsworth  
1737 Jul-29 John Langfield   Alice Bolton Langfield  
1737/8 Feb-14 Thomas Heptonstall webster Mary Greenwood Wadsworth  
1738 Nov-30 James Stansfield webster Mary Hauworth Stansfield  
1738/9 Jan-21 Susan Erringden   William Cockcroft Erringden carpenter
1740 Sep-11 Mary Stansfield   John Cleton Wadsworth webster
1740 Nov-04 John Erringden webster Susan Greenwood Wadsworth  
1741/2 Mar-01 Annah Heptonstall   William Greenwood Heptonstall blacksmith
1743 May-23 Henry Wadsworth   Mary Redmond Heptonstall  
1743 Jun-16 Martha Heptonstall   William Cockcroft Heptonstall  
1743 Nov-08 James Stansfield   Mary Greenwood Heptonstall  
1743/4 Feb-06 Martha Stansfield   John Soothard Stansfield webster
1744 Sep-04 Betty Heptonstall   John Ackroyd Heptonstall carpenter
1746 Sep-18 Hannah Wadsworth   John Pickles Wadsworth webster
1746 Nov-10 John Wadsworth webster Mary Mitchell Wadsworth  
1747 Apr-19 Peggy Stansfield   Abraham Greenwood Heptonstall webster
1747 Sep-28 Mary Sowerby   James Broadbelt Sowerby  
1747 Nov-21 Susan Wadsworth   Abraham Ashworth Wadsworth webster
1747 Dec-20 John Stansfield webster Susan Kershaw Stansfield  
1747/8 Mar-17 John Erringden webster Mary Webster Wadsworth  
1748 Apr-11 John Heptonstall webster Betty Greenwood Heptonstall  
1748 May-30 Paul Erringden   Nancy Bates Erringden  
1748 Sep-08 John Wadsworth webster Mary Greenwood Wadsworth  
1748/9 Feb-06 Sara Langfield   John Dawson Stansfield webster
1749 Jun-01 Mary Erringden   James Crabtree Stansfield webster
1749 Dec-29 Sarah Wadsworth   Richard Sutcliffe Wadsworth webster
1751 Sep-12 John Wadsworth husbandman Susan Greenwood Stansfield  
1751 Dec-25 Joseph Wadsworth webster Mary Greenwood Heptonstall  
1753 Apr-23 Susannah Erringden   William Dearden Heptonstall tailor
1753/4 Jan-25 Mary Erringden   James Barnes Erringden  
1754 Nov-21 Joshua Heptonstall webster Grace Southwell Stansfield  
1755 Jan-06 Thomas Stansfield webster Susan Greenwood Stansfield  
1755 Jul-10 Elias Stansfield webster Sarah Clarke Erringden  
1755 Jul-13 James Stansfield webster Ann Morley Stansfield  


1755 Aug-28 George Heptonstall husbandman Ann Townend Wadsworth  
1755 Dec-21 Mary Stansfield   John Holt Stansfield webster
1756 Feb-05 Mary Stansfield   Robert Soothill Stansfield pensioner
1756 May-11 Susannah Wadsworth   John Sladen Wadsworth webster
1757 Apr-10 Betty Erringden   James Greenwood Erringden webster
1757 Nov-29 Annah Stansfield   John Sutcliffe Stansfield wool comber
1758 Feb-06 Elias Heptonstall wool comber Mary Jackson Erringden  
1758 Sep-21 Ann Langfield   John Ashworth Langfield webster
1758 Oct-11 Mary Langfield   Thomas Pilling Langfield webster
1758 Dec-25 James Langfield webster Sarah Greenwood Langfield  
1759 Jan-18 Mary Wadsworth   John Shackleton Wadsworth both widowed
1759 May-16 Thomas Wadsworth webster Nancy Pickles Wadsworth  
1760 Oct-23 Mary Erringden   Samuel Bentley Erringden webster
1761 Jan-18 James Erringden webster Betty Barnes Heptonstall  
1761 Feb-24 William Erringden webster Susannah Crossley Erringden  
1761 Jul-16 Phebe Wadsworth   William Hartley Wadsworth webster
1761 Sep-24 Sarah Stansfield   James Taylor Stansfield webster
1761 Dec-10 Joseph Erringden webster Mary Lumb Sowerby  
1762 Jun-01 Nathaniel Langfield webster Peggy Greenwood Langfield  
1762 Oct-26 Love otp   Abraham Uttley otp grocer, by licence
1762 Dec-30 Mally Wadsworth   James Lord Erringden webster
1763 May-23 Thomas Erringden webster Sally Lacy Erringden  
1763 Jul-07 William Wadsworth yeoman Mary Whitaker Heptonstall  
1763 Nov-10 Sarah Erringden   Joseph Foster Erringden webster
1763 Dec-26 John Stansfield webster Betty Horsfall Wadsworth  
1764 Mar-11 Ann Wadsworth   Thomas Greenwood Stansfield webster
1764 Apr-15 John Stansfield webster Betty Lancaster Stansfield  
1764 Apr-26 Henry Wadsworth   Mally Hindle Wadsworth Henry widowed
1764 Aug-23 Bannister Wadsworth webster Mary Greenwood Wadsworth  
1764 Nov-24 Jonas Stansfield   Martha Horsfall Stansfield Jonas widowed
1764 Dec-20 Susannah Spotland Rochdale   Richard Horsfield Heptonstall webster
1765 Mar-28 John Langfield wool comber Betty Marshall Stansfield  
1765 Apr-09 Mary Colne   Thomas Sunderland Heptonstall both widowed
1765 Jul-18 John Stansfield webster Mary Ormerod Stansfield  
1766 Feb-10 Susan Erringden   William Pilling Langfield webster
1766 Dec-25 Mary Sowerby   William Ackroyd Heptonstall carpenter
1766 Dec-30 Michael Stansfield webster Mary Uttley Heptonstall  
1768 Jan-10 Patience Stansfield   Robert Halstead Erringden webster
1768 Apr-04 Betty Stansfield   Alexander Crossley Stansfield webster
1768 Dec-26 Alice Erringden   William Tattersall Erringden wool comber
1769 May-16 Sally Heptonstall   John Stansfield Heptonstall webster
1769 Aug-31 Betty Wadsworth   Joseph Ingham Wadsworth webster
1769 Dec-25 Martha Stansfield   Abraham Marshall Stansfield Abraham widowed
1770 Apr-15 Mary Erringden   Luke Horsfall Wadsworth webster
1770 Jul-03 Mary Stansfield   John Ashworth Stansfield webster
1770 Jul-05 John Erringden webster Mary Sutcliffe Erringden  
1770 Oct-25 Mary Erringden   James Farrer Erringden webster
1770 Nov-22 Joseph Stansfield wool comber Betty Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1770 Dec-25 Thomas Erringden   Mary Barker Erringden both widowed
1770 Dec-25 Betty Stansfield   Abraham Barker Stansfield webster
1770 Dec-27 John Stansfield webster Betty Townend Stansfield  
1771 Apr-30 William Erringden webster Betty Clay Erringden  
1771 May-20 William Stansfield webster Sarah Thomas Stansfield  
1771 Jun-13 John Wadsworth wool comber Susan Pilkinton Wadsworth  
1771 Jun-23 John Heptonstall   Martha Eagland Heptonstall both widowed
1771 Aug-08 Grace Wadsworth   John Mosar Wadsworth tailor
1772 Jan-30 John Stansfield webster Sally Harwood Wadsworth  
1772 Jun-06 Hannah otp   James Greenwood Leeds labourer, by licence
1772 Jul-30 Grace Wadsworth   John Marchant Wadsworth John widowed
1772 Aug-25 Thomas Stansfield webster Sally Stansfield Heptonstall  
1772 Sep-27 Mary Stansfield   James Hollingrake Langfield clogger
1772 Oct-23 Ann Stansfield   Henry Cockcroft Stansfield butcher
1772 Nov-04 William otp   Ann Jowett otp by licence
1772 Nov-08 Mary Wadsworth   John Ashworth Wadsworth webster
1773 Feb-23 John Wadsworth webster Sally Redman Wadsworth  
1773 Feb-23 John Stansfield webster Susan Fielding Stansfield  
1773 Feb-26 Thomas Erringden webster Sally Jackson Stansfield  
1773 Apr-12 Mally Stansfield   Edmund Sutcliffe Stansfield webster
1773 Jul-01 Thomas Wadsworth webster Betty Brearley Wadsworth Brierley
1774 Jun-07 Mary Erringden   James Stansfield Erringden webster
1774 Jul-03 Sarah Wadsworth   John Pickles Erringden webster
1774 Dec-27 John Stansfield webster Betty Robertshaw Stansfield  
1775 Aug-29 Ely Heptonstall webster Sally Pickles Heptonstall  
1775 Nov-30 Peggy Stansfield   William Marshall Stansfield webster
1775 Dec-26 Susannah Wadsworth   Thomas Smith Wadsworth wool comber
1776 Jan-18 William Wadsworth webster Mary Eastwood Wadsworth  
1776 Jan-28 Mary Wadsworth   John Parker Wadsworth webster, banns Feb/Mar1775
1776 Feb-28 Joseph Stansfield miller Mary Smith Heptonstall  
1776 Apr-09 William Erringden webster Grace Oldfield Erringden  
1776 Apr-25 Susan Erringden   Thomas Hayhurst Erringden webster
1777 Feb-09 John Stansfield   Betty Marshall Stansfield John widowed
1777 Jun-17 John Heptonstall webster Susan Bolton Heptonstall  
1777 Jul-17 Betty Wadsworth   Ellis Greenwood Wadsworth webster
1777 Oct-25 William Erringden webster Betty Webster Erringden  
1777 Oct-30 Joshua Stansfield webster Ellen Nuttal Stansfield  
1778 Jan-06 Jonas Stansfield webster Mary Greenwood Stansfield  
1778 Apr-16 Betty Stansfield   John Nowell Stansfield webster, Betty widowed
1778 May-28 Betty Erringden   John Oldfield Erringden widower
1778 Jul-09 Joseph Erringden webster Mary Keneworth Erringden  
1778 Dec-24 Grace Wadsworth   William Crabtree Heptonstall webster, William widowed
1778 Dec-29 Timothy Erringden webster Mally Crossley Erringden  
1778 Dec-30 Grace Heptonstall   Richard Wadsworth Stansfield webster
1779 Jan-03 Mary or Martha Stansfield   John Webster Stansfield webster
1779 Jun-03 Zachariah Stansfield webster Penelope Ackroyd Stansfield  
1780 Jan-06 Michael Heptonstall militiaman Grace Cockcroft Heptonstall banns April 1779
1780 Jan-25 John Erringden webster Nancy Bolton Wadsworth  
1780 Dec-28 Joseph Stansfield webster Mary Greenwood Stansfield  
1781 Feb-15 Mally     James Austen   James widowed No Banns
1781 May-24 William Heptonstall webster Mary Kay Wadsworth  
1781 Aug-09 Mary Stansfield   Jonas Sutcliffe Heptonstall webster


1781 Sep-27 Betty Heptonstall   Robert Stansfield Heptonstall webster
1781 Oct-11 Grace Stansfield   John Barker Stansfield webster, banns Sep1780
1781 Nov-20 Betty Stansfield   George Crabtree Erringden webster
1782 Feb-12 John Wadsworth webster Ann Ingham Wadsworth  
1782 Feb-12 Joseph Stansfield webster Ann Greenwood Stansfield  
1782 Jun-27 Grace Heptonstall   Ellis Sunderland Heptonstall webster
1782 Dec-26 Susan Stansfield   Thomas Barker Stansfield webster
1783 Mar-04 John Wadsworth webster Grace Ashworth Wadsworth  
1783 Jun-10 William Wadsworth webster Grace Greenwood Wadsworth  
1783 Oct-09 Sally Wadsworth   Isaac Ingham Wadsworth webster
1783 Dec-30 John Langfield webster Ann Clegg Langfield  
1784 Mar-28 William Erringden   Olive Wilkinson Erringden both widowed
1784 Sep-07 Lucy Wadsworth   William Pickles Wadsworth webster
1784 Nov-04 Abraham Wadsworth   Sarah Crabtree Wadsworth Abraham widowed
1784 Dec-28 John Stansfield webster Grace Crabtree Todmorden  
1785 Jan-04 Grace Erringden   David Morley Erringden webster
1785 May-17 Abraham Wadsworth webster Grace Uttley Wadsworth Grace widowed
1785 May-31 Sara Erringden   David Sutcliffe Erringden webster
1785 Dec-06 Mary Stansfield   John Farrar Stansfield webster
1786 Feb-27 John Wadsworth stocking weaver Betty Helliwell Heptonstall  
1786 Apr-30 Grace Stansfield   James Stansfield Stansfield webster
1786 May-11 John Stansfield webster Grace Crabtree Stansfield  
1786 Jun-06 George Stansfield webster Sally Crabtree Stansfield  
1787 Apr-26 Michael Stansfield   Ann Greenwood Stansfield Michael widowed
1787 May-06 James Erringden webster Betty Crabtree Stansfield  
1787 Jun-11 William Wadsworth webster Susey Wood Wadsworth  
1787 Sep-04 Caleb Heptonstall wool comber Mary Fielden Heptonstall Mary widowed
1788 Jan-01 William Wadsworth   Sally Luty Wadsworth both widowed
1788 Jan-20 James Erringden webster Sara Sutcliffe Erringden  
1788 Feb-05 Thomas Langfield wool comber Betty Cockroft Stansfield  
1788 Apr-20 Hannah Wadsworth   John Holt Langfield John widowed
1788 May-27 Betty Stansfield   James Heap Stansfield mason
1788 Jun-03 John Stansfield   Mary Ratcliffe Stansfield John widowed
1788 Dec-30 John Erringden webster Mary Ingham Wadsworth  
1789 Aug-16 John Stansfield webster Mary Pickles Stansfield  
1789 Aug-20 Mally Heptonstall   William Midgley Heptonstall webster
1790 Aug-26 John Wadsworth webster Mary Bentley Wadsworth  
1790 Nov-04 Abraham Erringden webster Mary Clayton Erringden  
1790 Nov-11 William Erringden webster Grace Spencer Erringden William widowed
1790 Dec-02 John Stansfield webster Betty Widop Stansfield  
1791 Jun-02 Susey Erringden   Thomas Broadbent Erringden webster
1791 Jul-14 Hannah Todmorden   Jesse Uttley Stansfield webster
1792 Feb-21 Thomas Wadsworth webster Betty Horsfall Wadsworth  
1792 Apr-10 Rhoda Heptonstall   Abraham Walton Heptonstall webster
1792 May-02 Mary Heptonstall   John Charnley Wadsworth mason
1792 Jul-10 Thomas Stansfield webster Sally Ingham Langfield  
1792 Sep-20 Mary Heptonstall   David Parker Wadsworth mason
1793 May-21 Simeon Sowerby webster Grace Greenwood Erringden  
1793 Aug-08 Sally Wadsworth   Thomas Walton Wadsworth webster
1793 Aug-22 Nancy Stansfield   Joseph Ashworth Stansfield webster
1793 Sep-24 William Stansfield wool comber Susan Southwell Stansfield  
1794 Oct-23 William Stansfield webster Mary Mitchell Stansfield  
1795 May-31 Ellin Stansfield   William Mullinor Stansfield jigonner, both widowed
1795 Dec-20 Hannah     James Cunliffe   James widowed. No banns
1796 Aug-28 James Stansfield webster Susan Clegg Langfield  
1796 Dec-27 Mary Wadsworth   Henry Halstead Wadsworth mason
1797 Mar-12 Grace Wadsworth   John Wilcock Wadsworth webster
1797 Apr-18 Susan Wadsworth   John Harwood Wadsworth miner
1797 Aug-31 Mary Stansfield   George Halstead Erringden webster
1798 Jul-18 Mally     Joseph Broadbent   webster, no banns
1798 Sep-11 Grace Stansfield   John Marshall Stansfield webster
1798 Dec-27 Mary Stansfield   Abraham Fielding Stansfield webster
1799 Mar-16 Thomas Wadsworth webster Sally Mitchell Stansfield  
1799 Aug-18 Henry Wadsworth webster Mary Linghard Stansfield  
1799 Oct-03 Thomas Langfield webster Betty Windell Stansfield Windle
1799 Oct-31 Henry Wadsworth webster Nelly Parker Wadsworth Nelly widowed
1799 Dec-30 John Erringden webster Mally Sutcliffe Erringden  
1799 Dec-31 Timothy Erringden webster Mary Walton Erringden  
1800 Apr-27 William Erringden   Grace Sharp Erringden  
1801 Feb-22 Penelope Stansfield   William Lingard Stansfield webster
1801 Apr-30 John Stansfield   Susannah Cockcroft Stansfield  
1801 May-31 Michael Heptonstall   Mary Hoyle Heptonstall both widowed
1801 Jun-21 Jimmy Wadsworth   Sally Stansfield Wadsworth  
1801 Sep-15 Sally Stansfield   John Sunderland Stansfield webster
1802 Mar-02 Betty Heptonstall   William Dobson Heptonstall clogger
1802 Aug-19 Henry Stansfield labourer Mally Pickles Stansfield  
1802 Sep-27 Betty Stansfield   Joseph Barrit Todmorden stonemason
1802 Dec-30 William Stansfield webster Mary Speak Stansfield  
1803 Feb-22 Henry Stansfield webster Hannah Greenwood Stansfield  
1803 Mar-21 John Stansfield farmer Sara Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1803 Aug-14 Amy Erringden   George Howarth Erringden webster
1803 Dec-25 Thomas Erringden webster Susey Sutcliffe Erringden  
1803 Dec-27 John Heptonstall webster Betty Stansfield Heptonstall  
1804 Jun-21 Ann Stansfield   John Hudson Stansfield webster
1805 Jan-01 William Erringden   Nancy Oldfield Erringden both widowed
1805 Jun-04 John Erringden webster Ann Blakey Erringden  
1805 Jul-25 Betty Wadsworth   William Hartley Wadsworth butcher
1805 Aug-11 William Langfield webster Mary Barker Langfield  
1806 Jun-01 Thomas Stansfield webster Peggy Greenwood Stansfield  
1806 Nov-06 John Wadsworth webster Mary Mitchell Wadsworth  
1806 Nov-30 William Stansfield webster Hannah Dawson Stansfield  
1806 Dec-04 Phebe Erringden   Thomas Fawthrop Erringden webster
1807 Jan-04 Nancy Stansfield   John Dearden Erringden webster
1807 Feb-15 Hannah Erringden   William Chadwick Stansfield weaver
1807 Feb-22 Betty Stansfield   William Greenwood Stansfield webster
1807 Dec-20 Betty Heptonstall   Henry Mitchell Heptonstall weaver
1807 Dec-29 Salley Heptonstall   William Hey Erringden cotton cutter
1808 Jan-04 Sally Wadsworth   Jonas Chatburn Wadsworth weaver
1808 Apr-03 Rodger Wadsworth weaver Hannah Greenwood Wadsworth  
1808 May-15 Susan Langfield   William Holt Stansfield weaver


1808 Jul-14 Mally Stansfield   John Marshall Stansfield weaver
1808 Sep-04 Betty Stansfield   John Stott Stansfield  
1809 Jan-01 Hannah Langfield   Daniel Sutcliffe Stansfield weaver
1809 May-23 Joseph Heptonstall weaver Esther Marsland Heptonstall  
1809 Jul-20 Ely Stansfield wool comber Nancy Crabtree Langfield  
1809 Dec-24 William Wadsworth weaver Mary Crossley Stansfield  
1810 Jul-19 Samuel Stansfield weaver Ruth Meddowcroft Stansfield  
1811 Feb-28 William Erringden weaver Grace Uttley Erringden  
1811 Mar-03 Henry Wadsworth weaver Grace Greenwood Wadsworth  
1811 Apr-16 David Erringden weaver Ann Uttley Erringden  
1811 May-05 Joseph Stansfield weaver Betty Pickles Stansfield  
1811 Jun-28 Sally Stansfield   John Wood Stansfield wool comber
1811 Aug-01 Betty Stansfield   John Law Langfield weaver
1811 Sep-08 John Stansfield weaver Mercy Mitchell Stansfield  
1811 Nov-17 Susan Stansfield   James Stephenson Stansfield weaver
1811 Dec-26 Sally Stansfield   John Mitchell Stansfield weaver
1812 Mar-17 Sally Heptonstall   William Thomas Stansfield carpenter
1812 Aug-09 Sally Wadsworth   Henry Walton Heptonstall weaver
1812 Aug-18 Greenwood Stansfield servant Sarah Barkinshire Stansfield  
1812 Sep-22 Grace Wadsworth   John Greenewood Wadsworth weaver
1812 Sep-27 William Wadsworth weaver Olive Greenwood Wadsworth  
1812 Dec-24 Sarah Stansfield   William Law Stansfield soldier
1812 Dec-30 Sarah Stansfield   Henry Crabtree Stansfield weaver
1813 Mar-09 Grace Stansfield   Samuel Uttley Langfield weaver
1813 Jun-20 Betty Erringden   Henry Wilcock Erringden weaver
1813 Aug-26 William Stansfield weaver Sally Stephenson Stansfield  
1813 Nov-18 William Heptonstall weaver Sarah Whitham Stansfield  
1814 Feb-14 William Stansfield weaver Ann Uttley Heptonstall  
1814 Jun-14 Grace Erringden   John Broadbent Erringden John widowed
1814 Sep-18 John Stansfield weaver Mary sutcliffe Stansfield  
1814 Sep-29 George Erringden weaver Mary Clegg Erringden  
1814 Nov-13 James Stansfield weaver Alice Barker Stansfield  
1815 Jan-01 Lydia Erringden   Robert Barker Erringden weaver
1815 Mar-23 Henry Stansfield weaver Hannah Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1815 Sep-26 John Erringden weaver Sally Uttley Erringden  
1816 Feb-27 Hannah Stansfield   Mathias Pilling Langfield weaver
1816 Jun-10 Joseph Stansfield ctn mnfr Mary Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1816 Jun-16 John Erringden weaver Betty Clayton Erringden  
1816 Jun-30 Susan Stansfield   Samuel Butterworth Todmorden weaver
1816 Oct-20 John Stansfield wool comber Susan Greenwood Heptonstall  
1816 Nov-14 Jane Wadsworth   James Thomas Wadsworth weaver
1816 Dec-26 Betty Heptonstall   James Holt Heptonstall weaver
1816 Dec-29 John Heptonstall weaver Betty Stansfield Heptonstall  
1817 Jan-12 Thomas Langfield weaver Sally Cockcroft Langfield  
1817 Feb-20 James Stansfield weaver Mary Uttley Heptonstall  
1817 Apr-03 William Erringden weaver Sarah Wilkinson Erringden  
1817 Jun-21 Mary Stansfield   George Ashton Stansfield c spinner
1818 Jul-05 Sally Langfield   Jacob Uttley Heptonstall dyer
1819 Feb-24 Martha Erringden   John Wilkinson Erringden weaver
1819 May-09 Betty Erringden   Robert Greenwood Heptonstall weaver
1819 May-30 John Stansfield weaver Mary Medowcroft Stansfield  
1819 Dec-06 John Stansfield weaver Hannah Holding Stansfield  
1820 May-23 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Sally Horsfall Heptonstall  
1820 Aug-13 Sarah Langfield   John Bentley Todmorden glazier
1820 Nov-05 Greenwood Stansfield wool comber Betty Barrit Heptonstall  
1820 Dec-05 Grace Wadsworth   John Spencer Burnley farmer, by licence
1820 Dec-24 Nancey Erringden   James Ashworth Erringden c spinner
1820 Dec-28 Isaac Wadsworth weaver Nancey Greenwood Wadsworth  
1821 Dec-17 William Stansfield labourer Mary Dobson Stansfield  
1821 Dec-27 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Phebe Greenwood Wadsworth  
1822 Apr-03 Hannah Erringden   William Firth Erringden weaver
1822 Jul-25 Mary Stansfield   Edmund Shackleton Stansfield weaver
1822 Aug-21 James Stansfield weaver Hannah Mitten Langfield  
1822 Oct-27 John Erringden weaver Betty Whiteley Wadsworth  
1823 Apr-10 James Heptonstall weaver Sarah Smith Heptonstall  
1823 Nov-23 John Erringden weaver Hannah Wilcock Erringden  
1824 Jun-23 Richard Heptonstall weaver Susan Stansfield Heptonstall  
1824 Nov-23 Henry Stansfield stonemason Hannah Astin Langfield  
1824 Dec-27 Ann Stansfield   William Uttley Erringden weaver
1824 Dec-29 Michael Stansfield weaver Hannah Greenwood Stansfield  
1825 May-15 Enoch Stansfield labourer Susanah Helliwell Stansfield  
1825 Jun-23 Mary Wadsworth   William Nutter Wadsworth weaver
1825 Nov-06 John Heptonstall weaver Betty Greenwood Heptonstall Betty widowed
1825 Dec-28 James Stansfield weaver Grace Pickles Stansfield  
1825 Dec-29 John Stansfield wool comber Sally Hargreaves Stansfield  
1826 Jul-06 William Erringden ctn twiner Sally Bottomley Erringden  
1826 Dec-14 John Stansfield turner Grace Mitchell Stansfield  
1826 Dec-17 Mary Erringden   David Wilcock Erringden weaver
1827 Mar-13 James Heptonstall   Sally Greenwood Heptonstall James widowed
1827 Oct-28 Mary Ann Stansfield   William Stott Stansfield weaver
1827 Dec-13 John Langfield weaver Grace Marshall Langfield  
1828 May-13 John Wadsworth weaver Sarah Thomas Wadsworth  
1828 Aug-18 John Stansfield weaver Martha Nowell Stansfield  
1828 Dec-29 Susey Erringden   William Speak Erringden weaver
1829 Mar-01 John Erringden ctn twiner Hannah Bottomley Erringden  
1829 Mar-08 Alice Langfield   John Widdup Langfield weaver
1829 Jun-07 Peggey Langfield   Henry Sutcliffe Walsden  
1829 Jun-21 Joshua Langfield weaver Hannah Sykes Langfield  
1829 Aug-14 William Stansfield labourer Hannah Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1829 Oct-01 Nancey Stansfield   William Spencer Wadsworth weaver
1829 Dec-28 Betty Erringden   James Barns Erringden weaver
1830 May-31 Sally Heptonstall   Henry Robinson Todmorden  
1830 Aug-03 Mally Wadsworth   John Ingham Wadsworth weaver
1830 Sep-20 Joseph Erringden labourer Sarah Greenwood Erringden  
1830 Dec-25 Ellen Stansfield   John Mitchell Stansfield wool comber
1831 Dec-29 John Erringden weaver Hannah Uttley Erringden  
1832 Apr-01 Susan Stansfield   Robert Banks Stansfield tailor
1832 Apr-22 Ann Walsden   Nathan Thomas Langfield c spinner
1832 May-13 William Wadsworth weaver Mary Ann Sutcliffe Wadsworth  
1832 Jun-10 Elizabeth Stansfield   William Baldwin Heptonstall sizer


1832 Jun-10 Grace Stansfield   Aron Barker Heptonstall ctn cutter
1832 Jul-12 Betty Wadsworth   John Farrar Wadsworth weaver
1832 Oct-07 Enoch Heptonstall weaver Hannah Southwell Heptonstall  
1832 Nov-22 Hannah Langfield   Abraham Stansfield Stansfield labourer
1832 Dec-23 Hannah Stansfield   John Mitchel Langfield ctn carder
1832 Dec-25 Lidia Stansfield   Robert Parker Heptonstall weaver
1832 Dec-27 John Stansfield weaver Mary Cowtherby Stansfield  
1833 Feb-07 Susan Stansfield   David Greenwood Stansfield weaver
1833 Jun-24 Mary Sowerby   George Dewhirst Erringden  
1833 Oct-13 Joseph Erringden weaver Betty Wilkinson Erringden  
1833 Nov-04 John Heptonstall tailor Betty Crossley Heptonstall Betty widowed
1834 May-19 Joseph Stansfield twiner Janey Chatburn Stansfield  
1834 Jun-08 Hannah Stansfield   John Spencer Wadsworth weaver
1834 Jun-29 Mary Ann Heptonstall   William Watson Stansfield husbandman
1834 Dec-07 Jonas Stansfield stonemason Mary Howarth Langfield  
1834 Dec-25 James Wadsworth ctn twiner Mary Greenwood Wadsworth  
1835 Jan-19 Henry Wadsworth weaver Betty Green Heptonstall  
1835 Mar-01 Mary Stansfield   James Law Langfield weaver
1835 Apr-16 Charlotte Erringden   Anthony Wilkinson Erringden weaver
1835 Apr-21 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Sally Dewhirst Wadsworth  
1835 Jun-14 Joseph Erringden packer Betty Heap Erringden  
1835 Oct-26 Susanah Wadsworth   Richard Rawsthorn Heptonstall farmer
1835 Dec-06 Ann Stansfield   John Bamford Stansfield wool comber
1836 May-26 John Wadsworth weaver Mary Mitchel Wa  
1836 Sep-25 Hannah Stansfield   Enoch Fielding Stansfield serverer
1836 Dec-26 Thomas Wadsworth weaver Betty Crabtree Wadsworth  
1837 Apr-30 Mary Stansfield   Squire Dawson Langfield c spinner
1837 May-22 Mary Erringden   James Sunderland Wadsworth weaver
1837 Jun-29 Sally Erringden   Thomas Ingham Wadsworth weaver
1837 Jun-29 James Langfield weaver Alice Kennedy Stansfield