complete from 1594 to 1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden

Year Date Name Address Notes Spouse Address Notes
1657 20-Nov John Wadsworth   Martha Walton Wadsworth dau of James Walton
1677 15-Nov Abraham     Mary Ingham    
1681 Jun-01 George     Martha Crossley    
1689/90 18-Feb Prudence     Edward Ogden    
1701 13-May Abraham     Susan Cockcroft Stansfield  
1704 29-Aug Mary     Abraham Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1708 10-Nov Mary     John Earnshaw Stansfield  
1732 20-Nov Sarah Stansfield   William Smithson   webster
1734 07-Nov Sarah Stansfield   James Greenwood   webster
1752/53 05-Mar John Stansfield   Lydia Cay Stansfield married at Cross Stone
1753 09-Aug David Langfield webster ..    
1756 22-Jul John Langfield webster Lettice Sutcliffe Langfield  
1756 23-Sep Mary Stansfield   Paul Greenwood Stansfield webster
1756 23-Sep James Stansfield webster Betty Holden Stansfield  
1759 29-Aug Grace Stansfield   Daniel Greenwood Stansfield webster
1761 21-Jun David Langfield webster Pahanney Sutcliffe Langfield  
1762 02-Sep Susan Stansfield   John Stansfield Stansfield yeoman
1763 05-Apr George Stansfield clogger Esther Lord Stansfield  
1765 28-Dec Lettice Langfield widow Jonas Austin Langfield webster
1766 01-Apr Grace Heptonstall   John Uttley Erringden wool comber
1767 01-Nov John Stansfield widower Mary Crowther Stansfield  
1770 24-Sep Joshua Heptonstall webster Betty Mitchill Heptonstall Mitchel
1771 31-Oct Susan Heptonstall   John Greenwood Heptonstall webster
1771 19-Dec Martha Heptonstall   Thomas Hargreaves Heptonstall webster
1772 27-Sep James Langfield clogger Mary Halliwell Stansfield  
1776 26-Dec John Stansfield webster Mary Widup Stansfield  
1777 21-Dec David Stansfield webster Sally Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1778 28-Dec Mary Langfield   William Halstead Langfield webster
1779 27-May Mary Stansfield   John Crabtree Stansfield webster
1779 21-Jul Sarah Stansfield   John Robertshaw Stansfield webster
1781 21-Jan Mary Langfield   James Uttley Langfield webster
1781 17-Apr John Stansfield webster Mary Maden Stansfield Malden
1781 15-Nov John Heptonstall webster Barbara Townend Heptonstall  
1782 23-May Mary Stansfield   Jonas Sutcliffe Stansfield webster
1783 14-Aug Abraham Stansfield webster Susan Mitton Stansfield  
1783 14-Aug John Stansfield webster Betty Pilling Stansfield  
1785 20-Jan Abraham Stansfield widower Sarah Dewhirst Stansfield  
1786 04-Jun Mary Stansfield widow Henry Webster Stansfield widower
1787 08-Apr Betty tp   Joseph Hadkinson Manchester merchant by Licence
1788 06-Jul Grace Stansfield   Abraham Mitchell Stansfield webster
1790 12-Oct Ann Stansfield   William Sutcliffe Stansfield webster (joiner)
1791 27-Dec Abraham Stansfield webster Susan Thomas Stansfield widow
1792 07-Jan Abraham   webster Susan Thomas widow   mark of Susan Sutcliffe banns Susan Thomas
1793 28-Apr Grace Langfield   Philip Horsfall Stansfield webster
1794 22-May William Stansfield webster Ann Ackroyd Stansfield  
1795 15-Nov Henry Heptonstall webster Sally Greenwood Heptonstall  
1796 11-Oct William Heptonstall webster Mary Crabtree Stansfield  
1798 25-Jun James   joiner Grace Sutcliffe   no banns at Hep
1800 26-Oct John Stansfield webster Hannah Gibson Langfield  
1802 02-Mar Mally Heptonstall   William Nowel Heptonstall webster
1803 27-Jan Sally Heptonstall   Thomas French Heptonstall cordwainer
1803 22-Feb David Stansfield webster Betty Walton Stansfield  
1803 08-Sep Sally Langfield   James Stansfield Langfield cotton weaver
1804 19-Jul Sally Heptonstall   Jonathon Greenwood Heptonstall webster
1804 11-Sep Barbara Heptonstall widow John Whitham Heptonstall tailor by Lic
1805 26-Feb James Stansfield wool comber Salley Barritt Langfield  
1806 27-Jan Mary Langfield   James Heworth Stansfield webster
1808 29-May Abraham Stansfield weaver Salley Crossley Erringden  
1809 30-Mar Sally Langfield   John Sutcliffe Langfield weaver
1810 20-Sep Elijah Heptonstall tailor Olive Harrod Heptonstall Harwood
1811 11-Aug John Stansfield widower Mary Thomas Stansfield  
1811 05-Sep Malley Stansfield   Abraham Fielding Stansfield  
1812 20-Aug William Heptonstall weaver Betty Akroyd Heptonstall  
1812 16-Oct Jonas Heptonstall wool comber Penelope Sutcliffe Heptonstall  
1813 26-Aug Martha Rochdale   John Barker Stansfield weaver
1814 04-Jun Thomas Stansfield weaver Hannah Suthers Stansfield  
1816 01-Jul Abraham Heptonstall weaver Betty Robertshaw Heptonstall  
1817 02-Nov James   timber mcht Grace Holgate Hebden Bridge by Lic
1818 01-Nov William Stansfield weaver Salley Cockcroft Stansfield  
1818 29-Dec James Heptonstall weaver Olive Greenwood Heptonstall  
1818 29-Dec Grace Heptonstall   William Iredale Heptonstall glazier
1820 02-Jan Betty Langfield   John Halstead Langfield  
1821 10-Jun Robert Heptonstall weaver Susan Speak Heptonstall  
1822 16-Jun William Heptonstall weaver Mary Sutcliffe Heptonstall  
1822 15-Jul John Heptonstall weaver Sally Mitchell Heptonstall  
1822 05-Sep Jonas Heptonstall weaver Anne Marshall Wadsworth  
1822 09-Sep Joseph Stansfield weaver Elizabeth Eastwood Stansfield  
1823 02-Nov Thomas Langfield overlooker Peggy Ashworth Stansfield  
1823 14-Dec Mary Langfield   Samuel Lord Stansfield machinery maker
1824 28-Mar Mary Langfield   Abraham Firth Langfield cordwainer
1824 04-Jul William Heptonstall weaver Mary Greenwood Heptonstall  
1824 28-Oct Samuel Stansfield weaver Mary Astin Stansfield  
1825 08-Mar Sally Heptonstall   Thomas Nicholson Heptonstall joiner
1825 17-May Hiram Stansfield butcher Mary Crabtree Stansfield  
1826 21-Feb John Stansfield innkeeper Betty Dawson Stansfield  
1828 29-Jan James Stansfield ctn mnfr Sally Dawson Stansfield  
1828 19-Oct Hannah Stansfield   James Whitehead Stansfield weaver
1828 07-Dec Grace Stansfield   Squire Sutcliffe Stansfield carder
1828 28-Dec Jane Heptonstall   Thomas Green Heptonstall carriage man
1828 28-Dec Mally Stansfield   Major Marshall Stansfield wool comber
1830 04-Aug Betty Heptonstall   Thomas Milnes City of London wharfinger
1830 21-Oct Mary Stansfield   John Crowther Stansfield weaver
1830 26-Dec James Stansfield c spinner Betty Barker Stansfield  
1833 29-Apr Grace Heptonstall   Rowling Fleming Wadsworth cordwainer
1833 12-May Mary Langfield   Henry Clayton Langfield c spinner
1833 25-Aug Susannah Stansfield   Jonas Uttley Stansfield weaver
1833 29-Sep John Stansfield carder Alice Stell Stansfield  
1833 20-Oct John Stansfield weaver Mary Greenwood Stansfield  
1833 25-Dec John Langfield weaver Mary Varley Langfield  
1834 27-Apr Elizabeth Stansfield   Thomas Whitehead Stansfield c spinner
1834 07-Aug David Wadsworth weaver Mary Stell Wadsworth  
1835 25-Mar Robert Heptonstall   Esther Thomas Stansfield  
1835 09-Jun Martin Heptonstall weaver Betty Waterhouse Heptonstall  
1836 11-Sep Abraham Langfield carder Mary Greenwood Langfield  
1836 17-Sep Greenwood Stansfield weaver Sarah Dewhirst Langfield  
1836 05-Nov Gibson Langfield weaver Betty Greenwood Langfield