1594-1837 Complete


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden





Year Date Name Address Occ Spouse Address Occ Comments
1598 May-30 John     Mary Horsfall      
1602 Apr-20 Elyn     Thomas Grey      
1605/6 Mar-03 Johne     Mary Cropper      
1606 Dec-02 Rose     John Wilkinson      
1611 May-28 Henry     Barbary Stead      
1619 Aug-29 Susan     James Buckley      
1621/2 Mar-05 Charles     Susan Stansfield      
1627 Apr-10 Robert     Elizabeth Hoolte      
1627 Jun-07 Mary     John Law      
1635 May-15 Isobell     John Kippax      
1637 Oct-17 John     Sara Barret      
1653 Aug-24 Mary     John Greenewood      
1654 Jun-26 Elizabeth Langfield   John Eastwood Langfield clothier d of Abraham clothier
1655/6 Jan-06 Mary Erringden   Richard Barraclough Broadhead Langfield clothier dau late Abraham wit:Richard Haworth William Varley
1656 April Isobell Stansfield   John Smith Eastwood Stansfield cloth webster banns only marriage entered not dated or signed
1656 Oct John Stansfield webster Isabell Stansfield   d John Kippax banns only
1658 April Mary Heptonstall   Samuel Nidgley Heptonstall husbandman banns only
1658 Dec-07 Robert Heptonstall   Grace Aickroid Sowerby   dau of John Aickroyd
1659 May-14 John Heptonstall   Anne Greenwood Heptonstall    
1659 Jul-06 James Heptonstall   Anne Varlow Heptonstall    
1661 Jun-09 Jeremiah     Elizabeth Wilson      
1664 Nov-15 Elizabeth     Abraham Midgley      
1666/7 Feb-07 James     Dorothy Smith      
1667/8 Mar-23 Jasper     Isobel Kay      
1667/8 Mar-24 Susan     Abraham Barraclough      
1674 May-06 Sara     John Fishwick      
1676 Aug-06 Mary     John Booth      
1678 Apr-26 Isabel     Simeon Wilson      
1680 May-25 Isabel     John Taylor      
1681 Apr-30 Mary     James Stansfield      
1682 Apr-17 Mary     John Boulcock      
1682/3 Feb-18 Ann     Abraham Heap      
1684 Jul-08 Robert     Martha Cowper      
1685 Aug-20 John     Elizabeth Clegg      
1687 Apr-19 Grace     Timothy Horsfall      
1691 Sep-06 Elizabeth     Benjamin Crabtree      
1693 Oct-24 Mary     Henry Parker      
1694 Jun-14 Margaret     William Helliwell      
1694 Jul-03 Susan     Major Marshall      
1694 Oct-25 Martha     William Helliwell      
1695 Jul-01 Mary     Jonas Horsfall      
1695 Nov-21 Jeremiah     Mary Law      
1696 Apr-13 Mary     Paul Greenwood      
1696 Jun-11 John     Mary Horsfall     John alias Carter
1696 Jun-16 Elizabeth     James Crabtree      
1696 Oct-01 Samuel     Sarah Scolefield      
1699 / 1700 Jan-26 John     Ann Wittaker      
1700 Jun-23 Susan     Robert Parker      
1702 Jun-25 Abraham     Mary Pighells Langfield    
1703/4 Feb-01 Martha     John Smith Stansfield    
1705 Apr-09 Elizabeth     John Clegg Langfield    
1705 Apr-10 John     Mary Clayton Erringden    
1707/8 Feb-16 John     Sarah Dewhirst Erringden    
1708 Oct-18 Martha     William Sutcliffe Langfield    
1710 Jul-04 George     Mary Hartley Keighley    
1714 Apr-25 Jane     John Drapper Stansfield    
1716 Nov-14 John     Martha Greenwood Langfield    
1719/20 Feb-02 Mary     Paul Kay Stansfield    
1719/20 Feb-25 Mary Paddyham   John Wadsworth Stansfield    
1722/3 Feb-18 Jonathan     Susan Crossley Stansfield    
1723 May-05 Mercy Erringden   Abraham Marsden Littleborough    
1723 Jul-21 Abraham Stansfield webster Grace Greenwood Wadsworth    
1724 Apr-06 Sarah Erringden   Joseph Helewell Erringden webster  
1724 Sep-15 Thomas   tailor Sarah Greenwood Heptonstall    
1725 May-13 Grace Heptonstall   Henry Baldwin Wadsworth labourer  
1728 Nov-14 Mary Stansfield   William Sunderland   webster  
1728/9 Feb-18 John Wadsworth smith Betty Wood Heptonstall    
1730 Apr-20 Deborah Wadsworth   Thomas Greenwood   webster  
1736 Nov-14 Millicent Erringden   William Wode Erringden webster  
1738 Aug-24 John Erringden webster Annah Burn Wadsworth    
1738 Nov-30 Mary Stansfield   James Hallewell Stansfield webster  
1744 Jul-24 Mary Stansfield   Robert Barker Stansfield webster  
1746 Jun-01 Betty Stansfield   John Greenwood Stansfield    
1747 Aug-03 Grace Langfield   William Ingham Langfield   married at Cross Stone


1749 Jul-20 Martha Heptonstall   John Sunderland Heptonstall comber  
1752 Oct-03 Mary Stansfield   William Greenwood Stansfield webster  
1752 Nov-21 Martha Langfield   Simeon Lord Langfield   married at Cross Stone
1755 Oct-08 John Langfield webster Grace Broadbent Stansfield    
1756 Jul-15 Mary Langfield   John Marshall Stansfield webster  
1757 Oct-20 John Langfield webster Elizabeth Crossley Langfield    
1758 May-15 Ann Wadsworth   Richard Cockcroft Erringden joiner  
1759 Jun-04 Laney Stansfield   James Cockcroft Stansfield webster  
1760 Feb-19 Sally Erringden   Philip Horsfall Erringden webster  
1761 Apr-09 Judith Heptonstall   Jonathan Nowel Heptonstall webster  
1761 Sep-24 Mary Wadsworth   Jonathan Taylor Heptonstall webster  
1762 Dec-16 Ann Heptonstall   John Higgin Stansfield webster  
1762 Dec-27 John Langfield webster Betty Smith Langfield    
1763 May-23 Martha Stansfield   John Ashworth Stansfield webster  
1764 Nov-22 John Wadsworth webster Susannah Townend Wadsworth    
1765 Jun-20 Betty Langfield   Nicholas Ogden Langfield webster  
1765 Aug-31 Srah Erringden   William Smith Stansfield webster William widowed
1767 Dec-25 William Langfield webster Betty Crossley Langfield    
1768 May-24 Robert Heptonstall woolcomber Mary Sutcliffe Heptonstall    
1768 Jul-15 Ann Stansfield   James Whitehead Stansfield carpenter  
1771 Apr-30 James Langfield innkeeper Sally Nayler Stansfield    
1771 May-21 John Langfield mason Ann Horton Langfield    
1774 Mar-08 Ellen otp   William Bell Colne blacksmith by licence
1776 Dec-25 Henry Stansfield woolcomber Martha Oldfield Erringden    
1777 May-25 James Stansfield soldier Sarah Hays Stansfield    
1777 Sep-23 William Stansfield   Mary Jackson Erringden   William widowed
1777 Oct-19 John Langfield   Mally Sutcliffe Langfield   John widowed
1778 Mar-22 Betty Stansfield   John Dawson Stansfield   John widowed
1779 Dec-30 Jane Heptonstall   Thomas Sutcliffe Heptonstall woolcomber  
1781 Oct-02 Mary Todmorden   John Midgley Langfield webster banns Jan 1780 &Sept 1781
1781 Oct-18 Betty Langfield   Joseph Midgley Langfield webster  
1781 Oct-23 Sally Todmorden   Abraham Sutcliffe Langfield cropper  
1782 Feb-28 John Langfield miltitiaman Mally Gibson Langfield   Sally
1783 Feb-06 John Todmorden mason Mary Marshall Langfield    
1785 Jul-21 William   webster Mary Foster     no banns
1785 Sep-11 John Langfield webster Bety Holt Stansfield    
1786 Aug-03 John Heptonstall woolcomber Martha Greenwood Heptonstall   Martha widowed
1787 May-01 Mary Stansfield   Robert Cheatom Stansfield webster Cheatham
1787 Jul-08 Mary otp   John Tattersall otp webster by licence
1787 Sep-04 Mary Heptonstall   Ellis Redman Wadsworth webster  
1788 Jun-04 Sally Stansfield   Major Dawson Langfield   both widowed
1789 Dec-03 Mary Langfield   Nicholas Fielden Todmorden sadler  
1790 Apr-06 Titus Heptonstall webster Betty Sutcliffe Heptonstall    
1790 Oct-21 Ann Stansfield   William Dewhirst Stansfield webster  
1790 Dec-23 Sally otp   John Foster otp double stuffmaker by licence
1790 Dec-23 Mary otp   William Appleyard otp yeoman by licence
1790 Dec-30 James Heptonstall webster Sally Nowell Heptonstall    
1791 Jun-14 Susan Langfield   John Stansfield Stansfield webster  
1791 Sep-11 Jeremiah Todmorden cordwainer Susan Holt Stansfield    
1792 Feb-21 Betty Erringden   William Bentley Erringden webster William widowed
1792 Apr-05 Jonathan   cordwainer Hannah Ramsbotham Langfield    
1793 Sep-17 William Heptonstall   Grace Greenwood Heptonstall   William widowed
1793 Sep-26 Susannah Stansfield   John Hoyle Wadsworth woolcomber  
1796 Aug-23 Betty Stansfield   Squire Nowell Stansfield webster  
1796 Apr-21 Hannah Todmorden   William Veevers Langfield webster Ann
1799 Nov-14 Sally Erringden   Mark Wilcock Erringden webster  
1800 Mar-16 Betty Erringden   Abraham Walton Erringden webster  
1801 Dec-29 John Erringden comber Sarah Pilling Erringden    
1802 Aug-19 Betty Stansfield   John Maud Stansfield webster  
1803 Aug-07 Jeremiah Langfield   Ann Barker Langfield   Jeremiah widowed
1803 Aug-14 George Erringden webster Amy Helliwell Erringden    
1804 Sep-27 Ellen Stansfield   James Crabtree Stansfield webster  
1804 Oct-13 Henry Erringden   Betty Crabtree Stansfield   both widowed
1805 Feb-26 Salley Heptonstall   Joseph Parker Stansfield webster  
1806 Jan-27 James Stansfield webster Mary Hollingrake Langfield    
1806 Feb-02 Alice Erringden   George Stott Erringden webster  
1806 Feb-02 Henry Erringden webster Sarah Jackson Erringden    
1807 Jan-01 Grace Stansfield   John Dewhirst Stansfield weaver  
1808 Oct-06 Grace Langfield   Ellis Marshall Langfield weaver  
1809 Aug-03 Sally Heptonstall   Henry Holt Wadsworth weaver  
1810 Sep-24 James Stansfield weaver Mary Barnes Stansfield    
1812 May-10 Sarah Erringden   David Crossley Erringden weaver  
1812 Nov-26 James Langfield weaver Betty Heap Langfield    
1813 Mar-07 John Stansfield weaver Betty Fielding Stansfield    
1814 Mar-20 Abraham Erringden woolcomber Hannah Houldsworth Erringden    


1814 Oct-13 John Heptonstall weaver Hannah Stansfield Heptonstall    
1814 Nov-06 John Stansfield book keeper Mally Illingworth Stansfield    
1814 Nov-17 Betty Todmorden   George Widdop Stansfield weaver  
1815 Aug-27 Thomas Heptonstall weaver Hannah Dobson Heptonstall    
1816 Oct-28 Abraham Langfield weaver Sally Uttley Stansfield    
1816 Oct-31 James Heptonstall weaver Hannah Bankcroft Wadsworth    
1817 Mar-27 Martha Erringden   Richard Cockcroft Erringden weaver  
1817 Apr-13 Hannah Erringden   Thomas Uttley Erringden weaver  
1817 Jan-19 Martha Stansfield   James Holt Stansfield James widowed  
1818 Apr-16 Betty Stansfield   William Sutcliffe Langfield weaver  
1818 Sep-17 Sally Stansfield   William Dewhirst Stansfield stonemason  
1819 Nov-28 Betty Langfield   Richard Thomas Langfield c spinner  
1819 Dec-20 Zachariah Todmorden blacksmith Susan Sutcliffe Stansfield    
1820 Mar-15 Hannah Heptonstall   William Holt Heptonstall weaver  
1820 Aug-31 John Langfield weaver Hannah Greenwood Stansfield    
1820 Oct-22 Betty Langfield   James Whitaker Langfield weaver  
1821 Dec-27 Anne Stansfield   John Sutcliffe Stansfield weaver  
1822 Feb-03 William Stansfield weaver Sarah Watson Stansfield    
1822 Sep-05 Susey Stansfield   James Stansfield Stansfield c spinner  
1822 Nov-11 James Heptonstall weaver Mary Clegg Erringden    
1823 May-22 William Langfield husbandman Sally Brook Langfield    
1823 Jun-22 Mally Heptonstall   Abraham Barker Heptonstall   Abrham widowed
1823 Jul-27 John Stansfield stonegetter Susan Woodhead Hundersfield    
1823 Nov-16 John Heptonstall   Betty Greenwood Heptonstall   both widowed
1823 Dec-12 William Stansfield ctn cutter Amelia Horsfall Heptonstall    
1824 Dec-28 John Erringden weaver Betty Rawson Stansfield    
1825 Mar-13 Susan Heptonstall   James Sutcliffe Wadsworth   James widowed
1826 Nov-27 Sally Heptonstall   James Gibson Heptonstall   James widowed
1827 Jan-22 Mary Ann Langfield   Thomas Adamson Langfield joiner  
1828 Mar-20 Hannah Heptonstall   James Greenwood Stansfield weaver  
1828 May-01 William Stansfield weaver Betty Law Stansfield    
1828 Jun-15 Henry Langfield woolcomber Mally Hoyle Erringden    
1828 Aug-07 James Langfield carriage man Betty Smith Langfield    
1828 Dec-22 James Stansfield weaver Susan Barriet Stansfield    
1829 Jan-05 Jeremiah Langfield malster Ellen Hansen Langfield    
1829 Dec-27 Sally Langfield   John Clayton Erringden weaver  
1831 Jan-09 Mally Stansfield   John Sutcliffe Stansfield c spinner  
1831 Nov-03 Abraham Langfield woolcomber Sarah Sutcliffe Stansfield    
1832 Feb-11 John Stansfield weaver Grace Moses Stansfield    
1832 Apr-01 John Stansfield joiner Mary Crabtree Langfield    
1832 Dec-26 John Langfield woolcomber Mary Sutcliffe Langfield    
1834 Sep-21 Judy Stansfield   Thomas Farrar Stansfield overlooker  
1834 Nov-10 Edmund Stansfield weaver Betty Stephenson Stansfield    
1834 Dec-07 Mary Langfield   Jonas Helliwell Stansfield stonemason  
1835 Apr-12 Mary Stansfield   William Barns Stansfield weaver  
1835 Sep-03 Susan Stansfield   Jonathan Crowther Stansfield weaver  
1836 May-05 Grace Langfield   Daniel Sutcliffe Langfield weaver  
1836 Jun-19 Mary Stansfield   James Fieldin Stansfield labourer  
1836 Dec-25 Hannah Stansfield   Thomas Greenwood Stansfield weaver  
1836 Dec-27 James Heptonstall weaver Sarah Stansfield Heptonstall    
1836 Dec-29 James Langfield woolcomber Ann Cockcroft Langfield    
1837 Apr-02 Nancey Erringden   John Sutcliffe Erringden weaver