year occupier tax owner
1784 James Haigh 16.8d. Hargreaves
1784 Reuben Haigh 16.8d. Hargreaves
1786 Reuben Haigh 16.0d Hargreaves
1786 William Haigh & James Jackson 16.0d Hargreaves
1787 Reuben Haigh   Hargreaves
1787 William Haigh   Hargreaves
1788 Reuben haigh 16.0d Hargreaves
1788 William Haigh & James Jackson 16.0d Hargreaves
1789 Reuben Haigh 16.0d  
1789 William Haigh & James Jackson 16.0d  
1790 William Haigh 14.8d Hargreaves
1790 Reuben Haigh 16.0d Hargreaves
1791 Reuben Haigh 16.0d  
1792 Reuben Haigh 16.0d Hargreaves
1794 Fielden and Farrar 14.8d  
1794 William Haigh & James Jackson 14.8d  
1795 Haigh and Jackson 14.8d Hargreaves
1798 Fielden and Farrer   Hargreaves
1798 Haigh and Jackson   Hargreaves
1798 James Haigh 14.8d Hargreaves
1799 Haigh and Greenwood    
1800 Haigh and Greenwood 14.8d Hargreaves
1801 W. & J. Haigh    
1805 James and John Farrer    
1808 John Haigh    


Howroyd James Farrow 30 carter yes
  Grace Farrow 25   yes
  Abram Fallow 5   yes
  Samuel Farrow 3   yes
  Ruth Farrow 2 mths   yes
Howroyd John Greenwood 20 carter no
  Mary Greenwood 20   yes
Howroyd John Farrow 35 farmer yes
  Mary Farrow 30   yes
  Jacob Farrow 15 shoemaker yes
Howroyd John Pearson 50 farmer yes
  Alice Pearson 50   yes
  George Pearson 20 plw cotton yes
  James Pearson 15 plw cotton yes
  Peter Pearson 15 coal drawer yes
  Susan Pearson 13 goes to cotton mill yes
  William Pearson 11 coal drawer yes
  Esau Pearson 10 coal drawer yes
  Peggy Pearson 9   yes
  Charles Pearson 6   yes
  Betty Pearson 15 goes to cotton mill yes
Howroyd Edmund Farrow 55 farmer yes
  Mally Farrow 55   yes
  Henry Farrow 25 hlw cotton yes
  Samuel Farrow 25 ag lab yes
Howroyd William Farrow 35 farmer yes
  Mary Farrow 30   yes
  Martha Farrow 10   yes
  Mally Farrow 6   yes
  Jonathon Farrow 3   yes
  Jacob Farrow 1   yes


Howroyd Edmund Farrow head m 69 farmer of 35 acres of land Todmorden
  Mally Farrow wife m 65   Todmorden
  Samuel Farrow son m 36 farm labourer Todmorden
  Hannah Farrow dau in law m 29 house servant Stansfield
Howroyd Alice Pearson head wid 63 farms a small farm Haslingden
  Betty Pearson dau un 31 in the card room Todmorden
  Peter Pearson son un 25 servant Todmorden
  Susan Pearson dau un 23 in the card room Todmorden
  William Pearson son un 21 plw cotton Todmorden
  Esau Pearson son un 18 self acting spinner Todmorden
  Charles Pearson son   14 self acting spinner Todmorden
  James Pearson son un 28 farmer Todmorden
Howroyd Richard Sutcliffe head m 39 farmer of 16 acres of land Wadsworth
  Mary Sutcliffe wife m 44   Todmorden
Howroyd James Farrow head m 41 farmer of 7 acres of land Todmorden
  Grace Farrow wife m 34   Todmorden
  Abraham Farrow son un 15 lapper cotton Todmorden
  Samuel Farrow son   12 mule piecer Todmorden
  Ruth Farrow dau   9 scholar Todmorden
  Edmund Farrow son   7 scholar Todmorden
  Adam Farrow son   6 scholar Todmorden
  Eve Farrow dau   4   Todmorden
  John Farrow son   2   Todmorden
  Alice Farrow dau   1 mth   Todmorden
  Mally Farrow dau   1 mth   Todmorden
Howroyd George Pearson head m 23 plw Todmorden
  Martha Pearson wife m 24   Todmorden
  John Pearson son   4   Todmorden
  Peter Pearson son   1   Todmorden


Howroyd James Farrow head m 52 farmer of 8 acres and coal hauler Todmorden
  Grace Farrow wife m 45 domestic duties Todmorden
  Samuel Farrow son un 22 coal miner Todmorden
  Edmund Farrow son un 18 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Adam Farrow son   16 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Eve Farrow dau   14 cotton weaver Todmorden
  John Farrow son   13 spinner in cotton mill Todmorden
  Alice Farrow dau   10 nurse at home Todmorden
  Mally Farrow dau   10 throwster in cotton mill Todmorden
  Grace Farrow dau   6   Todmorden
  Jacob Farrow son   5   Todmorden
  Sarah Farrow dau   2   Todmorden
Howroyd Alice Mitchell wife m 29 domestic duties and farm of 12 acres Stansfield
  Abraham Mictchell son   2   Todmorden
  John Crowther lodger un 54 twister in cotton mill Todmorden
  Henry Hargreaves lodger w 72 farm labourer Todmorden
Howroyd William Earnshaw head m 28 farmer of 8 acres Todmorden
  Ruth Earnshaw wife m 22 domestic duties Todmorden
  Adam Earnshaw son   2   Todmorden
Howroyd Samuel Farrow head m 46 farmer of 30 acres Todmorden
  Hannah Farrow wife m 40 domestic duties Stansfield


Howroyd James Farrow head m 61 farmer of 8 acres Todmorden
  Grace Farrow wife m 55   Todmorden
  Alice Farrow dau un 20 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Mally Farrow dau un 20 domestic servant Todmorden
  Grace Farrow dau   16 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Jacob Farrow son   14 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Sarah Farrow dau   12 scholar Todmorden
Howroyd William Feber head un 65 farmer of 27 acres Todmorden
  Sarah Feber sister un 72 housekeeper Todmorden
  Daniel Feber brother un 56 farm labourer Stansfield
Howroyd Samuel Farrow head m 56 farmer of 33 acres Todmorden
  Hannah Farrow wife m 49   Sowerby


Howroyd Dawson Hodgson head m 32 farmer of 33 acres Todmorden
  Martha Hodgson wife m 30 farmer's wife Todmorden
  Thomas Hodgson son   7 schoolboy Todmorden
  Hannah Hodgson dau   5   Todmorden
Howroyd 2 uninhabited          


Not listed


Howroyd Farm Jacob Kenworthy head un 22 farmer Rishworth Lancs
  Mary A Kenworthy sister un 25   Rishworth Lancs
  Rachel Kenworthy sister un 21   Rishworth Lancs
  Wright Eastwood visitor un 29 farm labourer Huddersfield
Howroyd Farm Cottage Albert Overall head m 34 labourer at waterworks Haverill Essex
  Jane Overall wife m 27   Longwood Yks
  Sarah Overall dau   5   Marsden Yks
  James Overall son   under 1 mth   Todmorden
  Harry Holden boarder w 40 navvy Blackpool
  Tom Cowen boarder un 30 navvy Stanhope Northumberland
  Robert Mathews boarder un 25 navvy Stanhope Northumberland
  Henry Bloom field boarder m 27 waterworks labourer Croydon Surrey
  Robert Dodgson boarder w 50 engine driver at waterworks Otley Yks
  Rhoda Rowe servant un 14 general servant domestic Wakefield Yks