died 1749




This is an incomplete will and is undated. However, John Uttley died in 1749 and the will is discussed in a document signed by his widowed daughter-in-law, Susan Uttley, in 1754, a transcription of which appears below the will.

In the Name of God Amen...


I John Uttley of Lighthattles, in the County of Lancaster and Parish of Rochdale, ...being in a weak state of health and calling to mind the mortality of human nature and that it is appointed for all men....and being of sound mind, memory . understanding, do make this, my last will and testament.


.....for the following that is to say..all this my will and ...all my just debts..said as shall be judged owing at the time of ...together with my funeral expenses and this probate discharged, and then what remains? My effects I give and bequeath as follows, that is to say:

I give to Mary my wife £4. 10s. yearly during her life, to be paid by my son, John Uttley forth of freehold and copyhold estate.


Moreover I give her one bed with one fire iron and further I give her the chamber over the parlor as long as she remains my wife.


To my son John Uttley 3 fields called the Three Bents


To my youngest son Samual Uttley £30 when 21


To my daughter Mary Baron £10


To my daughter Susan Fielden £10


To my daughter Martha Uttley £25 when 21


To my 2 daughters Sarah and Betsy Uttley £30 apiece when 21


Executors my son John Uttley and my brother Samuel Uttley

My brother in law Ralph Lawton as assistant



Ralph Lawton

Leverton Crossley

Robert Hill


Proved 1 December 1750 by the exors named



Document relating to the above will signed by the widow of Michael Uttley, son of the testator, in 1754


Know all men by those present that whereas John Uttley of Lighthassels in Hundersfield in the County of Lancaster, yeoman, deceased, did by his surrender and intent, thereunder written bearing date the eleventh day of Nov. in the year one thousand seven hundred and forty nine, charge all that messuage and tenement called Lighthassels in Hundersfield aforesaid, with the payment of One Hundred and Twenty Pounds of lawful money of Great Britain, unto his second son, Michael Uttley.


And whereas the said Michael Uttley is sometime since deceased, intestate, without leaving any issue, whereupon, Susan, his well beloved wife became lawful administratrix of the goods and chattels, rights and credits of him, the said Michael Uttley, her said husband.


Now know ye that the said Susan Uttley, widow and relict of him, the said Michael Uttley, do hereby confess knowledge that I have had and received of, from John Uttley, now of Lighthassels, aforesaid, son and heir and surrenderee of him, the said John Uttley, the father, now deceased, the full sum of one hundred and twenty pounds of lawful money, so charged upon the estate and premises called Lighthassels aforesaid, by him the said John Uttley, my father in law, now deceased.


And therefore, I do by those present, acquit, release and discharge the said John Uttley the son, of and from the said sum of one hundred and twenty pounds, so charged upon the said premise at Lighthassels, as aforesaid by him the said John Uttley the father, and of all other dues, duties and demands whatsoever which I, my executors or administrators may have claim, challenge or demand of or against the said John Uttley, the son, his heirs, executors or administrators, by virtue of the said surrender and intent, the ... written or out of the estate of the said John Uttley, my father in law deceased as aforesaid.


And I, the said Susan Uttley do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, covenant, promise, grant and agree to and with the said John Uttley, the son, his heirs and assigns, by those present, that I, the said Susan Uttley, my heirs, executors and administrators, shall and will, at the proper costs and charges in the law, of the said John Uttley, his heirs and assigns, at any time hereinafter make, do seal, acknowledge, suffer and execute or cause or procure to ...acknowledge, suffer and execute all such further and other lawful and reasonable act and acts, release and releases, conveyance and conveyances, assurance and assurances, deeds, instruments and things in the law or otherwise for the furthermore perfect and absolute releasing and acquitting of the said sum of one hundred and twenty pounds. As by the said John Uttley his heirs and assigns or his or their counsel learned in the law, shall be reasonably advised, devised, drawn or acquired without any manner of deceit, fraud or . as . whatsoever.


In witness whereof, I the said Susan Uttley, have hereunto set my hand and seal the eleventh day of January in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Four. 1754.


The Mark and Seal of Susan Uttley.

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of:

James Lord,

J. Greenwood.