1841 TO 1901


Knowl 2 houses unoccupied      
Knowl Thomas Forrester 25 cotton spinner y
  Sarah Forrester 24   y
  Apollos Forrester 1   y
  Hannah Longstaff 15 cotton spinner y
  George Holt 50 cotton weaver y
Knowl 1 house unoccupied      
Knowl Thomas Emmit 45 cotton weaver y
  Ann Emmit 45   y
  Gibson Emmit 15 cotton weaver y
  Benjamin Emmit 15 cotton weaver y
  Mark Emmit 12 cotton weaver y
  Squire Emmit 9   y
  Alice Emmit 5   y
  William Hargreaves 25 cotton weaver y
  Betty Hargreaves 20   y
  Ann Hargreaves 9 mths   y
  James Emmit 20 cotton weaver y
  Hannah Emmit 20   y
  Thomas Emmit 9 mths   y
Knowl Robert Butterworth 30 labourer y
  Betty Butterworth 30   y
  Thomas Butterworth 12   y
  Betty Butterworth 7   y
  Mally Butterworth 6   y
  Alice Butterworth 4   y
  Alford Butterworth 2   y
Knowl 1 house unoccupied      
Knowl James Sutcliffe 25 labourer n
  Alice Sutcliffe 25   n
  Mary Sutcliffe 5   n
  William Sutcliffe 4   n
  John Sutcliffe 2   y
  Thomas Sutcliffe 8 mths   y


Knowl James Lord head m 27 power loom overlooker Walsden
  Hannah Lord wife m 29 power loom weaver Walsden
Knowl John Lord head m 52 farmer of 18 acres Walsden
  Mary Lord wife m 51 farmers wife Walsden
  Thomas Lord son u 21 joiner & carpenter Walsden
  Sarah Lord dtr u 19 dress maker Walsden
Knowl John Sutcliffe head m 34 farmer of 30 acres Walsden
  Mary Sutcliffe wife m 26 farmers wife Yorks unk
  James William Sutcliffe son   1   Walsden
  Joseph Sutcliffe son   1 mth   Walsden
Knowl Mary Ogden head u 28 hand loom weaver Walsden
  Susy Ogden dtr   3   Walsden
  John Ogden son   1 mth   Walsden
  Sally Ogden sister u 35 hand loom weaver Walsden
  William Bottomley lodger u 45 hand loom weaver Walsden
Knowl 1 house unoccupied          
Knowl James Howorth head m 34 stone mason Stansfield
  Grace Howorth wife m 31   Stansfield
  Thomas Howorth son   13 stone mason Todmorden
  Sarah Howorth dtr   7   Todmorden
  John William Howorth son   1   Langfield
Knowl James Hartley head m 30 stone mason Southouram
  Martha Hartley wife m 28   Todmorden


Little Knowl Farm Barn unoccupied          
Farm House Elizabeth Greenwood head u 55 house keeper Todmorden
  Susannah Greenwood sister u 47 weaver Walsden
  William Greenwood son u 32 tallow chandler Walsden
  James Greenwood son u 24 tallow chandler Langfield
Little Knowl Thomas Berry head m 27 iron moulder Langfield
  Catherine Berry wife m 25 house keeper London
  Deborah Berry dtr   6   Todmorden
  Jane Berry dtr   3   Todmorden
Great Knowl Farm John Sutcliffe head m 43 farmer of 30 acres Todmorden
  Mary Sutcliffe wife m 39 house keeper Twiston
  James Wm. Sutcliffe son u 11 cow hand Walsden
  Joseph Sutcliffe son   10 cow hand Walsden
  Sarah Sutcliffe dtr   8 scholar Walsden
  Susey Sutcliffe dtr   6 scholar Walsden
  Mary Sutcliffe dtr   3 scholar Walsden
  Thomas Sutcliffe son   1   Walsden
  Mary Ellen Sutcliffe niece u 13 cotton weaver Walsden
  Henry Sutcliffe nephew   10 scholar Walsden
  Heyworth Sutcliffe nephew   8 scholar Walsden
Great Knowl Farm 2 unoccupied assorted cottages          
Great Knowl cottage William Fielden head m 30 stone mason's labourer Walsden
  Ellen Fielden wife m 31 house keeper Rossendale
  James Bottomley son   9 throstle doffer Todmorden
  Mary Ann Fielden dtr   1   Todmorden


Little Knowl Farm John Greenwood head m 63 farmer of 24 acres Heptonstall
  Mary Greenwood wife m 59 house keeper Heptonstall
  John Greenwood son u 24 farm man Heptonstall
  Jane Greenwood dtr u 23 cotton weaver Heptonstall
  William Henry Greenwood son u 20 cotton weaver Heptonstall
  Benjamin Greenwood son u 15 cotton weaver Heptonstall
  Mary Ann Gledhill grand dtr   15 cotton weaver York, Yorks.
  Mary Ann Gill grand dtr   9 scholar Bacup
  John Gledhill grand son   6 scholar Bacup
Little Knowl Farm Greenwood Gledhill head m 37 carter Heptonstall
  Mary Gledhill wife m 36 house keeper Heptonstall
  Sarah Jane Gledhill dtr   11 factory operative Bacup
  Emma Gledhill dtr   8 scholar Walsden
  Greenwood Gledhill son   1   Walsden
  Hannah Gledhill dtr   2   Walsden
Little Knowl Farm William Fielden head m 40 labourer Walsden
  Ellen Fielden wife m 41 labourer's wife Rossendale
  James Bottomley son u 19 cotton weaver Todmorden
  Harriett Fielden dtr   7   Walsden
  Thomas Fielden son   4   Walsden
Great Knowl Farm Mary Sutcliffe head w 48 farmer of 30 acres Clitheroe
  James Wm Sutcliffe son u 21 farmer of 30 acres Walsden
  Joseph Sutcliffe son u 20 cotton carter Walsden
  Sarah Sutcliffe dtr u 18 cotton hand Walsden
  Susey Sutcliffe dtr u 16 cotton weaver Walsden
  Mary Sutcliffe dtr   13 factory hand Walsden
  Tom Sutcliffe son   11 factory hand Walsden
  Ann Sutcliffe dtr   8 scholar Walsden
  Grace Sutcliffe dtr   5 scholar Walsden
Great Knowl Farm John Sutcliffe head m 58 warehouseman Stansfield
  Hannah Sutcliffe wife m 58   Stansfield
  Joseph Sutcliffe son u 24 factory hand Walsden
  Samuel Sutcliffe son u 21 factory hand Walsden
  Edwin Nuttall relative w 41 factory hand Walsden
  Ann Russell visitor m 53   Salford Manchester
Great Knowl Farm William Sutcliffe head m 35 cotton carder Walsden
  Mary Sutcliffe wife m 35 wife Halifax
  Ann Sutcliffe dtr   12 factory & school Walsden
  Betty Sutcliffe dtr   9 factory & school Walsden
  Joseph Sutcliffe son   3   Walsden
  Elizabeth Sutcliffe dtr   8 mths   Walsden
Great Knowl Farm Walton Greenwood head m 30 overlooker Heptonstall
  Mary Greenwood dtr   9 scholar Heptonstall
  Susey Greenwood dtr   7   Heptonstall
  Maria Greenwood dtr   4   Heptonstall
  James Greenwood son   2   Heptonstall
  Hannah Hacking sister m 28 house keeping Heptonstall
  James Hacking son   2   Heptonstall
Great Knowl Farm John Heywood head m 27 ostler at a mill Stansfield
  Betty Heywood wife m 29 house keeper Walsden
  Hannah Heywood mother w 49 tenter Ashton under Lyne
  Mary Elizabeth heywood dtr   2 mths   Walsden
  Julia Ovenden lodger u 20 cotton winder Walsden


Great Knowl John Speak head m 25 cotton weaver Hawksclough Yorks
  Sarah J. Speak wife m 20 cotton weaver Sharneyford lancs
  Grace Speak dtr   2   Walsden
Great Knowl Richard M. Matthews head m 26 reeler Truro Cornwall
  Eliza Matthews wife m 26   Devon
  Clara Matthews dtr   3   Walsden
  William H. Matthews son   5   Walsden
Great Knowl Ogden Dennett head m 23 mill mechanic Walsden
  Fanny Dennett wife m 21   Walsden
  Fred Dennett son   2   Walsden
  Hurbert Dennett (female) other   5   Walsden
Great Knowl Wilson Varley head m 36 carter/carrier Langfield
  Betty Varley wife m 37   Walsden
  Alfred Greenwood son   12 scholar Langfield
  Fred Varley son   11 scholar Langfield
  Mary Ann Varley dtr   9 scholar Langfield
  John Varley son   8 scholar Langfield
  Sam Varley son   7 scholar Langfield
  Ruth Varley dtr   4 scholar Langfield
  Frank Varley son   1   Langfield
Great Knowl Sutcliffe Greenwood lodger (head) u 29 cotton weaver Coulden Yorks
Little Knowl Mary Greenwood head w 69 farmer Stansfield
  Greenwood Gledhill son m 45 carter Stansfield
  Mary Gledhill wife m 45   Stansfield
  John T. Gledhill son   17 builder Walsden
  Hannah Gledhill dtr   13 scholar Walsden
  Greenwood Gledhill son   11 scholar Walsden
  Mary Ann Gill grand dtr u 20 fustian mender Sharneyford Lancs
Little Knowl Fred Hurst head m 25 reed maker Todmorden
  Emma Hurst wife m 24 scholar Shawforth Lancs
  Clara Hurst dtr   6 scholar Todmorden
  Sam W. Hurst son   1   Walsden


Higher Knowl John Pollard head u 39 cotton weaver Bacup
Higher Knowl Elias Lord head m 37 farmer Todmorden
  Jane Lord wife m 42   Stansfield
  William G. Lord son   14 farmer's man Todmorden
  Mary Jane Lord dtr   13 cotton factory operative Todmorden
  Walter Lord son   1   Todmorden
Lower Knowl Benjamin Greenwood head m 35 stone quarryman & farmer Hebden Bridge
  Ellen Lord wife m 36   Hebden Bridge
  Mary Lord dtr   10 scholar Todmorden
  Edgar Lord son   4   Todmorden
  Edith Lord dtr   1   Todmorden
Lower Knowl John Thomas Gledhill head m 27 general labourer Walsden
  Susy Ann Gledhill wife m 30   Walsden


Lower Knowl Farm Rheuben Hollis head u 73 farm labourer   Rossendale
Higher Knowl Farm Crossley Cockcroft head m 47 farmer employer Todmorden
  Sarah Cockcroft wife m 46     Todmorden
  Ruth Cockcroft dtr u 19 cotton weaver worker Todmorden
  Sarah E. Cockcroft dtr u 17 cotton weaver worker Todmorden
  Emily Cockcroft dtr u 15 milk maid worker Todmorden
Higher Knowl  workshop            
Higher Knowl unoccupied