Complete to 1851



Year Date Name Parents Spouse Occupation Address
1705 13-Dec Susan       Inchfield Pasture
1715 08-Mar John Robert   Husbandman Mellings
1719 04-Jul Mary Robert     Mellings
1722 16-Jun Job Robert and Alice     Mellings
1723 20-Apr Thomas William and Susan   Shoe maker Hazelgreaves
1724 05-May Sarah   Widow   Inchfield
1727 15-Sep Robert        
1729 21-May William junior       Gauxholme Kiln
1729 04-Jun William senior       Gauxholme Kiln
1730 17-Nov John Samuel      
1733 07-Feb Susan James      
1733 23-Dec Mary John      
1736 26-Mar Widow Law   widow   Mellings
1736 30-Mar Susan James      
1738 20-Aug Deborah   Widow of Robert    
1739 27-Jan Sarah Samuel      
1740 15-Sep Susannah   Widow of John    
1740 26-Sep Sarah John      
1743 April Ann   widow    
1743 April Judeth   John    
1746 10-Feb James       Todmorden
1753 13-Feb Anna   John   Todmorden
1753 17-May Robert Samuel and Elizabeth     Walsden
1753 11-Jun Susan John     Todmorden
1755 13-Aug John John     Todmorden
1758 14-Mar Robert Thomas and Sarah     Walsden
1758 14-Apr Alice Thomas and Sarah     Todmorden
1758 02-May Sarah Thomas and Sarah     Todmorden
1759 14-Jan Isabel   Samuel   Todmorden
1760 13-Dec Susan John and Sarah     Todmorden
1762 04-Aug Thomas Thomas and Betty     Walsden
1762 28-Dec Thomas Thomas and Sarah     Walsden
1763 05-Mar Betty Samuel and Mally     Walsden
1763 06-Jun Samuel Mary     bs Samuel Uttley Walsden
1763 17-Jun Samuel       Walsden
1763 18-Aug Samuel       Carrbarn
1763 22-Oct Thomas John and Ann     Todmorden
1765 18-Apr Joseph Mary     Walsden
1766 28-Apr William       Walsden
1767 10-Jan Grace Mary      
1767 07-Jul Betty Mary      
1768 11-Aug Susan Richard and Olive     Todmorden
1768 06-Oct Alice Thomas and Sarah     Walsden
1768 30-Oct John       Walsden
1768 27-Nov Betty Robert and Mally     Todmorden
1768 08-Dec William       Todmorden
1769 03-Mar Susan   widow of William   Todmorden
1770 18-Apr Robert       Moorside
1770 21-Sep Hannah   William   Heptonstall
1770 25-Dec Robert       Todmorden
1771 25-May John William   Shoe maker Heptonstall
1775 30-Sep Susan   Samuel   Walsden
1781 14-Apr John John and Betty     Walsden
1781 28-May John     Bridge Master Heywood
1781 20-Jun Thomas John and Susannah     Todmorden
1781 28-Jun Sarah   Thomas   Todmorden
1781 28-Aug John William and Betty     Todmorden
1781 03-Nov Mary William and Betty     Walsden
1782 30-May James John and Mary     Walsden
1783 10-Dec John Samuel and Sally     Walsden
1784 25-Jan Mally   Samuel   Walsden
1785 12-Mar John Samuel and Mally     Walsden
1786 23-Apr Mary   Thomas   Todmorden
1786 19-Jul Samuel       Swineshead Clough
1787 09-Oct Robert Thomas and Mary     Todmorden
1788 22-Aug James William and Susannah     Walsden
1789 24-Feb John Enoch and Nancy     Walsden
1789 13-Mar Thomas Martha     Walsden
1789 28-Oct Betty Robert and Nelly     Walsden
1790 26-Feb Robert       Todmorden
1790 12-Sep Mary Samuel and Susan     Walsden
1790 29-Sep Sally Samuel and Sally     Walsden
1792 03-Jan John       Gauxholme
1792 05-May Robert John and Mary     Walsden
1792 10-Jun John       Gauxholme
1792 02-Dec Grace Samuel and Sally     Walsden
1794 11-Sep Thomas William     Todmorden
1794 05-Oct Mally   Robert   Walsden
1794 16-Dec Thomas Robert and Betty     Todmorden
1795 03-Nov Susan   Samuel   Gauxholme
1796 02-Jan Samuel Robert and Alice     Walsden
1797 09-Jul William Sally     Gauxholme
1798 26-Mar James Robert and Betty     Todmorden
1798 05-May Mally   Samuel   Liggit
1798 29-Jun Sally Robert     Gauxholme
1799 23-Jan Nancy Enoch and Nancy     Square
1799 05-Feb Mally Samuel and Sally     Walsden
1799 01-Jul Mary   John   Walsden
1800 07-Dec Sally John     High Barn
1801 27-Mar Mally Robert and Alice     Square
1802 06-May Alice Robert and Betty     Todmorden
1802 25-Jun William       Todmorden
1803 01-May Betty   Samuel   Stones
1803 29-Dec Samuel       Workhouse
1804 13-Mar Enoch       Square
1804 11-Dec Samuel       Millwood
1805 15-Jan Alice   Robert   Square
1805 14-Dec Sally   Samuel   Hollinsbottom
1806 12-Apr Mary Thomas and Hannah     Carrbarn
1806 21-Apr Ann       Millwood
1806 02-May Thomas       Carrbarn
1806 25-Nov Robert John     Square
1808 29-May Betty   William   Lineholme
1808 29-Sep Richard       Thornsgreece
1808 02-Oct William       Liggit
1808 24-Dec Thomas       High Barn
1809 28-Apr Betty Thomas and Nancy     Redlees
1810 11-Feb Hannah Thomas     Liggit
1810 10-Mar Thomas Thomas and Sally     Lineholme
1810 16-May William Robert     Liggit
1810 05-Jun Susan William and Susannah     Stones
1810 12-Aug Robert       Redlees
1811 06-Jan Sarah   Thomas   Liggit
1811 21-Feb Nelly       Knowlwood
1811 03-Mar Mary   Widow   Knowlwood
1811 09-Apr Job       Gauxholme
1811 01-Jun William       Stones
1812 17-Apr Betty Thomas and Alice     Knowlwood
1812 17-Jun Samuel   Betty   Stennerbottom
1812 22-Jul Mary   Thomas   Bottoms
1812 20-Sep Samuel       Ewood


Year Date Name Rel'ship Parents Spouse Age Address Comments
1814 20-Jan Susan dau. John   10yrs Leggit  
1814 18-Mar Sarah wife   William 27yrs Swineshead  
1814 06-Jun Susan widow     69yrs Brownbirks  
1814 29-Apr Susan dau. Mary   1yr Rochdale  
1814 17-Aug John       62yr Leggit  
1814 01-Oct Betty       16yrs Priestwell  
1815 16-Jun Ann widow     50yrs Millstead  
1815 26-Sep Dinah dau. James and Betty   1yr Rochdale  
1815 03-Oct Sam son Sam and Mary   44yrs Steanor bottom  
1816 15-Apr Betty dau. Wm. and Betty   6mths Hollingsbottom  
1816 09-Jun Ely son Sam and Aggy   1yr Lineholme  
1816 02-Sep Robert son Abr and Betty   9mths Sourhall  
1816 05-Oct Mary dau Abr and Betty   4yrs Sourhall  
1816 27-Oct Nancy dau John   5mths Potoven by Grace Holden
1817 10-Nov James son     24yrs    
1818 28-Jul John son Wm. and Mary   6mths Woodcote  
1818 25-Aug Betty       86yrs Topo'th Hill  
1820 04-Jan Sally dau James and Mary   11mths Knowl or Wadsworth Mill  
1820 01-Apr Thomas son Wm and Mary   7mths Woodcote  
1820 07-Jul Mary wife   John 41yrs Moorside or Dyke Green  
1820 12-Nov Wm son John and Ann   63yrs Priestwell  
1821 05-Apr Hannah dau Sam and Sally   27yrs Smales  
1821 07-Apr John son Abr and Betty   1yr Sourhall  
1821 08-Jul Abraham son Thomas and Mary   39yrs Sourhall  
1821 18-Nov John son James and Betty   10mths Rochdale  
1822 24-Mar John son Richard and Margaret   1yr Kilnhurst  
1822 26-Apr Robert son John and Betty   6mths Close  
1822 12-May Mally dau Abr and Susan   1yr Winterbutlee  
1822 09-Jun John son Mary   1yr Holden gate  
1822 22-Jun Wm. son Sam and Sally   37yrs Hollins Bottom  
1822 09-Dec Susan wife   Abraham 25yrs Winterbutlee  
1822 20-Dec Nancy dau Sam and Mary   36wks Denhurst  
1823 02-Feb Ann widow     85yrs Rochdale  
1823 06-Feb Betty dau Enoch and Mary   37yrs Stoneswood  
1823 16-Apr Ellen dau John and Anna   70yrs Wadsworth Mill  
1823 19-Apr Susannah wife   William 63yrs Stoneswood  
1823 10-Oct John son Thomas and Eve   9mths Sally St  
1824 07-Apr Elizabeth dau James and Betty   6mths Rochdale  
1824 24-May Elizabeth dau Thomas and Ann   3wks Stoneswood  
1824 11-Jun Sam       79yrs Square  
1824 22-Oct Wm       - Longlees drowned in canal
1825 26-Jan Mary       17yrs HollingsBottom  
1825 27-Jan Sally       28yrs Lanebottom  
1825 24-Feb John son Betty   2yrs Sourhall  
1825 05-Apr Mary dau Sam and Nancy   19yrs Lawhey  
1825 24-Oct John husb Robert and Mary Mary 55yrs Moorside  
1825 25-Oct Elizabeth dau James and Alice   11mths Knowlwood  
1826 25-Feb Ann wife   John 52yrs Brown House Whitworth  
1826 11-Jul Mally wife   John 25yrs Square  
1826 26/29 July Sam son Wm and Sarah   16yrs Lanebottom  
1826 24-Nov Betty wife   Sam 25yrs Newbridge  
1827 13-Apr John       18yrs Brownhouse  
1827 26-Sep John son John and Martha   7mths Knowlwood  
1827 24-Nov Susan       15yrs Ramsden Wood  
1828 14-Feb Sally wife   Sam 64yrs Smales  
1828 20-Feb Esther dau William and Betty   15yrs Square  
1828 14-Sep Sam son Thomas   24yrs Ramsden Clough  
1828 30-Dec John       53yrs Lineholme  
1829 19-Jul Hannah dau Thomas and Eve   1yr SallySt  
1829 25-Nov Sam       22yrs Frithwood Bottom  
1829 29-Nov Mary wife   Robert 45yrs Castle Clough  
1829 03-Dec Sally dau Betty   1yr Ramsden Clough  
1830 28-Jan Joseph son John and Mary   13yrs Dyke Green  
1830 02-Mar Isaac son James and Mary   37wks Lawhey  
1830 09-Mar Sally wife   John 30yrs Gauxholme  
1830 14-Mar John son Sam and Mary   1yr Denhurst  
1830 15-Mar Robert       61yrs Barewise  
1830 16-May John       21yrs Higher Ashes  
1830 19-May Thomas son Johnand Hannah   38yrs Longlees  
1830 18-Jun Mary       53yrs Lineholme  
1830 07-Nov Wm.       43yrs Ramsden Clough  
1831 15-Feb Sam son John and Martha   2yrs Gauksholme  
1831 01-Mar James son Thomas and Eve   6yrs Sally St  
1831 21-May Robert       75yrs Meadowbottom  
1832 26-Mar James       39yrs Quebeck  
1833 02-Jan Sam son Sally   4yrs Deanroyd  
1833 28-Feb Sam son Sam and Esther   11wks Butcher Hill  
1833 17-Mar John son Wm and Sally   1yr Lumbutts  
1833 23-Apr Wm son John and Grace   2yrs RamsdenClough  
1833 24-Apr Sam son sam and Hannah   1yr Gorpley mill  
1833 09-May Mary dau John and Grace   10yrs Todmorden  
1833 13-May William       80yrs Frithswood Bottom  
1833 16-Jul John son Sam and Nancy   34yrs Scout Top  
1833 10-Nov Robert son John and Sally   2yrs Square  
1833 26-Nov Peter son John and Sally   6yrs Square  
1833 05-Dec Betty dau John and Susan   10mths Smales  
1833 05-Dec Sally wife   William 18yrs Newbridge  
1834 01-Feb Robert       24yrs Todmorden  
1834 11-Mar John       68yrs Newgate near Wardle  


1834 11-Mar John son Hannah   3mths Bridgend  
1834 09-Aug Peter son Abr. and Nancy   4yrs Square  
1834 10-Dec Peter son John and Hannah   31wks Sourhall  
1835 13-Feb Thomas son Robert and Betty   20yrs Ramsden Clough  
1835 07-Mar Sally widow   Sam 32yrs Ramsden Wood  
1835 26-Apr Elizabeth dau Sam and Betty   2yrs Lumbutts  
1835 24-Oct Grace wife John   40yrs Todmorden  
1835 30-Nov Mary dau Johnand Sally   26wks Square  
1835 21-Dec Susan dau Thomas and Sally   19wks Dyke  
1835 23-Nov Greenwood son Sally   29wks Tantrum Hall  
1836 22-Jan Martin son Johnand Betty   11mths Lanebottom  
1836 27-Feb Sally dau Thomas   20yrs Deanroyd  
1836 26-Mar Thomas son Mary   12wks Gauxholme  
1836 31-Mar Robert son Hannah   6mths Bridgend  
1836 08-May Joseph son William and Sally   3yrs Lumbutts  
1836 05-Jul John       26yrs Frithswood Bottom  
1836 09-Oct Sarah widow   Sam 90yrs Ramsden  
1837 13-Jan Ann widow   Thomas 35yrs FrithswoodBottom  
1837 29-Jan Sam       87yrs Friths  
1837 04-Feb Sam       68yrs FrithswoodBottom  
1837 10-Feb Robert       19yrs Tankard hall  
1837 16-Feb Nancy widow     77yrs Doghills  
1837 24-Oct Sarah dau Sam and Ann   20wks FrithswoodBottom  
1838 14-Jan Nancy wife   Sam 57yrs Ramsden  
1838 03-Jun Christopher son John and Sally   8yrs Square  
1838 19-Aug Thomas son late Sam and Sally   12yrs Deanroyd  
1838 05-Sep William son John and Mary   31yrs Dyke Green  
1838 10-Oct John son Thomas and Betty   6wks Shade  
1839 30-Jan Sarah       25yrs Ramsden  
1839 18/28 May Abraham       62yrs Bearnshaw Tower  
1839 01-Jun Mary widow     60yrs Bearnshaw Tower  
1839 29-Jun Sam       22yrs BottomleyFold son of John Fielden
1839 01-Jul Benjamin son William and Sally   8mths Summit  
1839 02-Jul Sally dau. John and Susan   11yrs Smales  
1839 05-Jul Mary widow   James 44yrs Clough Holmes  
1839 11-Jul Susan dau Grace   1yr   by John Jackson Gauxholme
1839 11-Jul Esther dau Robert and Mary   8wks Height Top  
1839 04-Aug Sally     John 39yrs Square 2nd wife
1839 14-Nov John       25yrs Dyke Green  
1840 27-Jan Mary Ann dau Abr.and Nancy   5yrs Square  
1840 02-Feb Alice dau. John and Lydia   4yrs Holme  
1840 04-Feb Susan dau. Thomas and Jane   3wks Knowlwood  
1840 05-Feb Hannah dau. Sam and Hannah   10mths Gorpley Mill  
1840 01-Mar Mally dau. John and Sally   1 yr Square  
1840 14-Apr Thomas son Susan   2wks Tantrum Hall  
1840 22-Jun Mally wife   William 36yrs Smales  
1840 12-Nov Susan dau. John and Susan   5wks Smales  
1840 23-Jan Ann dau. Susan   17yrs Bridgend  
1841 05-Jan Susan       72yrs Frithswood  
1841 19-Jan Betty dau. Robert and Elizabeth   4mths Stile Gate Bottom  
1841 30-Jan Betty dau. John and Hannah   1yr Sourhall  
1841 07-Mar Sam       30yrs Lumbutts  
1841 28-Mar Richard son Mally Law/John Dawson   1yr Bottomley  
1841 07-Jul Thomas son Sam and Hannah   5wks Gorpley Mill  
1841 05-Nov John       51yrs Pexwood  
1842 27-Jan Robert senior     Betty 67yrs Ramsden Wood  
1842 10-Mar Alice dau. Sam and Dorothy   1yr Strines  
1842 10-Mar Hannah dau. Robert and Ann   1yr 5 Houses Wardle  
1842 10-Apr Jeremiah son Betty   10mths Knowlwood  
1842 11-Jul Sam     Sally 78yrs Smales  
1842 10-Oct Thomas       32yrs Deanroyd  
1842 07-Nov Robert son Robert and Betty   33/4 Ramsden Wood  
1842 12-Nov Thomas     Alice 66yrs Deanroyd  
1842 20-Nov Emma dau. James and Elizabeth   1yr Bottoms  
1843 12-Mar Ann dau. Sam and Ann   2yrs Frithswood Bottom  
1843 25-Jul John H. son Thomas and Susan   12yrs New Bridge  
1843 04-Aug John       39yrs Dyke  
1843 19-Oct Sam son Mary   3mths Bottomley  
1843 16-Dec William son Matthias and Grace   2wks Ramsden Wood  
1843 19-Dec Thomas son Matthias and Grace   2wks Ramsden Wood  
1844 28-Jan James son John and Mary   10mths Turnbrink  
1844 30-Jan William       24yrs Longlees  
1844 18-Feb Jeptha       22yrs Toad Carr  
1844 05-Sep William son Reuben and Sally   1yr Gauxholme  
1844 05-Dec Esther dau. Sam and Esther   6yrs Birks Cottage  
1844 20-Dec William son John and Ann   6wks Waterloo  
1845 22-May Maria       43yrs Peg Cote  
1845 23-May Job son Robert and Susan   16yrs Friths Mill  
1845 31-Aug Sam husb.     67yrs Ramsden Wood  
1845 09-Sep James son Sam and Esther   7yrs Square  
1846 01-Jan Emma dau. Sam and Hannah   6mths Gorpley mill  
1846 16-Jan John son Zacchary and Mary   2yrs Deanroyd  
1846 23-Feb Elizabeth wife   Thomas 29yrs Ramsden Wood  
1846 06-Apr Hannah dau. Reuben and Sally   8mths Gauxholme  
1846 13-May Betty wife William   31yrs Woodcock Inn Walsden  
1846 01-Jul Mary dau. John and Mary   1yr Furn Brink  
1846 05-Jul William       62yrs Toad carr  
1846 22-Sep Sam       32yrs Whetshaw  
1846 05-Dec Stansfield son Wm. and Betty   3yrs Ramsden Wood  
1847 26-Jan Wm. son John and Ann   10mths Longfield  
1847 02-Feb James son Maria   20yrs Pegcote  
1847 08-Apr Rachel widow     56yrs York St. Tod.  
1847 25-May Stansfield son John and Ann   1yr Shade  
1847 22-Jul Robert       24yrs Pexwood  
1848 18-Jan Hannah dau. John and Sally   11yrs Watty  
1848 16-Feb Susan wife Robert   ? Friths Mill  
1848 19-Apr Robert       30yrs Butcher Hill  
1848 23-Apr Thomas son Sam and Susan   11days Lydgate  
1848 03-Jun Abraham       29yrs Sharneyford  
1848 05-Jun Susy dau. Johnand Susy   1yr Smales  
1848 15-Jun Ema dau. Abr and Mary   2yrs Square  
1848 29-Jun Robert       46yrs Friths Mill  
1848 18-Dec Betty dau. Johnand Betty   5yrs Lineholme  
1849 02-Jun Ann dau. Robert and Ann   6yrs Wardle  
1849 01-Jul Sam son Abr and Mary   18wks Naze  
1849 03-Dec Betty wife/widow   Robert 73yrs Roomfield Lane  
1849 19-Dec Elizabeth wife   James 28yrs Bottoms  
1850 22-Jun Abraham       54yrs Birks cottage  
1850 07-Jul James       68yrs Shade  
1850 19-Sep James       29yrs Bottoms  
1850 09-Oct Young son Ann   14days Pexwood  

The following is a transcription by a member of the Todmorden Antiquarian Society, source unknown.

1870 27-May Zacchariah     31yrs   drowned. Catholes. Inquest
1872 19-Feb Abraham     51yrs Greyhound Inn  
1879 28-Jul Thomas S.     75yrs Dawson Weir  
1883 27-Apr Thomas     57yr Tod professional. musician
1886 19-Jun Betty     82yrs Dyke green  
1886 20-May Sam          
1886 20-Oct Nathan     51yrs West End House  
1886 14-Dec Zacchariah     81yrs Stiperden  
1888 31-Mar Christopher     39yrs Heys killed, carter
1890 24-Oct Sam     9yrs Shade drowned
1895 03-Jul Mary wife James   British Queen Inn  
1895 28-Sep John     77yrs Lanebottom lay preacher
1898 21-Feb William     57yrs Garden St tailor
1898 10-Sep Charles         typhoid
1898 26-Oct Sally widow John 67yr Walsden  
1900 13-Mar William     57yrs ex-Tod  
1900 21-Oct Deborah widow Wm Edwin   Dawson Weir