complete from 1666 to 1856


Year Date Name Parents Address Comments
1691 18-Sep Abraham Johanis Stansfield  
1704 01-Oct Abraham William    
1709 17-Apr Susanna William Wardle Scout Wadsworth Jocky
1729 26-Jan Mary John and Elizabeth    
1730 04-Apr Susan Thomas and Sarah    
1731 22-Aug Betty John and Betty    
1731 13-Jan Ann Henry and Ann    
1733 11-Nov Grace John and Elizabeth    
1734 26-May Martha Henry and Betty    
1735 14-Feb William John and Elizabeth    
1735 14-Feb Susan John and Elizabeth    
1736 13-May Mary William and Martha    
1736 05-Sep Peggy John and Margaret    
1736 02-Oct Betty George and Mary    
1736 16-Oct Mary John and Ann    
1738 06-May Thomas John and Susan    
1738 27-Jan John Abraham   by Ann Shore
1740 05-Oct Daughter John and Susan    
1741 27-Dec Betty Henry and Betty    
1742 16-Sep Ann William Todmorden  
1742 19-Dec John John Todmorden  
1743 16-Apr Isabel William Stansfield  
1743 10-Jul Mary Paul Stansfield  
1744 26-Feb child Henerey Todmorden  
1744 27-Jun Susan Abraham Stansfield  
1745 11-May William(Abraham) William Stansfield  
1746 16-Jan Nelly Henerey Todmorden  
1747 14-Jun Ann Paul Stansfield  
1749 25-Apr William Abraham Stansfield  
1761 04-Jan Ann John and Sally Todmorden  
1763 21-Jan Mary John and Susan Todmorden  
1763 04-Sep Sarah James and Susan Walsden  
1764 09-Dec Sarah John and Sally Todmorden  
1765 09-Jan James William and Sarah Todmorden  
1770 18-Mar Betty John and Sarah Todmorden  
1771 20-Feb Betty John and Dorothy Todmorden  
1771 18-Mar James Edward and Mary Walsden  
1772 16-Feb John John and Sally Todmorden  
1773 11-Jun John John and Dorothy Todmorden  
1773 31-Jul Mally Samuel and Ellin Langfield  
1775 18-Apr Alice John and Sally Todmorden  
1775 25-Dec Sam John and Dorothy Stansfield  
1776 23-Nov Jonathon John and Mary Langfield  
1777 07-Dec Susan James and Mary Todmorden  
1778 04-May William John and Dorothy Stansfield  
1778 14-Nov Hannah William Todmorden by Mary Wild
1779 16-Feb John John and Ann Todmorden  
1780 30-Jul Martha John and Ann Todmorden  
1781 14-Feb Hannah John and Dorothy Stansfield  
1781 20-Apr Nancy Susan Langfield by John Barker of Stansfield
1781 26-Aug John James and Ann Walsden  
1781 14-Sep sally Mayjor and Mary Stansfield near 3 yrs old
1781 14-Sep Betty Mayjor and Mary Stansfield  
1782 28-Apr Tommey William Stansfield by Martha Rigg
1783 19-Jan Ormerod James and Nancy General Wood Walsden  
1783 18-May William John and Mary Gausholm Walsden  
1783 27-Sep James John and Dorothy Burnthouse Stansfield  
1785 24-Apr Mary Betty Langfield by Thomas Casson of Littleborough
1785 05-Jun John John and Mary Stansfield  
1786 20-Feb James Betty Stansfield Elias Greenwood
1786 03-Apr Sally John and Dorothy Stansfield  
1787 12-Oct Mally Thomas and Susan Shore  
1787 28-Oct James John and Mary Stansfield  
1788 12-May Mary Susan Stansfield  
1789 23-Apr Margaret John and Dorothy Stansfield  
1790 02-Apr James Thomas and Susan Shore  
1790 02-May James James and Ann Cliviger  
1791 20-May Margrait John and Dorothy Burnthouse Stansfield  
1791 12-Jun William Sally Langfield by John Dugdel of Langfield
1793 05-Mar Hannah James Todmorden by Mary Barker
1794 17-May Ann Mary   by John Clegg Cliviger
1794 17-May Sally Abraham and Susan Dean  
1794 17-May Abraham Abraham and Susan Dean  
1796 09-Jan William William and Mary Gauksholme  
1796 17-May Mariah John and Sally Stansfield  
1797 13-Apr James John and Betty Sladen  
1797 13-Aug Dorothy Charles and Betty Longfield  
1797 29-Sep John Sally   by John Walton
1798 06-Apr Sally John and Sally Newhouse  
1799 Feb-05 Sally John and Betty Burnthouse Stansfield  
1799 29-Jun John William and Mary Gauksholme  
1801 01-Feb Samuel John and Betty Prestwell  
1802 08-Nov Thomas Susan Stansfield by James Walton
1803 21-Jun Mary Sally   by Robert Barker
1804 01-Jan John William and Mary Stoodley Edge  
1804 25-Mar Betty James and Hannah Millwood  
1804 18-Jul William William and Mary Knowlwood  
1804 11-Nov John John and Betty Burnthouse Stansfield  
1806 06-Jun Samuel William and Mary Knowlwood  
1806 20-Jul John James and Mary Doghouse  
1807 05-Jul Mary Thomas and Susanna Blindlane  
1807 13-Dec Betty John and Betty Priestwell  
1808 10-Jan John Martha Hurstwood by John Lord
1808 01-May Elizabeth Ann Doghouse by William Fielden
1808 08-Aug Betty James and Mary Earnshaw-water  
1810 27-May Abraham Thomas and Susanna Doghouse  
1811 20-Jan Thomas James and Mary Earnshaw-water  
1811 17-Feb George William and Betty Causey Langfield  
1812 26-Mar Ann Thomas and Mary Brown Birks  
1812 09-Jun Ellen Henry and Susy Hurstwood  
1812 09-Jun Henry Martha Hurstwood by Edmund Crowther


Year Date Name Parents Address Occupation Notes
1813 17-Apr Grace Thomas Holmehouse weaver by Sally Greenwood
1814 10-Jan James John & Betty Priestwell weaver  
1815 30-Sep Martha Robert & Susan Blind Lane spinner born 16 June 1814
1816 13-Mar James John & Hannah Newgate Bottom stretcher  
1816 18-Feb John William & Betty Causeway carder born 26 July 1813
1816 18-Feb James William & Betty Causeway carder  
1816 25-Jun John Thomas & Mary Rawhey collier  
1818 01-Mar Jimmy Betty Todmorden weaver by William Mitchell
1818 27-Jul Abraham James & Hannah Dobroyd spinner born 17 Feb 1817
1818 27-Sep Hannah John & Betty Priestwell weaver  
1819 13-Feb Thomas John & Ann Gatebottom spinner  
1819 15-Aug John Thomas & Hannah Doghouse Lane spinner  
1819 26-Sep Hannah Jonathan & Mary Dobroyd spinner  
1821 13-Mar William William & Ann Stansfield Bridge spinner  
1821 20-May Ann Thomas & Hannah Union stretcher  
1821 29-Jul Thomas William & Betty Smithyholme Bridge carder  
1823 18-May Mary William & Betty Knowlwood spinner  
1823 20-May Sarah Ely & Betty Square weaver  
1823 28-Feb James William Shade spinner by Sarah Lord
1824 09-Jun Sarah James & Hannah Hanging Ditch weaver  
1824 12-Jan Mary Ann John & Sally Knowlwood weaver  
1824 16-Apr Sally William & Mary Knowlwood weaver  
1825 03-Jul James William & Betty Lumbutts spinner  
1825 09-Aug Mary Jonathan & Betty Honeyhole weaver  


1826 31-Aug Mally John & Hannah Gorpley Mill spinner  
1829 23-Jun Henry William & Mary Butcher Hill weaver  
1835 10-Apr Mary John & Martha Cliviger weaver  
1835 07-Sep Susan Geo & Peggy Stones farmer  
1841 05-Jul Mary James & Mally Salford joiner born 5 Nov 1840
1842 18-May John Martha     by Thomas Haigh, twiner of Gauxholme
1842 15-Jun Nanny John & Betty Todmorden Edge weaver  
1842 15-Jun George John & Betty Todmorden Edge weaver  
1842 15-Jun Betty John & Betty Todmorden Edge weaver  
1842 15-Jun Sarah William & Martha Lower Hartley collier  
1843 14-May William Thomas & Margaret Top of Rough weaver born 26 Dec 1842
1844 19-May Frank Thomas & Margaret Knowle weaver  
1845 19-Oct Hannah Thomas & Margaret Knowle weaver