The Manchester Times and Gazette (Manchester, England), Saturday, November 2, 1833; Issue 263

On the 24th ultimo at Burnley, Mr. THOMAS FIELDEN, son of Mr. Joshua Fielden, porter-dealer of York Street, Todmorden, to Miss CHAFFER, of New Hay, Cliviger

On the 24th ultimo at Heptonstall, Mr. SAMUEL NEWELL, butcher of Todmorden, to Mrs.EASTWOOD, confectioner of Millwood

Preston Chronicle (Preston, England), Saturday, June 3, 1837; Issue 1292

On the 24th ult. At St. Leonard’s Church, Middleton , Mr. TIMOTHY HARROP, organist at the Parish Church, Middleton, to ESTHER, fourth daughter of Mr. JOHN HAIGH, coal proprietor, of the same place

The Manchester Times and Gazette (Manchester, England), Saturday, May 15, 1841; Issue 659

On the 3rd. inst., at Ashton under Lyne, Mr. THOMAS HILTON, registrar of births and deaths, to SARAH, youngest daughter of Mr. JOHN HAIGH, of the same place

The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Saturday, January 20, 1844;

Married -  On Wednesday at the Parish Church Rochdale, William FIELDEN Esq. of Clough Mill Todmorden, cotton spinner and manufacturer, to Mrs. DUCKWORTH of Bucklaw near Rochdale.

Preston Chronicle 6 May 1837

On the 20th ult. Mr. William MIDGLEY, innkeeper of Kebcote, to Mrs FILEDEN, widow of the late Mr. FIELDEN of Henshaw in Walsden

Manchester Times & Gazette Saturday Jan 27 1838

22nd. Inst. At the Superintendent Registrar’s Office, Todmorden. Mr. Mathias LAW of Deanroyd, near Todmorden to Miss Grace WOODHEAD of Lanebottom, Walsden

Manchester Times & Gazette Saturday 4 Dec. 1847

28th at Rochdale Parish Church Mr. William CROSSLEY to Miss Betty HEYWORTH both of Walsden

Mr. Samuel BRIDGE to Miss Elizabeth SMITH both of Walsden

The Manchester Times and Gazette (Manchester, England), Saturday, November 9, 1833;

On 31st ultimo, the marriage at Todmorden Mr. Thomas NASH of Leeming Hall to Miss Elizabeth SCHOLEFIELD daughter of Mr. William Scholefield, ironmonger, Todmorden

Preston Chronicle (Preston, England), Saturday, December 17, 1831;

On the 8th inst. At St. Michael’s church Liverpool, Mr. John TRAVIS of Todmorden near Rochdale to Catharine daughter of the late Mr. ATHERTON of Liverpool.

Leeds Mercury Saturday Oct. 13 1849

At Walsden Parish Church by Rev. G. Doughty Mr. Abm. LAW to Miss LORD both of Walsden. The Rev. gentleman presented the newly married pair with a copy of the scriptures.

Leeds Mercury Tuesday 21 Oct. 1862

Oct. 16th at the Parish Church, Halifax by the Rev. G. Bagot. Mr. Samuel FIELDEN, manufacturer of Walsden to Alice, fourth daughter of Thomas LORD Esq., Machinist of Todmorden

Preston Guardian Saturday 2 Aug. 1863

On the 13t inst. at St. Anne’s Church, Manchester Mr. William CRABTREE, dry salter of Walsden to Mrs. Harriet BUTTERWORTH of the Fleece Inn, Rochdale

Manchester Times & Gazette Saturday 16 October 1871

On the 10th inst. at St. Peter's Church, Walsden by the Rev. F. T. O'Donoghue, MA, vicar. Tom BARWICK of the firm Barwick Bros., music sellers & jewellers, Keighley and Skipton, to Elizabeth HAIGH, only daughter of Reuben Haigh Esq., of Pastureside, Todmorden

The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Thursday, October 27, 1864;

On the 26th inst at St. Peter’s, church, Walsden, by the Rev. W.H. Orr, assisted by by the Rev. R. Minnitt, Jas. TWEEDALE Esq., of Forest Hill, Sydenham, eldest son of Abraham Tweedale Esq., of Healey, Rochdale, to Sarah Elizabeth SMITH, only surviving daughter of the late Richard Smith Esq., of Inchfield, Walsden.

Rochdale Sentinel Saturday Jan 7th 1854

31st Dec at Primitive Methodist Chapel, Drake Street, Mr. James FIELDING to Miss Sarah WOOD both of Knowlwood, Todmorden.


On same day and at the same chapel, Mr. William NEWELLl to Miss Ruth GREENWOOD both of Knowlwood near Todmorden

The following extract is from the Halifax Guardian and Huddersfield and Bradford Advertiser in the special collections department at Leeds University

Information supplied by John Alan Longbottom.


9th January 1875 at Hope Chapel, Hebden Bridge - Mr. Robert OGDEN of Carrhouse Fold to Miss Mary ASHWORTH of Millwood, Stansfield.

17th February 1875 at Bethel Chapel, Lineholme - Mr. Dan CROSSLEY, auctioneer of Hebden Bridge to Mrs Hannah WALTON of Lydgate.

9th March 1875 at Primitive Methodist Knowlwood - Mr. Joseph DICKENSON, railway clerk of Southport to Miss Mary Ellen BALL of Stones Villas, Todmorden.

8th March 1875 at Salem Chapel, Hebden Bridge - Mr. John UTTLEY of Strand, Todmorden to Miss Susan SUTCLIFFE of Church Gates, Todmorden.

17th March 1875 at Salem Chapel, Hebden Bridge by the Rev. J. Priestley - Mr. Alfred KERSHAW of Bottoms to Miss Sarah STOTT of New Bridge, Walsden.

20th March 1875 at Birchcliffe Chapel, Hebden Bridge - Mr. Robert CHARNLEY of Shade, Todmorden to Miss Emma WHITHAM of Height Gate, Erringden.

10th April 1875 at Todmorden Register Office - Mr. Richard DAN of Ferney Lee to Miss Armenal BUNNEY of Hebden Bridge.

15th May 1875 at Independent Chapel Eastwood - Mr. John F. BARKER to Miss Jane Emily SMITH both of Eastwood.

18th May 1875 at St Joseph's R.C. Chapel Todmorden - Mr. James WILKINSON to Miss Mary CONWAY both of Hebden Bridge.

3rd June 1875 at Trinity Road Chapel Halifax - Mr. James JOWETT to Miss Elizabeth FAWCETT both of Halifax

8th July 1875 at Holy Trinity Church, Richmond, Surrey - Mr William SAGAR, of Holly House, Todmorden, solicitor to Alice daughter of Mr. Thomas WESTERN of Knaresborough.

26th August 1875 at St. Alban's Church Cheetwood, Manchester

John Edward ALLEN L.R.C.P. of Todmorden to Alice daughter of the late Henry HURST of Turf House, Littleborough

28th August 1875 at Cross Lanes Chapel, Hebden Bridge - Mr. John FIELDEN of Wadsworth Mill near Todmorden to Miss Jane Ann MILLS of Lumbutts, Langfield.

4th September 1875 at Inchfield Bottom Chapel near Walsden, Mr. John JACKSON of Bottoms to Miss Mary BARKER of Heights Houses, Walsden


9th September at the Congregational Chapel Eastwood by the Rev. James Reed.

Mr. Samuel SUTCLIFFE of Millwood to Miss Mary PICKLES of Carhouse Fold, Stansfield.

18th September 1875 at Cross Lanes Chapel Hebden Bridge Mr. David CONSTANTINE of Honey Hole, Langfield to Miss Elizabeth WATSON of South View, Cornholme.

18th September 1875 at the Unitarian Chapel Todmorden - Mr. Miles PICKLES of Hanging Ditch, to Miss Mary SUTCLIFFE of Cobden, Todmorden.


11th September 1875 at Wesleyan Chapel, Hebden Bridge, Mr. Thomas RIGG of Dobroyd to Miss Martha BARON of John Street, Todmorden.

27th September 1875 - At All Saints Church Harley Wood. - Mr. Fred FOULDS of Todmorden to Miss Mary GREENWOOD of Barewise.

27th September 1875 at All Saints Church Harley Wood - Mr. Matthew SMITH, draper of Shade to Miss Lucy Emma BLACKA of Todmorden.


7th October 1875 at Salem Chapel Hebden Bridge - Mr. Barker GREENWOOD of Cragg Vale Erringden to Miss Mary BARKER of Lower Lumb, Erringden.

20th November 1875 at St. Joseph's Catholic Chapel, Todmorden

Mr. William BROWN of Back Brook Street to Miss Mary MULLIGAN of Hanging Ditch, Todmorden.