Kindly submitted by John Alan Longbottom



3rd Jan 1863

Petty Sessions, Thursday - John Sutcliffe, beerhouse keeper, Todmorden and Walsden was charged with selling ale at Prohibited hours on Sunday the 14th last and was fined 40s and costs.


24th Jan 1863

Petty Sessions Thursday - John Greenwood was charged with selling beer at prohibited hours, on Sunday morning the 11th inst, but as he had a good character for keeping an orderly house, he was discharged on payment of costs.


31st Jan 1863

Inquest - held at the Hare and Hounds Inn, Holme, before Mr. J. R. Ingram deputy coroner, on the body of Sarah Greenwood, a child one month old, of Betty Greenwood of Gate Bottom. On Sunday morning about one o'clock, Mrs Greenwood took the child and put it to her breast when the child appeared all right. At eight o'clock she found it a corpse. Verdict - died from natural causes.


7th Feb 1863

Sudden death - On Monday morning, at seven o'clock, Mr. Abm. Greenwood of Flowerscar, was getting out of bed, when his wife saw him fall back and instantly expire. Yesterday, an inquest was held on the body at the Roe Buck Inn, Portsmouth, and a verdict of death from natural causes returned.


14th Feb 1863

Robbery - Magistrates Court, Saturday, before Abm. Ormerod Esq. David Sutcliffe, of Langfield, labourer in a foundry, was charged with stealing from the Lord Nelson Inn, a carving knife, a pair of stockings, and a cap. William Fielden, the landlord said that the previous Saturday afternoon the prisoner came into his house and called for a glass of ale. He afterwards went out, and in a short time returned. Some of the company saw stockings in the prisoner's pocket, and he (witness) enquired of him where he had got them, to which he answered he had bought them while he was out. Afterwards the carving knife was found in his pocket. P.C. Stopford, apprehended the prisoner. When charged with the robbery, the prisoner denied the charge and said they were his own. Committed to the Sessions


21st Feb 1863

Fatal Accident in a Clough - About three o'clock on Tuesday morning, as the private watchman of Messers. Fielden was going his rounds, he discovered the body of a man in Swineshead Clough. Being unable to extricate him, he obtained the assistance of P. C. Turner, when the man was taken out and found to be Mr. Thomas Crossley, of Gauxholme ironfoundry. He was quite insensible and helpless. He was conveyed to his residence, at Guaxholme, where he lingered in an insensible condition until Thursday morning, when he expired. How the accident happened cannot be ascertained. Deceased was 49 years of age, and leaves a wife and four children.

Sudden Death - On Thursday, Mr. John Sutcliffe, farmer of Stansfield, aged 44, was found lying helpless in a fit at Waithplatts, at ten minutes past ten in the forenoon by Mary Kershaw. He only breathed a few times and then expired. He had been with a cow to Halifax, leading it with a rope. An inquest was held yesterday evening at the York Tavern, Langfield by Mr. Ingram, and a verdict of natural death returned.


Petty Sessions Thursday - Thomas Speak was charged by P.C. Sugden with being drunk and disorderly on the 9th inst. About ten o'clock on the day in question, defendant was caught by the police making a great noise in the Lord Nelson Inn, Cheapside, and offering to fight the landlord. Fined 5s and 10s costs.


28th Feb 1863

Inquest on Monday, an inquest was held at the Queen Hotel before Mr. Dearden, on the body of Mr. Thomas Crossley, who was found in a lifeless state as reported in last week's Guardian. Several witnesses were examined, but no evidence was produced to show how the deceased came by his death. The last person he was in company with was James Austin, mechanic of Salford, who left him at twelve o'clock on the night before he was found. Verdict - died from injuries received by a fall.


7th Mar 1863

Petty Sessions, Thursday - Samuel Barker of the Mason's Arms, Gauxholme, was fined 5s for keeping drunken and disorderly company in his house on the 19th ult.


21st Mar 1863

Board of Guardians - On Wednesday the fortnightly meeting of the Board was held at the Station House Inn, Bottoms.


Petty Sessions - Thursday - Alleged Evasion of Toll.

Thomas Hanson of Bradford, was charged with attempting to evade the Roomfield Lane Toll Bar, on the 26 th January. Defendant was coming towards Todmorden with a wagon drawn by two horses, and when at the Shannon Inn, about a quarter of a mile from the said bar, he took out one of the horses and left it there, and afterwards passed through the bar with one horse. It was proved by the defendant that the horse was left at the said Inn for rest and refreshment, and not for the purpose of evading the bar.

The case was dismissed.


4th Apr 1863

Stansfield Township - A meeting of ratepayers of this township was held at the Bay Horse Inn, Cross Stone, on Saturday last for the purpose of electing a board of surveyors for the highways for the ensuing year.


18th Apr 1863

Boy Drowned - On Monday night, John William Hirst, son of Mr. Joseph Hirst of Carr Green, went out to play, and as he did not return home when expected, it was feared something had befallen him. A search was instituted through the whole night, and on the following morning he was found drowned in a clough near Carr Green, with his head downwards.


25th Apr 1863

Inquest - Yesterday afternoon week, Mr. Ingram, deputy coroner, held an inquest at the Dog and Partridge Inn, Lumbutts, on the body of John William Hirst, who was found drowned in Carr Green Clough. The particulars appeared in last week's Guardian. Verdict - accidentally drowned.

16th May 1863

Stealing Candlesticks - At the Magistrates Office on Saturday, before Abm. Ormerod Esq., a labourer named Robert Sanderson from Walsden, was charged with stealing two brass candlesticks, the property of Robert Barker of Clough Foot, innkeeper, near Todmorden, on the 5th instant. The case was proved by Lawrence Lord, of Clough House, son in law of the prosecutor, and also by Ann Barker, servant in the house. The prisoner was apprehended by P.C. Turner at Bacup, to whom he acknowledged the theft. Committed for trial.


30th May 1863

Petty Sessions Thursday - Robert Cryer, innkeeper, of Walsden was fined 10s and 15s-6d for selling ale at prohibited hours on Sunday. The defendant had a number of men in his house during the forenoon at service time.


1st Aug 1863

Fatal accident to a Child - On Thursday an inquest was held by Mr. Ingram, at Railway Inn, Stansfield, on William Law, aged two years, son of James Law, of Mitchell Street, Lineholme. On the previous Friday the child fell down stairs in the house of Mary Stansfield, a neighbour and the aunt, and became insensible, expiring on the following Tuesday at home. Verdict - accidental death



Attempted Suicide - On Thursday night Fielden Greenwood, a young man residing at Knowlwood, cut his throat very deeply. It appears that on coming home from the mill, and after tea he went upstairs, while the rest of the family were out, got a razor belonging to his father, and cut his throat while sitting on the bed, There he was found by a sister. Dr. Sutcliffe attended him, but gave little hope of his recovery.



8th Aug 1863

Inquest - On Monday, an inquest was held at the White Lion Inn, before Mr. Dearden, on the body of Fielden Greenwood, of Butcher Hill, Todmorden, who died on Friday from injuries he had inflicted with his own hands, particulars of which appeared in last week's Guardian. Verdict - temporary insanity,


22nd Aug 1863

Petty Sessions - Thursday A brewer at fault.

John Bentley, of the Waggon and Horses Inn, Redwater Foot, was summoned by the district collector, Mr. T. Gibson of Burnley, for an illegal brewing on the 30th of May last. Mr. Gibson stated that between eleven and twelve o'clock in the forenoon on that day he found a brewing operation going on which had not been entered in the brewing paper. Mr. Bentley told him that there was a mistake in the brewing paper; it was not his intention to brew on that day, till his wife came out of the cellar and said the casks were empty, and they must brew. He knew that he should be acting contrary to Act of Parliament, for he had a paper in the house which stated that he must give twenty-four hours notice to the officer of excise before commencing to brew. Mr. Stansfield appeared for the defendant, and admitted the offence, but said there was no intention to defraud the revenue. Bentley's wife had remembered that on the following Monday would be held the Kebcote Fair, and their stock was not sufficient for that day. He submitted that the case should be leniently dealt with. The penalty of £200 was a high one; but the magistrates had the power to reduce it to £50; for any further mitigation it would be necessary to memorialise the Board of Inland Revenue. The bench convicted the defendant in the penalty of £50, and at the request of Mr. Stansfield recommended a memorial to be forwarded to the said board, wherein it might be stated that they considered £5 a penalty large enough.


5th Sept 1863

Petty Sessions - Thursday

As a result of a fight between two brothers named Charlesworth, at the Woodman Inn, Charlestown, the landlord was summoned for allowing the fight. He was dismissed on paying costs.


12th Sept 1863

Botanical Society - The usual monthly meeting of this society was held at the White Hart Inn on Monday evening. Mr. A. Stansfield, senr. President in the chair.


19th Sept 1863

Petty Sessions - Thursday.

Disorderly House - The mistress of a beerhouse at Shade, known by the name of the "Whisket" was summoned for permitting drunkenness and disorderly conduct in her house on the 12th instant. She pleaded guilty, but endeavoured to shew that the fault was not hers. Inspector Heap, in reply to the bench said that the defendant kept a prostitute as servant. Fined 10s and 10s expenses.


A Foolish Squad - Five young men named , Ellis Sunderland, James Howarth, Ephrain Greenwood, Young Greenwood, and Thomas Holt, who belong to a society of their own origination, were summoned for being drunk and disorderly, and kicking up a row and disturbance at the house of Mr. N. Sutcliffe, Bay Horse Inn, Cross Stone, on Sunday last. Evidence at great length was given against them by Mrs Sutcliffe and other witnesses, shewing that there had been drunkenness and fighting. The magistrates on the first charges dismissed Ephraim and Young Greenwood and fined the other three 40s each. Ephrain Greenwood, Young Greenwood, and James Howarth were then charged severally with assaulting Robert Dean of Cross Stone, between the hours of seven and eight o'clock. Mr. Jubb was for the defence in this as in the previous and following cases. The defendants were each fined £5 or in default each two months imprisonment - Ellis Sunderland and James Howarth were then charged with assaulting the constable. A witness in the foregoing cases stated that his thighs were knocked black, his shirt torn, and other parts of his dress injured in the row. The two were fined £5 each on this charge. All the penalties were paid.


3rd Oct 1863

Petty Sessions - Thursday

The keeper of the Lord Nelson Inn was charged by P.C. 370 with selling beer on Sunday week at half-past ten o'clock in the morning - Fined 1s and costs.


17th Oct 1863

Petty Sessions - Thursday

Beerseller in Faults - John Kershaw. Keeper of a beershop at Walsden, known as the Butchers' Arms, was summoned to answer three charges - first allowing gaming in his house on Saturday the 3rd instant. Second assaulting P.C. Stopford, and third assaulting P.C. Turner on the same day. Fined 40s in the 1st case, and 20s in each of the others, making with costs £5-10s-0d.


Another Lord of the Barrel - John Bentley of the Waggon and Horses Inn, was charged with allowing company in his house at prohibited hours. P.C. Tillotson stated that at a quarter to 12 he went into the house and found the company hid among the ale barrels. The landlord said he did not know about them. Fined 40s and costs of 8s and cautioned.


24th Oct 1863

House breaking - On Thursday at the magistrates Court Thomas Astin, Thomas Nixon, and Thomas Seek, all lads from Knowlwood, were charged with having broken into the beerhouse of Mrs Butterworth at Heyhead in Langland. At half-past eleven on Sunday morning the house was entered and the drawers ransacked. The prisoners were identified, but were remanded for a week, until James Leek and William Whitehead, who had been of the party, but had absconded, were apprehended. These lads were taken at Bradford the same day.


Inquest - On Tuesday at the Wood Mill before Mr. Ingram, on the body of Mr. John Foulds of Brook Street, whose body was found under the following circumstances. Joseph Pickup of the Station House Bottoms Inn, proved that he last saw Foulds at his house at nine o'clock on Friday night. He was drunk. Joseph Walker of Brighouse said he was in his boat at Burnt Acres Pool on Saturday morning when he found the body of the deceased. It was evident the poor fellow had strayed into the water and a verdict to that effect was returned.


31st Oct 1863

Sudden Death - On Thursday, John Whitaker, blacksmith, called at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Blind Lane, when he fell from the chair and expired.


Petty Sessions - Thursday - Susannah Crabtree, of the Elephant and Castle, Hawkesclough, 6s-6d expenses on a charge of allowing gaming on the 21st instant.


7th Nov 1863

Inquest - Fatal Road Accident - On Monday the inquest was held at the Rose and Crown Inn, Castle Street, before J.R. Ingram, Esq., deputy coroner, on the body of Joseph Crowther Carter aged 78 [ or Joseph Crowther, carter ] On Saturday a party of gentlemen had been out hunting, and were returning home at seven o'clock, and rode up the road from Eastwood at a quick pace. The deceased heard the tramp pf the horses, and went, as he supposed, out of the way, taking shelter behind a cart which was drawn up at one side of the road, near Castle Lodge. The horse of Mr. O. Barker, manufacturer, came against him with such force that he was fatally injured, and died at three o'clock next morning. The inquest lasted from half-past four p.m. until eleven o'clock, and ultimately resulted in a verdict of accidental death the jury recording their opinion that Barker was not entirely free from blame.


14th Nov 1863

Petty Sessions - Thursday

Aquilla Harwood, beerhouse keeper, Meadow Bottom, was charged with allowing dog fighting in his house. P.C. Tillotson, on Friday night, found 30 or 40 men in one room, watching two dogs fight. The landlord was also looking on. Fined 12s and costs of 8s.


28th Nov 1863

Inquest - On Saturday the inquest on the body of Greenwood Feltham, who drowned himself in so deliberate a manner in the canal at Dobroyd, was held at the Lord Nelson Inn. The evidence showed that for some time deceased had been in a strange sort of mind, and a verdict of temporary insanity was returned.


26th Dec 1863

Sudden Death - Abraham Ingham, of Cobden, stonemason, was found dead in bed on Sunday morning, about nine o'clock, by his wife and children, who were just about to breakfast. An inquest was held on the body, on Wednesday at the Black Swan Inn, when the verdict was died from natural causes.