The enumerator has lumped the cottages on Square with those on Rochdale Road (they were Birks Terrace at the time). The numbers in the left hand column are the original house numbers, reflecting the fact there were homes at the backs of some of the existing houses. These numbers were changed during the 1890's to the current numbers, and that must be when the back houses were done away with.

The column on the far right is a "best guess" as to the current number of the house




2 Birks Terr John Greenwood head m 54 labourer Walsden 2
  Sally Greenwood wife m 54 washerwoman Walsden  
6 Birks Terr John Crabtree head m 24 cotton weaver Smithy Nook 6
  Jane Crabtree wife m 22 factory operative Moveley  
  Mary A. Crabtree dtr   4 mths   Walsden  
8 Birks Terr William Greenwood head m 50 mill scutcher Halifax Yorks 8
  Mary A. Greenwood wife m 50   Bradford Yorks  
  Henry Greenwood son   14 doffer Todmorden  
  Nancy Greenwood dtr   12 mill hand Todmorden  
  Betty Greenwood dtr   4 doffer Todmorden  
10 Birks Terr John Duckworth head w 49 clogger Rossendale Lancs 10
  Thomas Duckworth son u 23 railway clerk Gauxholme  
  George G. Travis nephew u 12 scholar Liverpool  
12 Birks Terr Samuel Fielden head m 46 beerseller & blacksmith Walsden 12
  Hannah Fielden wife m 45   Walsden  
14 Birks Terr Thomas Jackson head m 43 warper Walsden 14
  Emma Jackson wife m 45   Todmorden  
  William Jackson son   20 warper Walsden  
  Mally Jackson dtr   9 scholar Walsden  
  Abraham Ashworth boarder w 82 retired butcher Todmorden  
16 Birks Terr John Fielden head m 45 picker maker Walsden 14 
  Sally Fielden wife m 42   Walsden  
  Thomas Fielden son   11 printers apprentice Walsden  
  William Fielden son   6 scholar Walsden  
  Alice Fielden dtr   4 scholar Walsden  
  Mary Fielden dtr   2   Walsden  
18 Birks Terr Thomas Stenhouse head m 23 warper Wakefield Yorks 16
  Jane Stenhouse wife m 25   Walsden  
  Ernest Stenhouse son   1   Stoodley Yorks  
20 Birks Terr Henry Howarth head m 29 factory operative Langfield Yorks  18
  Betty Howarth wife m 28   Millwood Yorks  
  Ann Howarth dtr   6   Clough  
  Emma Howarth dtr   4   Walsden  
  Fred Howarth son   2   Walsden  
  Thomas Howarth son   2 mths   Walsden  
22 Birks Terr Abraham Fielden head m 54 labourer Walsden 20 
  Mary Fielden wife m 53   Walsden  
  Helliwell Fielden son u 29 ag. lab. Walsden  
  James Fielden son u 16 weaver Walsden  
24 Birks Terr William Helliwell head m 52 ag. lab. Sowerby Yorks 20 
  Ann Helliwell wife m 50   Sowerby Yorks  
  Nimrod Helliwell son u 22 weaver Sowerby Yorks  
  William Helliwell son u 18 weaver Sowerby Yorks  
  John Helliwell son u 16 weaver Sowerby Yorks  
  Thomas Helliwell son   11 doffer Sowerby Yorks  
  Sarah Helliwell dtr u 20 weaver Sowerby Yorks  
  Elizabeth Helliwell dtr   7   Walsden  
  Martha Helliwell dtr   4   Walsden  
  William Slack lodger u 21 weaver Sowerby Yorks  
26 Birks Terr Fanny Fielden head w 35 house keeper Burnley 20 
  John Fielden son   5 scholar Walsden  
28 Birks Terr Abraham Taylor head m 37 weaver Walsden 22
  Mary Taylor wife m 37 weaver Walsden  
  Thomas Taylor son   14 weaver Walsden  
30 Birks Terr William Rigg head m 68 joiner Stansfield Yorks 24
  Betty Rigg wife m 68   Walsden  
  William Rigg g/son u 17 weaver Langfield Yorks  
  Jane W. Rigg g/dtr u 13 factory operative Walsden  
32 Birks Terr Thomas Newell head m 42 machine grinder Walsden 26
  Sally Newell wife m 46   Walsden  
34 Birks Terr James Walton head m 60 picker maker Walsden 28
  Nancy Walton wife m 53   Walsden  
  Richard Hardman boarder m 29 spinner Radcliffe Lancs  
  Robert Hardman boarder u 19 spinner Radcliffe Lancs  
36 Birks Terr William Harrison head m 47 ag. lab. Walsden 30
  Martha Harrison wife m 47   Todmorden  
  Sarah A. Harrison dtr u 21 factory operative Walsden  
  Olive Harrison dtr u 16 factory operative Walsden  
  John Harrison son u 18 weaver Walsden  
  William Harrison son   10 weaver Walsden  
38 Birks Terr Thomas Crabtree head m 45 tanner Todmorden 32
  Susannah Crabtree wife m 48   Blackburn  
  Grace Crabtree dtr u 21 weaver Todmorden  
  Joseph Crabtree son   11 factory operative Walsden  
  Fred Crabtree son   8 factory operative Dulesgate  
  Betsy Taylor boarder   13 factory operative Dulesgate  
  William Stansfield boarder   60 labourer Walsden  
40 Birks Terr Hannah Crossley head w 67   Walsden 34
  Alice Crossley dtr u 25 weaver Walsden  
  Mary Crossley dtr u 42 weaver Walsden  
42 Birks Terr John Harrison head m 25 picker maker Walsden 36
  Mary A. Harrison wife m 28   Mytholmroyd Yorks  
  Mary E. Harrison dtr   1   Walsden  
  James Kershaw brother in law u 20 weaver Mytholmroyd Yorks  
44 Birks Terr George Marshall head m 45 steam tenter Halifax Yorks 38
  Grace Marshall wife m 50   Walsden  
  William Marshall son u 25 labourer Walsden  
  Sarah Ann Marshall dtr u 18 weaver Walsden  
  Hannah Marshall dtr   15 weaver Walsden  
  John Marshall son   12 scholar Walsden  
  Betty Marshall dtr   8 scholar Walsden  
  Hannah Marshall mother w 71   Pickering Yorks  
46 Birks Terr Martha Fielden head w 63   Walsden 40
  Ann Fielden dtr u 33 weaver Walsden  
  Susan Fielden dtr u 25 weaver Walsden  
48 Birks Terr William Pearson head m 33 whitesmith Todmorden 42
  Sarah Pearson wife m 34   Walsden  
  Stansfield Pearson son   10 scholar Walsden  
  James Pearson son   7 scholar Walsden  
  Reuben Pearson son   8 mths   Walsden