Warland John Haigh 30 farmer y
  Mary Haigh 20   y
  Jane Haigh 3   y
  Alice Haigh 1   y
  Robert Matthews 30 labourer y
  Ruth Matthews 20 dress maker y
  Richard Schofield 50 cotton hand loom weaver y
Warland Hannah Fielden 55 independent y
  John Fielden 20 independent y
  Thomas Fielden 15 mason's apprentice y
Warland James Lord 40 chair bottomer y
  Hannah Lord 45   y
  James Lord 20 stone getter y
  Betty Lord 20   y
  Mary Lord 4   y
  Sarah Ann Lord 1   y
Warland Abraham Newall 30 carter y
  Jane Newall 25   y
  Thomas Newall 6   y
  Samuel Newall 5   y
  Milly Newall 4   y
  Sally Newall 3   y
  Hannah Newall 1   y
  Alice Newall 3 mths   y


Warland John Haigh 39 head m farmer of 69 acres Lancashire Walsden
  Mary Haigh 36 wife m   Lancashire Walsden
  Alice Haigh 11 dtr   scholar Lancashire Walsden
  Grace Haigh 7 dtr   scholar Lancashire Walsden
  John Haigh 5 son   scholar Lancashire Walsden
  Reuben Haigh 4 son   scholar Lancashire Walsden
  Thomas Haigh 2 son     Lancashire Walsden
  Richard Scholfield 60 lodger w cotton weaver Lancashire nr. Littleborough
Warland Hannah Fielden 66 head w annuitant Lancashire Todmorden
  John Fielden 32 son u annuitant Lancashire Walsden
  Jane Haigh 12 grand dtr   house servant Lancashire Walsden
Warland Francis Daniel Matthews 29 head m inspector of public works Lancashire Middleton
  Harriet Matthews 28 wife m   Cheshire Capesthorn
  Emma Matthews 7 dtr   scholar Lancashire nr. Middleton
  Sarah Matthews 6 dtr   scholar Lancashire Manchester
  Frank Matthews 4 son   scholar Yorkshire Parish of Pannal
  Frances Matthews 10 mths dtr   at home Lancashire Walsden


Warland Martha Dawson 52 head w farmer Lancashire Walsden
  John Dawson 34 son u stone quarrier Lancashire Walsden
  Jane Dawson 26 dtr u domestic servant Lancashire Walsden
  Abraham Kershaw 7 grandson   scholar Lancashire Walsden
Warland John Fielden 23 head m picker maker Lancashire Walsden
  Susannah Fielden 24 wife m   Lancashire Walsden
  Abraham Fielden 2 son     Lancashire Walsden
Warland Hannah Fielden 76 head w annuitant Lancashire Todmorden
  John Fielden 43 son u annuitant Lancashire Walsden
  Alice Haigh 21 g/dtr u power loom weaver Lancashire Walsden
Warland John Lord 31 head m dyer of silk & worsted. Own master Lancashire Manchester
  Mary Ann Lord 32 wife m   Lancashire Clitheroe
  Isabella Lord 8 dtr   scholar Lancashire Walsden
  Mary Lord 5 dtr   scholar Lancashire Walsden
  Joseph Lord 3 son     Lancashire Walsden
1 house uninhabited            


Warland Charles Dawson 38 head m quarryman Lancashire Walsden
  Ann Dawson 37 wife m   Yorkshire Ripponden
  Elizabeth Dawson 11 dtr   throstle spinner Lancashire Walsden
  James R. Dawson 8 son   throstle doffer Lancashire Walsden
  Sarah Dawson 6 dtr     Lancashire Walsden
  Thomas Dawson 3 son     Lancashire Walsden
  William Dawson 1 son     Lancashire Walsden
Warland Robert Howard 40 head m farmer acres n/k Lancashire Rochdale
  Grace Howard 38 wife m   Lancashire Walsden
  James Howard 8 son     Lancashire Walsden
  Thomas Howard 7 son     Lancashire Walsden
  Adam Howard 5 son     Lancashire Walsden
  Wilson Howard 2 son     Lancashire Walsden
Warland Joseph Harley 34 head m carter Yorkshire Howarth
  Susannah Hartley 27 wife m   Yorkshire Warley
  William Hartley 5 son     Yorkshire Ovenden
  Joseph Harley 3 son     Yorkshire Ovenden
  Stansfield Hartley 1 son     Lancashire Walsden
2 houses uninhabited            


Warland Charles Hetherington 42 head m farmer of 50 acres Cumberland Hayton
  Hannah Hetherington 45 wife m house duties Northumberland
  Sarah A. Hetherington 16 dtr u cotton weaver Cumberland
  James Hetherington 13 son   scholar Yorkshire Bedale
  Charles Hetherington 9 son   scholar Yorkshire Bedale
  Hannah Hetherington 6 dtr   scholar Yorkshire Bedale
  Margaret Hetherington 3 dtr   home Yorkshire Ardow Hewsley
  Isabel Hetherington 3 dtr   home Yorkshire Ardow Hewsley
6 houses uninhabited            


Warland William Dawson 39 head m cotton spinner Yorkshire Todmorden
  Mary Ann Dawson 48 wife m cotton weaver Lancashire Chorley
  James Dawson 18 son u dye works labourer Yorkshire Luddenden Foot
  John A. Dawson 15 son u brick maker Yorkshire Luddenden Foot
  Frank Dawson 13 son   cotton doffer Lancashire Todmorden
  Herbert Dawson 11 son     Lancashire Todmorden
  Ernest Dawson 9 son   scholar Lancashire Todmorden
Warland Charles Hetherington 52 head m farmer n/k Cumberland
  Hannah Hetherington 56 wife m   n/k Northumberland
  James D. Hetherington 23 son u cotton weaver n/k Yorkshire
  Robert C. Hetherington 19 son u farm servant n/k Yorkshire
  Hannah Hetherington 16 dtr u cotton weaver n/k Yorkshire
  Isabella Hetherington 15 dtr u cotton weaver n/k Yorkshire
  Maggie Hetherington 13 dtr u cotton weaver n/k Yorkshire
  Richard H. Hodgson 25 boarder u general labourer n/k Lancashire