Springville Historic Cemetery

Springville Historic Cemetery

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If a headstone photo on this site is difficult to read, transcriptions of most of the stones are available through the Utah State Historical Society at http://webapps.dced.state.ut.us/burials/execute/searchburials.


Birth DateDeath DateRemarks

Alexander, Mary Louise

6 Dec 189230 Dec 1978

Allan, Benjamin W.

22 May 186621 Feb 1879Son of Joseph and Zillah Allan

Allan, John H.

10 May 186327 Jun 1876Son of Joseph and Zillah Allan

Allan, Joseph

24 Dec 182014 Jun 1896Private, Utah Territorial Militia Infantry, Blackhawk War

Allan, Zillah

------Stone was recemented so that only about half the stone actually shows--implied relationship to Joseph Allan by headstones of children in same plot.

Ammons, Elbert Alexander and Jennie Dora

9 Jan 19072 Jun 1973Marriage date included on stone

Bacon, Charles A.

4 Feb 189414 Sep 1918Hard water stains on headstone

Ballinger, Cynthia J.

---13 Nov 1879Wife of Edwin Hall, stone cracked, in poor condition

Beck, Alta Rowley

2 Oct 189021 Oct 1981

Binks, Norris Thomas and Amanda Erickson

14 Jun 189712 Apr 1986Marriage date included on stone

Bird, Benjamin Freeman

19 Jan 177820 Feb 1882Hard water stains on headstone

Bird, Silvie Lou and Charles F.

1879---Recemented in ground lower than original

Blowers, Felix

------Sexton records show he died 30 Sep 1873

Boyer, Emma E. [Full View]

25 Dec 181027 Sep 1840Wife of William Huntington

Brennan, Marcie M.

4 Mar 186621 Jan 1891Daughter of E.O. Haymond

Caffrey, Amy A.

6 Oct 187317 Nov 1889Daughter of James and Martha Caffrey

Caffrey, Blanche Detta

11 Mar 187214 May 1958

Caffrey, James

15 Dec 18357 Jun 1906

Carter, Samuel and Hannah

22 Jun 181510 Mar 1888Born and died in Springville; Rebars holding the stones up cover some of the information.

Chadwick, James

18 Dec 18096 Aug 1893Private, Utah Territorial Militia Infantry, Blackhawk War

Chadwick, William W.

11 Oct 1875---Son of A. and Ida Chadwick; stone broken

Child, Elmo

189318943 children who died young

Child, Jennie

188918893 children who died young

Child, Sylvester

188818883 children who died young

Clark, Davis

5 Jul 18325 Jul 1905Private, 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Utah Territorial Militia, Indian Wars

Clark, Hiram W. and Nancy A. Wood

8 Dec 181817 Aug 1911

Clark, Hyrum

8 Dec 181817 Aug 1911Seargant, 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Utah Territorial Militia, Indian Wars

Clark, Josephine B.

10 Mar 18779 Sep 1886

Clark, Melba Thorn

2 Dec 19058 Apr 1985

Clark, Ross A.

25 Oct 188823 Dec 1888Son of E.Z. and Mary A. Clark

Clements, John C.


Clements, John M.

17 Oct 182316 Aug 1897

Clucas, Henry

8 Mar 1838---

Clyde, James H. and Mary

10 Feb 184016 Jan 1916

Condie, Viola H.

17 Jul 18728 Jun 1926

Cooper, Abraham

28 Sep 18486 Jan 1880Died in Springville

Cooper, Bertha May

29 Mar 18775 Jul 1877Daughter of Abraham and Sarah A. Williams Cooper

Cooper, Gene and Harrison Boyd Hunter

8 Feb 192528 Sep 1984

Cooper, Jasper

8 Aug 187830 Dec 1878Son of Abraham and Sarah A. Williams Cooper

Crandal, Franklin A. [Crandall Monument]

21 Nov 185021 Sep 1883First white child born in Springville

Crandall, Lucian D.

23 Jun 183225 Jun 1884Stone broken in half; grass growing between the two pieces; son of David and Margaret Crandall

Cranmer, Amanda

23 Jul 18563 Sep 1922

Cranmer, William H.

8 Jan 18579 Jul 1943

Craw, Sylvia E.

18581860Daughter of H.L. and Elvira Craw

Daley, Briget (Houtz)

23 Feb 18231 Apr 1911Wife of Jacob Houtz

Dalley, Lydia (Leek)

11 Jun 189327 Nov 1918"Mother"

Daniels, Marilla

12 Oct 183028 Jan 1918

Davis, John O.


Devenish, Eliza Horne

17 Jan 181930 Nov 1899Wife of Henry Devenish

Devenish, Henry

19 May 18081887Stone broken

Diamond, Ada

11 Mar 18839 Dec 1887Daughter of E.O. and Harriet Diamond

Diamond, Francis Clyde

15 Feb 188821 Jul 1930Hard water stains on headstones

Diamond, Harriet

13 Aug 186522 Jan 1868

Diamond, James R. and Lillie M.

8 Aug 1860---

Diamond, Sarah H.

27 Jul 187727 Apr 1878Daughter of E.O. and Harriet Diamond

Di Ianni, Peter

18776 Aug 1902

Erickson, Amanda and Norris Thomas Binks

21 Jan 189910 Oct 1993Marriage date included on stone

Fifield, Ezra W.

12 Jul 185613 Feb 188_

Finley, Eva H. (Hanson)

23 Jan 18845 Nov 1973

Franklin, Annabelle Oakley

28 Dec 19149 Feb 1998"Annie"

Goodall, Mary

---18 Dec 1877Sacred to the Memory of Mary, wife of Bevereaux Goodall, died aged 22 years

Grundy, David

1 May 18157 Oct 1877

Grundy, Hannah

1 Mar 182314 Jan 1887Stone flaking off

Gordon, Sarah and Thomas Guymon

20 Nov 17917 Dec 1872Born Stokes Co, North Carolina

Hales, Emma E. and David E.

9 Jul 188331 Mar 1972

Hall, Clifton

3 Mar 188912 Jul 1945Private, 1st Class, 62 infantry

Hall, James Edward

10 Oct 185031 Mar 1928

Hall, Joseph Elwood

7 Sep 187917 Sep 1962

Hall, Katie Wiggins

29 Jun 185326 Aug 1932

Hall, Newton

15 Aug 185816 Nov 1877Son of Edwin and Sitha J. Hall

Hanson, Emma E.

1 Oct 18454 Nov 1936

Hanson, Eva Finley H.

23 Jan 18845 Nov 1973

Hanson, Fred P.

14 Dec 18797 Dec 1963

Hanson, Hans


Harmer, Elvie

------Stone recemented halfway down

Harmer, Hattie and Charlie W.

15 Jun 188730 Mar 1889Upright sandstone

Harmer, Sara

7 June 190215 Mar 1996"Aunt Sara" Daughter of Loren H. and Ida W. Harmer

Hatfield, John W.


Haymond, E.O. [Full View]

8 Mar 1800---

Haymond, Mary Emma Marchbanks

27 Jul 188220 Oct 1968Wife of Solon Eare

Hjorth, August A.


Hjorth, Huldah C.

2 Jul 185220 Jan 1925

Horne, Eliza (Devenish)

17 Jan 181930 Nov 1899Wife of Henry Devenish

Houtz, Briget Daley

28 Feb 18231 Apr 1911

Houtz, Irinda Spafford and Enoch Young

8 May 187420 Jan 1950

Houtz, John

15 Aug 186415 Aug 1864Son of Jacob and Bridget

Houtz, Samuel, Frank, Anna B. and George


Hunter, Harrison Boyd and Gene Cooper

20 Feb 191828 Jan 1996

Huntington, Leo S.

13 Feb 187514 May 1890Cracked and recemented

Huntington, William D.

28 Feb 181820 Mar 1887

Johnson, Aaron [Plaque below headstone]


Johnson, Edward Carlo

---AprDifficult to read

Johnson, James Franklin

------Died at age 12, difficult to read

Johnson, Russell M.

18 Jul 19267 May 1945Died on Luzon, picture included

Keller, John Thomas

26 Jul 194526 Jul 1945Son of Thomas & Margaret

Kelly, Joseph

4 Feb 18069 Aug 1886Pvt Utah Territorial Militia Inf, Blackhawk War

Kindred, Harriet

---16 Mar 1905?

Konolo, Sarah J.


Konolo, William


Leek, Dora Evelyn

27 Dec 192012 Feb 1921

Leek, Lydia Dalley

11 Jun 189327 Nov 1918Mother

Lewis, William

27 Oct 181121 Sep 1881Difficult to read

Marchbanks, Mary Emma (Haymond)

27 Jul 188220 Oct 1968Wife of Solon Eare

Oakley, Annabelle (Franklin)

28 Dec 19149 Feb 1998"Annie"

Spafford, Irinda (Houtz) and Enoch Young Houtz

18 Sep 187425 May 1955

Thorn, Melba (Clark)

2 Dec 19058 Apr 1985

Wiggins, Katie (Hall)

29 Jun 185326 Aug 1932Mother

Wood, Nancy A. and Hiram W. Clark

12 Feb 182427 Apr 1911Wife of Hiram W. Clark

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