History of Tombstones Lost and Found
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Tombstones Lost and Found
In the summer of 2006, a friend got a new job at a local city hall. Immediately, she noticed that there were two tombstones in the yard. Knowing my interest in cemeteries and genealogy, she called to ask if I could help find their cemetery.

I said I would try but I had no idea where to look. When I got over my panic and actually looked at the information, I realized that the stones belonged to two of the children in a cemetery near my home. That cemetery has been a pet project of mine for quite some time. I found an old survey of the cemetery and, indeed, the children belonged there with their parents.

The stones had been sent out for repairs many years before and the repairman had died. When the man's house was sold, the new owners did not want the stones there and called city hall. Since no one knew where they belonged, they have sat there all this time.

During the first few hours, I searched the Internet several times via several search engines and could find nothing on these two children. I kept wondering how a person could find out where a tombstone belonged. I couldn't come up with an answer, nor could anyone I asked. After thinking about it for six months, I decided to build this web site to try and get lost stones back home.


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