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My Family History

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Hi! My name is Tom Thacker and this is a work in progress. I've been tracing my family's history for a while now with varying amounts of success. This page is for documenting my progress and sharing it with others.

When my dad was alive he only knew his family back to his grandfather, Robert Thacker. During one of our last meetings he was excited that he found out about another name. Someone had told him that his great grandfather's name was Zachariah Thacker. This was enough to peak my curiosity and I put my computer to work. It wasn't long until I found Zachariah on-line, and learned that none of his children were named Robert. I did get into contact with some of Zachariah's great grandchildren. One of whom found Robert's death certificate for me showing his father's name was William Thacker, and his mother's name was Jane Carr.

Unfortunatly Dad didn't live long enough to benefit from what I have found out

My branch of the Thacker family begins with William Thacker, born in the 1830's, and living in Scott Co, Kentucky in 1870 and 1880. There were at least three William Thackers in various parts of Kentucky that could have been my Great Great Grandfather. William married Jane Carr and together they had several children, including my Great Grandfather Robert Martin Thacker 1861-1939.

The Cornett family will be an easier task, much of the work has already been done by others and my primary job here will be to post links to their work, and to add some highlights from my own corner of the family.