Charles William Thacker


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Charles William Thacker


Charles William Thacker

Sep 1886-Jan 1965



  • Sarah Vanmeter Crowe, 1890-1940 first wife, married
    • Della Mae Thacker 1905-1982
    • Bertha Clay Thacker 1911-
    • Nora Thacker
    • Florence Emily Thacker 1909-1919
    • Charles William Jr. 1920-1920
    • Edith Mae Thacker 1920-1985
    • James Franklin Thacker 1922-1999
    • Robert Herman Thacker 1925-1989


    note: Charles was the only surviving child of Robert Thacker and Jennie Dillon. He had several half brothers and sisters by Robert's second wife Melinda Puckett

    • Ancil Thacker, 1893
    • John Shelton Thacker, 1895
    • Robert Thacker Jr.
    • Jessie Thacker
    • Edward Thacker
    • Ada beatriceThacker /Ratcliff "Ada Bee"
    • Martha Thacker /Hatton
    • Lula Gladys Thacker/Crane /Evans, 1915-1999

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