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James FranklinThacker


James Franklin Thacker

September 15, 1922 - May 2, 1999

Jim Thacker was born in Fleming County, Kentucky to Charles and Sarah Thacker. His birth certificate states Flemingsburg, which was the nearest city, but more than likely he was born at Foxport near where his father was born. When James was a young boy his mother was hospitalized and remained in an institution for most of the rest of her life. This caused the family to be split and the siblings went to live with various relatives and some to foster homes.

My dad told me a million stories about growing up during the depression. About living with one foster family, then another. Sometimes he would live with relatives and his father would get him whenever he could. Unfortunatly I never wrote any of this down. Between homes, he wondered about, living as a hobo. hopping trains from town to town. He went out west and took up sheep herding, He came back from the west with a cowboy hat, boots, and a guitar.

Back in Kentucky his moonshing carreer was cut short when his first car, a '32 Chevy Roadster, was confiscated by the Sheriff. This left him with a felony record that haunted him most of his life, and became useful only in his later years when called for jury duty.

As the depression gave way to World War II, Jim signed up for theUS Navy, he became a Quartermaster and served in the Atlantic theatre. Ond of his ships, the USS Glennon, was struck by a mine during the invasion of Normandy beach, D-Day.

After five years in the Navy, and a brief interlude of civilian live, Jim returned to military service. This time as a member of the US Army Air Corps which became the US Air Force during his 16 year career. His naval skill was of use to the Air Force as he skippered a crashboat before helicopters took over the sea rescues. When the crashboats were no longer of use, he finished his career as a Weather Observer, retiring in 1963, with a total of 21 years military service.



  • Mary Thacker (living)
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    • T Thacker, (this is me)


  • Della Mae Fuetterer 1905-1982
  • Florence Emily Thacker 1909-1919
  • Bertha Clay Thacker 1911-1998
  • Nora Thacker 1914-1916
  • Charles William Thacker Jr. 1920-1965
  • Edythe Marie Thacker 1920-1984
  • Robert Herman Thacker 1925-1989

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